"You know what Mayu you tried to steal my friends and my boyfriend, you even kissed him so now I'm going to give you what you deserve" I said.

"Really come on then I'm prepared" she said. I change back into my normal self. "Ran go with the others" I said. "Hey what are you doing?" she said. "Giving you what you deserve come on" I said. "You think just because your defenseless I wont attack you well your wrong about that" she said.

Eve was right Mayu does love me she just needs a gentle nudge in the right direction. "Come on then what are you waiting for" I said. "Grrrr Fire Ball" she said and fire came to her hand. She through it at me. It hit me but I was still standing ow.

She through another and another but I stood my ground. "Why aren't you dodging it? I don't need this I don't need you. I found people who want me and not you and decided to help them destroy you" she said. "Huh who are you working for? Who are these people?" I said.

"No one you need to know they hate you as much as I hate you that's why they choose me and not you" she said. "Oh really then what do they want with me" I said. "They want me to capture the Humpty Lock" she said. Huh that sounds like "Is it Easter" I said.

"How did you know" she said. "Because Easter is my ENEMY. They want me to work for them now that they cant get Ikuto. Ha they using you to get to me. That's sad they don't even want you. To them your nothing compared to me" I said.

"Oh yah then why didn't they tell me to capture you instead" she said. "Did they want you to get the lock in secret and not let me notice" I said. She nodded. "Hahaha there were going to brainwash me with that cant you see You're your being used so come-" I said. "Grrr SHUT UP FIRE BALL SPECIAL" she said then thousands of tiny fire balls fell from the sky.

I tried to dodge all of them. "Your just jealous Amu they need me they want me they have to want me they have to" she said to herself. "But Mayu I know plenty of people who want you" I said trying to dodge the balls.

"Yah right who would want me I'm nothing compared to you" she said then something strange happened an x appeared on Mayu. "Damn it Mayu Dia come on My Heart Unlock Amulet Diamond" I said then flew to Mayu's level.

"Come on Mayu come with me I can help you" I said. "Please no one wants to help me they all want you" Mayu said. "That's not true I want you" I said. "LIAR FLAMING WHIP" she said and a whip came out.

She threw it at me. It went around my arm. "AMU HURRY EVE IS FADING" Ran yelled. "Damn Mayu can't you see your not alone there are plenty of people who want you for you" I said. "No they all want you who wants me" she said. "I do" I said. "Not good enough" and she pulled the roped. "Ah also Irene and Eve they want you to" I said.

"Irene…Eve" she said. Yes she's coming back. "Yah and your friends at school to Kukai and Tadase and Nagi also Rima and Yaya and all there charas" I said. "My…friends" "Yes and me to Mayu you're my cousin and I want to be friends with you I'm sure Ikuto does to so come on there waiting for you" I said.

"Amu.. Ikuto…friends waiting" she said then an x egg consumed her. "Yes Negative Heart Lock On Open Heart" I said. The x on Mayu went away and she turned into her normal self. "MAYU" Eve screamed and flew towards her.

"Eve I'm sorry" she said. Eve hugged her "I love you" she said. Mayu smiled "I love you too" she said. "Amu I'm also sorry I guess I let my anger and jealousy take the better of me" she said. "No worries happens all the time lets go home" I said.

"Not so fast" someone said. (OK NOW I WAS BORED SO THIS MAKES IT SEEEM LIKE A REAL CARTOON BUT IT IS SO HAHAHAHA) A giant robot made from x eggs came out of nowhere and the director was in the middle of it.

"We had a deal Mayu" he said. "The deals off" she said. "Too bad so sad it cant be broken now go get me Amu and the locket" he said. "Amu let's teach this fool a lesson ok?" Mayu said. "Yeah" I said.

She transformed with Eve. "Ready?" I said. She nodded "Ok Starlight Navigation" "Starlight Snowstorm" I said the a mixture of snow and stars washed over the x eggs purified them and sent the director flying.

"Nice job Amu" Mayu said. "you to Mayu" I said. "AMU AMU" someone called. I turned around to see it was Ikuto. "Ikuto" I said. I ran up to him and hugged him. "Ikuto it's ok I know the truth sorry for doubting you" I said. "Aw Amu I love you" he said. "I love you to" I said.

"Um Ikuto" Mayu said. Ikuto pushed me behind him. "Stay back" Ikuto said. "Ikuto" I said and went to Mayu. "Go ahead" I said. "Um I wanted to apologize for what I did I'm sorry please forgive me because even though I didn't really like you like Amu does and I was pretending to do that stuff I do like you as a friend so um could we still be friends" Mayu said.

Ikuto stayed quiet. "Told you he would forgive me Amu" Mayu whispered to me. "He will just wait" I whispered back. I glared at Ikuto. "Um sure its all good we can still be friends just don't do that again ever seriously" he said we laughed.


My phone was ringing "hello" I said. "DO YOU KNOW HOW LATE IT IS? COME HOME NOW AND FIND MAYU TOO IF YOUR NOT BACK IN 2 MINUTES IM GOING TO" click I hung up. "Ok Mayu we gotta leave like now bye Ikuto" I said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Let's go Mayu and HURRY" I said and we ran home.

The Next Day

"Amu I'm leaving today" Mayu said. "Why were finally friends" I said. "Don't worry I'll come back but I have to go home and apologize to a few people also show my parents my true self" she said.

"Mayu" I said I'm so proud of her. She hugged me "thank you for everything cuz good bye" she said. "Oh also Ikuto's a keeper cute and loyal to when I come back and if your not together I wont forgive you" she said then left I blushed.

"Um Amu" Ran said. "Yes" I said. "What about school?" she said. …. "OMG AAHHHHHH" I screamed I hurried to get ready and ran out as I passed a park I saw Ikuto. I stop and ran towards him. "Ikuto what are you doing here" I said.

"Nothing just thinking" he said. "Of what" I said. "Everything we've been through" he said. "Oh Yah" I said thinking of all my times with Ikuto then I got mad and punched him. "Ow what was that for" he said.

"For all the times you teased me" I said then Ikuto started laughing. "Shut up" I said. "Where's Mayu" he said. "She went home" I said.


"Ikuto did you really like Mayu"

"Uh oh NO no I didn't"

"You play boy I bet you enjoyed that kiss"

"No Amu your wrong"

"Well if you liked her so much then go after her you perverted playboy cosplay guy" I said then started walking away. He ran up to me and kissed me. "I love you Amu" he said. "I know" I said and smirked.

"What was that then" he said. "Well I wanna tease to you know" I said and started laughing. "Isnt there someplace you need to go" he said.

"Oh yah um….SCHOOL UGGH I'M GOING TO BE LATE BECAUSE OF YOU" I screamed and started running. "Looks like its going to be one of those days" he said then transformed into Black Lynx picked me up and started jumping to my school.

"Ah finally my happy ending" I said as we flew towards the sun and our happy ending.