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Chapter 1

It was a nice sunny day in Jump City when two teens were playing a favorite car racing video game of theirs.

Their fingers pushing the buttons with quick speed, they tried their hardest to beat each other.

"Oh you're going down Robin!" A green teen said.

"Oh no! Not this time!" Came his friend's reply. "I'm way ahead of you now!"

"Not for long!"

Their eyes were glued to the huge TV, which was turned up to the maximum in volume. But the two friends didn't seem to notice because they just kept on yelling at each other. And laughing with the each other until their stomachs hurt, but recovering fast enough to take control of their car.


Cyborg typed a phrase and clicked search. He had been trying to have a peaceful work session on his laptop, but it seemed impossible when living in the Titans Tower.

He had tried to ignore the yells and sounds of cars crashing from the living room, but it just seemed to be getting louder. The worst sounds that were annoying him were the ones that were the most often sounded during the race in the video game; tires squealing against the floor.

Every time he'd hear it he would feel a twinge of annoyance. But he turned his attention to the internet page was on.

He moved his mouse to a link on the page but right as he was about to click it, a very loud honking sound was made, accompanied by a very eardrum-shattering sound. And he accidentally clicked an add.

That's it! He thought to himself. He got up and carried his laptop muttering under his breath.

When he got to the main room, the doors made a soft swooshing sound as they opened. But with this soft relaxing sound came the high irritating one of tires squealing against the floor.

Cyborg's human and both robotic eye came to rest on his two friends, now cheering at the sight of their two cars racing side by side at top speed.

"Go, go, go, go, go!" Beast Boy yelled at the TV, now standing on his feet, his eyes growing wide with excitement.

Robin joined him at his side, feeling the same wild excitement and yelling at his car to go faster, as if it was actually alive.

Cyborg held on to his laptop tighter and hopped over the now empty couch. He landed on his white boots and got behind them.

"Um, guys?" He asked, peeking his head in the space that was between their heads.

"Yeah?" They asked together over the sound of one of the cars in the race crashing into a wall and exploding, still deeply immersed into the exhilarating feeling that the game always gave it's players.

"TURN DOWN THE VOLUME!!!!!" He yelled. Surprisingly loud enough for them to hear over the pounding noise of the TV.

They slowly turned their heads to look at their friend with their eyes wide and mouths opened, and Robin slowly clicked a button while still staring at Cyborg.

"Ok." The dark haired leader said, before making eye contact with Beast Boy and bursting into uncontrollable laughter. They rolled on the floor clutching their sides, tears rolling down their faces.

Cyborg shook his head and left the room to his still laughing teammates.

Muttering to himself he went into Starfire's room, thinking he could work peacefully in there. The half-robot teen heard the swooshing sound the doors made when they opened.

"Hey, Star." He said, waving his hand in salutation.

Starfire looked up from what she was doing and her face lit up with happiness upon realization of who had entered her room.

"Friend Cyborg!" She exclaimed. "Would you like to sit down?" She said, moving many papers and clearing space. This caught Cyborg's attention.

"You draw?" He asked her, intrigued.

"What is the meaning of that word?"

"Well, it's like when you... Um..." He looked at the ceiling of her room trying to find a way to explain it to her. "It's like... Er… No wait that's not right." He thought some more.

"Oh the heck with this!" He said, opening his laptop and going to Google.

He quickly typed "define: drawing".

He clicked the first result at the top of the page and waited until the page loaded. He then read out;

An illustration that is drawn by hand. But he didn't think that was enough to make her understand completely. So he read another one.

"The creation of artistic pictures." He said.

"Oh, thank you friend Cyborg for teaching me this new word. Would you like to see some of my artistic creations that were drawn by hand?"

Cyborg gave a little chuckle, "Sure." He put the laptop aside and gave Starfire his full attention. Until, after a while, he started to get a bit drowsy. The pictures kept going on and on and on.

"Um, I have to go now." He said slowly, trying to say it in a way that wouldn't make her feel bad.

But instead, she stayed happy, like she always did. "Ok, I hope you visit again soon. I will continue my drawings."

"Ok, bye." He said as he left. But as he got out, he heard the same noises that had caused him to come to where he was. The loud noises from the main room seemed to have become even louder than before.

He walked farther away from the main room, he needed to find a place to do his work. He walked by looking for a good place, but nothing seemed good enough.

And then he reached Raven's room and walked by faster.

I choose life, he said. Thinking Raven would kill him. She had a strict policy of "Raven only" in her room. But even though she allowed no one, he stopped at her door. Knowing that something bad could happen he walked forward and the doors swished open.

But before he could register the inside of Raven's room a big dark blue force field materialized in front of him. It happened so quickly, his whole body flinched. Well, his human body.

And as if that wasn't enough, sharp blue spikes came on Cyborg's side of the wall. But he saw a pair of eyes looking at him, and the deadly-looking spikes returned into the wall, and the wall dissolved into nothing.

Cyborg slowly walked into her room, knowing the possible consequences of his actions.

"Oh, it's you." She sat on her bed, placed in the corner. Which was even more darker than the rest of the room.

"Who else would it be?" Cyborg asked her.

"Beast Boy."

"Hahahahaha. Good one Raven." He said, laughing at what he thought was a joke. But as he saw her emotionless face, his laughter died.

"Oh, so you weren't joking..."

"What do you want Cyborg?" She asked him flatly.

"Well, I know this might sound crazy..."She stared at him with a blank face."But I was just wondering if I could, um," he lifted up his laptop, "work here?"


Seeing the look on her face his heart beat faster. "Yeah, you're right," he said quickly, "it was a stupid idea, I shouldn't have even came and bothe-

He stopped talking when something behind her caught his eye.

"Hey, what's that?" He said.


"That, behind you." He said, pointing at something behind her.

"Nothing... Now what were you saying?"

"Raven, what are you hiding from me? Come on, you can trust me, you know I'd never tell any secret of yours."

"I'm not hiding anything!" She said.

Cyborg had never seen Raven like this, he became even more determined to see what she was hiding from him.

He stared at her face, trying to detect any sign of emotion. But she stayed the same, except her eyes darted around her room and her hands pushed whatever was behind her farther into the corner of her bed and room.

Understanding dawned on his face. "Ohhhhhhh, I see!" He exclaimed, "It's a diary isn't it?" He couldn't control a laugh.

"Dear Diary,Today, Beast Boy annoyed me, I think he wants to impress me!" He said in a high-pitched girly voice. He laughed hard at his own joke.

Raven, on the other hand, didn't seem to find it funny because as he was laughing, she put a big black dark blue cylinder in his mouth with her powers. When he opened his eyes and saw what his mouth was holding, he took it out and held it in his hands.

"Wow, I never knew I could hold your dark aura thingy." He said.

"You can't." She said as she made it explode without hurting him.

"So it is a diary?" He asked her.


"Come on." He said, walking towards her bed and putting his laptop gently on the floor.

"Cyborg, no!" She said sternly. But it was too late; he was already on her bed, reaching out to put down her arm that was hiding whatever that was behind her.

But she didn't give up, she wrestled with him, trying to get him as far as possible from the thing she was trying so hard to hide.

"Hey! Let go of my-Ow!!" He said as she held on to his arm tightly with her powers and kicked him on his side. "Are you crazy!? That hurts!!"

They wrestled with each other, Cyborg trying to get past her and see whatever was so important to her and Raven trying to get him away. And then, and then!

"Fine I'll show you." She said. She was finally going to let him see whatever she was hiding so much!

"Yes!" He yelled in triumph. Feeling victorious, he raised his arms up and punched the air. And before he could react, Raven quickly pushed him hard on his torso, pushing him off her bed.

"Whoa- whoa- whoa!" He yelled spinning his arms wildly trying to catch his balance. And he fell on back with a loud crash. He had been tricked.

But right after she had pushed him, Raven had lost her own balance, and she fell with him.

"Yes!" He said again. Now he could finally see what there was on her bed. He quickly got up and laid his eyes on- on- on! A few dirty old pieces of, something he didn't know, and an old-looking black and white board.

He felt disappointed, he had expected something big-something huge-something dynamically spectacularly amazing!! And it was just some pieces and a wooden board.

Slowly, a look of confusion came upon his face.

"What is it?" He asked Raven, who was now up on her feet with a look of rage on her face.

It's _______________......!!!!!!!

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