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He finally snapped out of his trance and typed in

TheKnightofRight: You have one heck of an imagination don't you?

SugarPluM: I enjoy playing with it

TheKnightofRight: maybe you should be a writer

SugarPluM: maybe, but for all I know, I could be a character myself

TheKnightofRight: ?

SugarPluM: well, what if we were nothing more than just fictional characters? What if we were under the control of a bigger person out there

Cyborg took his laptop and sat down on the couch.

TheKnightofRight: I'm listening

SugarPluM: well what if we were just a part of somebody's imagination?

Cyborg's heart skipped a beat.

TheKnightofRight: whaaa?

SugarPluM: you heard me, what if we were just well-defined characters for someone out there?

TheKnightofRight: out where exactly?

SugarPluM: in another bigger world who knows, maybe our whole universe grew from the imagination of a little boy, and as he grew older, he decided to create and shape up everything inside it.

TheKnightofRight: all right now Sugar, you're seriously starting to scare me. There have been many theories in the past about life and the outer realm, but yours is starting to get to me.
But on the other hand, I kno that i shouldn't get all worked up about it because it's just a part of your imagination, and God knows you imagine too much. I mean, where exactly is the universe then? In the kid's mind?

SugarPluM: lol. you called me Sugar. sure, it's in the kid's mind, why not

TheKnightofRight: well this is smthing! You get my heart all jumped up and now you sit back and relax huh?

SugarPluM: that's what she said!

TheKnightofRight: and now you're even joking about it!

SugarPluM: :P

TheKnightofRight: all right wise guy, I'll think of something good for you, something so creepy…

Cyborg, for once, was actually concentrating more on the conversation rather than the game. SugarPluM always got his attention. The way he talked always made Cyborg confused. Maybe it was a sort of strategy, because Cyborg was really losing badly.

TheKnightofRight: hmmm…. I'm thinking…

SugarPluM: i'm listening

Cyborg looked out at the sky. It was well into the night time now, but he had his mind on other things. He looked around unconsciously, looking at the radio and remote control on the couch. He turned to his left and noticed Starfire's sketchbook.

"Starfire!" He hadn't noticed it but she had left a long time ago… without her drawings. He picked them up and looked at them.
Page after page he was stunned. They were all… well, just scribbles. Even though they were all just scribble-like drawings to him, he paused on one of them. He wanted to understand what Starfire was trying to express.
He focused on the light lines spread around the page. It seemed to be a group of people… sitting. They were looking at something off the page. Who were these people? It put a new curiosity in him.

He put the sketchbook beside him and looked at the chat log. He quickly moved one of his pieces.
He scrolled up the chat log and reread SugarPluM's imaginary army get-together.

TheKnightofRight: who was the knight that wasn't surprised?

SugarPluM: is that your creepy thing?

TheKnightofRight: no, it's just a question

SugarPluM: that knight was me

TheKnightofRight: how come you weren't surprised?

SugarPluM: because I knew they were coming,

TheKnightofRight: you knew that feathers would be falling from the sky?

SugarPluM: they're more than just feathers

TheKnightofRight: then what are they?

SugarPluM: they are my signature, and my pride. they're a part of who I am, and a creation of my mind.

TheKnightofRight: and what about the knight in the war who noticed the feather

SugarPluM: the knight who noticed the SugarPluM was me to

TheKnightofRight: you have a mighty good imagination you know that?

SugarPluM: is that supposed to be offensive towards me?

TheKnightofRight: of course not

SugarPluM: ok, good. *puts sword back in sheath*

TheKnightofRight: lol

TheKnightofRight: well now that I have some good background information… What if I placed my thumb and index finger on the lobe of your ear and slowly pulled out your imagination?

SugarPluM: you'd have a lot to pull out, and if you did, I'd probably lose my mind

TheKnightofRight: so does that scare you?

SugarPluM: I have to be honest. so yes it does scare me

TheKnightofRight: yes I did it! from now on I shall be called the Knight of fright!

SugarPluM: lol

SugarPluM: what if your friends were fictional?

TheKnightofRight: whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Can we slow down a bit here?

SugarPluM: that's what she said!

TheKnightofRight: how come you know I have friends

SugarPluM: well come on, I'm sure a funny guy like you has friends, :)

SugarPluM: you don't actually think I stalk you do you? I mean I've only followed you twice and taken a few pictures of you walking in the park but that doesn't count does it?

TheKnightofRight: i don't know whether to laugh or be scared

SugarPluM: laugh. don't be scared

TheKnightofRight: ok

TheKnightofRight: now that I look at that again, is there a deeper meaning there?

SugarPluM: what do you think?

TheKnightofRight: it depends on how you take it, and who you are

SugarPluM: how do you take it, and who are you?

TheKnightofRight: i take it in a way that says: live life with joy, and don't set limits up for yourself, be who you are and be who you wanna be, don't stop yourself because of fear of getting hurt

Cyborg wondered whether or not he should send that. What if he quit the game because he thought his reply was weird?

"Victor Stone, didn't you just say to not limit yourself, or to not be afraid of getting hurt?" He was torn, he didn't know what to say. He clicked enter and waited.

SugarPluM: that's what I meant, in my own special way

TheKnightofRight: but life doesn't always give you something to be happy about, the way that I see it, it's always unfair and painful

SugarPluM: the way I see it, we have our own choices. you can either choose to be happy or sad. sure you might get a mosquito bite, but it's up to you to decide whether that experience was good or bad. if you look at it in an optimistic way, then you won't be so unhappy.

TheKnightofRight: yeah

The living room was silent, and the only sound that was heard was the laptop's whir. He thought about what his opponent had said: "You choose to be happy or sad." Was this the truth? Is this the key to happiness. He looked around the room unconsciously, just thinking. He wasn't really there when he started to see a face. He realized where he was seeing it. It was the T.V's remote. It was the Life's Good logo. Except to Cyborg, at that moment, it looked more like a face, his face. Cyborg saw much more than just a "L" inside a "G". He saw his own face, he saw his prison, he saw his past, present, and his dreadful future. And he saw technology, not life. Not the life he wanted. This new surprise gave him a little unpleasant ride. He could sense his usual thoughts coming back. But he pushed them away, he wouldn't let anything ruin his day. But maybe a bit of his frustration was leaking when he said:

TheKnightofRight: I don't think you understand what I'm saying, you can't always be happy. what are you supposed to do when something alters your life forever, it strikes your heart so hard that it feels like it's cutting it in half. what about ppl that go through those things

SugarPluM: I still believe in what I said, the truth is joyful and not painful

TheKnightofRight: prove it.

These two words seemed to have added weight to the conversation, making it more tense and revealing just a hint of Cyborg's bitterness to SugarPluM. He looked at his hands and fingers when he typed. Seeing those gloved hands just kept reminding him of what he was trapped in, a life as heavy as the metal on his back.

SugarPluM: Are you angry?

TheKnightofRight: no

SugarPluM: well, just look around you. tell me what you see

TheKnightofRight: a couch

SugarPluM; something else

TheKnightofRight: nature

SugarPluM: of course! nature

SugarPluM: just look at nature, look at the voice of the earth as it sings

TheKnightofRight: and destroys the lives of thousands?

SugarPluM: no

TheKnightofRight: sorry that was uncalled for

SugarPluM: that's ok

SugarPluM: if you just take time to look at it, it's so…

TheKnightofRight: peaceful?

SugarPluM: sort of but that's not what I was looking for

SugarPluM: ok then, I guess that was a bad example… look at music!

TheKnightofRight: yeah, what about it

SugarPluM: if you just spent time with it, and listened to it dance. you would know that I'm right.
Music is the key to creativity, and the portal to imagination. It's what motivates me to close my eyes and simply be my own private universe, where I can do anything I want and express myself.
have you ever listened to music and thought it was an absolute masterpiece. have you ever noticed it's rhythm and it's waves, how it plays with your mind and reaches places in your heart that you never even knew about. how it fills your head with it's beauty and makes your heart beat in sync with it. it's magnificent, it's like millions of waves flowing through your mind in a matter of seconds. it's a breath of fresh air from the next dimension… have you ever noticed?

TheKnightofRight: it's perfection?

SugarPluM: yeah

TheKnightofRight: yes I have, in fact I just noticed it this morning. I was just watching the snow falling with some friends and this song came on the radio. it just gave me a feeling of unity and…

TheKnightofRight: it made me feel like I was, closer.

SugarPluM: you see? music even unites us

TheKnightofRight: you mean like when you're at a party and nobody's talking, and then when you turn some music on ppl start socializing?

SugarPluM: more than that. way more than that. when we listen to music, it sort of frees us and lets us say what we want to say. it gives us a certain feeling and a mood. like music is actually one whole song. if you can even categorize music into songs

TheKnightofRight: it's like everytime you say something, i have to toss it around in my mind. you have interesting ideas I guess… but what does music have to do with being happy and not being happy in life

SugarPluM: what i'm trying to say here is that sometimes, when we look hard enough, we can see the goodness of life. and when we do, it feels like life is happy by default and sometimes sad because we make it.

TheKnightofRight: yeah I see what you mean… i feel like the bad guy here, talking about how everything sucks and all. i mean, nobody wants to hear that.

SugarPluM: maybe all the bad stuff is part of life's goodness

TheKnightoRight: AHHHH Stop right there, i can't stand hearing that

SugarPLuM: why not?

SugarPluM: because when you say that it's saying that we should just learn to live with it. and how can suffering be labeled as a part of life's beauty? i never wanted to live with this

Cyborg had already sent his reply before he was aware of what he wrote. He had accidentally wrote what he was really feeling.

SugarPluM: live with what?

TheKnightofRight: nothing

TheKnightofRight: there are times when I see the stars and I see so many dreams and hopes, things that I wish would be true. but it seems like life has set them up there just so that I could see what i can't have

SugarPluM: Knight, maybe the things that you wish to be true are true. That's like looking at the stars, and saying that you wished they existed. They're staring you in the eyes, they twinkle for you every night and every day. But it's up to you to decide if you see them all.

SugarPluM: if you don't believe in the miracles of life, then i ask you to try this little experiment.
tonight, before you go to sleep, take your pillow and examine it's insides.

TheKnightofRight: what exactly is this supposed to teach me

SugarPluM: it's not supposed to "teach" you anything, it's just supposed to… show you what I see

TheKnightofRight: ok then, I'll do it.

SugarPluM: man I should really go to sleep, it's been a really long night

TheKnightofRight: that's what she said!

SugarPluM: rofl, it's always fun to play these games with you. i feel so naughty though. don't tell anyone :)

Cyborg beamed with pleasure. He felt glad to make someone else happy.

TheKnightofRight: that's also what she said!

This last "that's what she said" sent SugarPluM into a minute of laughing.

SugarPluM: you are really something! :P

TheKnightofRight: all right, all right =D

SugarPluM: c u theKnight

TheKnightofRight: bye


Cyborg rubbed his eyes and paced around his room, he put Starfire's sketch book on a table. He would return it the ne- er, this morning. He logged on his computer to check important matters. His mind repeated the previous events of the day.

He stood tall over the computers of his room, leaning forward and clicking and typing.
How tired he was… he thought about how great it would be to lay his head on a soft, comfy pillow. He turned around to look at it and remembered SugarPluM's words.

About 5 hours later, (it was actually 3 minutes later but it felt like 5 to Cyborg), he went and stood in front of his pillow and looked down on it. With two hands he gripped the bottom of the pillow and ripped it open.

And out came hundreds of blue, light pink, and yellow feathers.

He looked at them as they swayed around and fell on his bed. It seemed as if they were actually playing with his mind, telling him that SugarPluM was right. He had many thoughts at this moment.

How the heck did these feathers get in my pillow?

How come he knew there would be feathers in my pillow?

There must be at least a thousand feathers in total.

What is this feeling I'm getting?

I just ripped my own pillow.

Where are am I gonna put them?

But above all, he had a strange feeling of joy and peace.

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