The Brown Eyed Girl: A Fairy Tale

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A/n: Did you ever just get the urge to write a story? AN urge that won't go away until it's written? Well, this has been swimming around my head for days, and I just had to get it out. Bare in mind that this is FICTION and some of the events or facts from the books may be altered. Enjoy!

Once upon a time, hidden by the Muggle in the beautiful countryside of England, there lived a Wizard King and Queen by the names of James and Lily Potter. They lived in a glorious palace with servants and advisors, and looked over all of the wizarding world. All was peaceful, or so it seemed. A man, seething with hatred seethed with fury. He hated the royal famly. He hated that they, just because they were pure bloods and royalty rule over all of the wizarding world. He hated their order and justice and most of all, the peace. He was half blood, and saught power. Glorious, glorious power. And this man, this wizard, by the name of Tom Riddle chose a path into darkness, vowing to bring down the royal family and be worshipped. Wizard London was rejoiced at the arrival of baby Prince Harry. But their cries of joy soon turned to cries of terror. Tom Riddle had indeed risen in power and took the name Lord Voldemort. Many of Lily and James followers became followers of the Dark Lord and mayhem was taking place in the streets. One year later, the palace was attacked. The King and Queen were killed, but the advisors and servants escaped with baby Harry…

            "Arise, Master Harry!" Henry, Harry's nanny walked into his room and pulled open the drapes. "You'll be late for class!"

Harry sat up and stretched. A young man of sixteen, he started to feel the constriction of living in the palace. He was greatfull for everyone there, and Sirius, his Godfather who was more or less helping him run the wizard world. But everyone was always making excuses and exceptions for him. Like, all Hogwarts students lived on campus except he, he rarely had to pay for anything, and was always accompanied by Dubbs and Timms, his bodyguards, which made him even angrier to be sixteen and have bodyguards. It was also kind of hard to talk to girls with Dubbs and Timms hanging around, but he and his best friend Ron, always tried hard to manage to lose them. That was another thing. Henry only ever allowed him to talk to pure blood wizards and witches. Some Hogwarts students were half bloods or Muggle born, and this made it extremely difficult. If Harry even handed someone who wasn't pure blood a Quill they had dropped, Timms and Dubbs would immediately report it to Henry. When Harry questioned Henry on this, he would reply, "Jumpin Jilickers, sir, you are royalty! Your mother and father were both pure of blood, and one day you will take a bride who is also pure blood."

Henry, of course never told Harry that his mother was Muggle born. Henry was set in his ways that pure bloods stick to their own kind.

The annual Fall Ball was coming up at the palace to signify the start of classes once again at Hogwarts. And Harry had his eye on one extremely pretty seventh year. She was the Ravenclaw Seeker, Cho Chang. She was a pure blood, and Harry didn't think she'd refuse a date with a prince, that is, if he ever got up the nerve to ask her.

            "Oh just get it out, fast and quick," Ron said, throwing a Wizard Cracker at Timms who was standing behind Harry.

They were both in the Gryffindor common room, doing homework. The Wizard Cracker bounced off of Timms, who didn't even flinch.

            "It's painless really," Ron continued. "Until you hear her answer. If she says no, you can always go with Ginny."

            "Who are you going with?" Harry asked.

            "Lavender Brown. Have you seen her?"

Harry nodded. "She's lovely."

Ron blushed. "I know."

Harry gulped. "Okay. Okay. I'm going to go do it." He stood up, and Dubbs and Timms held open the portrait hole for him.

            "Best of luck," Ron called after him.

Harry flashed him a grin and stepped through the portrait hole.

            "CROOKSHANKS!" a pretty girl with poofy light brown hair chased a ginger cat that was aimed at Harry. He bent down and scooped up the cat. It purred soothingly in his arms. "Is this yours?" he asked her. And his breath caught in his lungs. She was the most gorgeous creature that ever crossed his path.

The girl's Cinnamon eyes sparkled when she looked at Harry. "I'm so sorry, sir!"

Timms and Dubbs grunted behind him.

            "It's quite alright," Harry said, handing the cat back to her. Harry had never seen anything so beautiful as the angel standing before him.

She took it with a small squeak. "I was trying to give him a bath," she replied. "He hates water…"

            "What is your name?" he asked. He had to know.

            "Hermione," she said, blushing and avoiding his gaze. "Hermione Granger."

Harry had heard that name. She was the most smartest girl in school.

            "That's a beautiful name," he stammered.

            "Thank you, your highness," she said and bowed.

            "Yes, the prince must be moving along now…" Timms said, annoyed and pushed the girl aside.

            "Wait," Harry said angrily, shoving Timms more roughly than he should have. "I'm having a ball at the palace. Say you'll come with me."

Hermione stared at him in disbelief. "Me?"

Harry nodded.

            "Yes! Yes!" she shouted.

Harry grinned. "I shall pick you up this weekend at seven, then?"

Hermione glowed. "I shall be waiting." Crookshanks leaped out of her arms and took off down the hall. "Crookshanks!!!" she bowed. "Gooday, Prince Harry." She rushed after her cat.

            "Hermione Granger!?" Henry nearly had a heart attack when Harry told him. "No, no no!"

            "Oh she's the most beautiful girl I've ever set eyes on," Harry recited.

            "She's Muggle born,"

The words pierced Harry's heart like daggers. "No."

            "Did you ever wonder why you hadn't seen her in six years?" Henry asked.

            "I…" Harry started.

            "She's an unwashed heathen and I will not allow it, sir! I cannot! It is my duty to take the best care of you." Henry said.

            "Henry, it's just a dance! Please, make an exception this once!"

Henry wrung his hands. "I'm very sorry, you'll just have to tell her that the date is off. She cannot come her. No. Do you want to be laughed at?" he began pacing. "One year, Sir. In one year you will be crowned king! I cannot allow you to dance and be merry with Muggle borns! You must take a wife, sir! A pure blood wife to rule alongside you."

            "Please not this again!" Harry growled.

            "It is the truth, Master Harry. A truth you wish not to see."

            "I will rule and be a fine king," Harry spat. "And I will marry when and whom I love, not just because I am of age."

            "Sir…" Henry started. "Please, listen to reason. It is your duty as king to announce your engagement on your seventeenth birthday! I cannot stress this enough!"

            "I assume you have my bride picked out?" he taunted.

            "What about little Ginny Weasley?" Henry suggested. "You like her."

            "She's a friend," Harry said.

            "Cho Chang?"

            "She's beautiful." Harry stated. "But…"

            "Oh, sir, you'll have plenty of time to talk at the ball. I'll have it arranged that she be your date."

            "You're going to make her go out with me?" Harry asked angrily.

            "Whatever it takes," Henry replied.

            "NO!" Harry barked. "I can get my own dates, thank you."

            "Sir, you must break off the date with the Muggle girl."

            "Okay, okay." Harry said. "I'll… ask Cho."

            "You've got some guts, let me tell you," Ron said the next day in the Gryffindor common room. "I heard from Parvati Patil that Hermione went all out. Spent a load of money on the ball."

Harry sighed and sunk down in his seat. "I don't want to do it, but what other choice do I have?"

            "Speak of the devil," Ron mumbled, jerking his thumb toward the portrait hole. There stood Hermione, and Cho right beside her. "When does that ever happen?" he whispered to Ron. "She's in Ravenclaw!"

Ron shrugged.

Harry cringed and stood up. Ron flashed him a thumbs up. He walked over to them.

            "…and I'll be happy to help you with Transfiguration," Cho was saying to Hermione.

            "Oh, don't worry about it. I bought the star charts a year early and you can keep them till the end of the semester." Hermione said.

They both stopped , turned and stared at Harry.

            "Hi…" Harry started.

            "Hi," Hermione and Cho said in unison.

Harry looked at the two girls. Hermione carried a sort of self-empowerment with her, yet with a sweet, loving demeanor. Cho, on the other hand held her head high as if the oxygen people below her were breathing was toxic.

            "Hermione," Harry started. "May I talk to you?"

She grinned, excused herself from Cho and turned to him. "What is it?"

            "I…" he looked deep into her brown eyes and felt his heart breaking. How ever could he do this? "I…"

            "You…?" she asked with a smile.

            "I cannot take you to the ball," he said swiftly.

Hermione locked eyes with the floor a second, and then turned back to him. "Sorry?"

            "I cannot take you to the ball," he repeated.

Hermione opened and closed her mouth. "But… but I!!"

            "I'll be happy to repay whatever you spent," Harry said.

Hermione's eyes grew cold. "I don't want your money!" she cried. "Is this what this is about?"

            "No," Harry said.

            "Why!?" she exclaimed, her beautiful eyes filling with tears. "You at least owe me an explaination!"

            "… because… because you're Muggle born." He immediately felt like a jackass for saying that. He should have came up with an excuse… anything but that! But then he'd be lying to her. Oh damn, this was confusing.

Hermione drew in a sharp gasp. "You……" her fists at her sides shook with rage. "You're refusing me over something I have no control over!?"

            "Hermione…" Harry said softy.

She strode up to Harry until she was inches from him. "You are the worst thing I have ever laid eyes on! And I thought you were different! You are no better than the mud the pigs wallow in! I hate you!" And with that, she drew her right fist up. It connected with Harry's eye. She then stormed out without another word.

End of chapter 1! Yeah, I know I have 2 other stories in progress, but tough! J