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Okay I've changed my mind. Bella will be human and be at school, so basically its after the newborns attack in Eclipse.



New characters for story ( thanx for helping manunitedfan, I owe you a hug)

The first word is the name, and the second is the animal associated with them ( will be explained later) the third word is gender, the way I've written might be confusing. Then it will be the role they play within the group.

Blue - Dingo - girl - leader

Stripes - tiger - boy (with Blue) - helps Blue (that's a full time job in itself)

Zipcode - Falcon - boy - tracker (no pairing)

Tuft - Lynx - boy - negotiator

Hypno - Mongoose - girl - spy (with tuft)

Ink - Fox - girl - attack and defense specialist ( I couldn't come up with any thing else)

Logger - gorilla - boy - intimidator (basically he's a Emmett like character, big and bulky but really a big cuddly teddy bear) With Ink

These two don't go to school; I haven't got a reason why, they just don't

Poko - polar bear (A/N: Poko is my nickname at school) - girl - Mum like support

Sled - Husky dog - boy - father like character (with Poko)

Don't worry if the jobs don't make sense they will

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The Cullen's have been replaced

Third person POV

The school was buzzing with news about the new family in forks that had arrived, with seven teenagers starting at the school with odd and unconventional guardians, the principle was preparing for mayhem and multiple detentions. While the student body was awaiting the gossip on the new kids, all the information they had was that were transferring from New York to get a taste of small town life. Nobody knew their real names though, not even the school knew what their real names were, and there was no records at their old school either just fake first name and one shared last name, 'Alastair'.

They were unknowable's, they were interesting and they didn't care.

The Alastair's First day at Forks high

The New students arrived at school in two cars that put all of the other's in the parking lot to shame (even the shiny silver Volvo (A/N: read my story 'Running for my soul'. In it is a list to why the car is either for Soccer mum's or Gay's. I have nothing against them, just the car) they had pulled up in an orange Audi R8 and a sleek Midnight blue Jaguar XKR, which were obviously non-stock and customized.

As they got out they were studied by the student body that had arrived, and what they saw only fascinated them more in the mysterious new family of adopted teenagers.

Each one was observed individually, then compared with the rest, and then classified as a singular unit.

Out of the Jaguar came three girls. The one in the driver seat had shoulder length reddish - brown hair in choppy layers, which fell in front of one eye but not in a fringe way, with several blue streaks and a bright green headband that wasn't placed for the purpose of holding hair off her face. She had grey-blue eyes that were made almost completely black by her big, deep, hard pupils. Her lips were unbalanced with her lower lip fuller than the upper, giving the effect of a permanent pout. She was average height, and was generously curved, she was averagely skinny but less so then others. Wider in the hips, thighs and bust, but she knew how to dress to her advantage, and maintained a very pretty look. She gave the aura of control, and that's exactly what she had. Complete and utter control.

She wore bright green jeans, and a black t-shirt with fluro-green letters saying "Teach peace - it's not academic", in hippie font, with the word peace in rainbow. Over that she wore an Confederate Army surplus jacket with the initials J.A.W. embodied on the chest pocket (If you review in and guess who it is I will give you a virtual cookie or hug, or something along those lines in the next chapter!!!). She wore black chucks with sparkly silver peace signs instead of the All-Star logo. For makeup she had smoky green eye-shadow, and thick, dark eye-liner, and her lips were done in a natural looking darkish- red lipstick, with shiny lip-gloss over top.

Next was a girl with freakishly, yet very natural black hair, emo - styled, with a swept fringe, and the ends were bright green, like someone had dipped them in paint. Her eyes were an unusual shade of light yellowish-green that seemed to hypnotize the observer. She was slender and tall, but in no way scrawny. She had the image of only being seen if she wanted to be seen, but not in any way shy. She was dressed in dark blue jeans that could be seen as purple in some lights, with a matching half-length vest open over a tight, black, long sleeved open-necked sweater. She had grey plaid Sketcher sneakers on her feet that had their laces in a permanent knot that was never undone; they were worn and fit her feet perfectly after years of use. She had purple eye shadow, with black eyeliner, and simple pink shiny lip gloss.

The last out of the Jaguar was a girl with scene styled, shockingly red hair that was tipped with whitish-blonde. She had the back spiked in random directions and her bangs hung in front of her eyes which were dark blue and almost seemed violet. She was tall, with a slim, yet mature body. She wore baggy black sweats, with one side pulled up to the knee and colourful Nike Airs on her feet. She wore a Dark red Huffer (it's a brand name) Sweatshirt with a kangaroo pouch in the front. She had rolled the sleeves up to her elbows casually, and as she got out she pushed the hood off her head.

Her makeup was more natural, with basic brown eye shadow and lightly done eyeliner that made her deep, eyes 'pop'. She had simple tinted lip-gloss on her lips.

They all had different bags the first had a leather backpack that could Zip the straps into one, she had it slung over one shoulder nonchalantly. The second had a laptop case styled bag, that she had the strap across her body. It was Black and had twink designs all over it, from names to vines. It was personalized and unrecognizable from the exact same one in a store. The Third had a canvas backpack that sat on the lower back. Wider at the bottom and getting smaller at the top with one flap to cover the pocket. It was a dark khaki with 'INK' written with black Vivid in big, bold letters.

Then out of the Audi came four guys, all with decent amount of muscle but varying in body type.

The one in the driver seat had Dark brown, almost black hair that was interrupted every so often with bright orange stripes it was shaggy, uneven and covered his eyes. He had soft brown eyes that had a calming effect on people. He wore a green Ralph Lauren polo t-shirt and baggy jeans with many pockets and worn black chucks.

Next was a ganglier boy, with salt and pepper coloured hair that looked as if he just got out of bed. He wore a Black t-shirt that had a fluro soccer ball design on it; he wore distressed black jeans with chains on them. He wore a pair of blue and silver Adidas.

Third was a tall muscular boy with tanned skin and dirty blonde hair that had a grey tinge to it. He had light blue eyes that were rimmed with a darker blue. He wore a Calvin Klein white polo t-shirt, and casual grey shorts.

Last was a tall and impressively muscled boy that looked like he could be a professional wrestler. He had shaggy black hair and dark brown eyes. He wore a grey Dickies jacket over a white muscle tee and basic jeans, with nondescript black sneakers.

They were all paired up, except for the salt and peppered hair boy. The drivers of the cars had their arms wrapped around each other's waist, and the same for the green-tipped haired girl and the dirty-blonde boy. And everybody assumed the wrestler was with the red head because she was sitting on his shoulder laughing ecstatically.

To all the people watching they seemed like the perfect family that would have a lot of fun, and without even talking to anybody they were already the most popular students in the school. One gossip whispered to her friend slanderously "Looks like the Cullen's have been replaced!"

And it was true, the strange, inhumanly beautiful, golden eyed family was no longer interesting now that an equally, yet realistically beautiful family with more outgoing personalities had arrived.

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I know it was really descriptive and had no action in it, but it was really a character study more than anything.

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