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Edward waited impatiently in Bella's room, that night. His pacing was wearing down the floorboards. He was worried. Bella still hadn't come home, but her truck was in the driveway.

After another half hour of pacing, Edward could hear a car enter the road. A minute later a sleek black Mazda RX8 with neon rainbow smiley face vinyl's screeched into the driveway, Bella in the driving seat.

She got out of the car in skinny jeans and a tight leather jacket, something Bella never wore voluntarily.

"Stay here, this could get angry." Bella whispered to the man in the passenger's seat.

He nodded distractedly, "Call out if you need me,"

Bella walked inside cautiously, and called out. Silent. Charlie wasn't home yet. Perfect, she would just write him a note.

Dear Dad,

I have decided to go live with some friends who are staying in town, I know that you like having me here, but I need to spend more time with these friends. You will see me round, I promise, I can't let you starve, now, can I. I'll still be going to school and everything.

Lots of love,


She sighed heavily, and ran upstairs; just planning to get things that she couldn't live without and bare essentials.

"What's going on Bella?" A velvet voice spoke out from the darkened room and made Bella jump.

"Sorry, did I scare you?" he stepped out so she could see him.

"You'd think I'd be used to it by now." Bella laughed awkwardly, and then she really looked at him, at his eyes that seemed to be swimming in doubt.

"This is just something that I need to do Edward, maybe one day it'll make sense, but it probably never will. But if you had the chance wouldn't you spend as much time as possible with those you loved before it was too late? If you got to give them a hug one last time, you would wrap your arms around them in a heartbeat. I'm giving my family a hug Edward, please let me?"

Then he watched her walk away from him. Into a car with another man. To another family.

I didn't want to end it here, so now you're at the Cullen's House.

The Cullen's house

"I can't believe this, did you see how she treated us at lunch. I knew this would happen, I knew she was bad news from the start. But NOOOO! Bella can do no wrong according to this family, and I'm the bitch." Rosalie ranted hysterically.

"You want to know what the worst thing is, you all still probably think she is perfect, that she's shy and caring and selfless. But I'm not buying that crap, I've said this from the beginning though. She's torn this family apart more than she's made us happy, and she c-" Alice cut her off to defend her best friend.

"Shut up Rosalie, just shut up! You don't know anything about her, there is a purpose behind everything she does, and I'm sure that there's a reason behind this as well. And is it worth nothing to you that she has made Edward happy. The only reason that you're so upset about this is because she brutally ignored you earlier. I always knew you were a selfish, stuck-up, shallow, egotistical bit-" then Carlisle interrupted her before their argument got out of hand.

"Enough, before we start a family riot, and break something. Rosalie I understand that you dislike what Bella did, but as Alice said she has made Edward very happy, and for that we owe her and she is part of this family. I don't think that these Alastair's can present much of a threat, but if you would feel better we can scout around their house. Does anybody else have something to say?" He looked around the room questionably.

"Edward, do you have something to add?" Carlisle looked at him sympathetically. Are you okay? Really okay? This must be hard, harder than the situation with Jacob Black, It's a whole family this time. He thought to him quietly.

"What can I say Carlisle? That I'm okay that she counts them as family. That they are willing for her to move in, that she is happy with them and is completely human? Do you want me to say that that is okay with me?" Then he started raising his voice. "Do you want me to say that I can let her go? If you are waiting for me to say that, then you will be waiting a long time. I don't want her to be happy with anyone but me. I know it's selfish, but I want her family to be my family, and only my family." By this point he was standing up, and his face was torn between agony and despair.

"So Rosalie, you may hate her as much as you want, but just know this. Without her I am dead, without her, I have no reason, without her I am nothing. You can hate her if you want me to become nothing, if you want me to be dead, if you want me to have no reason then, you can hate her."

Then they were silent, there was nothing more to say.

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