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Chapter 1: Making an Entrance.

Me: I'm so excited!

Paul: You're so weird.

Me: Am not! Misty may I borrow your mallet?

Misty: Of course. *Hands over mallet*

Me: Dawn, do you mind?

Dawn: I don't care.

*I hit Paul with the mallet*

Ash, Drew, Gary: Wow.

May: SurferGurl14 doesn't own Pokémon or any of the stores mentioned.

Me: Thank you May. And with that we begin the story!

May Maple woke with a start at the sound of her beeping alarm. 7:00 a.m. She slowly rose herself up and got out of bed.

She heard dishes' clattering downstairs, which was probably Misty Waterflower.

She could hear the water running in a nearby room- Leaf Green.

Then she heard music booming, and recognized the taste of Dawn Berlitz.

These girls were May's best friends. Their parents had bought them a mansion walking distance from their new school. All the girls were going to live together as they attended Bell's Academy. What their parents didn't think of was that they would be entering in the middle of the semester.

May heard the shower turn off in Leaf's room and walked into her bathroom.

Leaf Green wrapped her hair in a towel as she searched for her hairdryer.

Her clothes sat at the edge of her bed. Misty helped her pick it out. A pair of jeans with a green tank and v-neck white shirt with green pumps. It was an outfit Dawn would have been proud of.

Leaf unwrapped her hair as she plugged her found hairdryer into a nearby outlet.

Dawn Berlitz was going through clothes in her room. 'What am I going to wear??' She thought.

It was their first day. First impressions were everything!

She caught her eye on some articles of clothing.

Misty Waterflower sighed as she stuffed another piece of chocolate chip waffle in her mouth. It was just like her friends to be late. She was already ready.

She was wearing black skinny jeans and a white tank under a yellow v-neck shirt from American Eagle that Dawn had bought her two weeks ago for her birthday.

Misty ate the last piece of her waffle and decided, out of the goodness in her heart, she would make her friend's breakfasts for them.

Strawberry pancakes for May, toast and milk for leaf and cinnamon toast with berries for Dawn.

Her friends stampeded down the stairs.

May cam down first wearing jean shorts with a red spaghetti strap tank underneath a sleeveless white jacket. Her hair was in her signature red bandana. She had on converses and a red backpack hung from her shoulder.

Misty had already seen Leaf's outfit. Leaf walked down dragging her green North Face backpack and she was shaking her brown hair out of a ponytail, letting it hang down past her shoulders.

Finally Dawn made her appearance in a white skirt and pink spaghetti strap tank. Her midnight blue hair was let down and she was wearing silver bangles, a silver heart necklace and silver hoops. Her new signature black high-heeled boots were making a clack as she walked down carrying her pink, and navy blue Hollister shoulder bag. She put a pair of black sunglasses in her hair.

Misty grumbled as her friends ate their breakfasts. "Hurry up!"

The four of them walked outside. Four motorcycles sped from the driveway next door toward Bell's Academy.

Leaf watched the motorcycles speed away, "Are we taking the car?"

"No, Bell's Academy is like a five minute walk," Misty said.

Misty was a environment conservator. They knew better than to argue.

They arrived at the school, still looking amazing. The girls went to the office to receive their schedules and lockers.

As they tried to find their lockers and first classes, they read some of the thoughts of the passing guys.

'Check out the new arrivals.'

'Those girls are hot.'

'Damn, check out the new girls'

Every guy that passed them had the same thoughts about them, either stupid of perverted.

Dawn shuddered as she read a passing guy's thought about wanting to "get under her skirt".

Leaf shuddered. "These guys are pigs. They have some of the most disgusting thoughts! Oh wait that's my locker back there. Bye!"

Leaf waved and turned to go reach her locker.

Dawn and May's first classes were next door to each other. "Bye Misty. Good luck!" they called.

Misty sighed, why was her locker trying to hide from her?

She spotted a cute guy with a red cap worn backwards looking her way. She smiled, 'I wonder what he's thinking.' (A/N: Can anyone guess who that is??)

She tried to read his thoughts and got…nothing?

She concentrated harder and again got nothing.

Misty kept walking trying to read his thoughts that she didn't notice him walking toward her.

They bumped shoulders and took a few steps back, startled.

She took a look at the guy in front of her realizing it was the very same guy whose thoughts she was trying to read.

"S-sorry!" Misty was at a loss for words.

The guy smiled. "No problem. I haven't seen you around. Are you new?"

Misty returned the smile. "Yeah, I just moved here with my three friends."

The guy was skeptic. "Is it like you four girls sharing a house?"

"Yeah, no parents. It's awesome!" Misty said.

"So do you need any help with anything?"

"Actually yeah." She pulled out a piece of paper from her pocket. "I'm looking for locker 321."

"Really I'm locker 320. I was headed there right now. Just follow me." He started walking toward their lockers.

"Thanks! I'm Misty, by the way, Misty Waterflower."

"Mice to meet you Misty, I'm Ash Ketchum."

Misty looked up, trying to read his thoughts. Again she got nothing.

'Well Ash Ketchum, for some reason, I can't read your thoughts."

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