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Seven Years Later…

"Rock! Paper! Scissors! Shoot!" Dawn and Leaf chanted.

Leaf held out paper while Dawn had rock.

"I win!" Leaf cheered, "I get to be May's Maid of Honor."

"So then Gary is my best man," Drew concluded.

"So the bridesmaids are me, Misty and Marina and the groomsmen are Ash, Paul and Jimmy. Leaf will be the Maid of Honor and Gary the best man," Dawn wrote down.

May looked at Kenny and Zoey, "Are you sure you don't want me to add you guys as the fourth bridesmaid and groomsmen?"

"I'm sure," Zoey assured May. "Plus I don't Dawn attacking me with dresses and makeup."

"Speaking of that, no one tell Jimmy, Ash, Gary and especially Paul that Dawn is the dresser. I'll be a dead man if they know," Drew explained.

"I'm so upset that Melody won't be able to make it!" Misty yelled.

"She's on her honeymoon, "Leaf told her.

"But still!" Misty whined. "If she were here the wedding would be perfect!"

Zoey and Marina smiled before Marina spoke, "Okay we can't keep a secret. Melody's flight will land and she'll be here for the reception. She wanted it to be a surprise. Rudy has to go to his niece's birthday party but Melody was like 'May is getting married. I have to be there!'"

May squeezed Drew's hand, "Ah this is so exciting!"

"Yup!" Leaf smiled. Marina nodded.

Dawn agreed, "Weddings are so much fun."

"You guys would know," Misty muttered.

"Don't worry! Yours and Zoey's wedding is on the way!" Marina assured.

Zoey scoffed. Jimmy had proposed to Marina the day they exited high school to start college.

"Just think May! In a couple months you will be May Hayden!"

"God, I think I drank too much," Gary whined.

"I told you to stop after the fifth beer," Paul stated.

Drew checked his phone, "Good lord, the girls are still shopping. It's two in the morning. What shop is open at two in the morning?"

They walked into their hotel and went to the fifth floor and headed towards Ash's room. It was open. Paul pushed the door open to see what their fourth companion was up to the night before Drew's wedding.

Ash was searching his room that he shared with Misty. The bed sheets were on the floor, the cabinets were open. It looked like a tornado has come through. The boys came in and instantly figured out what Ash was looking for: Misty's engagement ring.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Well while you've been out drinking the day before your wedding, I've been working on my master plan to propose to Misty," Ash replied to Drew's question.

"Yes, but you've clearly lost the ring," Gary noted from the other side of the hotel room.

"It's all part of the plan!" Ash defended.

"I could have pulled that plan from up my ass," Gary hit his forehead.

"Whatever. Isn't that the ring on top of the refrigerator," Paul pointed out. Ash immediately ran toward the refrigerator and took the case and opened it. Inside was a diamond ring.

Ash was relieved. "Thank God. Finally, I'll be a married man like you guys."

Paul had asked Dawn to marry him first. Then Gary proposed, he and Leaf were expecting their first child. Now Drew was to be married the next day.

The guys, annoyed by Misty's whining of not being married, persuaded Ash to propose during Drew's reception.

"Anyone want to bet that Ash won't have the guts to propose?" Gray waved twenty bucks in the air.

"Yeah, count me in. We know he won't," Paul threw twenty bucks on the table.

Drew repeated Paul's actions, "Same here."

"Well you know what? You guys will lose," Ash threw Gary a twenty as he placed the engagement ring in his tux pocket.

"Well go to sleep, Dawn will be here in the morning to attack us. She's the dresser," Drew told his friends.

Everything stopped as they slowly turned their heads to look at Drew with wide eyes.

Paul's expression was scared, "Are you drunk? Why the hell would you assign Dawn as the fashion dresser?"

The next morning was frantic, Dawn woke up extra early and nudged Paul out of bed and got him ready then she sent Paul to wake Ash, Drew, Jimmy and Gary and drag the four of them and their tuxedos to her room so she could make sure they didn't look like idiots.

Paul was very grumpy. And ironically Dawn was wearing an 'I'm with Grumpy (from the Seven Dwarfs)' t-shirt.

"Why do I have to be the lapdog," Paul continuously grumbled until Dawn was fed up with his muttering and locked him in the closet until Ash, Gary, Jimmy, and most importantly Drew looked appropriate for the wedding.

Drew and his groomsmen, Paul, Ash and Jimmy and best man, Gary had on a white tuxedo with a green tie. May's wedding dress was white and the bride's maids, Dawn, Misty, and Marina and Maid of Honor, Leaf were wearing red and white dresses. May and Drew wanted to combine their favorite colors in the wedding so Misty suggested they have their wedding on Christmas Day so the colors would match. And they are.

She had all of them dress and then she inspected them to make sure there was no imperfections in their wardrobe.

They were guys. It was so simple that Dawn figured they could get ready on their own, but still this was May's special day. Dawn made sure they were perfect.

Dawn shooed them away and told each of them to get their female counterparts and released Paul from the custody of the closet.

Marina, Misty, Dawn and Leaf were all wearing replicas of the dress May wore to senior prom. The long red dress with the silver circles all chained together. They all had the matching silver jewelry. Leaf's hair was straight. Marina's was in pigtails. Misty wouldn't let go of the side ponytail. Dawn curled hers and put it in a bun

While May's dress was a puffy, white as snow, strapless, to the floor wedding dress and Dawn had tied a red bow under the bust so that there was a bow in the back. It was unorthodox but who cares. Misty, probably won't wear anything close that looks like a wedding dress at her wedding.

Dawn and Leaf spent so much time curling May's hair but the end result was lovely. May was looking absolutely beautiful.

May stepped out in front of her friends. Zoey smiled while Marina clapped. Misty approved. Leaf and Dawn gushed over how well they did.

"May, you are a goddess. Drew's eyes will literally pop out of their sockets."

Drew got his tux on and left early to go to the church. "Just come in an hour," Drew instructed Gary.

"You reckon we could have some directions or something," Gary asked.

Drew was stressed. Everything had to be perfect. It was his wedding for God's sake. And Dawn had given him a huge lecture about how a wedding is the most important event in a girl's life, which Drew took as a hint to not screw this up.

He turned to his best man, "Do you want me to hurt you, boy?"

"Oh whatever," Gary ushered Drew into his car.

An hour later, Paul, Ash and Gary got into Gary's car.

"Yeah I still don't know where it is," Gary told his companions.

"Well you all are lucky that I'm not an idiot," Paul pulled out a GPS and typed in the address of the church.

May and the girls came a little after the guys. The wedding was about to begin. Drew was standing with the priest. Leaf, Gary, Dawn, Paul, Misty, Ash, Marina and Jimmy were standing in their positions ready to walk down the aisle.

May nervously looked inside. Her stomach flipped.

Dawn looked at her, "Having butterflies?"

May nodded. "I don't think I can do this. Call off the wedding!"

"Lord, just do what I did. Look at Drew the whole time while you are walking down the aisle," Marina suggested.

"Oh." Jimmy looked at his wife, "I see how it is. So at our wedding you looked at Drew while you walked down, not me."

"Ugh!" Marina huffed. "I was looking at you Jimmy, but May is marrying Drew not you."

Jimmy held up a hand, dramatically, "I think I've heard enough."

Leaf breathed heavily. Gary immediately looked protectively over at her, "Are you okay? We don't want to harm little Gary Jr. in there."

"For the last time, we are not naming our kid, Gary Jr!" Leaf's screech was drowned by the music that played.

The ceremony was beginning.

Gary led Leaf down the aisle. Leaf took her place while Gary clapped Drew on the back.

Paul took Dawn. Paul nodded towards Drew. Drew understood what Paul was telling him: In minutes, you'll be a married man. Dawn smiled at Drew and started giggling with Leaf.

Everyone smiled, except Paul, seeing Ash's goofy grin as he led Misty down. Misty looked excited. And Ash stopped by Drew, "May's coming."

Jimmy and Marina were flirting like fifteen years olds as they walked down. As they separated, Marina shot Drew a huge smile and Jimmy winked at Drew.

Next Norman stepped out and on his arm was his beautiful daughter.

Drew stopped breathing. His mouth hung open as May slowly walked down the aisle.

Gary closed his mouth, "Dude, you'll attract flies."

Drew recollected himself and smiled at his bride.

May took a deep breath as she took her father's arm and walked down to Drew.

She giggled as she saw Gary close Drew's mouth. Drew shot her a smile. She blushed and looked down.

In minutes, she would be May Hayden. And she would be married. To Drew.

Dawn, Leaf, Misty and Marina were all giggling at the lovey-dovey atmosphere. They watched Drew. Drew looked at May. Millions of boys must have looked at May but no one had ever looked at her like that.

They watched May floating forwards, nearer and nearer to her love. Watching May walk to Drew, the girls sensed it was one of those strange points in time when the world unfolds.

But maybe the girls, the girls that dearly loved May to death, were the only ones that could see it. The boys looked bored already and interested but they stood straight, because it was special for their friend.

'This is how it is going to be.' was the thought all of them were thinking.

"Do you, May Maple , take Drew Hayden, as your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part?"

May was obviously surprised that the priest asked her first. "I do," she said firmly.

"Do you, Drew Hayden, take May Maple, as your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part?"

Drew shook his head 'no' towards May.

"Sure why not," he announced.

Drew got stares from the audience, "Just kidding. I do."

"The rings," the priest asked.

Gary and Leaf came with the rings.

Drew slipped the ring on May, "With this ring, I thee wed."

May repeated his actions, "With this ring, I thee wed."

"Drew, you may kiss your bride."

Drew smiled as he took May and touch his lips to hers.

This was when the clocks stopped and the place had gone quiet and the colors faded into sepia.

This was love. And everyone could see it.

It made tears fill the eyes of May's best friends. Caroline and Drew's mother, Catherine were openly sobbing, holding onto each other for support. Drew's friends genuinely smiled, not one smirk was there to be seen. That was because they were sincerely happy for their friend.

Drew had to break the kiss and then he whispered to May, only to have her heart perform back flips.

"I love you."

"We must call the bride and groom forward for their special dance," Kenny announced.

Zoey started to play Hanging By A Moment by Lifehouse as Drew took May's hand and pulled her to the middle of the dance floor.

Desperate for changing, starving for truth. I'm closer to where I started; I'm chasing after you.

Drew held May close, "You look exceptionally beautiful today."

I'm falling even more in love with you. Letting go of all I've held on to. I'm standing here until you make me move. I'm hanging by a moment here with you.

"I'm always exceptionally beautiful. What are you talking about?" May scoffed.

Drew smirked, "That is true."

Dawn, Paul, Ash, Misty, Leaf, Gary, Marina, Jimmy, Zoey, Kenny, Norman and Caroline began to dance. Max led out Drew's mother to be courteous.

Forgetting all I'm lacking, to feeling incomplete. I'll take your invitation, you take all of me.

I'm falling even more in love with you. Letting go of all I've held on to. I'm standing here until you make me move. I'm hanging by a moment here with you.

I'm living for the only thing I know. I'm running in a clash of where to go. And I don't know what I'm typing into.

Just hanging by a moment here with you.

"Don't you wish we played this song at our wedding?" Dawn asked Paul.

Paul looked at his wife, "What are you talking about woman? We did."

Dawn smiled. At all seven of their weddings, Dawn, Leaf, May, Melody, Marina, Zoey and Misty had all planned to play Hanging by a Moment as the song for the special bride-groom dance.

Leaf looked at her stomach, "Hmm. I think Ruby is hungry."

"Who's Ruby," Gary inquired.

"The name of our future daughter," Leaf told him.

Desperate for changing, starving for truth. I'm closer to where I started; I'm chasing after you.

I'm falling even more in love with you. Letting go of all I've held on to. I'm standing here until you make me move. I'm hanging by a moment here with you.

I'm living for the only thing I know. I'm running in a clash of where to go. And I don't know what I'm typing into.

Just hanging by a moment here with you.

Just hanging by a moment…

Just hanging by a moment…

Just hanging by a moment here with you.

Melody then burst through the doors, "Bam, I'm back girls!"

The girls all left the guys on the dance floor to crowd around Melody.

Gary's tone of voice was sarcastic, "Yay! Melody's back! Why don't you guys just ditch us to talk to her!"

Paul shoved the engagement ring in Ash's hand and pushed him towards where they were all sitting.

While Misty wasn't looking, Ash slipped the ring onto the breadstick that Misty was currently eating.

Ash winked and the guys leaned forward to see Misty's reaction.

Misty just took the breadstick and was starting to eat again.

"No! Don't eat that!' Ash yelled.

Misty dropped the breadstick, startled and the ring fell from the breadstick and fell on her empty plate with a 'clink'.

Misty gasped. It was the engagement ring that she wanted so badly.

Ash looked embarrassed. "Let me try that again."

He bent by Misty's side.

"Uhm, Misty? You know I love you right?"

Misty was getting impatient, "Yes Ash."

"So will you, ya know, err, marry me?"

Leaf whispered to Gary, "He's not very good at this."

Gary had a napkin over his mouth to muffle out his laughter.

Misty squealed and hugged Ash, "Yes you idiot!"

"Awesome. Now where's that ring?" Ash began to search his pockets for the ring that was still on Misty's plate.

Everyone just watched with blank expressions as Ash kept searching.

Dawn chuckled, "This is just like the play we did junior year."

"Except the pathetic thing is that this is real life," Paul replied.

Drew stood and took the ring from Misty's plate and stuck it in front of Ash's face.

"Thanks Drew!" Ash slid the ring on Misty's finger.

"Finally!" Misty cheered as she plopped down in her seat.

Gary, Ash, Jimmy, Kenny and Paul stood in front of everyone at the reception party after Drew and May had cut their cake.

"Since we are such good friends, we thought we should play this at Drew's wedding," Gary announced.

The lights in the room faded as a PowerPoint began to play with pictures of Drew, Ash, Gary, Paul and then some with May, Misty, Leaf and Dawn.

At the end, Paul and Ash had bite their lips as a video of Drew being potty trained started to play.

Drew, who was sitting with May and the girls, stood. "Stop the video. You guys are dead!"

"That was so worth it!" Gary yelled as he, Ash, Jimmy, Kenny and Paul started running from Drew.

"So I think I've figured it out," May said.

"Figured what?" Marina asked.

"What boys want," May smiled.

"Food?" Misty watched Ash dodged a chair that Drew threw at him.

"Girls?" Leaf asked as she thought of Gary.

"Success?" Dawn looked over at Paul as the guys had tied Drew to a chair to avoid being killed.

"Come on! You can't kill Ash just yet. He's getting married!" Jimmy laughed.

Kenny was telling Paul something which resulted in Paul pointing over at Dawn and laughing.

May shook her head.

"They want everything."

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