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New Year, New Life

She watched as the ball dropped in time square and raised a glass into the air even if she was alone. She smiled as she thought about her life. She had been through a lot the previous year and now here she was. It was a new year and she had a new life. She smiled in happiness. For once in her life she was happy. She was turning a new leaf and she was the one who was in charge of her life. Not Mossad and not her father. She drank the champagne as she heard the New Years revelers in the streets.

She wondered what McGee, Gibbs, Tony and Abby were doing. She didn't' ask if they were doing anything for New Years. Not that she didn't care, but she didn't want to know. She wanted to spend this New Years by herself. She knew that she was lonely, but for this years night she wanted to be alone.

You would think that since she was in that cell in Saleem's camp that she wanted to be around people, but she didn't want to be around people right at this second. She saw the announcer say Happy New Year and then the fireworks started to light up the sky.

She watched the light show and then turned off the T.V. She was glad that she didn't have work tomorrow because she was tired. She made her way towards the window to watch the partygoers who had stepped outside as the ball dropped. They were hugging, kissing and shouting and ringing in the New Year. After a few minutes the people made their way back inside and shut their doors. She smiled at the display and then turned back towards the living room.

She couldn't wait until she became a U.S. Citizen and then she could truly then start her new life. She grabbed the bottle and put it back into the refrigerator and then made her way towards her bedroom.

The End