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Yes, I do believe in ghosts and paranormal stuff like that and the ghosts in this story are from MY imagination and I also believe you can enjoy the story without believing in them!

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Chapter One- Tom's Idea

'Dougie, Dougie, Dougie! Wake up!'

Someone was calling Dougie's name. He jolted awake and looked around. No one was in his bedroom and the door was shut. He shook his head to clear his thoughts and sat up. His neck ached and so did his nose. The TV was on from when he couldn't sleep earlier.

He glanced at the clock. It was now eight in the morning. They'd slept through the whole day the day before and had only gotten up to have something to eat, before going back to bed.

'Tom, what's for breakfast?!' Danny's loud voice was yelling as the thumped down the stairs. Dougie sighed and slid out of bed, putting on a jacket, catching a glimpse of his face in the mirror next to his bed and gasping. His nose and both his eyes had gone a light purple colour, as had his neck.

But it was all just a dream... right? There was no way that ghosts existed.

He'd drunk a little bit too much. Yeah, that was it.

He walked down the stairs, trying to convince himself that was what had happened the night before.

He'd had too much to drink and crashed after the show and he'd accidentally fallen over his own feet probably hitting his face and nose, knowing himself. Ouch, and his hands and knees. He glanced at them. They were grazed.

He nodded to himself all the way down the down to the kitchen. He stopped just outside the door.

The dream had all been so vivid. The books and the pillows flying at him and Harry. The musty, gross smell of the old house. The feel of the ghostly fingers clutching his throat.

Dougie shivered and walked into the kitchen. Danny was at the stove, the smell of bacon wafting over to Dougie. Tom sat at the table reading the newspaper. Harry was absently standing at the bench stirring a cup of something, staring out the window into the foggy, spooky air.

'Morning Doug, how we holding up?' Tom asked brightly as Dougie sat himself at the table.

'What do you mean?'

'Ya know, after the other night?'

'Oh you mean after the show? Yeah I'm fine, little bit sore and sorry, but fine,' Dougie replied.

'Alright then.'

'Had the weirdest dream last night. We got stuck coming back from the show and we had to stay in this old house and it was haunted and stuff got thrown at us and there was noises and stuff and we found an old newspaper and letter and journal. Was pretty weird, but it seemed so real ya know?' Dougie said.

Tom, Harry and Danny looked at each other in silence. 'What?' Dougie asked, glancing around at their faces.

'Doug, that wasn't a dream. It was real,' Harry said slowly.

'No, it can't of been. Ghosts aren't real,' Dougie said, defiantly shaking his head.

'Doug, it was real, see?' Tom said, taking an old piece of paper out of his pocket. The letter. Dougie slowly looked back up at Tom.

'It was real?' he squeaked. He nodded slowly. Dougie ran his hands through his hair and squeezed his eyes shut.

'Just get some breakfast Doug, you barely ate anything last night,' Tom yawned as he sat back down at the table.

'I can't believe we slept for like the whole day yesterday...insane!' Danny exclaimed, tipping the bacon onto a plate in front of Harry.

'I didn't sleep for that long,' Harry mumbled, taking a piece and perching himself on the bench.

'Neither... It felt weird...like there was someone in there with me. But there wasn't. I guess it was just from the other night,' Dougie said, leaning back in his chair.

There was silence while Danny cooked pancakes, Tom read the paper, Harry drank his mug of hot chocolate and Dougie absently read the back of the cereal box sitting on the table.

'I wanna go back,' Tom said suddenly.

'What?' Danny asked, dropping the spatula in the frying pan.

'I wanna go back,' Tom repeated.

'Back where?'

'The house you idiot,' Tom snapped.

'Why?' Dougie asked quickly, his voice sounding terrified.

'I want to see what it's like in the daylight. We could take a tent and stay out the back or something, it'll be fun! Like a camping trip! We won't be inside the house at night, and ghosts don't leave their houses,' Tom said brightly.

'Yeah, good idea! It'll be fun!' Danny agreed.

'Why the hell would you want to go back there?!' Dougie exclaimed in complete disbelief.

They'd had logs, dressing tables, books, pillows, crockery and cutlery thrown at them, why would anyone in their right minds want to go back?!

'I wanna see it during the day without having to worry about things, and we can have a look around! Fletch can come with us if it makes you feel any better Dougs,' Tom said.

'Ya in Harry?' Danny asked. Harry bit his lip and gripped his mug tightly.

'Ah what the hell, may as well eh?' he said with a smile.

'What about you Doug?' Danny asked hopefully. Dougie opened his mouth to speak, but something brushed his shoulder. He whipped around and looked left to right. Nothing.

'Did one of you touch me?' he asked quietly. They all shook their heads.

'You're being paranoid. Now are you in or out?' Tom asked firmly.

Dougie thought about it.

'Doug, we won't make you go into the house if you don't want to and we'll bring Fletch and we won't leave you on your own,' Danny said, trying to sound convincing, but Dougie wasn't concentrating.

'What's that?' he asked, motioning towards the window. There was a weird blue glow coming from the bottom corner in front of the misty fog resting on the windowsill outside. But as soon as the other three looked, it was gone.

'Dougie, are you sure you're alright?' Tom asked uncertainly. Dougie nodded slowly.

'Now are you in or out?' Harry pushed.

'I'm in,' Dougie sighed reluctantly.

'Good,' Tom grinned. 'Everyone come here.'

The other three moved closer to Tom.

'Do as I say,' he said, raising his right hand. The others copied.

'Repeat after me. I am a member of McFly and I swear to stay the whole night at the haunted house, no matter what happens.' The other three copied him. 'Let's go!' Tom exclaimed excitedly.

The others stared at him, then went to go get their stuff ready.


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