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"What's this all about Hay Lin?" Susan asked in a determined voice as she stormed into Ludmoore Manor.

"Well it's kind of-"

"And why was that thing looking exactly like my Will? And what's happened to my daughter?" Susan continued angrily with an expression that terrified Hay Lin #1

"Well it's kind of-"

"Get on with it girl!" Susan snapped, cutting her off mid-flow. "I've just faced something that looks like my daughter try to kill me! I am NOT in the mood to shilly-shally about!"

Hay Lin #1 was fortunately saved from having to answer Susan's question by the arrival of Hay Lin #3 and Peter Cook. Susan rounded on Peter.

"Peter Cook, do you know what's going on here?" she demanded angrily and Peter back away holding his hands out in front of him.

"Whoa, whoa! I don't know anything!" he protested. "All I know is that I got attacked by something that looks like my sister Taranee!"

There was a moment of silence as both Peter and Susan turned to look at both Hay Lin's. It was perhaps a mark of how angry they both were that neither seemed to notice that they were looking at two Hay Lin's. Fortunately for the Hay Lin's, a portal abruptly opened beside them and a tall bald man with a serene look on his face stepped out. The Hay Lin's recognised the Oracle straight away of course, but to Susan and Peter, he was merely an unwanted intruder.

"Susan Vandom, Peter Cook I will answer your questions. But first, you must follow me to a place of safety," he said looking at them both in turn, before looking at the two Hay Lin's. "One of your number has died and there are others in need of your protection."

"Gods, your right!" Both Hay Lin's exclaimed and their eyes widened. "We're on it, right away!"

Farewell for now, Hay Lin one and three," he said with amusement as he turned to face Susan and Peter while the two Hay Lin's both flew off.

"Hold on a minute, did you say THREE!"


"I'm dreading this," Elizabeth said as they approached the turn towards the Lin's restaurant and Anna grimaced.

"I don't like it either. But whatever is going on here is obviously connected to the Lin family. At the very least, they can help us find the right person to help us," Anna replied.

"Don't know why I can't get through on the phone though," Elizabeth said with a puzzled frown. "I get the feeling that there's something wrong there as well."

"Mummy, mummy look there's Hay-Hay!" Lillian exclaimed happily and both women turned to see Hay Lin digging through a pile of rubble where the Silver Dragon used to stand. A couple of firemen were trying to pull her away, but she was determined.

"Oh. My. God." Anna said, staring in shock.

"How on Ear-" Elizabeth began.

Hay Lin meanwhile kept digging, determined to try save her parents, but the outlook was looking grimmer with every passing moment

"Mom! Dad!" she kept calling as she dug away the rubble. Even as her hands began to bleed and her arms began to bruise where she had managed to hit herself but she didn't notice. All that mattered was rescuing her parents.

When the first bodies were removed from the rubble, her heart seemed to stop, but she was relieved when it turned out to be someone else. It was a selfish relief, but one she would rather have than the grief of losing one of her parents.

Fang was the first person they found alive, his shouts drawing them to him. Despite being in the building when it collapsed, he only sustained minor injuries and that gave Hay Lin hope. Hope that her parents just might have escaped without being hurt.

Survivors were few and far between though and over the course of the following hour, more and more bodies were found and removed until finally Hay Lin found a body she recognised and had hoped not to find. At least, not like this.

Laying with her neck at a strange angle and under a pile of rubble, Joan Lin her beloved mother was dead.

Hay Lin didn't say anything. No noise escaped from her mouth. Only a look of horrified sadness crossed her face. Her mother, her precious muqin was dead as a result of her guardian duties and Hay Lin felt as though the weight of the world was on her shoulders. She was more than adequately aware that death could come for her and her fellow guardians in the line of duty, but that had always seemed like something that belonged in the never-never land. Now, someone close to her, the one person who she could always talk to about girl problems and the like was dead and although most people would say that it wasn't her fault, it certainly felt like it.

Her dad was recovered still alive and comatose and Hay Lin almost breathed out a sigh of relief mixed with fear. Relief that her father was still alive and fear that he might not wake up. As she was taken away with him in the ambulance, someone placed a blanket around her as an intense feeling of coldness came over her.


Hay Lin #2 was blissfully ignorant of what happened to both her home and family, although in this case, bliss was a relative term. Under the intense stare of Detective Lair and at least one of his colleagues, Hay Lin #2 was busy wishing that she could be somewhere else right now.

"So let me get this straight," Tom began, with barely repressed anger in his voice. "My daughter and her friends are trapped in some kind of magic mirror and her evil clone is out there because your little group are playing at being 'superheroes'? Do you have ANY idea how dangerous this is? Why didn't you tell us? Why did you even think this was remotely acceptable?"

"Tom, take a break," the other officer said in an authoritive voice.


"You're too close to this. I should take you off the case right now, but I believe in you. Don't make me regret it," the other officer said. "Tell Officer Patil to come in and take your place."


"GO!" the other officer yelled pointing at the door. Tom stormed out and was replaced by a tall dark skinned man of Indian descent.

W.I.T.C.H.W.I.T.C.H W.I.T.C.H. W.I.T.C.H

"Hello Eric," Hay Lin's Dark Mirror copy said with a coy, seductive smile. "I've been looking for you."

"Oh hey Hay," Eric said as he gave her a smile. "What's up?"

"There's something I want to show you," Hay Lin's Dark Mirror copy said with a smile. "Something you'll be dying to see."

"Cool. What?" he asked and suddenly a gust of wind slammed him against a wall. His eyes suddenly widened in surprise as Hay Lin's Dark Mirror clone slowly walked forward with a smirk on her face.

"Did you like it Eric dearest?" she asked in a mocking voice. "Because I'm really going to enjoy this."

With a wave of her arms, Eric was suddenly engulfed in a hailstorm of stones, piercing and cutting away while he covered his eyes with his arms in a desperate attempt to shield himself. Hay Lin's copy laughed and suddenly the storm stopped.

"Hay-Hay? That was dangerous, you could have killed me!" Eric practically shouted and Hay Lin's copy smiled and picked him up by the neck.

"No we wouldn't want that now would we?" she said in a husky voice so very unlike Hay Lin. "Killing someone should be a work of art."

Taking off into the sky, she flew higher and higher and the air became thinner and thinner. Eric shivered in the cold as he slowly felt ice begin to form around his face and he wondered why he was still conscious.

"You don't get to black out now Eric dearest," Hay Lin's copy said in a sing-song voice, a parody of the real Hay Lin's voice. She suddenly threw him away and he plummeted towards the ground. Suddenly he was caught by Hay Lin #3.

"Eric, Eric are you okay?" she asked as she tried to stop his descent. He groggily looked at her and then briefly at the Dark Mirror copy and he gave her a groggy smile.

"Fine," he said in a not entirely convincing voice. Hay Lin #3 had more pressing issues to be dealing with though as she realised that she just wasn't powerful enough to stop Eric's descent. She simply wasn't powerful enough on her own to stop him so instead she settled for slowing him down.

When they hit the ground, it wasn't at a lethal velocity and fortunately the ground was soft enough to cushion the impact, but they still hit the ground hard enough to bruise. And Hay Lin #3 smacked her head against the ground and split it open.

"Owwww," Hay Lin #3 said as she rubbed her bleeding forehead.

"Come on, the observatory isn't far from here," Eric said as he helped her up.

"No, we must get to Ludmoore manor," Hay Lin #3 said through a haze of pain. "I'll explain later, but we must get there."

Eric raised an eyebrow, but said nothing as he helped her walk in the direction of Ludmoore and Hay Lin was grateful for his silence. Her head was killing her!

W.I.T.C.H.W.I.T.C.H W.I.T.C.H. W.I.T.C.H

"I want to help," Peter said as the Oracle finished explaining everything.

"Mr Cook your desire is admirable but it is too danger-"

"Don't you DARE tell me that it's too dangerous after you sent my baby sister into the meat grinder!" Peter yelled angrily with a fierce expression on his face. "You have no RIGHT!"

"I agree, I want to help as well," Susan said, an expression of extreme anger on her face as well and the Oracle wilted slightly under her glare. "You sent my little girl off to be a superhero while you stayed safe in your fortress."

"It is an ho-" Oracle began, before Susan abruptly cut him off once more.

"She's only fourteen years old! She should be hanging out with her friends and flirting with unsuitable boys and worrying about things like homework and the like! Not gallivanting off left right and centre to save you and your lazy backsides!" she yelled, her every word threaded through with the extreme anger that only a mother could muster. "How DARE you stand there and claim that it's an honour!"

The Oracle, it is worth noting, was not a coward. Nor was he a fool, despite the assertion to the contrary by Nerissa and Halinor and Kadma alike. He had faced many dangerous foes and many fearsome nightmares. But none of them were as fearsome as an angry Susan Vandom and under her intense glare, he relented.

"Very well," he said sadly and mentally wondered what he was going to do when he had the parents of all five Guardians there.

W.I.T.C.H.W.I.T.C.H W.I.T.C.H. W.I.T.C.H

While the Dark Mirror copy of Hay Lin was happy to wonder off on her own, the other copies were less inclined to wonder off.

"I GOT SHOT!" Irma's copy shouted angrily and Cornelia's copy frowned.

"Geez, we're not deaf you know water-head!" she complained in annoyance.

"And Hay Lin got in the way!" Irma's copy continued angrily. "How the hell did she get away?"

"Well you don't need to worry about that," Cornelia's copy said smugly, before pointing at herself. "I got her. She's dead as a dodo."

"Hang on, when was this?" Taranee's copy asked thoughtfully and Cornelia's copy shrugged.

"Maybe fifteen minutes ago. Why?" she said and Taranee's double frowned.

"Because that's when Hay Lin got in my way!" Taranee's copy pointed out.

"And that's when I was stopped by her as well!" Will's double exclaimed. "Something very odd is happening here."

"Well whatever," Cornelia's double said with a sniff. "I'm off to finish the job."

"She isn't strong enough to fight all of us," Will's double continued thoughtfully. "If we all go after one target and lure her out then maybe we can find out what she's up to."

"Who do you have in mind?" Taranee's double asked curiously and Will's copy grinned evilly.

"Oh yes," she said with a smile. "How about dear old Matt?"