Chuck was surrounded by a crowd, by his friends, by his family, by his neighbors. Fireworks and cheering and laughter all were heard by everyone except Chuck. All he heard was the beating of his heart as he leaned in to kiss Sarah. He had but one thought. It wasn't a thought of worry. Or a thought of caution, telling him that what he was doing was stupid. His single thought was that Sarah Walker was the most beautiful person on the planet.

Their lips finally met. The kiss was just as Chuck had imagined, over and over. Not quite like their first at the docks, nor like any of their previous kisses. This was a kiss of promise, a promise for the future. For the coming year and the coming decade.

When the kiss broke, much to the dismay of both parties, Chuck looked at Sarah. He smiled and said, "Happy new year."

"Welcome to 2010, Chuck. May it be a great year," Sarah laughed. "Do you have any resolutions?"

"Only one I can think of," Chuck said, "but I can't tell you or it won't come true."

"Chuck, that's only for wishes," said Sarah. "You can tell me."

"Well, this year," Chuck whispered in her ear, "I kind of wanted to ride a donkey."

"Ha! You liar," Sarah laughed, hitting his shoulder.

"You're right," Chuck said. "What I really want to accomplish this year is—"

"Guys," Morgan said, interrupting their moment, "you're missing the party. Come on! Anna's showing Casey how to dance!"

A/N: So it's really short. A drabble really. Haha. But I wanted something for New Year's and I have to put the kids to bed so this is it. I may write a New Year's chapter of An Honest Moment tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled. ;-)

In any case, have a wonderful New Year! :D