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Entry 1--

"Wow! So this is what New Metropolis looks like! There are so many different species around here!" Thaal exclaimed in a very loud voice. "Look! Is that a Daxamite? Oh, wait, what species is that? A Romulan?"

"Thaal," I hissed, "If you want to go into interplanetary relations, you need to stop being so obnoxious. There are thousands of different species living in New Metropolis, and you can't run around pointing at them all."

Thaal scowled. "Har-dee-har. Speaking of thousands of species, what are you supposed to be, exactly?"

I shrugged. "I am not entirely sure."

"Well, let me think," Thaal said, looking me up and down, stopping the two of us in the middle of the spaceport. Dozens of beings pushed around him, giving him irritated looks as he carefully scrutinized me.

"I have to say, Brainy, I never thought I'd see the day when your hair was blue," he finally said. "The forehead ridges were a nice touch, though I'm not sure why you don't have eyebrows."

"Perhaps you should ask Arno what I am," I said, gesturing at the artist, who was struggling through the throng of people, lugging two large bags.

"Arno!" Thaal shouted.

Arno grimaced. "You could help with these, you know," He said, dropping the bags with a heavy thud.

I winced. "Arno, there is delicate equipment in those bags. Please refrain from--"

"Brainy, I think you need to work out some, if you can't carry your own bags," Thaal accused.

"But you didn't carry your own bags either," Arno said, glancing at Thaal with a mildly irritated look.

"But that's just because I was smart enough to save my strength," Thaal said defensively.

"You know, it looks like we're going to be living here for the rest of our lives, not a few weeks," Arno mused. "And the funny thing is, I think Brainy packed the lightest."

"I really wish you wouldn't call me Brainy," I said.

"What are we supposed to call you? Querl?"

I shushed Thaal frantically. "Not that name either. Especially not that name!"

"Well, then what?" Thaal grumbled.

"How about Jonis?" Arno suggested.

"I like the name Islyrri," Thaal said.

"I think Vril would suffice," I said. "Call me Vril."

"Now what kind of weird name is that?" Thaal demanded.

"It isn't any weirder than Arno," Arno grumbled. "I kind of like it. It has a nice ring to it."

I nodded.

Arno scowled. "Your nose. Did you rub your nose?"

"Someone bumped into me when I was disembarking the transport," I said.

"There's a spot of green on your nose," Arno said.

"Call it a bruise," Thaal suggested. "Who knows, maybe people with whitish-yellow skin and longish blue hair and green eyes and no eyebrows get green bruises on their noses."

I sighed. "Would you please stop making comments about my appearance? People will get suspicious."

"I think it's hard to be suspicious when the only reason they notice you is because you're standing in the middle of a walkway." Thaal said, as though it were not his idea to stand in the middle of the promenade.

"Why don't we go check into the hotel?" Arno suggested.

"All right," I said, leaning down and straining to lift one of my bags.

"You're going to throw out your back doing it like that, Vril," Thaal said. "Come on, I thought you were a genius. Lift with your knees; or didn't you know to do that?"

I grunted, hefting the bag. When I'd placed it on the transport, it had weighed in at sixty-five pounds, which was half my body weight. Arno hefted his own bags, my other bag and Thaal's bag. Thaal lifted his second bag, straining to place it on his shoulder. "Well?" he said, glancing between the two of us.

I nodded. "Let's go."

A/N: But soft! What light through yonder window breaks! It is the east, and Brainiac Five fights the sun...eater. Wait a minute...

I have absolutely no idea where that comment came from, honest. On to other matters. What on earth are Thaal and Arno planning? Why is Brainy's hair blue, and (most importantly of all) will Brainy's eyebrows grow back in evenly? To learn the answer to this question and many more, stay tuned!

A/N: #2 (Quick note)

As I was lying in my bed considering what many tortures I can inflict upon Brainy due to his timely return, I realized that this is a sequel. As such, I should probably mention somewhere in the first chapter that it is, in fact, a sequel, so that when Document 1278803-4576a is covered in dust and moth-eaten (not sun-eaten), people who read this do not think that they're missing some great part of legion history because they don't know who Thaal or Arno may be.

As such, I have a very wordy disclaimer:

THIS IS A SEQUEL! IF YOU ARE CONFUSED, MOST LIKELY YOU HAVE NOT READ THE FIRST PART OF THIS FIC, WHICH IS CALLED "Document 1278803-4576a", (as opposed to "document 1278803-4576b", because I'm so very creative in that way...). I'm really not sure why that's all in capitals. However, if you feel as though you simply must know who these characters are and how they managed to convince Brainy to dye his hair blue of all things, then you might want to read Document 1278803-4576a.

If not, you've only lost thirty-some chapters' worth of character development and general angst on Brainy's part. Enjoy the rest of this fic, and if you ever find the time, you might enjoy reading the prequel to this sequel...