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Entry 11-

Thaal managed to detain me before my departure early this morning, and demanded to accompany me. I was wearing ethnic garb of a desert people from a little-known rim world, which effectively disguised most of my features. Since I had intended to journey outside of the city, I was not overly concerned about the functionality or practicality of my disguise. Once outside new metropolis, I intended to go to a certain wilderness protection area that is relatively isolated. Since I lacked a laboratory with sufficient materials and technology to test some of my newer inventions, I was planning to test them in an isolated area.

I had packed a bag with the inventions, and also a wide variety of equipment and devices should any of my inventions require in-the-field (no pun intended) adjustments. Unfortunately, as I have only recently converted from a mechanical entity to a biological organism, I still struggle with estimating exactly how much weight I can lift, and exactly how long I can carry said amount of weight.

This morning, I attempted to heft my bag after packing it full, and nearly caused myself the unfortunate medical condition of prolapsus disci intervertebralis. I believe Thaal later referred to it as 'slipping a disc,' an inaccurate usage of terminology, yet an amusing descriptor. But I digress. I attempted to lift the bag, and nearly damaged my back in the process. Following this failed attempt, I endeavored to "lift with my knees," which, oddly enough, still requires one to do most of the lifting with their arms. Finally I managed to hoist the bag enough to half-drag it across the floor to the door. I could not remove any of my equipment from the bag—I would need it all for the day's project—but I was struggling to drag it across the hotel room to the door without waking Arno or Thaal. I had decided to let them sleep in, and then they could explore the city together. I had left a note on the holoscreen in the main room before going to retrieve my bag.

The desert garments felt somewhat suffocating with all of this exercise to which I was unaccustomed, and I could feel drops of perspiration running down my back and face as I made yet another desperate attempt to lift the bag. I managed to raise it about five inches and scuttle towards the door for about fifteen shuffled steps before my fingers began protesting. I attempted to continue moving, but I accidentally bumped my knee against the bag, causing it to jerk against my fingers and drop to the floor, landing on my right foot and crushing my toes. As I was attempting to "sneak" out, I could not allow myself to make a sound, and instead found myself whisper-hissing several nasty words I'd learned from Garth and clutching at my toes, hopping up and down on one foot.

For future reference, hopping on one foot is a fine activity if you are coordinated. Unfortunately, I seem to lack sufficient adroitness, and thus found myself not only injuring my toe, but also tripping over the offending bag and causing the floor to become an intimate acquaintance of my face.

It was at this exact moment when Thaal wandered out of his room, appearing slightly annoyed and also unrested. "Brainy, it's still early. What are you…?" Thaal's eyes opened fully, his mouth fell open, and he clapped a hand over his mouth in an attempt to squelch his laughter. He was only marginally successful. When he could finally speak again, he finally asked me what happened.

By this time I had managed to make it back to my feet and was deliberating between glaring at my bag or glaring at Thaal. "I fell," I told him. "On the floor. Could you not see that?"

Thaal just gave me a look. "You know what I mean," he said. "And what's with the bag? What's in there anyway? And why are you trying to move it?"

"I'm going out for the day," I explained.

Thaal glared at me. "No, you are not."

I blinked once, taken aback. "Excuse me?"

"You are not going out today," Thaal said, sounding slightly angry. "Yesterday we went out and you almost died. You're not going out today."

"Thaal, I don't know if you realize this, but were I to return to the Legion, I would be risking my life on a regular basis," I spoke with a fair amount of sarcasm. "Also, you have no right to tell me what to do."

Thaal stared at me for a long moment, a challenge in his gaze. "Fine, then I'm coming with you," he said.

"You and Arno have never been to New Metropolis before. You should enjoy the city. I will be fine on my own for a day," I told him.

"Uh-huh. Because obviously you were fine yesterday. And you were probably fine earlier when you tried to drag this bag outside." Thaal appeared highly unconvinced. "Besides, Brainy, you're probably still weak from blood loss."

"Thaal, I am in perfect health. I have a small scratch on my throat, and that is all. I am fine. I will be fine."

"I'm coming with you," Thaal repeated.

"You and Arno—" I began.

"Arno can go to that boring art museum thingy he wanted to see, and I will come with you and make your life interesting," Thaal said, bending down to grab my bag. "Besides, someone needs to carry this for you since you're obviously not man enough to—" his voice broke off in a high-pitched squeak as he tried to pick up my bag. "Brainy! What do you have in here, lead?"

"Necessary items," I responded.

Thaal gave me a look. "Are they all necessary?"

"Yes," I replied, giving him a peeved look.

"Hey, what's all the noise out here?" Arno asked, coming from his room. "Oh, hey Brainy," he said, before glancing at my bag and tilting his head slightly, considering it for a few moments. "Going somewhere?"

"If Thaal would ever let me leave," I said, glancing at him in irritation.

"How are you going to leave with it?" Thaal demanded, still struggling to lift the bag. "You can barely drag it across the floor without slipping a disc!"

Arno frowned, considering the bag momentarily. "Hold on a sec," he told Thaal, scooting the dark-haired young man aside. "Let me try."

And then, just to make Thaal and myself feel like pathetic weaklings, he lifted the bag with barely any effort at all. Thaal pointed and sputtered at Arno for several seconds, before turning away and muttering something about 'home planets' and 'gravity' and 'not fair'.

"So, where are we going?" Arno asked me with a grin.

I sighed, and turned to the door. "Come on. We have a public transport to catch."

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