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She's With Who?

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Chapter 1: Teenage Confusion: Not quite a Fairytale kiss!

The sun was shining brightly as Setsuna spent the afternoon reading a letter she had received from Saeko early that morning. They had been sending confidential letters back and forth for quite some time now regarding Senshi matters. Ami's mother had found out quite recently when an EKG machine had an accident when a youma possessed it. Over time Setsuna had become a constant contact for Saeko as far as Senshi matters. Recently however, topics were headed into a far different direction, The two of them had decided to send a diary back and forth regarding the thoughts hey had about Senshi matters and the people it happen to involve. Most noteworthy their respective children.

Setsuna took a sip of her decaffeinated coffee as she read the page of questions and concerns. It seemed odd that this type of thing was exchanged between them in such a manner, yet it still held value. Setsuna had been doing the same with Rei's grandfather for over a year, yet he played dumb when it came to Rei's Senshi powers. In reality, all of the parents of the inner's were involved in this diary book. It was an outlet many needed and a source of support that their parent would not have had otherwise. Setsuna was happy to be apart of it, she being the eldest of Senshi had the most experience, and also the most fear for her far younger comrades in arms.

It stood to reason, once a child sneaks out so many times, once she use the same excuse to leave the dinner table day after day, and once she wakes up with more injuries than a football player having gone to bed with not even a scratch, something was being hidden. Magic and powers were well and good, it kept the general public from seeing into who was behind the transformation. Family and people who raised you, these were people who often saw through the magic quite easily, after that, it would only be a matter of time until the equations of the questions were solved.

The topics had quickly gone from beast slaying, into aging and what to expect as far as the future went. Even if everything under the sun was voiced over again and again, one thing was left clearly unspoken until a few weeks back when Hotaru started to gain a sort of a crush on another Senshi. Now in a matter of weeks Setsuna had been writing a flurry of diary entries to keep up with all of the parents. Phone calls and even a few meetings at the Outer's home had been arranged because of the new complexity that had risen.

Setsuna closed her eyes momentarily as she thought of how to respond. There weren't any good ways to start, so instead of writing a carefully thought out response, she replied as one would in her position. A worried and loving parent who knew that being a Senshi held a few difficult realities. This issue, if one could call it that, being one of them. Though it was stated by many of the parents that they had long suspected their child to have interest in the same gender, none had really heavily assumed that it was cause for worry. After all, once you get over the shock of what a Senshi is, the gender of the person they decide to have relations with seems to be a trivial matter. After finding a clean page in the diary, Setsuna began to write.

It starts simply enough. A small graze of the hand. The flicker in another persons eyes, and the smile that you want to show the world when your near them. Then it continues into complexity. Do you like them as more than a friend? Could they possibly like you back. As logic states, hormones don't seem to help in this fact and often times one has to wonder the many questions teenage life offers. Who am I? What will I become? Will I have a large family? Will I be alone? These are all simple questions time will answer for today's youth.

Now while all of this is well and good I am a time mage of roughly six thousand years. I may not be middle aged yet, since for my bloodline I am still quite young. Yet time has ways of reminding me that although I have seen a lot in my years, I have not seen it all. This was proven a few weeks ago, when a child whom I have looked after with my friends came too us with quite a few odd questions.

These question were not out of normalcy for a normal child mind you. However when your family and friends are anything but normalcy these questions can end up being quite problematic. We are Senshi, defenders of the Moon Kingdom, can live for well over a thousand years, and can blast away youma in the blink of an eye, yet we are still humans capable of love and in effect, emotions that often cloud the minds of most hormone ridden youth.

Now back to the child in question, no longer quite the child I used too know, she has caught up in age nicely. Soon she will no longer require guidance as far as having parents go. However it seems the ways of the heart are another matter entirely. Hotaru is now seventeen years old, and fully capable of knowing what it is that's going on with the changes in both body and mind. What she lacks is a sense of comfort within herself.

Hotaru is the Senshi of death and destruction, our Sailor Saturn. Most would view her as a person to be feared, yet she is far from what her reputation states. She would never harm a soul out of vengeance, actually quite the opposite. Most would cause harm on her before she would ever want to harm them. She smiles her simple smile and acts as if everything is perfect within the world. She pretends that even the news on the television does not exist, if only to lessen the truth of how cruel life can be.

This is the way our daughter, if one could even call her that, lives her life for the time of peace we have been given. I for one know that even if all is right with Senshi matters, a new monster approaches quickly. This one I fear cannot be beaten away with my time staff, nor can I shoo it away as if it were a shadow playing on the wall, or a monster under the bed. Haruka, the child's paternal figure thus far, hates the fact that we can not seem to fix this matter so simply. Michiru, like myself knew this foe would come one day. This is the monster known as adolescence and early adulthood.

All of the Senshi are growing older, and while they have all toyed with the idea of romance, very few have thought about it in a matter of seriousness. A few flings were as far as it had ever gone, and at the time it was as far as it had ever needed to go. Now the issue in why no one ever thought seriously on the matter at hand was simple. Truth of Senshi life had not taken over, now that the glamor has subsided in what being a Senshi is and we have no real battles to fight currently, real fear has taken hold. Unlike normal youth, there is a well and true fear of being alone as a Senshi. We life for well over a normal human lifespan, because of this common logic states that you would find solace with people who also bore your curse.

Now in all of this we have one final issue. One that should be easily looked past bar the fact that it is a physical blockade only. All of the Senshi among us on earth currently, are in fact female. The only acceptation to this rule is Mamoru, and he is already happily spoken for. Now, for some like our friend Minako, this poses little issue. For others such as Ami or dare I say Hotaru herself, the subject matter on how to deal with this fact become far more discrete and thus, more difficult to handle.

Setsuna had paused in her writing when she noted Hotaru slamming the front door and muttered a few curses as she walked up too her room. Setsuna sighed as she placed her eyes back too the paper, This was becoming a common occurrence lightly and sadly, no one could ease the youngest Senshi.

"This totally sucks! Talk about a day from hell! First I wake up with my period, then I forget my math work at home. I forgot to pack a lunch, and had no money on me to buy one. Then I find out I have a test in my home economics class next week and I have no idea what I can bake as a desert!" Hotaru ranted on as she plopped down into her bed. The stress of the day replayed as she placed her face into her pillow and cursed a few more times before Michiru came to the room to try and console the overly stressed out teenager.

"Hotaru, are you alright?" Michiru said knocking on the door. Michiru received no answer, so she attempted a second time. "Hotaru? May I come in?" The muffled voice came through the wooden door yet again pleading to be allowed to offer help, or at the very least a shoulder.

Hotaru relented and allowed her motherly figure entrance into the dark room. The blinds were closed and the only light came from the computer monitor and a very small lamp. Even in the dim light Michiru noticed the blotted makeup, proof of the crying that must have taken place earlier. Hotaru told her of the day she had to deal with and her over all stress dealing with her who her ride home happened to be with, it was also the Senshi that her emotions seemed to deal heavily with, Makoto.

The thunder Senshi had not noticed the tension that built within Hotaru as of late, and for the most part busied herself with her own inner thoughts. It was clear to everyone that while Hotaru was the youngest Senshi among them, she was not omitted from the emotional havoc that was taking place. Michiru's advice was always the same. "Just tell her how you feel, I know it can be difficult, but you stewing in here doesn't solve anything." she said as she was brushing away a few strands of hair that seemed to want to hang in Hotaru's eyes.

"Oh yeah, that'll really work mom!" Hotaru retaliated as she paced in frustration. "I just go right up too her and say 'Makoto I love you.. Or at least I think I do.' Mom she's been hurt the most out of all of us as far as relationships go!" Hotaru stressed that point time and time again. No one knew that as a child she had paid such close attention to detail, apparently they were wrong.

"Alright, so you don't say that. What will you do, wait for her to come to you?" Michiru said as she stood in front of Hotaru to make her stop in her tracks. She placed her hands on her daughters shoulders in a calm demand that noted she wanted Hotaru to listen closely. "I may not know what will happen between the two of you. I don't even think Setsuna has an answer for you. If you want her, then go and get her! If I would have waited for Haruka lord knows it would have never happened." Michiru said forgoing words like Papa and Mama to make a point.

"You know what, why don't you go impart that wisdom on Minako and leave me to stew in peace! Lord knows she's wanted to get her hands on a particular blue haired Senshi for a while now." Hotaru said as she backed away shaking her head in protest. She felt bad for Minako, she really did. For as much as the blond spoke about being a Senshi goddess of love, she sure as hell was fearful of it. If it was a game then all would be fine, but heaven forbid the woman go for the real love of her life.

"What does Minako being in love with Ami have to do with you?" Michiru sighed as she sat down on the bed, she knew exactly where this rant was going. Settling in for the long haul she only half listened as Hotaru stated the obvious.

"You mean besides the fact she's sharing a two bedroom apartment with Makoto!" Hotaru half yelled in general annoyance. It wasn't aimed at anyone in particular, just her method of releasing her bottled up frustration. "The two of them are really good friends. In fact I've bet they passed that border, I'll go as far as to say they are in a closeted relationship no one knows about having sex every night!" The Senshi of destruction finished annoyed.

Michiru scratched her eyebrow and sighed when she heard that wonderful call out. She didn't know what was more outrageous, the fact that Hotaru thought Makoto was being intimate with her best friend, or the fact that it was being closeted when no one really cared anyway. "Alright, calm down." Michiru said sighing at the continually bogus ideas stemming from her daughters' mouth. "If I prove too you that the two are in no way, shape, or form, sleeping with each other will you at the very least take into consideration the fact that Makoto might not reject you?" the Senshi of the Sea tried to use logic.

"They'll deny it!" Hotaru tried again with ridiculous ideas that was only spurred further by the fact she was already stressed out from the day. "Think on it, they have a good thing going! No one will point and laugh, no one will hate them! Face it we already hide enough why not hide the fact they get a good lay too!" Hotaru said before she heard a loud band followed by a very confused Haruka sticking her head into the room from an above ceiling panel. Covered in dust and what looked to be cobwebs, clearly she had been cleaning the attic when she had heard that admission.

"What in the hell? Who's getting laid?" Haruka asked only hearing part of the conversation. Getting only an eye roll in response as Hotaru plopped down onto the bed again and this time let herself fall onto her back so she faced a corner of the ceiling. Michiru mouthed the two names for the sake of simplicity and Haruka immediately omitted herself from the conversation. She knew better than to say anything if Makoto was in the topic at the current moment.

"Alright, I have proposition for you." Michiru said gaining the interest of both parties as Haruka shoved her head back into the room before the woman in aqua threw a book in the general direction of the blond. A good sign that she was not to be in on this portion of the conversation. After they heard Haruka resume her work Michiru continued. "If I get Minako to confess her love to Ami, then you must do the same to Makoto. However if I turn out to be right, then you have to clean my art studio every three days, top to bottom for a month!" Michiru suggested on a bet. This was something that had seemed to become a common occurrence within the outers household. Betting on things turned the more stressful things in life into a sort of game of chance. Some time it worked, others it didn't.

"Hmm alright, but if I end up being right, then you owe me that shed that you said I couldn't have to build my lamps in!" Hotaru wagered sure she would be correct. As Hotaru grew older, her enjoyment in building things grew. Haruka naturally had a fondness for tinkering with different things and with the help of Makoto who worked as an apprentice electrician a continuous hobby became building custom lamps. Space in the garage had become hard to come by with the many cars, and when Makoto brought up the idea of a separate shed Hotaru had her mind set on finding a way to get it.

Michiru knew that would be the most likely wager and she agreed to the bet. That night resumed as it normally would. Setsuna cooked dinner, Haruka made a oil track leading from the garage into the bathroom that had been installed for that primary reason. Then it was homework, and television before bed. Setsuna was the last to go to her room as she spent her time reading from the large textbook in front of her, a highlighter dangling from her mouth as she recounted some old records and highlighted the important ones.

The dreams of childhood had long past the Senshi, and instead most pursued careers that not only were they well versed in, but also had the abilities already at their disposal. Setsuna had become a history teacher in light of having lived through the events that actually took place. The history she taught was not only well within her lifetime, it was very recent compared to the more outlandish occurrences of the Senshi that she happily could omit. Her late night reading would prove to be useful in the class the following week when the class would discuss World War II.

While the outers house became quiet for sleep, the apartment Makoto and Ami shared was waking up as the sun was setting. Makoto became an apprentice electrician, she had not completed her training but she had bypassed any written testing easily since her element also happened to be her job. For the first time she was actually top of her class, and studying wasn't even needed. There was one downside too her job. A fear that she constantly had to face down, and she was not the most pleased about it. Much of her work had to be done in a cherry picker. This wasn't the most ideal of situations, but as she quickly learned by accident, she was not easily harmed by the electric current in the wires unless she was dealing with power lines, and even then, her own attack were far stronger than the current with in the lines, so even if it hurt, it was never fatal.

Going into the shower Makoto did a mental check of the locations she would be surveying that night, thankful that this particular night she would be able to remain on the ground. There was a new apartment building being built and she was to aid in attaching the breakers and grounds to the proper locations. This would be her task for the next week at least. Night shifts were harder to deal with, but on big projects such as this it was a necessity. As she rinsed the lather from her hair one final time, she turned the water to a far cooler temperature as she exited and placed on her towels on and made a beeline for her bedroom. In the midst of this she passed a sleepy eyed Ami who was on her way to her nighttime wakeup call.

Ami for her part took a route no one would have guessed. A doctor, an nurse, hell even a rocket scientist would have been a better guess than what she was actually studying to be. The ever intuitive Ami, the one who was by far the smartest and most resourceful logically had her heart set on being in the field of law enforcement and had been taking classes at the local police academy. She planned her classes so that she would pull a back too back coarse session every three days while still having her morning and afternoon ones every day. As she entered the shower the utterance of a few choice words signaled she was being woken up by the rather freezing water.

Makoto laughed at her friend's rather crass terminology. It was one thing she had learned very quickly when she and Ami got a larger space so that rent was cheaper. Ami didn't curse very often, and never in public, but in the morning or when she was waking up she could possibly be far more crass than Makoto herself. As she placed some coffee on the table Ami stumbled in dressed and a towel on her head as she lay face down on the table. Makoto couldn't resist the temptation to jokingly harass her friend. "Ya know, when you lay like that you look like Usagi." She said taking a sip of her own coffee.

Ami wordlessly responded with her middle finger earning a laugh from tall brunette. "Perhaps another time I have to get to work." Makoto said she ran too the door as Ami shot up from her seat to chase after her highly annoyed. "EW! That's the most- Dammit! get back here!" That was the life of the two friends. Idiocy in the down time of being a Senshi had become a good stress relief, or in Ami's case a good way to unleash a different side of her self that normally her mother had only seen in early mornings before she went to school.

Even if they were all out of school now for the most part, it didn't stop them from running into each other. Rei was on her way back to the shrine when she noted Ami chasing Makoto down the street. In a way it was liberating to see the most down to earth person running half way down the block with a hair towel still on her head and only one shoe on. The other had fallen off a few paces back. The best part was the fact that even if Ami used to be the most studious, she was also now the most laid back as far as what people saw of her. It was not uncommon to walk into the apartment and see the blue haired young woman her housecoat all day long when she had a day off. Though in her defense, days off came few and very far between, she had every right to be that lax considering how rare the occurrence was.

Rei had found herself a rather off job after she decided running the shrine would be too much for her once her grandfather passed on. She was currently working for an antique artist. Often taking fine metals and melting them down, they would make the small silver cups and fine china for the people who collected the small trinkets. Some people wanted them for doll houses, others sought to have items repaired or to have them engraved. A great many tasks kept Rei busy all the time. The need for finer details often gave Rei the ability to go into a state of pure concentration, often focusing on one small piece of metal through a spectacle. The extreme heat of the flames that she had to keep constantly burning only aided in her ability to remain calm. When she returned to the shrine her night came to a close as she ate the dinner her grandfather had left her to heat up.

She ate her meal quietly, though she helped the shrine out when ever she had the time, she was not the one who would inherit the shrine. It was unclear what would happen too it afterwards but Rei would do the best she could. She finished her meal before showering and looking to up too the stars from the small wooden deck outside of her room. As she looked to the sky, and then down in front of her, she noted Minako was on her way home from the pub she worked at part time. She was actually taking morning classes to become a Physical Education teacher, in the early evening she focused of bartending just to make some extra money.

Rei smiled a soft smile. She could sense a joyful feeling in the depth of her heart and laughed. It was basic knowledge to Rei that Minako liked Ami and had deep feelings for the bluenette. It was also of basic knowledge due to the fire Hotaru had an interest in one of the inners, though Rei was not sure of what one. The miko on the other hand had a far different attraction. Although it was not one she would voice openly, no not by a long shot. The person she held feelings for was spoken for by a blond that would tear her to shreds if she even tried, not that she would ever attempt it mind you. Yet as she drifted to sleep her mind wandered to the very person of her desires, a small smile on her lips.

The next day, the Senshi morning rush ensued. Hotaru overslept as she panicked running full speed to school effectively almost mowing down a dead tired Ami, who still had her earplugs in from firearms training, and a Makoto who's work belt was slumped over and her clothes smelt of drywall. Screaming an apology Hotaru ran faster so she would at least make the second bell. Haruka was driving to her morning class that she took every Friday. It was for air gliding, her new favorite extreme sport.

Michiru was walking briskly quite a few feet behind Hotaru carrying text books and her own lesson plan. She had recently got her degree for performing arts and taught third hour band and fifth and sixth hour art classes. This was the most common morning rout for the Senshi as they greeted each other in passing by. Setsuna rolled her eyes as Hotaru barely hit the door to first hour history by the third bell. Hotaru simply knew off the bat she was in trouble as she left the room standing outside the door.

"It's a good thing I just happen to be your teacher, you do realize this right?" Setsuna sighed taking in Hotaru's appearance before taking a closer look. "You look like hell, what happened, another dream?" When all she got was a silent nod and a somber expression Setsuna ordered Hotaru to return home for the day. Hotaru lived a fairly normal life, however on her menstrual cycle she often became victim to very graphic dreams of her past. Normally when that occurred they allowed her stay home for the day, It wasn't right her Senshi duties should make her suffer into her day to day life as well.

When she turned around to exit Michiru was just coming down the hall. She knew Setsuna would send her home looking the way she did when she had darted out the door prior to Michiru trailing behind. Setsuna just sighed as noted the class had taken too the normal twenty minuets of bell work. She used a moment of the free time to talk quietly in the hall with Michiru. "Why did she even come today? She looked as if she had the childhood dream again, judging by her face." Setsuna sighed as she leaned on the wall.

"She did." Michiru nodded as she stood nearby. "That's why I didn't wake her up. When she came flying out the door I wasn't going to go running after her. You should have seen it, she was like a bat out of hell who's tail was on fire." Michiru said as she sighed quietly at the turn of events. Last night wasn't at all helpful. Setsuna nodded and returned her gaze too her classroom for a moment.

"Should I call someone to pick her up and see her home?" Michiru inquired as she scanned her cell phone for a possible candidate when Setsuna pulled the phone from her friends hands and closed the lid.

"Leave her be, something is going to happen, although after it happens I don't know what will result. Best to just leave it in Hotaru's hands." Setsuna said as she went back into her classroom and Michiru continued down the hall, pocketing her cell in the process.

Back outside Hotaru was starting her departure back home and continually looked too the pavement. She was very tired and not in just one way either. As her pace slowed down, so did her ability to stay awake and soon she had blacked out. Makoto who was going back to work to retrieve a lost tool noted the body on the sidewalk only a moment later. When she saw it was Hotaru all her thoughts went blank as picked up her friend and sped back to the apartment.

"Ami! Get out here!" she called franticly as she placed the Smaller Senshi on the Sofa. "Ami! Hotaru passed out! I need your help now!" She called again this time earning a pajama clad Ami running out of her room and skating to a stop in the front room where she noted the sight.

"Does she have a fever?" Ami said rushing past the kitchen and into the bathroom for the first aid kit and some smelling salts. Grabbing a washcloth she ran back into the living room handing the salts and kit to Makoto before running to the kitchen for her cell phone and clean water and a few ice cubes.

"She doesn't feel like it." Makoto replied as she fished out the thermometer just in case she was incorrect. Ami had her Ice Nine already out and doing scans for injury by the time Makoto had the thermometer in place.

"She's not hurt, looks as if it's over all body fatigue." Ami said as she closed the computer and called Michiru instead of an ambulance. Makoto could only hear one side of the conversation but Ami's cryptic wording suggested that there was more going on than she had first thought.

"Ah I understand." Ami said in a slightly quieter voice as she went into her room and shut the door for privacy. "So she had the dream again?" Ami said now that she was in the privacy of her own bedroom. "Really, that's the third night this week." Ami responded too a statement from Michiru who then must have asked a rather odd question if Makoto wasn't mistaken. The replay Ami gave was a very loud "SHE THINK'S WE'VE DONE WHAT?" Ami shouted in surprise followed by a long amount of whispering. When they were done over the phone, Makoto was pulled into the kitchen by Ami.

"Alright, Makoto I need you to do me and Michiru a very large favor," The bluenette spoke softly. "and, before I tell you what it is, Promise me you'll trust me and not ask questions. Just go with what I'm going to tell you… Alright?" Ami asked praying to god Makoto didn't decide to pry too deeply into the request.

She noticed the pleading eyes. Ami and Michiru wanted this, meaning that it had to do with the passed out Senshi currently sleeping on the sofa. Makoto looked into the living room only for a moment before agreeing. "Ok, what is this very large favor?" She asked very simply.

Ami smiled a only gave a very cryptic answer. "We are switching homes, We need Hotaru to stay with you for a while." Ami said as she lead Makoto into her bedroom while she packed a few changes of clothes and continued "Haruka said to be good, what ever that means. From what I gather Michiru has a bet going on. You and I just happen to be part of that bet. I'm not sure what else is going on entirely but we have to prove Hotaru wrong." Ami said picking out a few extra items and then packing a smaller bag with her toiletries and a few of her more cosmetic items. "I'm not sure why they want us to do this so badly, but if it'll help Hotaru to stop fainting in the middle of the sidewalk, I'll do anything."

Makoto nodded in confusion as Ami gave her the finalization of what she knew, which was very basic at best, craziness at worst. When Ami walked out of the door Hotaru was the only thing on Makoto's mind as she sat and waited for her to wake up. Calling into work sick gave Makoto the excuse to take at least one night off to deal with what ever it was that was going on.

Minuets turned into over an hour, and Hotaru was still out cold. Her faint breath was the only thing letting Makoto know she was alright. Makoto grew worried about her friend and sat closely by the girl waiting for her to wake up. A few low murmurs gave the brunette hope the smaller girl would wake up shortly and when she adjusted her position she was meet with quite the odd verbalizations.

Finally after six hours of being passed out Hotaru had woken up. Makoto was quietly reading a book and drinking a soda. Her eyes that were once downcast focused on the book in front of her rose to greet a very disorientated teenager trying to mentally place together pieces from the missing puzzle. Taking her time to stand Makoto edged over, nearer to her guest as she began a conversation.

"Are you alright?" Makoto asked genuinely concerned as she placed her hands at her sides in a tense posture. She took in the sight of what Hotaru was actually dressed in that day. A pair of baggy blue jeans and skate shoes were complimented with a tight fitting black shirt that had a band name on it. Makoto wasn't a fan of heavy metal so she had no idea what the band sounded like, mentally she filed the information for liter as Hotaru finally spoke softly.

"I'm alright, just tired, and really confused." Hotaru looked to see the sun was setting, meaning she had slept the day away. Her foggy mind instantly cleared when she remembered a more pressing need. Instantly she also feared standing up as her breath hitched in her through. "I am a little thirsty though, can I have a glass of water?" It was a lie right off the bat, but Makoto rushed into the kitchen allowing Hotaru to check the area around her. She was thankful to have a light period this month and with a sigh of relief sat back down just when her host came back.

When Makoto sat back down, there were many things she wanted to ask, yet she was unable to ask them. Sitting quietly there were many ways to voice things, and none of them seemed to be the proper one. Never being one to have tact Makoto used the rather direct explanation approach. "You'll be stay here for the time being according to Ami. She said you'll will be switching homes for a while." Makoto spoke softly before taking a sip of her own soda and adjusting her body to better face Hotaru. "She didn't go into detail so I didn't bother to question it." Makoto dismissed simply as she slouched back al little bit. "did something happen at home? You were stressed out when you were running to school, then I find you on the pavement later." Makoto spoke casually, as if she was always picking people who randomly faints as a hobby or something.

"I was on my way home. Mama told me to go home, so I was going to. I was thinking on something and then I got tired and I sort of blacked out." Hotaru explained in broken fragments omitting her extremely grotesque dream the night before. It had been happening for years so most of the Senshi had grasped the basic concept of why Hotaru became slightly angst ridden with age.

"What were you thinking about to cause you to just pass out in the middle of nowhere?" Makoto somewhat gawked at that explanation, yes she had heard of a lot of randomized things, even did a few of them herself, if catching the kitchen drapes on fire was anything to remember. However Hotaru was never known for fainting until recently, very recently in fact now that Makoto thought carefully on it. "I would expect that from Usagi, Rei or even Ami when the situation called for it, not you. That had to be a hell of a thought process." she said taking a large swig of her soda as the girl next too her remained frozen in place.

Quickly she made an excuse, anything at all would be better than telling Makoto the truth right now. "I just was thinking about the dream I had last night. It kinda got a little over the top and I didn't go back to sleep." It wasn't a total lie, surely she had a dream that had upset her, yet it wasn't the gore content that had her so highly upset as what would be per usual. Her dream was more of an emotional breakdown of sorts, it was something that Hotaru feared, and lived through once before, only this time it ended differently. "I guess I just over exerted myself, but I'll be alright."

Makoto nodded before taking the final swig of her soda and stood. "I'm going to make dinner, would you like something to eat?" She said taking the now empty water glass from Hotaru. The girls eyes were downcast as she only shook her head uttering a very quiet but polite decline. "Feel free to make yourself at home around here, if you want anything you don't need to worry about intrusion." The tall brunette said as she walked into the kitchen.

Hotaru went too the door and picked up her overnight bag that had been dropped off earlier that day. Her schoolbooks sat neatly on top and she went to retrieve the homework she knew would be there. Taking the math and history books and placing them on the coffee table she completely ignored her cooking and parenting workbooks as she left them still sitting on her bag. When Makoto came back with food she took a seat and resumed her book so she wouldn't bother Hotaru diligent working. When she finally passed out into her reading of world history Makoto removed her younger comrade from the coffee table and over to the sofa.

She noticed that the girls' grip had tightened around her and one arm became laced at the back of her neck. Makoto paused at the movements momentarily before she dismissed it and moved again. As those very hands began to embrace her again, within moments all normal logic flew out the window as a pair of lips meet her own. As the sleeper awoke into the kiss only one thought came too her mind, ironically it was also the first word she spoke. "Crap."

It was then she knew.. it was going to be a very odd night.


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