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Chapter 3: Never assume!

It was early in the morning outside and the air was still quite cool. The damp grass of the park made for a wonderful sight as the morning dew sparkled lightly on the tips of greenery. On a nearby bench sat Rei relaxing on her day off. She was not used to just sitting with nothing planed in her agenda book. Usually she had chores or shopping needing to be done. Usagi often hogged her free time in the ways of clearing her own mind from the day by day troubles one faced. It was not uncommon for their princess to cry on their shoulders for a large verity of reasons.

Today was different. Ami was at a firing range working on her shot. Makoto was most likely face down in the nearest bed, sofa, or even a rug nearest too her front door after working another night shift. Minako was actually studying of her own accord for once and had her face in the books, and Usagi had actually enrolled in a parenting class to help her prepare herself for the future when Chibiusa would be born. This left Rei alone in a peaceful park with absolutely nothing planned. At least that was what she thought before Haruka decided to take a seat next too her with a look that just screamed the term 'Meddling idiot'.

"Hey Rei. Are you having a nice morning?" Haruka asked simply as she leaned backwards draping herself comfortably across the backrest rather sloppily. Her hair was messy and it looked as if the taller woman had been running beforehand.

"Yeah, it's alright I guess." The Senshi of fire sighed as she noted the bad attempt of casual conversation. Haruka was a very blunt person, and tact had never been a strong suit of hers. It was clear that there was a motive behind this particular visit. "What about you? Enjoying a nice walk in the park?"

"Nah, not really" Haruka replied as she scratched the side of her head for a moment. "I just came by because I though we could play a little game." The smirk on her face told Rei that this would be a bad idea, however even if the miko was smart, she was also very competitive. Haruka, knowing this took full advantage of that particular downfall. "It'll be a game to test your skills so too speak. What do you say? Want in on it?"

"Test my skills?" Rei arched an eyebrow in slight confusion before placing a finger on her chin thinking for only a moment. "What do I get if I win?" she asked simply, Haruka was known for games like this and often held some type of prize if you happened to be victorious. If you lost, you usually just embarrassed yourself since she often had evidence of her pray loosing the game. One of the most notable examples of this was when Setsuna had been arrested for indecency after she lost a drinking game. "I don't want too be a victim in your little game unless there is something in it for me." The girl in raven tresses had Haruka in a corner with that statement.

"I'll… hmm…" She thought carefully trying to come up with a worth while offer. "Tell you what; I'll hook you up on a date." Haruka figured that it would be simple, and kill two birds with one stone. She would not only find out who it was Rei had feelings for, she would also be able to play match maker.

Rei could only gawk at the offer. Could she accept that, even better to ponder about was the question of would she still be alive if it ever carried out. She was sure a particular blond would maim her for this idea. Then again it could be stated as Haruka's fault for all of this in the end, thus perhaps Rei could spare herself from such an end. All things considered the chance to test her abilities could be amusing. "Alright. You have yourself a deal. What is this test I must endure?" She questioned in an overly confidant tone.

"Simple, All you have to do is a small errand." Haruka said producing a journal much like the one of the ones Setsuna kept. Inside was blank and it was obviously kept to be only a place holder. "This as you can see is a journal that mirrors the one your grandfather and Setsuna pass around. It looks exactly the same, however this one is blank. Now all you have to do is go into her study and switch them out. If you can do that before she gets in there to stop you then you win, however if she catches you red-handed then you loose." Haruka said with a smirk that rivaled a cat that ate the mouse.

"However" Rei added knowing that this was a sure fire way into getting into trouble continued what seems to be common logic. "If she sees me in her study I'll be in deep shit. Plus she's a time mage; you'd have to be crazy to think she wouldn't know about it." Yep this ranked right up there along with a few other stunts Rei had gotten herself stuck into. She momentarily pushed the less pleasant experiences out of her mind before she agreed to go along with the ordeal.

~~~~~Setsuna's study~~~~~

It was true the time mage was already fully aware of what Haruka was planning, yet it wasn't by the means of any Senshi powers, it was just common logic. If Haruka had a scheme it normally involved one of the other household members. Evidence of this fact was simple mathematics. Last time it was Michiru who suffered when she left some makeup unattended only to come back and find out that it had been switched out for circus makeup from last Halloween. Hotaru had been before that when she had forgotten that her cycle was starting and was unprepared. Haruka had decided it was a wonderful idea to hang tampons from the ceiling of Hotaru's room resulting in a very, very angry teenager after that school day. In fact, Haruka was famous for keeping the Senshi on their toes, although mostly it was in the most unhelpful of ways. This was why logic and math meant that whatever Haruka had planned, Setsuna was overdue to be a part of some bad idea.

She knew she had a few more moments of peace before Rei would come through the door and decided that enough had finally gone far enough. While Setsuna didn't mind the occasional off color scheme, or random accident occurring, Haruka was no matchmaker. This was going too far and Rei, like Ami wasn't the type of person to just throw herself into a relationship. This was a delicate matter for the two of them and in this time of peace the last thing Setsuna wanted to fight was a war amongst lovers. That would surely be the case in the events at hand.

There were indeed an odd number of Senshi as far as who would pair up with who, and although Setsuna could use logic, or the famous Staff to find out, the future was an ocean, and unlike some of the larger more foretold parts in the time line, who ended up with who, wasn't exactly threatening to what would one day happen. At least not yet, that was why Setsuna simply sipped on her coffee before stepping behind one side of her bookcase. She would have her own chat with Rei, one with tact and without force or oddball schemes.

She placed the notebook on top of the pile, open to a page that she had scrolled some writing on. This note was meant for Rei and also gave instructions for escaping Haruka's wonderful plan to corner the raven. Behind the side bookcase was a door then lead to another room Setsuna inhabited, although it was just another smaller living area. She opened her mini fridge and assembled some simple cheese and crackers onto a plate before setting about to make a small pot of tea. She placed two cups on the table and the plate of snacks before taking a seat in a favorite chair of hers to go about grading more papers. She had come to one of Hotaru's assignments before sighing at the clear inability of staying focused. The swirls of pencil lines had been done over long amounts of time. Even if all of the answers were indeed correct, the marks and lines that accompanied them proved that Hotaru had to have been working on the single assignment for a good few hours.

Setsuna momentarily heard the door to her study open and close itself and the extreme quiet of the outside could only mean Rei was standing motionless deciding what to do. Now according to the flow of time three different outcomes could present itself. What one would, only fate and a few moments could tell, however as Setsuna placed the rest of the papers onto the end table and partook of a slice of cobalt cheese she was sure that the finality of what she had planned herself would come into play. Those assumptions were realized when she saw the door open.

"Finally decided to come talk to someone with logic have you?" Setsuna said after gesturing for Rei to make herself comfortable, picking up her own cup of tea. "Honestly, I don't see why Haruka needs to get into others affairs all of the time, although, I must admit I'm just as interested as Haruka." Setsuna was calculating in many ways. The timeline helped along such calculations, but mostly people had given her power far too much credit. In all reality, if it had to do with future events Setsuna's methods were no more final that Rei's fire or Michiru's mirror.

"You could say that." Rei said although she knew that everyone was getting the love bug as far as the Senshi went. She also knew she was one of the targets to be continually hounded. Rei was never forward with her feelings on such matters, then again that was a positive. "What I don't get is why you of all people seem interested. Don't tell me this odd Senshi heat wave had finally hit you as well?" the miko gawked momentarily. She should know better, Setsuna was many years older; surely she would be past the stage of randomly flying hormones by now. Then again, the Senshi were famous for ludicrous situations.

"Don't be ridiculous, my interests in this are merely that of an observer. My destiny will or will not play out how it should or should not. Meaning I care little how this particular moment affects me. However I do take interest in how it will affect you all." Setsuna stated as fact before partaking of another bit of cheese before making yet another calculated statement. "After all, I'm sure you're well aware that the visions in the fire may or may not be truth, same goes for anything in the future really. Only difference is you hold all the cards."

"Even if I do hold some sort of power in our choices as Senshi, what does it matter anyway? After all I have had other visions." Rei stated taking a sip of her offered tea before adding a thought plaguing her mind. "Did I really swear a vow of chastity to Serenity?" Rei asked quite interested in that answer, she had many visions of the past kingdom and of a possible be future; in all honesty that was her confusion. What had happened, and what could happen.

"What is past is simply that. What could be one day is unknown. What your past is, I can not confirm or deny because I was not told of such things, nor do I plan to look back and record each and every personal vow you or anyone else had ever made. As far as the future goes, that becomes uncertain and thus I can not give you a solid answer." Setsuna stated before bringing her hand to support her head, her thumb tracing her jaw in careful thought. She had limits as to what could be revealed, thus her best mode of action was leave all of the answers within Rei's grasp without speaking it outwardly. This is where tact came into play heavily.

"Rei, say you actually had in the past, what would that do for you now? On the other side of the very same coin, say you make that vow in the future for what ever reason you may have; would that change this current moment?" Setsuna inquired lightly before adding her own admittance. "I may be a mage of time however I can not see my own future, or people who affect it in a particular way unless I must see it. As such I'm as blind as you are when it comes to my own life, perhaps even more than you. You have visions within the fire; even I can not be granted a vision of my future where I as an individual can become a matter of concern. That's why I think your fire is of little use for you at this moment. A woman's intuition however gives me the perspective to think that you are in the race to win the heart of another, only question is: will you accept that chance?"

Rei had to think long and hard before an answer could be given, simple musings that beat around the bush allowed Setsuna insight on a matter that wouldn't be easily found out. Haruka for her part had been dragged away from the door from Michiru quite some time ago, once again scolding the blond for placing her nose in a less than ideal situation. When Rei finally did go home that night Setsuna called an emergency meeting feeling that she should step in before anyone found out about the discovery beforehand. Naturally, Setsuna left the other Senshi out of the matter.

Since Saeko's apartment was the one currently uninhabited with a Senshi currently in the residence this was the most logical area for the meeting. Of course the subject matter for this meeting was Senshi affairs as always, although this time it dealt with matters of the heart. Minako's parents were seated on the sofa, while grandfather Hino found himself in an armchair on the far side. This left Saeko to sit on the end of the chase while Sailor Pluto took the floor near the table as normal. She placed the staff on the table and slightly pinched the bridge of her nose trying to think of how in the world to explain this rather odd turn of events. Even if she was transformed, the parents knew her to be Setsuna.

"I assume you have gathered the fact that calling you here this late is the result of another Senshi situation." Setsuna said calmly before pausing and noting the tension in the room. "I also seem to think that you all are already panicked and while this situation is delicate, it is no cause for alarm. The ice is not coming yet, and no new foes have appeared. That's why I have not called Usagi's parents. As you can plainly see, it's your daughters I feel concerned about." Setsuna sighed before finding herself in an odd loop in the events. She now understood why no one could place Rei's feelings, that's because Rei herself had her feelings mixed up and confused in more ways than one.

"Has Minako made any move yet?" Setsuna asked clearly implying that Minako was indeed prepared for that step, as if she was just waiting for the right moment. This could be a cause of concern, yet not in the way most would have envisioned.

"Not yet." Her mother said worried before adding her thought on her daughters' rather aloof behavior. "Minako seems to act as if she's not interested in anybody or anything. She won't talk about it, yet I find her sticking her head out of the window every night, and that darn cat won't say a word about it, or anything else for that matter, are you sure he can actually speak at all?" It wasn't that Mrs. Aino didn't believe the Senshi, after all Minako surely spoke to the cat often, the cat had never responded to anything anyone else had said too it all it gave a mixed sense of trust in what was reality, and what was fiction.

"I assure you, that he can speak, that is if the flea bag ever decides too." Setsuna said knowing that a cat was indeed listening in on the conversation. "In fact, a cat happens to be in this very house, allow me to show you." Setsuna said reaching behind the sofa to pick up a cat, however instead it was Luna. "I take it he sent you tonight?" Setsuna said with a raised eyebrow.

Clawing at the hand that held her captive Luna jumped on the sofa and set to fixing her fur. "Well I had to leave Diana with him tonight, I came instead in case there was something I would have to inform Usagi about later on." Luna said as the rest of the room fell speechless.

"Ah, makes sense I guess. How did you get in? Stow away in a purse again?" Setsuna asked and in effect answered her own question. "Anyway it doesn't matter, guess we better get down to the issue in hand, talking cat present or not." Setsuna said dismissing the fact that the cat had just spoken, really even if everyone else had a small mental shutdown it didn't change the things needing to be discussed. "The fact of the matter, and pardon me for being blunt, but a few awkward past memories have opened up in Rei's mind. They have both confused her and caused a conflict within her."

"How is this so?" Grandfather Hino asked now worried for the raven girl. "She has always been a decisive child, how does her memory affect her? If it's because of her father I swear I'll gi-" He was promptly interrupted by Setsuna.

"No it was not her father." She interjected before explaining. "On the moon a lot of different things happened behind closed doors. One of those things just happened in entail bed hopping so to speak. Now, while the Sailor Mars of that day did not engage in such acts, she didn't hold a rope on the Sailor Venus of that day either. Back then they had a rather solid relationship, and no one really meddled in the nocturnal activities of the other Senshi. Rei remembers this; or rather she sees this in the fire as a possibility." Setsuna said as the parents became confused. Apparently it was only the start of what Setsuna had to speak of. "she does have other visions as well, ones of vowing chastity to Usagi, and swearing to devote herself into the life of never being tainted. Both visions are just that, visions. I can not, and will not confirm or deny either vision. I will however state that in the past the Senshi as a unit were rather free spirited." Setsuna said simply hoping that the implication would hold enough ground to not have to answer specifics.

"Well that can certainly be an issue, but how does this effect Ami and Minako?" Saeko questioned as she found it odd she be called to the meeting when this clearly was more of an issue of Rei's, at least this is how it had first appeared.

"It affects them both highly. Rei remembers having been in love with the Venus of that day. Also you must take into account, they may be reincarnations, but they aren't carbon copies. They were raised here, on earth, and under your guidance. Because of those facts the choices that could be made can become different. Ami is a shy girl, very smart with logic, however if you ask her matters of the heart and you'll have multitude of different answers from her and none of them even coincide with one another. The Mercury of the moon was far more proactive in those matters, and also was one of the bed hoppers if you'll allow that term. Although back in those days she found herself next to Neptune or Jupiter back then." Setsuna explained as she sighed.

"She didn't!" Saeko jumped at the admission, Minako's parents didn't really see any surprise in the matter, and for them a talking cat was far more off the wall then Minako having multiple lovers. "Ami didn't, she wouldn't...with Michiru? She's the Neptune now correct?" Saeko was confused, highly.

"I speak only truth. Yes she had an open relationship, and yes she shared a bed with the Neptune of the past, Michiru and Haruka remember it clearly. I'll even one up that by telling you the Jupiter of that day slept with Haruka so both couples knew it was going on, and as far as I know, both Haruka and Michiru were and are fine with that to this very day. It doesn't mean either of them would make another move; however if offered another opportunity I can say they are fluent enough not to turn down an offer if it was the correct time and place." Setsuna laughed as she threw in with a bit of a joke "That even includes me, however I see little need for any more romance drama for now."

"Well you don't seem worried about it, so why are you telling us all of this? Won't it disrupt the timeline?" Mrs. Aino asked worried that the future could be at risk with all that was spoken about dealing with past and present alike. What the woman failed to notice was that Setsuna knew better than to say anything that could harm the timeline. It just was not in the guardians' nature to speak of such things.

"No not at all." Setsuna said still amused. "I have told you all this because the timeline had several ways to follow order. If this continues down this particular path, you will all be privy to rather odd or uncomfortable situations dealing with the three of them. There are multiple possibilities. One of the actual possibilities that logic could state, noting the past, and present is that the both of them end up fighting for Ami's heart. The other possibility that logic states, well that's the part things could get strange. Rei is not the person she used to be of the past, she is more open to debate on a few matters, that and a lot of other factors I can not speak on yet tell me that the three of them could end up in a somewhat odd triangle, and not on opposing sides if you get my meaning." Setsuna said as she smiled. Her eyes knew more, yet she would not speak it yet. She would be kind and offer one last peace of advice. "Just remember, they are Senshi living for a long time, they have already endured a great many things, even death, it is now this time of peace that I wish them happiness. I hope you all with do the same, however my time to leave is now, you all have concerns I'm sure so speak amongst yourselves. Luna will answer anything that you may wish to know. She has more slightly freer reign in that regard."

With that, Setsuna went through a portal back into her study, smiling, she knew it was only a matter of time, and depending how things played out one of the parents would be greeted with a rather odd sight within the next morning. Who it was and how the cards played out fully depended on Minako's ability to live up to her planets name. Ami's ablity to move past the Shy sweet girl she tends to be. lastly it depended on if Rei had the gull to make a move not very becoming of a shrine maiden. the final question in everything happened to be, if this really did play out in such a way, how would that dynamic work, and would the parents servive the rollercoaster that they would end up being stuck on as a result. only the timeline would tell...


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