This particular fic will be a collection of one-shots written in response to various prompt challenges on Dokuga DOT com (a wonderful site devoted to the pairing of Kagome and Sesshoumaru) and the LJ community dokuga-contest. SugarOo encouraged me to post them on Fanfiction DOT net as well. They will definitely be out of chronological order and posted as written. However in chapter one (this chapter) the one-shots are listed as they happen chronologically.

A word of warning. I don't see a particular end to this collection. It will be added to based on inspiration. I'm not particularly used to writing like this. Most of the time I have a definite plot outline before I start typing so I'm not sure where this will go.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto and company or InuYasha and company, I'm just playing with the characters.

Some information to set up a proper context in this crossover with Naruto and InuYasha:

(1) The hanyous/youkais from InuYasha are not youkais/bijuus (demons/tailed beasts) in this cross; they have kekkai genkais (blood line limits) that mimic their youkai powers in this AU Naruto'verse.

(2) Most of the primary characters from InuYasha live in Yama no Kuni (Land of Mountains) in the far west of the Elemental Continent, between Land of Earth and Land of Wind. I'm taking the characters from InuYasha and setting them in this non-canon country in Naruto's Elemental Continent, born and bred there.

(3) There are definitely InuYasha AU elements, for example Kagome is a trained fighter. She never fell down the Bone-Eaters Well and travelled into the past. The Shikon may pop up, but not as in canon. This is an Alternate Fusion Universe.

(4) The primary character couple is Kagome and Sesshoumaru. Each chapter is a one-shot involving their relationship and/or connection to various Naruto characters.

So... for the one-shots. In chronological order:

(Chapter 04) First Meetings (Imperial) – pre Yondaime sealing the Kyuubi

(Chapter 08) A Blooming Relationship (Flowers) – the beginning of their relationship

(Chapter 11) Sparring Practice (Leather) – Kagome watches her husband spar.

(Chapter 12) Spirit of Law (Conscience) – Minato has been offered the Hokage title and he has doubts. NEW

(Chapter 09) Hands Tied (Shield) – shortly after the Yondaime sealed the Kyuubi, an event referred to in Death and Life – to come

(Chapter 07) Someone to Protect (Power) – pre Uchiha massacre, pre series start

(Chapter 02) Death and Life (Ink) – Shippuden, Naruto has returned with Jiraiya, Yamato and Sai are members of Team 7

(Chapter 05) Options and Choice (Evolution) – Shippuden, definite AU break from canon here; some history involving Itachi is revealed.

(Chapter 06) Healer (Stitch) – The plan from Options and Choice is acted upon.

(Chapter 03) Right Circumstances (Heartless) – Shippuden, Naruto has returned with Jiraiya

(Chapter 10) Judgment (Popularity) – After Naruto defeats Pein. Sasuke faces the consequences of the plan from Options and Choice.