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"Ok, Cyborg, truth or dare," Beast Boy asked from his place in the chair. Beast Boy looked so excited and acted more of an 8 year old than a 16 year old. Cyborg's leg twitched nervously as he was choosing his side.

"Um… truth," Cyborg said raising an eye brow. Beast Boys eyes lit up and he grinned.

"Ok, Cyborg. Is it true that you think Jinx is hot," Beast Boy asked. Cyborg sucked in a breath and stared to blush on the human half. His emotions poured out of him and told me that he indeed thinks Jinx is hot. I chuckled and put my hand on his knee.

"Cy, you agreed to play," I said putting my cover-up face back on. He shot me a look and then a fearsome look at Robin, but Robin wasn't even listening. Robin was, instead, watching me. Cyborg breathed a thankful sigh and turned back to Beast Boy.

"Yes, I think Jinx is beautiful. Are you happy," he said without realizing his mistake. I cracked a half smile.

"Yes, very because I didn't say beautiful," the changeling said. Cyborg blushed but didn't take back his comment.

"Robin, truth or dare," Cyborg asked looking at Boy Wonder. Robin didn't seem to hear him and was staring at me again.

"Hello, earth to Robin," Beast Boy said. I continued staring back at Robin, who didn't hear Beast Boy.

"Is Robin ok," Starfire asked looking between him and me. I searched for any source of emotion upon his face, but he was emotionless. I tapped into his brain, but he was hiding his thoughts from me.

"Take a picture, it last longer," I chatted letting a smile cross my face. He seemed to jump a foot in the air.

"What… what are yall staring at," he murmured. Starfire sat still looking concern, but the two boys were smiling form ear to ear. I shot them a glance that said not one word. They seemed to grasp the picture.

"Truth or dare," Cyborg asked the sweating Robin. Robin was looking at the ocean, towards the city everywhere but me. I sank down into the couch and relaxed.

"Dare," Robin said absentmindedly. Again, he wouldn't look at me.

"I dare you to tell us why you were just staring at Raven," he said smiling before jumping at my gaze. WHAT, I asked myself. As I turned my icy glare to Cyborg the glass of water sitting on the table shattered. Cyborg jumped and I could feel mixed emotions coming off of Robin.

"I….i…..um well…. I….," he stuttered. He rubbed the back of his head and sighed. "I was thinking about how beautiful she is," he rambled on so fast no one could understand it….but me.

I gasped and looked up at him in surprise. He met my gaze this time and smiled his crooked smile only I could understand. His smile was one he wore when he was telling something that has been on his chest for a while. Then the screaming started.

"He thinks I am beautiful," happy screamed.

"Tell him you love him," courage told me.

"Don't fall for it," anger simered.

"Show him you think he's beautiful," lust screamed. At her voice I blinked twice. She normally doesn't speak up and I haven't felt her this powerful in a while…not since Melchior. At his name my anger peaked and I stood up abruptly. Robin took that the wrong way and started covering up.

"Raven, I am sorry. I didn't mean it say you were beautiful. Well…. I did it's just I shouldn't have stared at you," he kept rumbling. I held up my hand to him, signaling him to shut up.

"Raven are you that mad at me," he asked feeling a slip in the bond. Those slips mostly happened when I was holding back anger.

"No I am not mad that you called me beautiful or that you were staring at me," I said out loud turning to face him. I could feel my eyes turning black.

"Then what is it," he also said out loud.

"Melchior," I screamed to him through the bond. He shook as the word hit him like a slap in the face. He seemed shock, but then went into concern mode immediately.

"Rae I'm…. I'm sorry. Did I remind you of him," he asked coming up to me. He took my hand protectively in his and my anger left immediately again.

"No, it's not that. It's just when you said you thought I was beautiful, something inside of me flared up that he used to make me do," I said in one breath. "Please continue with the game," I said giving his hand a squeeze. We went to sit back down.

"So wait you said she was," Beast boy started to say, but Robin cut him off.

"Beast Boy truth or dare," Robin said.

"Truth," Beast Boy said in confidence.

"Is it true you drink out of the toilet," Robin asked laughing.

"Uh ya! You knew that," Beast Boy said joining in. I rolled my eyes and waited out there laughter.

"Raven, truth or dare," Beast Boy asked with an evil glare in his eyes.
"Dare," I said curiously. Beast jumped up and pointed at me.

"I dare you to kiss Robin," he said smiling. The room went silent. Starfire had happiness rolling off of her like a waterfall. Cyborg was holding in laughter. Robin was frozen and was looking frighteningly at me. I was….. well pissed.

"What!?! Are you praying for death," I asked losing my temper.

"Oh, come on! Raven, how bad could it be? It's that or cleaning my room for a year," he challenged.

"Oh, no. I am so not cleaning your room! Think it's not my choice though. Think about it. It's Robin's… lips too," I said casting a look at the now smiling Robin.

"I don't mind," he said laughing. My heart thrummed in my ears again and I let out a deep breath.

"What are you planning," I asked mentally. He smiled a crooked smile.

"What do you think," he asked flirtingly through his mind.

"Pick Raven," Beast Boy said knowing what I was going to choose.

"Fine, I will kiss Robin," I said letting my anger simmer.

"Glorious! I shall fetch a picturing device," Starfire said getting up.

"No camera," Robin and I screamed together. I wrapped my black magic around her so she was pinned to the chair.

"Don't worry Star. My eye has it all," Cyborg said. I groaned as I turned to face Robin.

"It has to last for five seconds," Beast Boy said coming to stand by us. My cheeks flamed and I rejected the idea to pull up my hood. Robin and I stared at each other.

"I am going to throw up," I mentally chatted to him. He chuckled as he reached and grabbed my hand.

"You are just nervous," Robin said all serious now. I laughed out loud at that as he scooted closer to me.

"Nervous, about kissing you? Huh, why would I be," I asked feigning humor. He reached up and grabbed my cheek. We were about two inches from each other's lips and I was starting to shake.

"Maybe because you want to kiss me. Do you want to kiss me Raven," he said. I froze but he kept coming.

"Let the countdown start," Beast boy said.

"One," he said as Robin's lips touched mine. My eyes grew in shock but I quickly let them close.

"Two," BB said. I wrapped my arms around Robin's neck as he wrapped his strong muscular arms around my waste.

"Oh, three. Do you want me to count slower," BB joked. I kissed Robin feverishly and my emotions went crazy. Something blew up but know paid attention to it.

"Raven," Robin moaned mentally.

"Four," BB asked questioningly. For that last second I let my tongue upon his lower lip.

"Five," BB said. I pulled away and let my arms drop from around his neck. I was as red as Robin's costume. Robin had a smile playing on his lips. No one said anything for a while until Beast Boy jumped.

"Yes, I knew Raven would do it. You should have seen how into it you were. You," BB was cut off by my magic wrapping around his mouth. I turned to face Starfire.

"Truth or dare," I asked her. She was about to answer when the alarm went off. Cyborg raced to the computer.

"Great, there is a robbery," Cyborg said to us.

"Who is it," Robin asked still looking at me.

"Red X," he sighed.

"Great," I moaned. That flirting little…

"Let's go," Robin said taking my hand.