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Chapter Twelve: Holy Matrimony

"Stop that!" Zero hissed, batting the hand at his jacket collar away. "I said it looks fine."

"Kiryu-sam—er, I mean, Kiryu," Aido quickly corrected his wording under the intense glare from the hunter, "your tie is crooked. Just let me fix it," he demanded with a slight weight of authority to his tone, but he didn't care. The hunter had been fussing with his hair more than worrying about his attire. The fabric had become wrinkled in some places and the tie had slanted sideways, so it was only natural that Aido would want to fix it. He placed his thin fingers atop the black cloth, grinning victoriously when the hunter didn't brush him away this time. "You want this day to go perfectly, right, Kiryu?"

"Yes," he said, then added, "And it'd go even more perfectly if you got lost, Hanabusa."

Aido smacked Zero across the back of the head. "I've slaved away for nearly three months trying to get all of this to come together for you because you were too stubborn to ask Kaname-sama for help. Show some respect."

Zero mumbled a submissive reply, and then turned to stare out the window as he continued to let Aido fuss over his appearance. It was amazing that three months had gone by that quickly. It felt like yesterday Kaname had proposed to him. He remembered vividly the awkwardness that shuddered through him at the setting in which Kaname chose to pop the question, but, after he thought it over, he understood completely. Kaname had explained how full of fear he had been when he nearly lost him twice, and with Zero's acceptance of a re-marriage, he felt that no matter how afraid he was, things would work out—they had one another. It was a spur of the moment situation to wipe out the chaos temporarily and focus on only them—Kaname and Zero, together.

Zero had let Kaname go on ahead of him, urging the pureblood to check on the Night Class and his master as he stayed behind. He had one more thing to do. He had wobbled painfully toward Akira, finding the redhead in the same pool of blood he had left him. With much effort, he kneeled down and took Akira's cold hand in his own. They were close—friends even, and little he did healed the pain of losing him.

"You got to see the bastard pay for Mamoru's death. You freed him, and now you're with him, aren't you?" The tears were forming swiftly, and he pulled his bottom lip inward, inhaling deeply as he fought to keep them from falling. He bent down and almost reverently whispered, "Tell him I said hi."

A firm hand on his shoulder jolted him back to awareness. Kaname's breath was next to his ear, a soft, warm patter rustling his hair near his neck. He leaned into the warmth unconsciously. He felt safe in the pureblood's arms.

"He was a good man, Zero, and we'll make sure he gets the respect he deserves at his burial," Kaname whispered.

Zero nodded. "Of course," he said, soft, his eyes still on Akira.

"Let's get you home, Zero. You need to heal those wounds properly. We can deal with the great loss soon, but we need to take care of you first."

Zero shook his head. "We can't leave him here… Not with all this…"

"I got him, kid," Yagari said, leaning down next to Zero. He squeezed Zero's shoulder, letting his student know that he would make sure Akira was tended to.

The trust that flashed forward in Zero's eyes nearly made Kaname jealous, but he realized the situation was not something to get worked up over. He just hoped that one day he would see the same amount of trust for him present in Zero's gaze. One day.

Yagari scooped up Akira's limp body, and Zero squeezed his eyes shut, loose tears breaking free and splashing onto his hand. Kaname's soothing breath was heavy against his skin, and he once again reached toward the pureblood's warmth and leaned his head closer to Kaname's. The pureblood helped him stand, wrapping a gentle arm around his waist. They both headed toward the door, trying hard to dismiss the death that surrounded them, but it was everywhere. Zero didn't know the rest of them, but he would make sure that Cross and Kaname put together proper funerals for them all. They deserved it—hell, they deserved life, but he couldn't give that back to them.

And in the coming weeks, they had given every single hunter and vampire a proper funeral. The hunters' bodies were lowered into the ground, and watching the tears of their loved ones brought back painful memories for Zero. Each funeral was hard, but the guilt of knowing they were killed for his fight was thick in his thoughts. He tried to shed them free, but they continued to build more and more after each viewing. The vampire funerals weren't as hard for him, and it wasn't because they were vampires, but because there was no body—no face for him to stare at before they closed the coffin that reminded him of the life he had helped seal away in war.

Akira's funeral was the hardest. There was no family shedding tears and crying loudly. But the silence surrounding the hunter's death was shattering. Akira had lived for his brother. He had no parents, no aunts, no cousins—the hunter had been alone. Zero was angry that he was the only one there along with Kaname, Cross and Yagari. He was furious that no one knew how great the hunter really was, and how devoted he was as a brother.

Yagari could see the rage and placed a firm, gentle hand on Zero's shoulder and told him, "You knew him, Zero. You and me, and even Cross. We carry the responsibility of keeping his memory within us. Do you really want to remember his funeral with so much anger, kid? Let it go. We've got him."

Oddly, he found the words comforting. It didn't matter how many people didn't know how great Akira was—it was important knowing just how many he could tell, and by keeping Akira's image and life alive in his mind.

He left the graveyard with lighter shoulders; the pressure he had been suffering over his friend's death had lifted slightly. He knew Akira was with his brother—happier, and Zero held his smile in his thoughts, keeping the hunter alive within him.

The council was the hardest—on both sides. The Association wasn't as hard, because (to their amazement) a few stray hunters from the fight had survived the chaos that evening, hiding away in various parts of the building until the storm calmed. Two of them had heard everything the President had said about controlling the races and using Kaname, which made the case a little easier to close. It was still pending, the investigation incomplete, but they weren't hounding Kaname or him every other hour.

Now, the Vampire Council wasn't so willing to accept the peace. They viewed it as an attack on the vampire race. Zero called B.S. after their first tabloid article hit the shelves, dismissing any involvement with the President's plans. The dagger used in the ritual was not of hunter origin solely. It was made by both sides in the ancient times, a weapon to hold in case a pureblood went rouge or mad—a way to redirect their abilities for a better cause as they were sacred and not to be killed, no matter what. Only a pureblood would help create something that could control them so easily, or so history text suggests. Something Zero knew without a doubt was where the President had gotten the item.

Yagari had made Ichiru and him spend long, long hours in the Associations archives all summer long for the three years of their training. Yagari always said that knowledge was just as much power as physical strength, and knowing how to defeat your enemy was more effective than swinging blind. He remembered coming across the picture of the dagger, knowing it instantly when the President had flashed it in front of him and Kaname. And he remembered specifically that when he inquired about it the whereabouts were unknown. Yagari knew, as much as he did, that the speculated whereabouts were the Vampire Council's vault, and Kaname confirmed he was aware of the rumors surrounding the dagger's location. Kaname had never seen the dagger, but he did know that Takuma's grandfather had once told him about the power of the dagger, when they were children as if it were a fairytale and that Kaname should be lucky they had it tucked away safely and couldn't be used against the pureblood.

It was the same dagger, and somehow the President had gotten Ichijo to give it to him. He assumed some twisted form of power was offered to the leech of a vampire in exchange for the dagger. However, they couldn't prove it, so the vampire would walk free.

But those thoughts weren't his priority anymore. He'd let Yagari, the current Hunter's Association President, sort through the details. His focus over the next few months was mainly on Kaname. It had started subtly, but the pain in the pureblood's eyes was evident. Kaname blamed himself for all the deaths from that evening and he was carrying the guilt on his shoulders. Zero witnessed the dark shadows form beneath Kaname's eyes, saw his skin drain to even paler shade of white. He tried so hard to get the pureblood to confide in him, but nothing he did worked.

Kaname's guilt was killing him—them. Zero was suffering too, because there was nothing he could do to ease his lover's pain. A month had passed and Kaname had stopped feeding from Zero. The hunter was beyond frustrated, and he didn't mean to snap at Kaname, but watching the pureblood slowly dying was something he couldn't live with anymore.

"What the fuck, Kaname?" Zero's voice was low, a quiet whisper that held a dark edge to it. He shot Kaname a dangerous look. "If you don't eat, you'll die. It's rather simple."

Kaname snorted a reply but kept his eyes on the untamed flames in the fireplace. He pulled a knee to his chest and lowered his chin to his leg, watching the fire with an intensity that annoyed Zero. The hunter wouldn't be blown off tonight, and especially not by a freaking fire.

Zero stalked toward his lover, one hand extended as he whapped Kaname on the shoulder. "Get up," he ordered. When Kaname didn't move, he swiped the pureblood's bent leg with his own, knocking the limb to the ground and tossing the vampire out of his daze. "I asked you do get up." He grinned mockingly. "Please."

"Fine," Kaname snapped back, an equally threatening glint to his gaze. He stood up, tilting his head sarcastically, silently saying, 'Anything else?'

"I want you to come with me," Zero said, reaching over and intertwining his fingers with Kaname's. The contact felt good. He deliberately ran his thumb over the pureblood's warm skin, memorizing each flawless line and curve. He didn't know when they'd be this close again, and it had been nearly a month since Kaname had held him, touched him…kissed him. "I need to show you something."

"I'd say your perception of time is rather warped, Zero. It's nearly four in the morning," Kaname replied derisively.

"I'm well aware of the time, idiot. It's important." They hadn't really looked at one another for more than a second over the course of the month, and Zero did his best to silently plead with his gaze. The pureblood's lips fell, his eyes softening for a moment, and Zero knew he had won.

"Briefly, Zero. I have important matters to attend to this morning," Kaname whispered.

Zero knew he was lying, but didn't care because he finally got Kaname to move. "More sulking is off your agenda," Zero said, more to himself.

"I'm not sul—."

Zero kissed the corner of Kaname's lips softly. The spark he had been craving ignited when his mouth brushed against Kaname's skin. "Shhh… Just follow me. And trust me."

That silenced Kaname, and the pureblood followed the hunter to the balcony. They both leapt down, landing in the wet grass with ease. Taking the front door would alert the vampires wandering about the dorm that they were leaving, so they opted for an exit that would be safer against being seen. Not that it mattered, but it was really habit for them. Since returning to the academy, they both kept their separate living quarters, choosing to continue dating as they had prior to the war, even if they were married. It was easier, because there were a few months left until holiday. They had talked about what they'd do, and after a long, long debate, Zero agreed to move into the Night Class, as long as they got their own house to live in off campus. He tolerated the vampires now, yes, but he didn't want them hear, smell, and scrutinize every single action Kaname and him made. Kaname agreed and immediately started to search for land near the academy where he could build their home. The house would be ready shortly before their proper wedding, which was perfect timing. So, for the time being, they both decided to keep their normal arrangements until the wedding.

The night was calm, only a light breeze in the chilly air. More than a month had passed, and remnants of winter still touched the soil and trees, but most of it had melted into small piles. The scent of dead, damp grass filled Zero's nose-the smell of earth and it was refreshing in comparison to the dusty, weathered wood he had been surrounded by all evening in Kaname's room.

He moved to run his fingers along the outside of Kaname's hand, urging the pureblood to follow closely. It was just an excuse to feel the cool skin once more.

Zero opened the garage door, letting Kaname in first before he followed. The small port housed approximately five Night Class vehicles. Most of them usually had a driver plastered in the front seat when they were used, but Zero didn't need a servant driving him around. He only put up with it when he was out with Kaname on the pureblood's errands. Tonight was his destination, his rules. He would drive.

The keys jingled as Zero's fingers danced over the metal rings, while he followed their numbers in accordance with the cars they belonged to. "Three," he whispered, pulling the key ring free. He rattled the key in front of Kaname with a grin.

Zero slid between the car and another, going to the right side before unlocking the doors by pressing the keyless entry on the remote. Kaname disappeared on the left side. The car was new, and it carried a fresh car smell that assaulted him the moment the door was opened. The black vehicle matched the color of the leather seats on the inside. The leather creaked as he sat down.

He flashed Kaname an uncertain smile. He hadn't driven in a little while, but he would peg his skills better than the pureblood's. He was sure Kaname had his drivers' on speed dial. He pressed the button on the rear view mirror and the garage door came to life and opened. Like riding a bike, Zero reassured himself. He found the clutch, shifted into first gear, and without too much kickback from the car, pressed forward until the tires crunched atop the gravel drive. He closed the garage door by pressing the button on the rearview mirror.

The car was uncomfortably quiet. The kind they say is palpable, and Zero couldn't agree more. He spared a quick glance at Kaname. The pureblood had his hand to his chin, his dark lashes cast down, and his gaze fixed on the car's floorboard. Yellow lamplights roamed over black paint, splashing Kaname's body in specs of heated orange every so often.

"Did you want to listen to the radio?" Zero suggested, more because it broke the awkward silence.

"No," Kaname replied.

Zero sighed, a deep fuck me sigh. The guilt was spun tighter than spindle, and he was going to cut through it no matter what happened tonight. He just needed to show Kaname that he cared—prove to him that despite everything that happened, he loved him.

They rolled to a stop and Zero was the first out, already walking up a hill until he faded just beyond the horizon. Kaname had no choice but to follow. He dug his hands deep into his pants pockets. With a deep breath, he let the angst drop his posture into a droop.

The moon was a bright, white ball that hovered closer than normal. The ground looked like black waters as the light rippled over the soil. The light feathered the edges of gray tombstones as it passed, creating an ethereal outline around the stones.

Kaname finally caught up to Zero, stopping abruptly when he saw his lover. Zero was kneeling on one leg, the damp ground soaking through his pants. Even in the darkness, Kaname saw the wet pattern around his knee. The graves were marked, and the last name etched into the stone mirrored the one his lover owned—Kiryu. He was at Zero's parents' graves. His breath caught briefly.

"What are we doing here, Zero?" He whispered the question so low a human wouldn't have heard it, but Zero wasn't human.

"I wanted you to see this. I've never shown anyone where they were buried, not even Yuuki." The moonlight seemed to capture Zero's pale skin in a whiter light, and his hair was an iridescent silver—and those eyes, beneath the moon, were dark violet pools like a stormy sea at night. His features were breathtaking, yet reverent. Kaname couldn't help but stare as the soft light rolled off Zero's body with a gentle touch. The scene immobilized him.

"They died for me," Zero continued, standing with his head bowed over the graves. "They fought her out of anger…for me. They watched her bite me, Kaname." He turned miserable eyes to Kaname. "They tried to save me. They tried so hard to fight her, and they lost because they were blinded with worry—worry for me."

Kaname was sure his breath was lost somewhere in his body because it took a moment to realize it had stopped. "Zero…"

Zero shook his head, his bangs like a silvery cloak that covered those dark violet eyes from him again. "You don't get it, Kaname. I was too weak to stop her. I was bitten and I couldn't stop it." The silver veil lifted, and tear glazed eyes met him. "I killed them. It was my fault."

Kaname was immediately on Zero, his fingers tangled into silver strands and his body pressed firmly against Zero's tortured form.

"It wasn't your fault. You weren't in control of the situation. Shizuka was too strong for you to beat." He whispered the words into Zero's ear, his lips tingling as the hot flesh scored his mouth. He was tempted to pull it into his mouth. He placed warm kisses on the side of Zero's jaw instead. "She was stronger, Zero. That doesn't make you weak at all. You were just a child. How can you blame yourself for actions that you couldn't contro—" He stopped abruptly, realizing the parallel of what Zero was saying.

"Perhaps you're right," Zero whispered back, his lips also finding their way down Kaname's soft skin. "I've carried that guilt around for a long time, and it still feels unbearable, but maybe I need to realize that sometimes actions happen that we can't control. Sometimes life sucks and there isn't anything we can do except keep moving forward."

Zero looked straight into Kaname's eyes. The bright violet Kaname remembered had returned. Zero's lips tugged into a somewhat grin. "I haven't said this yet, and I know you know it—but I think you need to hear it. Try not to go all girl-freak in two seconds." Zero pressed his temple to Kaname's and curled his fingers around Kaname's neck to press him closer. He made sure Kaname's eyes were held with his own. "I love you."

And that was it. The three magic words that healed everything. Hearing Zero finally say them made his heart drop to his stomach. It was beating so quickly his hands trembled and his breathing stilled. The warm flutters followed the heartbeats across his body and his skin prickled. Whatever ache was there inside him was crushed beneath those words. How could his mind compete with a heart that was so full it was pounding against his ribcage in happiness?

Their skin was hot against one another, but their mouths were burning as Zero leaned in and slanted his lips against Kaname's, pulling the pureblood into a slow, deliberate kiss. There wasn't urgency in kiss or a fire that threatened to consume them in lust. It was purely about feeling one another. Even as Kaname ran his tongue along Zero's lips, all it aroused was a deep shudder from the hunter. Zero smiled into the kiss, his fingers finding comfort in Kaname's hair as he ran his hand through the strands like a brush.

"I told you sulking was off the agenda this evening," Zero said, a triumphant air to his tone. He was clearly boasting his win over the situation.

Whatever darkness had crept inside Kaname and lived there for the past month had shattered under the powerful weight of Zero's words. He felt lighter, whole, and more in tune with his mind and heart. "You won, what's the prize?"

Zero looped his fingers around Kaname's belt and tugged. "There's a few—." Zero stopped and shook his head. "Not here, Kaname. I just realized how I must sound and look and I'm in front of them…"

Zero's parents', Kaname realized. Kaname's lips curled into a gentle smile. "Introduce me to them," he suggested seriously.

"Now? They can't even hear…" Zero's eyes were a fraction larger as the thought ran through his expression. His face softened and he flashed a rare toothy smile that Kaname had only seen a few times. "Yeah, that's a good idea."

They both faced the graves together, hand in hand, and Zero was soft and barely audible as he introduced his husband to his mom and dad. The air was quiet, calm, as were they as they sat there for another hour, talking to Zero's family about everything that had happened to them.

"Kiryu!" Aido barked.

Aido's voice was like a whip that sliced painfully through his mind. Zero blinked a few times before snapping his attention back to the noble.

"What?" He tried his hardest to keep his tone annoyed. He didn't want the weakness that coursed through him from the replay of events to be an inflection on his mood. It would lead into "Oh my goodness, let's talk about this…" conversations that he would prefer to avoid. It was all in the past now, and it was best if he let it go.

"The ceremony is starting in fifteen minutes." Aido set a serious pair of eyes on him. They were truly frightening. "Get up right now and let me fix the rest of your tux."

Zero complied, because it seemed easier to submit than listen to Aido rant on for another ten minutes about how awful he'd been today and why he wasn't taking this wedding seriously. If he hadn't been the one all decked out in a white tuxedo, then he'd thought it was Aido's wedding day, not his.

Pale hands were all over his body, but they were quick, busy hands that had one goal in mind – perfection. They smoothed wrinkles, even buttons, and made sure the fabric pleated in all the correct places.

Aido's lips twisted into a mischievous grin. "A white suit really looks good on you. Reminds me of how a Night Class uniform would look on you if you wore it."

Zero rolled his eyes and ignored the comment. "Is there anything else I need to fix before it's time?"

"Nope, you look great," he said with a wink. "I'll take credit for everything, of course."

"Naturally," Zero muttered.

He stood in the mirror and gave his appearance a once over. The material was white—bright white with a slight sheen that reflected almost like an incandescent blue pearl, but only under the light. His black tie was standard, nothing special, but it hung perfectly straight and vanished beneath the buttoned lapels of his dress coat. His slacks matched the white of his jacket, and his shoes shone a shiny polished black. His hair was a little untrimmed and jagged around the edges, but he liked the devil-may-cry bad boy edge his silver locks sported. He left his earrings in, thinking that Aido could doll him up with whatever fancy clothes he wanted to, but he was still him beneath all the designer material.

"Five minutes left, Kiryu-sama," Shiki announced from behind the entrance door.

Zero breathed in a shaky breath. He hadn't noticed his hands were trembling. "Get a grip, Zero," he said to himself. His heart was pounding so loud the noise created a slight pressure in his ears. He wasn't scared of what he was doing, but a church full of vampires and hunters, even some students from school, wasn't his ideal evening. He was the quiet one, and he pleaded to keep the ceremony small. He lost that battle—big time. He only caught a glimpse of the sacrament hall, but the large painted windows climbed from the floor twenty feet to the ceiling and speckles of colored lights flickered across the pews and hardwood floors as the fleeting sun broke through the colored glass. The colors would be gone now. It was dark out already. He remembered that lavender sashes were hung across each pew where guests would be sitting, and the amount of silk that draped the ends scared him—it meant there would be way more people there than he had anticipated.

He kept his mind on the now—the end goal, which at this point was just getting the hell out of the church. Not because of what he was about to do, but because he hadn't thought about the show he'd have to put on for over a hundred people. He only needed Kaname—not the glares and disapproving gazes he was about to walk into. Fuck. It didn't matter. This day meant a lot to Kaname, so he'd do it.

He sucked in one more large breath before pushing the door open. He followed the scarlet rug down the beige painted hallway, took a right, and then stopped just before the opened double doors to the chapel's entrance. The white tiles in the foyer were lined with silver marble, giving off an elegant glimmer as the crystal chandelier that hung high above bounced across the metallic stone.

Yuuki was peaking around the corner of the door, her back to him. The thin lavender straps to her dress crisscrossed down her spine. The smooth planes of skin were completely bare from mid-back to her neck. Her hair was held up with probably twenty bobby pins, and curls dangled free, bouncing around her head like coiled ribbons. Her shoes clicked against the tile as she spun around, her eyes lighting up the moment she saw him. Her pink glossed lips sparkled under the chandeliers light, and Zero briefly caught the faint scent of bubblegum. She looked gorgeous, and she smelled incredibly sweet—but even looking at her all dressed up like she was going to a ball, he realized without a doubt that his heart no longer belonged to her. He didn't get stomach flutters like he did with Kaname, or feel his heart race whenever her eyes washed over his body. He just cared for her, deeply, a protective burn within his soul that could never be extinguished.

"Zero," she squealed quietly. "You look absolutely amazing."

He grunted a quick, "Thanks." He truly despised being the center of attention. He scanned around the open space for one other person, and then he caught sight of him, leaning against the wall near a set of red-carpeted stairs, a cigarette dangling from his mouth and his head down as if the tiled floor held more interest than his arrival.

"Master," Zero whispered. "You don't have to go through with this if it makes you uncomforta—."

"Keep your mouth shut, kid. I ain't got anywhere else to be, so quit whining and let's get this over with," Yagari replied as he pushed away from the wall with one foot.

Zero's lips lifted into a tight grin. He knew the words really meant, "I wouldn't be here if I didn't care, so shut up."

Yuuki was the best…woman (he refused to say she was the bride's maid, because then he'd have to admit to being the bride in the wedding—even if he was the one in white), and since Cross agreed to be the one to "give" Kaname away, Yagari agreed to walk him down the isle. The conversation had been awkward when he asked, but when Zero heard the click of his master's lighter and the unmistakable sound of Yagari inhaling deeply on his cancer stick, he knew that his master wouldn't refuse the offer. The deep drag of his cigarette had meant he was relaxed enough, even after Zero had popped the question, so to speak. Yuuki, of course, was more than happy to play the role of best man. Kaname had Takuma filled for the position on the groom's side. They agreed to only have one each, so the lucky persons were Takuma and Yuuki.

A piano playing shocked him from his thoughts as if a bucket of cold water was thrown on him. He wiped his clammy palms on the sides of his pants and took in another long breath before releasing it.

Yagari's hand was on his shoulder, patting him lightly and giving him a slight nudge forward. "This is it, kid. Show time."

Yuuki was the first to vanish through the opening to the chapel. She held a bouquet of white roses in her fists. Her movements were graceful as she took a step at time, slowly making her way down the isle to stand on the opposite side of Kaname's party.

Zero could see her descend through the crack in the open door. His heart pounded faster the closer she got to the center. His arms prickled in cold sweat when her heels climbed the first step to the top of the chancel. She's there, he thought. Holy shit, this is it.

The soft piano changed dramatically, queuing his entrance. Canon in D played loudly, the sweet melody drifting across the high ceilings and encompassing the entire chapel in the beautiful harmony. Yagari looped his arm around Zero's, locking them together by the elbow, and tugged him forward toward the doors. His feet were momentarily glued, but they were easily unstuck when his master forced him forward.

He closed his eyes before reaching the doors. And when he opened them, his heart beat so loudly it pulsed his brain and vision into nothing but a white light that blinded him inside and out. But as the glow faded, one person started to take shape before the rest—Kaname. The pureblood was standing at the end of the isle in a black tuxedo, white tie, and a smile so pure it jolted Zero into sudden awareness. There was nothing but raw happiness coming from Kaname. Zero flashed a playful smile and swayed his head lightly. He definitely knew more than ever that he was making the right decision.

The walk wasn't as long as he feared. It just seemed to stretch out for an eternity when he had witnessed Yuuki walk down the same path. Before he knew it, he was alone in the center of the chapel, his eyes locked with Kaname's. All his fears about getting married in front a hundred people flew out the window, because he honestly didn't notice them. His focus was cemented to Kaname so much that they were just tiny specs in his vision.

They had agreed to recreate the Union. They were already married through the Union, but neither of them recalled the actual event. Finding a vampire priest that held the power to bond them through the Union was near impossible. Kaname wasn't kidding when he said there was only a handle of vampires left that held the power to bind two souls. It took a vast amount of energy, as the blood wasn't being tied together—it was their souls. They had no idea if they would feel anything since they were already bound together, but they wanted to prove to everyone that they were serious. Most knew of the Union they shared, but others didn't. And this would show that their marriage was eternal, not something to be undone.

"Kiryu-sama," the priest whispered. He instantly gained Zero's attention. "I'll repeat it. Do you, Kiryu Zero, take Kuran Kaname forever, in a bond so strong that your soul would only flourish wholly with the touch of its equal, Kuran-sama?"

The question seemed more complicated once he noticed all the eyes directed solely on him. He nodded. He shook his head a little to regain control over his thoughts. He steadied his gaze on Kaname. The burgundy eyes immediately calmed him.

He voice was firm, sure, when he responded, "Yes."

"And do you, Kuran-sama, take Kiryu Zero forever, in a bond so strong that your soul would know no other like it does your other half, Kiryu-sama?"

Kaname smiled—a smile directed only toward Zero. "Yes," he replied.

"I want the people to acknowledge this bond as I do, and accept this union of souls." The priest moved in front of them, his arms outstretched to the guests.

Most of them responded with a "We do" and that seemingly satisfied the priest.

"Now that the air is filled with a positive charge, we will unite these two souls together," the priest said, turning his attention back to Zero and Kaname.

He pulled out a thin silver dagger from the stand behind him. He unsheathed it, leaving it in his hand as he drew up a long white sash from the table. There were characters on the cloth written in red. Most of them were unknown to Zero, but he did recognize some of them from his studies. They were Egyptian in origin, he knew that much.

"This cloth, blessed hundreds of years ago, will be the current that joins you together. The tie that will connect you will be made in blood. Just a drop is enough. You will forever be bound to one another deeper than any connection." The priest motioned for them to outstretch their hands, and they obeyed. He then laid the cloth across Kaname's wrist and the other end across Zero's.

The priest turned his attention back to the crowd. "If any vampire here hasn't fed recently, please leave. I'm afraid Kuran-sama's blood will be too tempting to some."

A few vampires happily left, and others grumbled as they exited the chapel, but the priest once again was satisfied and turned around to continue the ceremony.

"I made that mistake about fifty years back and it wasn't entirely too pretty. It's harder when dealing with purebloods." The priest winked, then returned to the task at hand.

Zero's uncertain eyes caught Kaname's. He flinched when the priest sliced a thin cut across his finger. The priest pushed the wound to the edge of the fabric around his other hand, and then moved to do the same to Kaname. He watched in amazement as the blood seeped into the white fabric, but instead of stopping when the blood ran thin, it continued to spread up the cloth like an endless supply was there at will. The hairs on his arms stood up as a current surged from the cloth to him. He felt a heat he knew too well by now crawl down his arm as Kaname's blood reached his side of the sash. It was comforting now, knowing Kaname's soul could touch him.

The power that filled the room was stifling and a few guests could be heard gasping as the energy swarmed them.

His blood had reached Kaname's side as well, and they both grinned at each other knowingly. They were one—again.

The priest lifted the sash and joined their hands together. As if a burst of wind had plowed through the room, the powerful ambience diminished with a near audible whoosh. A couple of the patrons sighed loudly.

"You two are forever bound in Union," the priest said. "You may kiss, if you keep with that tradition."

When the priest moved, Zero's gaze was caught with Kaname's. He didn't know if he felt comfortable kissing in front of everyone, but before he had time to contemplate the idea further, Kaname closed the distance between them and curved his arm around Zero's waist, pulling him forward.

The pureblood's warm breath fluttered against his neck. "Don't be too nervous, Zero. Give them the show they came here for."

He inhaled a lungful of Kaname's scent. His body shuddered. "They came here for a wedding, not a show, you basta—"

Kaname captured his lips in a slow, meaningful kiss. The pureblood's hands wandered up to Zero's hair, twining his fingers around the silver locks. The people watching vanished immediately, Zero's brain focused solely on the wet tongue sliding across his bottom lip. It teased him, and he was happy to oblige.

He was too lost in Kaname to care about the crowd, but a flicker of unease flashed forward, but he hid it well as he pulled free from Kaname. He grinned, whispering below human comprehension, "I'm pretty sure most of them didn't come here for that."

Kaname smirked, a devious smirk that carried to his eyes. "I'll bet you differently, Zero."

Zero half smiled and shook his head. "Bastard."

Kaname's scheming grin seemingly grew larger. "I know." He lifted a playful brow as if to emphasize the point. He fit his palm snug against Zero's and escorted his husband down the isle toward the exit. They reached the foyer, pausing as two church patrons opened the doors. Most of the crowd had left the chapel, waiting for them to exit the church. They were leaving immediately for their new house. They had a party setup for the guests that wanted to attend, but they wouldn't be there.

A burst of artificial light greeted them as they walked down the stone steps. Zero and Kaname ran toward the black limo at the end of the walkway, trying to shield their hair and eyes from the falling birdseed that the guests threw at them in celebration. Bursts of bright lights and loud clicks assaulted them as the paparazzi tried to get their picture. They were even controlled and in the distance, yet Zero could feel their eyes and hear their cameras from where he was. But they didn't matter. Let them get the picture to show the vampire world.

Zero's heart sped up at the site. It was official—again—but now the world knew exactly how serious they were, and it was a night that both of them would actually remember. His pulse fluttered swiftly at the thought of spending his life with Kaname. They had come so far so quickly, yet it didn't feel out of place or unnatural. It was as if it was always right. It always had been but he was too blind to see it before.

Yuuki was at the end of the walkway, her arms out. She wrapped herself around Kaname, giving him a deep hug and then repeated it with Zero. She reached up and brushed loose birdseed from both their hair.

"You two heading out right away?" she asked.

"Not right away," Kaname replied. "We have other matters to attend to before our flight." He winked at Zero without her seeing. "We are on a tight schedule, dear Yuuki." Kaname brushed his lips to her hair and ran his hand across the back of her neck, holding her to him. "Be safe while we are gone."

Even if Kaname was taken now, the blush that surfaced on her cheeks was unavoidable. "Of course, Kaname-senpai," she said with a bow.

Zero found it warming that she was still so innocent after everything she had been through. And he would always treasure that. They both loved her deeply, but their love for her wasn't anything beyond being over protective like two older brothers—to the point Yuuki complained that it was smothering at times. Just as well, it meant they were doing their job correctly.

Zero cupped her flushed cheek and peered down at her with a stern gaze. "He means it, Yuuki. No wondering around town alone. Make sure Cross is with—"

She smacked his hand away, huffing an annoyed breath to her bangs. "Go," she ordered. She shoved him into the car. "Get going. I never realized how much I need this time away from you two." She waved them off, a sincere smile forming as she did. "Be safe and call me when you land."

They both slid into the back seat of the limo. As the door closed, he could see Yagari behind Yuuki, and he gave a two-finger salute with one hand as his other flicked open his Zippo to light a fresh cigarette. Cross was beside him, wearing an endearing, warm expression that suited the headmaster's character. Zero watched them disappear behind the closed door, wondering what would happen when they returned. Things couldn't remain as they were. He had changed. His life had changed. Hell, he was married and had a house now. Fuck, he thought. Reality set in like a boulder atop his lungs.

Kaname's fingers were at his neck, running slow lines down the curve of his jaw to his ear. "What are you thinking, Zero?"

"Nothing." He captured Kaname's wandering fingers in his hand, his palm slapping against the pureblood's skin.

"That's not your 'nothing' face," Kaname teased, lifting a brow. "Perhaps it's time for a different expression anyhow."

Zero's forehead creased in confusion. "What?"

Kaname slinked his leg across the leather seat, lifting it so it rested between Zero's thighs, inching his knee closer to the hunter's groin. He pressed his body firmly against Zero's, combing one set of fingers through his lover's hair as the other walked a path down Zero's shoulder to the top buttons of his dress shirt. He licked his lips next to Zero's ear, making sure his lover heard the wetness of his tongue sliding against his lips. He felt Zero shudder.

"It's been two months since I've tasted you, Zero," Kaname whispered, moving closer to Zero's ear. He ran a slow, deliberate line with his tongue along the outer rim of Zero's ear, stopping at the base to pull the warm flesh into his mouth. "Hmm…" He hummed while continuing to play with Zero's ear.

Zero's throat constricted and he knew Kaname felt it, because the pureblood drew even closer, moving his attention from his ear to the curve of his jaw. Fangs he hadn't felt in two months slipped beneath his shirt collar, drawing a red line across his neck. Kaname sucked up the drops of blood slowly. His shirt was drawn away from his shoulder; Kaname successfully undoing the first three buttons on his shirt and slipping his tie free. The open skin was an invitation Kaname didn't have to wait for and immediately dove on the bare flesh, licking and sucking a path across Zero's collarbone. The area was sensitive and Zero found himself gasping every time Kaname's tongue glided across the bone. Warm tingles danced down his skin, directly to his member, and soon his resistance would break—if he had any left at all.

Kaname moved his mouth slowly across Zero's skin, making sure each hot breath coated a wet trail across the hunter's collarbone to jugular. He knew he was driving Zero insane, but he wasn't entirely prepared for the fierceness it awoke in his lover. Zero reacted quickly, like a viper striking its prey, catching the back of Kaname's neck, forcing the pureblood to look up at his heated stare.

Kaname gazed up willingly. The desire that flashed behind Zero's violet eyes was predacious. And it only excited the pureblood more. A hot rush raced through his veins. His voice was coarse as he whispered, "There's the expression I was looking for."

"You're playing with fire, Kaname. It's been two freakin' months." Dark lust pooled deeper in Zero's lavender eyes—possessive and raw—and it only drove Kaname further to the brink of desire.

"I know," he replied. "Oh how I know, Zero." Kaname returned his attention to the sweet skin before him. He closed his mouth over the dip of flesh around Zero's collarbone. His lover immediately pitched forward, gasping as the sensitive skin was ravished by Kaname's eager mouth.

"Whose idea was it to abstain until the wedding?" Zero's voice was a hoarse whisper. He felt Kaname's lips against his skin curl in a knowing smirk. And then those wine-colored eyes met his and his heart thrashed against his ribcage.

Still holding Zero's gaze, Kaname licked a hot, wet trail down his sternum. "I'm old fashioned," Kaname said.

"And I'm not naiv—." Zero words were sliced thin as Kaname latched onto his nipple. The attention his body was getting excited him, and he had to shift his position so he could give his aching hard member more room. Kaname's hair must have been a magnet, because his fingers were drawn to the brown locks like they were metal. He didn't mean to push Kaname further down his chest, but the hardness throbbing between his legs had taken over his movements and was jealous of the attention his nipple was getting.

Kaname obeyed, unbuttoning Zero's shirt as he moved further down his lover. The skin just above Zero's pants, near his hip, was the most sensitive spot on the hunter's body. He open mouthed the area, swirling his tongue across the skin, making sure that by the time he was done Zero would be left with a bright red bruise.

Zero couldn't contain the groans slipping past his lips. His grip tightened in Kaname's hair the moment he felt his pants zipped free. He was so hard he could smell it. His eyes were screwed shut. Electric needles prickled his skin as soon as Kaname took the tip of into his mouth. Through silver bangs, he peered down at his lover. His pants were still on; Kaname had unzipped him, peeled the fabric to the side and pulled his length free through the hole in his boxers. It added to the kink of the limo, like they shouldn't be doing this here. His heart quickened at the prospect of doing it in the back of a limo.

His thoughts were shattered the moment Kaname engulfed him fully. The heat was slick against his skin. He might have cried out, he wasn't sure. His blood was pulsating hard enough to muffle his hearing. Zero yanked a handful of Kaname's hair to try and warn his lover that he was close. The sensation as the pureblood swallowed him slowly over and over was too much—too intense. He knew he wouldn't last long. His orgasm was already there, waiting on the cusp of ecstasy for that one moment that would unhinge him.

Kaname smirked, knowing his ministrations would be the end of his lover soon. His hair fell over his face as he dipped down, drinking in everything that was Zero. He moved quicker now. His ran his tongue flat across Zero's length with each pull. The tremors that danced across his lover's thighs were a warning.

With a cry, Zero climaxed hard. His body rippled in delicious ecstasy as his skin burned in orgasm. His body finally relaxed and his limbs felt heavy.

"I'll have to starve you for two months again," Kaname said with a grin. He slid up Zero's body, burying his fingers in his lover's hair. He drew Zero to him, slanting to the side as he opened his mouth to devour his lover.

Zero happily fell into Kaname's spell, deepening the kiss further as he slid his tongue past Kaname's lips. He tasted himself but more Kaname's flavor was still there—a warm cider with a hint of cinnamon. It was addictive. Kaname was addictive. And he drove his tongue further into his lover's mouth, quickly changing the pace to a more passionate dance. He was buried in Kaname's smell now. The musk of the pureblood's cologne was sweet yet crisp, like roses and rain.

He grabbed a handful of Kaname's hair and pulled the pureblood close. He inhaled deeply. He could get lost in the scent.

He felt Kaname smile against his cheek and he smiled back. He combed his fingers through his lover's soft tresses and held his head to his.

"I think we're home," he whispered against Kaname's skin.

A natural high filled him. They had a home. Theirs. Together. And it was just beyond the limo door.

They both slid out, hands still intertwined as they rounded the driveway to the sidewalk. They were deep within the woods, secluded away from everyone. He was thankful that they wouldn't have to hide everything they did. The house was at the bottom of a small hill. It was two stories, concrete and smooth. Blue tinged windows lined the front from floor to ceiling and Zero could see into the office on the right. The left exposed room was a little sitting room. Those were the only two rooms open to the forest's eye.

Zero stepped past the foyer, kicking his shoes off as he entered the main living area. He was breathless. The entire house was so warm, inviting. He spun around, trying to take in every painting, every vase, every crinkle in the white leather couches-every detail he could. His footsteps were silent against the bamboo floors. There was a brick wall on the far side of the living room.

"It's amazing," he said.

"I thought you'd prefer a modern design," Kaname replied.

"You assumed correctly. I can't believe this is ours." He linked his fingers through Kaname's belt loops and pulled his lover's hips to his. He was hard again.

He pressed himself against Kaname's leg.

"The master bathroom has a walk-in shower and a sauna." Kaname's lips were on his shoulder, planting small, wet kisses.

"I don't think we've properly experienced a bed," he said. "Mine doesn't count. The window was broken. Everywhere else has been...prompt and unplanned."

"The bed is a king, black silk sheets..." Kaname placed another kiss to his clavicle, "...down comforter."

He pulled Kaname toward the stairs. He heard the threads on Kaname's shirt snap. The noise sent a thrill down his spine. He tugged harder. They made their way clumsily up the floating wood stairs. He slipped off Kaname's jacket, unbuckled the pureblood's pants and even got most of the buttons on his dress shirt undone by the time they reached the bedroom.

He didn't pay close attention to the design, but the room was darker than the house, giving it more of a seductive ambience than welcoming. Roses were in vases on the nightstand, dresser and study desk. The wood floors were a darker wood, more cherry or wine in color. That's about all he saw before Kaname pushed him onto the bed.

He lifted himself up on his elbows. The pureblood stood at the end of the bed, thin fingers making quick work of the remaining buttons. He moved his eyes down, lifting his brows as he grinned. The sight of his lover undressing before him was too tempting. His movements were quicker now that he fed on the pureblood on a regular basis. He used to tell his mind how wrong it was the less human he felt, but when he realized that he never really was human after that night she claimed him, he wasn't entirely comforted, no, but he found some peace in the thought.

He was swift, and he saw the pureblood flash a playful smile as he wrapped his hands around Kaname's wrists and twisted them so he was on top. They landed against the bed, and he took a moment to take in what was so eagerly lying under him. Kaname's hair was a brown halo fanned out around the black comforter, and his pale skin was a slightly pinker shade. The light captured the moister coating his lover's lips, and he couldn't help himself. He had to taste Kaname.

He moved slowly, lowering himself until his hair fell around Kaname's face like a silver veil around them. Dark lashes fluttered beneath him, and the warm beat of Kaname's breath against his skin caused gooseflesh to dance down his back.

"I'm not generally sappy, but I do have to tell you that you looked pretty amazing today." He flashed a toothy smile. "All decked out in a tux just for me. But I think I prefer you like this."

Kaname opened his mouth to ask, "Like what?" but was quickly silenced by Zero's lips against his. The kiss deepened quickly. He couldn't describe what it was like to kiss Kaname. There was warmth, heat that seared his blood - but there was also a cold undertone that left him breathless.

He traced Kaname's lips with his tongue and breathed a laugh against his lover's mouth. "You're eager."

"Two months," was all Kaname said, as he slammed his mouth back to Zero's.

Kaname's fingers were just as quick as Zero's and he unbuttoned his lover's shirt for the second that evening. He separated the fabric, opening it like a book to reveal Zero's pale chest. He slid his palms across the smooth skin. He glided his hands further up, caught the edge of Zero's shirt and drew it down until it slid down his lover's arms and back.

Kaname knew he was losing the lead in this battle and figured it was time to reverse the roles and show Zero just who was in charge. He knew his lover was quick but he was definitely quicker, and with a swoosh of air that startled his lover, he was back on top. His fingers were drawn to Zero's belt buckle. He smiled. His fangs descended in excitement and he knew his lover caught a flash of them poking from behind his lips. He knew it for certain when he felt Zero shudder.

He quickly changed his attention to the inviting, bare neck below him. He continued to undo Zero's belt, but he latched his mouth around his lover's skin, shivering as the blood flowed like a hot river in the veins beneath his lips. He brushed Zero's neck with just the tip of his fang. Copper burst into the air and smothered his lungs like a humid gust of wind. He gasped.

"Do it," Zero whispered.

He didn't need to hear it again. It wasn't often Zero was so inviting, given his trauma surrounding biting. He had let him do it time and time before, but there was always a brief moment before it happened where Zero would stiffen and freeze. He knew the fear was still embedded deep inside his lover. It meant the world that Zero was willing to trust him.

His fangs slid into Zero skin. He moaned into his lover's neck. There was no explaining Zero's taste. His blood was the only kind like it in the world - literally. They were bound by Union, which made their souls connected on a level only they could understand. He'd only want Zero in every way possible. He could drink from others if needed, but no one would taste like pure bliss. It would be like comparing Hersey's to Godiva.

The taste was beyond divine. There was an edge to his lover's blood, which he assumed was probably because of the achingly growing lust stirring in him. He could feel his lover's arousal in his blood, and it went straight to his own member. He hadn't realized he had started to grind into Zero. But his lover had. Zero's hands were clawing at his back as he arched up, rubbing his own length against his hip.

Neither of them was going to last long.

He licked the wound closed, placing a small kiss to the marks before cupping Zero's head. He slammed their lips together in a deep, wet kiss. Zero's mouth searched his. He knew the taste of blood got his lover going, and even if it were his own, the coppery tinge would drive Zero further over the edge.

And he was right.

Zero's hands were around his back, the hunter's fingers splayed as he ran a hard a trail down his skin. Zero slipped his hands into his pants, and the warm palms pressed against his cool skin drew a loud moan from his lips.

Zero's voice teetered a growl. He moved down the comforter until his eyes met Kaname's belt buckle. It was undone but not gone. He remedied that and threw the belt to the side, then made quick work of the button, zipper and pants. He pushed the pants just over Kaname's hips and then swiftly wrapped his mouth around his lover's length.

Kaname's arms buckled.

He licked the underside of Kaname's length until he reached the tip, then slid his tongue over the top slowly. He knew the area was extremely sensitive. It satisfied him when Kaname drew in a shuddery breath. He was doing a good job.

Without warning, he pulled Kaname deep into his mouth. The hot, wet suction would be enough to push Kaname over the edge into orgasm. He knew because it would on him. He didn't want that just yet.

He slowed down his pace, making sure he popped his mouth free every now and then. The sounds would drive his lover insane just as easily.

"Zero..." Kaname's voice was near a whine, which was Zero's hint to back off.

"Did this house come equipped with the goods in advance?" Zero lifted a brow. He removed his pants, tossing them on the side with Kaname's discarded clothes.

Kaname smirked. The pureblood stretched to the side table, flipped open the drawer and then pulled out a small tube.

"I think ahead," Kaname said.

"Always the planner," he replied.

Sweet mint hit his nose. His lover chose to change it up with a scented lube this time. The smell was soothing, relaxing, and he was sure that would come in handy in about two minutes.

Kaname traced his wet finger near Zero's entrance, lingering for a moment so he could kiss his lover.

"Did you want to wait for our official honeymoon?" Zero asked. "I'm not getting any-."

Kaname pushed the tip of his finger inside.

"God," Zero moaned. He hated that Kaname could reduce him to a withering mess, but the sadist in him secretly loved it.

Kaname pumped in and out. Zero's arms trembled as he closed his hands tightly around Kaname's biceps.

"I'm assuming two months was too long for you," Kaname whispered against Zero's ear. He eased another finger inside.

The initial burn caused Zero to tense. It had been too long. He found that the pain faded quickly and he was soon pushing back to meet Kaname's rhythm.

One more finger joined the first two. The pain flashed in front of his eyes, but Zero soon breathed out a slow breath and relaxed.

"Sorry," Kaname said when he felt Zero tense.

"Fine," Zero said through clenched teeth. "I'm fine."

And soon after he had said that, he was more than fine. Kaname was rubbing the tip of his fingers over that little bundle of nerves. Pleasure built in the pit of his stomach.

"Now, please," Zero said. He cried out the moment Kaname's fingers were removed.

Kaname was leaning back against the mountain of pillows. He wiggled a finger at Zero, begging his lover to come closer.

"Ride me," he instructed. "I want to watch it."

"Sadist," Zero mumbled.

Kaname chuckled with a grin.

Zero crawled over Kaname's knees. He crouched over his lover's member. He had done this once before and he remembered vividly how good it had felt.

He lowered himself slowly. Kaname's tip was pressed against his opening and he continued his slow pace. Kaname was hard, solid hard and he winced when the tip pushed past his muscles. He took in a deep breath and then swiftly dropped himself the rest of the way down on Kaname's length.

He gasped, eyes wide, and held up a hand his lover, who was about to say something. He needed the silence and stillness for a moment.

He let out the breath he hadn't realized he held. He closed his eyes and willed his body to just let it all go. He felt his limbs relaxing and the dreamy feeling of knowing Kaname filled him started to replace the pain.

He tested it out slowly, sliding himself up and then gently back down.

Kaname dug his nails into Zero's thighs. The pureblood's eyes were screwed shut, his lips drawn closed.

Zero explored further, lifting himself higher this time and then slammed himself back down.

Kaname couldn't contain the long moan.

Zero quickly found a rhythm and every time he lifted himself, Kaname sank away so when they met again it was deep, hard.

Their pants filled the air.

Kaname reached forward and traced Zero's chest with the tips of his fingers.

Zero shivered. Sweat was forming on his brow. He felt the beads drip down the side of his jaw.

Kaname continually worked his hips to try and find the right rhythm to meet Zero's prostate, and he knew he succeeded when Zero let out a low hiss.

"I can't..." Zero couldn't finish. Kaname thrust into him hard.

Zero's body shuddered. The recognizable tingle in the lower pit of his stomach was burning now. He was close. Too close.

Kaname slid his fingers across Zero's skin, tracing his arms to his hands. He wiggled his hands beneath Zero's and then locked them together palm to palm. The support was enough to bring them closer together but also give Zero the needed leverage to slam himself hard against Kaname's length.

Zero was the first to fall. He drew his head to his chest and lost himself in orgasm.

Kaname felt Zero's climax wrap around his member. Hot pleasure shot down his length to his chest. His stomach clenched and one more deep thrust was all it took to bring him over in ecstasy.

They sat there, hand in hand, staring at each other for a long while.

They detangled their bodies and Zero flopped onto the bed. He stared at the ceiling for a few minutes, trying to catch his breath and stop the tiny trembles in his legs. Kaname's fingers were gently combing through his damp strands. He gazed sideways, too tired to move his head, to meet his lover. Kaname was propped on his elbow, hand cupping his face, with a satisfied expression on his face.

"We'll have to wait another two months," Kaname said with a soft chuckle. "Intense isn't even a word for what that was."

Zero brushed his fingers across Kaname's arm. He sighed a quiet yes. His eyes closed and he realized that he was fading quickly. His body was worn out from the day and Kaname just drove him to uselessness. He felt Kaname's warm lips ghost across his eyelids.

"Get some rest, Zero," Kaname whispered. "I'll get our stuff ready for our official honeymoon."

The comforter was draped over him. The warmth hit his body like a shot of Ambien straight to his bloodstream.

"I love you, Kiryu Zero." He was sure Kaname was at his ear, whispering softly against his skin.

He mumbled the same. He wanted to open his eyes and tell Kaname directly how perfect that day had been, how satisfied he was with everything, but his mind slowly drifted off.

He would tell him tomorrow.

Besides, they had all the time together. And that was all that mattered in the end.

The End

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