Primary Pairing/Characters: Hermione Granger Bruce Wayne

Crossover Fandoms: Harry Potter, DCVerse, Justice League (the cartoon), Batman: the Animated Series

Warnings: Character Death, Torture, Violence

Author's Notes: Batman is OOC, more in line with the cartoon series than the comics.

Summary: The League gets a few clues.

AN: The first part of this chapter takes place two months in the past, it leads to what follows (the second part). What happens inbetween is in the next chapter.

...ooO Preludes Ooo...

"It has been confirmed. We need the mudblood."

"The Granger bitch?! Why her? Surely there are other, more worthy candidates."

"All the signs indicate she is the most suitable vessel." The hooded figure looked around the circle of similarly clad men and women. "We must do everything we can to increase our chances of success. We've already lost too much since the Dark Lord's Second Fall."

"It has been more costly than usual to form ties with the new Department Heads. Shacklebolt has been authorizing several random audit teams led by Granger herself. I paid a fortune to bribe witches and wizards holding five key positions and just three weeks later two of them were reassigned and the others are too nervous to be helpful!"

"Then it is agreed. There have been too many changes. To restore our rightful way of life we must act now. As one."

There was a tense moment before all the figures signalled their agreements.

"Good. Now the only thing left is the choice of sire."

A younger voice spoke with disdain. "Surely you do not expect one of us to…" He trailed off with a shudder.

"No. A Muggle would be more suitable. One of great status and power in his world."

"Do you have any candidates in mind?"

The older wizard produced a newspaper, a tabloid daily with still non-Magical photos. The front page was dominated by the picture of a dark-haired man with a broad powerful frame dressed in a tailored black tuxedo accompanied by a gorgeous blonde in a silver-white sequined dress at a banquet hall. The headline read: American Playboy Billionaire in UK. There was a smaller headline below it. "Bruce Wayne plans to visit Scottish subsidiaries as part of European tour."

"Why him?" The young one asked idly.

"With polyjuice, we can easily arrange for a large amount of his personal fortune to be moved into our control before someone notices. Even if they make a fuss they can't stop a wealthy man from 'making a donation' to a private organization. It will help finance some of our future plans."

"Okay. So who is planning the kidnappings?"


"Alfred, we've found him."

Alfred Pennyworth looked up into the grim face of Richard Grayson. "Master Bruce?"

"Yeah. He's alive but suffering from partial amnesia. A German tourist found him in Scotland and took him to a local clinic. He can't remember a thing about what happened to him after he entered his hotel room."

Alfred nodded slowly. The police had been concerned, but by the time they acted there were no traces. The Justice League had moved more quickly when Batman failed to respond to JLA calls; but even they failed to pick up a trail. It was as though Bruce Wayne had vanished off the face of the Earth for five weeks.

"Is he…?"

"He's okay. There are signs of unaccounted for injuries but they've been treated. In fact they look as though they've been healing a lot longer than five weeks."

"Alien abductors? Advanced healing technology?" Alfred wanted to know.

Richard shook his head. "No. At least Jonnz doesn't think so." He hesitated. "He thinks the mystical might be involved in the mind-wipe. Batman is on the Watchtower to get a complete check up."


On the WatchTower, Batman glanced at the Martian Man Hunter. It was just the two of them in the one of the private rooms attached to the medbay.

"We need to know who did this and how this happened. Is this is just a one-time event or something more common." Batman growled.

Jonzz nodded. "I understand and agree. But you must understand the blocks in your mind are something I have never encountered before. It might take hours or days to work through all of them. And when we break through, I might end up knowing all what you know, to what extent I am not certain. It would be a great intrusion on your privacy." Then he offered diffidently. "We can work at a slower pace. It will take more time but it will be more controlled."

Batman considered the offer and shook his head. "No. We need to know. Now."

Jonnz nodded. "All right. Lie down and try to get comfortable." He glanced over at the health monitors. "If we run into problems I will ask Fate or Zatanna to join us since I believe the mystical played a role in causing your amnesia."

Batman nodded grudgingly as he complied. "I'm ready."

"All right. Focus on the last thing you remember."

"I was in the hotel room. There was something wrong. Something off…"

"Hold onto that feeling."

Batman ignored the reflexive urge to reach out and strike defensively when he felt the Martian Man Hunter's presence in his mind, probing around gently in blank and dark areas.

And then Batman remembered. He remembered it all.



AN: The first part of this chapter takes place two months in the past, it leads to what follows (the second part). What happens inbetween is in the next chapter.