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Pairing: Will/Rachel, duh. God I love these two! They make me too happy. :D:D

Rating: T for teen drinking (gotta love Puck huh?)

Fire crackers popped in the sky lighting up the park with colors of neon pink and blue and green. There were whoops and hollers and he looked to see Puck and Finn drunk off their asses lighting more sparklers and watching as they colored the air around them. Just behind the pair sat Quinn, Santana and Brittney. Santana and Brittney were in their Cherrios uniform per Sue Sylvester's orders. He had heard them talking about changing at midnight for the dancing but he highly doubted they would do it because they were far too scared of their cheer coach. Quinn was wearing a short sleved white baby doll top with a button down fuzzy pink cardigan hanging loosly on her shoulders. She nursed what he only assumed was a water while her two friends sipped on large bottles of wine coolers. He had protested when Puck arrived with a trunk and a back seat full of booze but after much persuasion allowed them all to drink. They were with him and he knew that if they didn't drink there they would somewhere else posing a problem to them and everyone around them. Oh he knew they'd all regret it later but they were going to be there for a while--they decided to camp there for the night--so there would be no driving.

"Thank god," he muttered as he lifted the warm bottle of beer he had to his lips. He took a swig savoring the flavor but shuddering at the temperature.

He jumped off his sky blue piece of crap car. In the distance, just past Finn and Puck, he saw Kurt and Mercedes arm-in-arm near the pond. She was wearing his white fedora and he was wearing one of her newest leopard print scarves. He chuckled and shook his head. He wondered, though he knew Kurt was gay, how long it would take for him to realize that he and Mercedes were next to perfect for each other. But, he knew those two would never be more than friends because as it's been pointed out, Kurt is gay. Not only just gay more like flaming gay and that's why they all love him. He knows that too.

He chuckled again and made his way to the party cooler Finn had brought. The ice was slowly melting but the ice chest sitting beside it held two more bags so they were far from running out. He bent down and grabbed a Miller Lite before straightening up to return to his perch on the hood of his car. Emma sat a few feet away from him. He could see her flaming red hair and her big doe eyes glittering in the moonlight and fireworks. She looked over dressed but she was impecable in the deep emerald green sweater and white pencil skirt she was wearing. He thought it odd that she would be in white and in a park but he could see the red and white checked picnic blanket underneath her. It absorbed most of the germs, he infered. He watched as she pulled a zip lock bag of grapes from her little lunch box she had brought with her. He took another drink of his fresh beer as she began to clean each individual grape.

He wondered why she had even bothered to come. Yes, he knew she still liked him but after the kiss, they had decided to take it slow. Real slow. He had just left Terri and she had just broken Ken's heart. He guessed it was because she was so dedicated. She was also the only one--besides Quinn--not drinking so that helped as well. If anyone, for some reason, wanted to leave, she would be able to drive them, provided they didn't hurl in her car. That'd send her on a collison course with just about anything.

He merely smiled and took his mind off of her. He had other problems to contend with. Like whether Puck and Finn were going to burn themselves on the firecrackers they insisted on shooting off even though they were a good half hour away from midnight.

"Hey guys!" He yelled. The two drunk boys looked up, knowing they were who he was talking to. "Save some for later!" They both gave a thumbs up and went to go talk to the girls on the benches behind them.

He breathed a sigh of relief then happened to spot Artie and Tina. They were both lying on their backs staring at the stars and the night sky. Artie's wheelchair sat off to the side. He grinned. Those two had gotten closer since sectionals. He would see them together in the music room after rehearsals. She'd be on his lap and he would wheel her out with him, her arms around his neck.

He was amazed at how quickly relationships started and ended in highschool. He remembered his own high school years and could only count on one hand how many people he knew had more than one relationship. That was back before cell phones and Twitter had made it easy to cheat. But as he watched his glee kids mingle and make memories he knew they'd never forget, he couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing. They had--he looked at his watch--twenty minutes until the new year. They had drinks, they were all laid back, they were all at peace and happy. In fact, he could never remember them so happy. The last year had taken it's toll on them. They had been through the hell that was Sue Sylvester and they had been through baby drama and fights and football and yet, there they were. Content. At peace.

He could just make out the sound of car wheels on gravel when he saw everyone approaching the fire pit in the middle the space they occupied. He sat his beer on the roof of his car and decided to join. Everyone paired up. Tina sat next to Artie. Finn sat next to Quinn. Puck sat between Brittney and Santana and he ended up next to Emma. Mercedes and Kurt sat away from each other. Kurt by Finn and Mercedes by Quinn.

"Mr. Schue, we'll start with you."

Will smiled. "What is this?"

"New Year's resolutions," Puck slurred.

Their teacher laughed. It proved infectious as all let grins creep across their faces. For once he was happy and they were gratefull he was.

He sighed. "New Year's resolutions. Hmm..." he trailed off and turned to Emma. "I'll pass on this round. What is your resolution this year, Ms. Pillsbury?"

She wrinkled her face in thought. "Oh gosh." She stayed silent for a little bit then said, "To not let my mysopobic tendencies get the best of me. If there is a smudge on a window or a desk or coffee pot, I will resist the urge to go and scrub it with a toothbrush."

All the kids began to giggle.

"Sounds good Ms. P!" Finn began to drink another Smirnoff but Quinn quickly grabbed it away from him and gave it to Kurt who gladly guzzled it down with Tina staring in amazement.


"I want to sing a solo for the school's talent show and not get laughed at or things get thrown at me." She nodded in a diva like way and passed it on to Quinn.

The blonde, former Cherrio rubbed her stomach absent mindedly. "I don't want to lie." She looked at Finn. "Or keep things from people who matter to me." She couldn't bear to look at her teacher but she knew Mr. Schue understood what she was talking about.

It was quiet for a few seconds before Finn said, "My New Year's resolution," the group began giggling again as he spoke. The slurr had gotten worse despite the fact he hadn't had any more booze. "is to attempt to take my team all the way to Nationals!" There were horays and cheers all around the camp fire. Those with alcohol lifted their drinks in toasts.

"Nationals aren't until the summer," Will said with a smile. The beer he had drank was beginning to work through his system. He felt loopy and oddly amused.

Finn simply shrugged then hit Kurt spilling some of the fruity drink he had in a martini glass. "Hey!" He protested. "This is Marc Jacobs!"

"Sorry buddy." The football star apologized. "It's your turn."

The younger boy, clearly drunk along with all the rest of them, attempted to clean up but gave up. He took a dainty sip of whatever it was he was drinking and looked at the group. He was about to say something when Will felt another presence beside him. In a simple pair of jeans and a crisp blue long sleeved shirt, Rachel Berry sat cross legged on the grass. An unopened wine cooler laid between her legs. She did nothing to bring attention to herself and it struck him as odd. This wasn't the Rachel he knew. The Rachel he knew would've announced her arrival with a flurry of brown hair and a dainty wave. He couldn't quite put his finger on it but it seemed as if something was wrong with the sixteen year old.

He stopped listening to the resolutions and began watching the brunette. He watched as she slowly unscrewed the bottle top to her wine cooler. Her slender fingers bent and flexed with grace. The muscles in her arms bulged as she struggled for a few seconds then finally got the stubborn cap to budge. Everything about her spoke of a dancer's body. The way she breathed and carried herself even the way she sat on the soft ground. She was lithe and in a way, fragile. He attributed it to the booze but he suddenly wanted to know what she looked like under that shirt. He imagined perfection. Her peaches and creme skin moist from the strawberry lotion he knew she used. Her stomach flat and taut, her sure to have six pack barely showing but there nonetheless.

He shook his head and averted his eyes away from her. That mashup he had sung to her now took a new meaning. In the back of his mind, he knew this would happen. There were nights where he wished it was her lying beside him but as the song said, she was half his age. It couldn't happen.

"Mr. Schue?"

His head snapped up. All his kids were staring at him like he had gone mental.

"Alcohol getting to you?" Puck asked laughing at a joke no one knew but himself.

He gave a short nervous chuckle. "My turn already?" They all nodded. "My New Year's resolution is..." he trailed off once again, at a loss for words. "My New Year's resolution is to live life to the fullest and have no regrets."

"Yeah! Go Mr. Schue!" Everyone chimed in unison.

He knew they all thought he was talking about Emma but he knew better.

"Rachel," he turned to the girl beside her. "Have you gone?" She shook her head. "Well it's your turn then."

She took a drink of the wine cooler wincing as the alcohol burned her throat. "You know my resolution." Then she got up not caring what anyone speculated.

They disbanded after that everyone following Puck and Finn for the fireworks. Will checked his watch. Five minutes until midnight. He returned to the hood of his car and finished off another warm beer. Five minutes and all he had been through would be year behind him. Only problem with that was, his and Terri's divorce was to take place in the new year. He was going to loose everything. He wasn't sure how the new year was to compare to the old one but he knew one thing, he and Terri were no more and he had no one to turn to.

"Hi, Mr. Schue." He turned to see Rachel standing in front of him her arms crossed behind her back. "Mind if I join you?"

He scooted over and patted the metal space beside him. She slid beside him grinning in appreciation. For a long while, they laid on the hood their heads on the windshield, watching the stars twinkle through the fireworks clouds and the light from the full moon.

Two minutes.

Rachel turned over to face her teacher. "You know what my resolution really is?" He looked at her expectantly. "I want to find someone to love."

One minute.

"There's someone out there for everyone."

She nodded then got up to join the rest of the group. As she left, Emma approached him slowly. He sat up and grinned. She returned the gesture. She gingerly perched herself where Rachel had vacated.

"Look at you! You already are doing better."

She laughed. "It's a lot harder than it looks." She was quiet for a brief moment. "She really likes you, you know?"

"I can't be with her."

"I know," Emma said quickly. "But it's New Year's and whatever you do now, Will, will make whatever happens the rest of the year that much better," She paused then whispered, "or worse."

Twelve o'clock.

Puck began the fireworks while everyone else found themselves people to kiss. He leaned in to place a kiss on Emma's forehead then jumped off the hood of his car. He saw her sitting near the fire, her face and hair bathed in the yellow and orange light of the fire and the pinks and blues and greens of the fireworks. No one else noticed she was alone but him. The rest of the glee kids were too caught up in the lips of their significant other. If he thought about it, Puck should've been the one with her but he knew better. They didn't like each other and truth be known, Puck would love to be Finn at that moment.


She glanced up and their eyes met. Will grabbed her arm and pulled her up from the log to collide with his body. She gasped.

"Screw the rules."

He placed her head in his hands, leaned in, and kissed her soundly on her soft pink lips. She froze. He suddenly got nervous but he didn't let go. Instead, he snaked his arms around her waist and gripped her hips closer to him. He could feel her body, strong yet tiny at the same time, pressed against his. He felt her relax and her hands began to tangle in his curly hair. Over the fireworks and the crackle of the wood, they heard claps and wolf whistles but he didn't care. All this would be a distant memory in the morning...

...but for Will, he would never forget this moment. Even though he could never have her, she would always have him. She would always have a piece of his heart.