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Rating: T for mentions of sex.

Summary: Congratulations, you've joined the ranks of all the rest. They've fallen for her, but she's always had your heart.

The kids had all gone to sleep shortly after all the liquor and fire crackers were depleted. A grand majority of them huddled in the back seats of cars or in plush down sleeping bags they had brought themselves. He walked around to make sure they all were not only comfortable but also not doing anything they would regret later.

After his rounds, he stumbled to his own car to find Rachel and Emma talking to each other as they leaned on a passenger side door. He felt awkward but approached them with a smile. Emma waved and told him she was off to her house. He understood. She might be making a resolution to be better but a self proclaimed mysophobe such as herself needed to take baby steps.

They waved goodbye to each other and he watched as she got in her car then pulled out of the parking lot with a crunch of her tires. With her gone it left him and Rachel alone. He invited her into his back seat which she gladly accepted. He could tell she was cold and it was the least he could do for her after he "assaulted" her earlier that night.

"Thank you," she whispered as he crawled in after her.

"You're welcome."

She shivered again. It didn't escape Will's perceptive glance. He ushered her closer to him and draped his arm around her shoulder. She snuggled up to his side and rested her head on his chest.


"Hmm?" She mumbled, her voice muffled by his sweater vest and muddled from the alcohol.

"We can't do this," he whispered."I just left my wife."

She nodded. "I know. You're my teacher. I'm your student. It's wrong."

Despite their objections to each other, rules were meant to be broken.

High school went by like a wildfire. Glee club went on to win regionals and state. At the National competition, they lost to a group from Los Angeles but they took away the second place spot and vowed to return stronger than ever. The summer after they graduated, was the summer they took National victory. Rachel got a scholarship to Julliard and turned it down. She had other asperations outside of the stage and she wanted to see them through.

Neither she or Will discussed what had happened that New Years Eve. No one else remembered the kiss and Emma never brought anything up. In a way, he was grateful but in another way, he was nervous. He was forgetting the way she felt. He was forgetting the way she tasted. That was the worst of it all.

After Rachel graduated, he found himself gravitating back to Emma. He knew he was using her but she never said anything about it. She had seen him loose two women in his life, she was the one to pick everything back up. She made the world make sense again.

Four years and three Nationals wins later, he saw her again. He wasn't sure what he saw first, her brown hair or the box of personals. Regardless, as soon as she began walking toward the school, he knew it was her. It was unmistakable. The swish of her hair, the roll of her hips...he was transported to the back of his car New Year's Eve. He watched her for a few seconds before he ran up to her. She couldn't see him over the box and when he spoke, he didn't recognize his voice.

"Can I help you?"

"Oh," she laughed. It was music to his ears. "Yes thank you!"

He took the box from her arms and when he did, their eyes met. He had never believed movie moments could happen in real life but at that moment, he believed. Time stood still and the rest of the world became a blur. All he could see was her and her bright brown eyes and the smile he missed most of all. He watched as she blinked and the gears in her head began turning. They hadn't seen each other since the last Glee rehearsal senior year and to be honest, he had changed. Teaching took a lot out of you after a while. His dirty blonde hair was graying in places and there were a few telltale wrinkles on his forehead. He had also gained a few pounds from Emma's wonderful cooking but mostly he was the same.

"Mr. Schue!" She exclaimed with a breath.

"That's me."

Her mouth gaped opened. "I can't believe you still work here! It's been what, five years?"

"Four," he replied a little too quickly. He'd been counting, not that he ever expected to see her again. He always figured she'd end up on Broadway and the only place he'd see her would be the newspaper or internet. He never expected this. "What brings back to Lima 'looser-hood'?"

She shrugged. "I'm not sure, other than the fact my dads live here and New York was crazy. I've come to find out I am not a city girl."


"They asked me back but I said no. Wanted to be a teacher."

They silently took that as a cue to walk to the empty school. It wasn't the beginning of the year quite yet but per school policy teachers were to be there a week before classes began. As they walked, he told her all the goings on she had missed while she had been gone. Figgins was still the principal and Emma was still the counselor. Sue Sylvester had been fired for some forgetable mishap and had been recently replaced by Quinn Puckerman. Noah was the football coach and Finn was the basketball coach. Mercedes and Kurt were apparently living in Los Angeles. Mercedes was a famous R & B singer--Will had her debut CD, signed with a note of thanks--and Kurt was an interior designer. Brittney and Santana were living together somewhere in Texas as Dallas Cowboy's cheerleaders and Artie and Tina had gone their separate ways. One lived in Florida. The other in Colorado. Will hadn't heard much from them and it surprised him. Rachel was shocked as he relayed this information. She never figured the two would split.

"They were too cute together. I never told them that." She laughed suddenly, bringing him almost to a halt. "I remember on New Year's Eve they were together, lying on a blanket, tracing the outlines of constelations or something."

He stopped. "New Year's?"

They were in her office. She was the senior English teacher. She grabbed her box of personals from the shocked Will and set them on her desk.

"Yes, New Year's."

"You were there the whole time?"

She nodded. "I was observing."

It was his turn to laugh. "Observing? Rachel Berry isn't one to observe."

She spun around quickly attempting to hide from his stare and to hide the blush rising to her cheeks. "I couldn't face you."

He walked around and placed a finger under her chin and raised her head up to meet his gaze.

"Why not?"

"I'm sorry if I found you so damn irresistable in that stupid sweater vest!" Rachel sighed.

"I think you found me more irresistable with it off." Her eyes grew cup saucers wide. He froze, amazed that had actually came out of his mouth. "Sorry, I was out of line."

"No, it's not that. I just, I think I forgot about that." She paused. "I was pretty tipsy that night."

"As were we all, I'm afraid..." He trailed off wanting to say more but afraid to. He really wanted to know what she really did remember that night.

"Did I--" she cut off abruptly, making some rather obsene hand gestures he wasn't sure he'd ever seen Rachel Berry do. Nor would he probably ever see her do them again.

She apparently didn't remember much. He nodded when he figured out she was asking about them sleeping together. She didn't look away humiliated or bite her lip and blush. No, she just looked at him square in the eye with a grin spread widely across her lips. He wasn't sure what kind of signals she was sending him but something coursed through his veins and he had to restrain himself before he jumped her right then and there. Not that it mattered. They were alone in the school because it was so early in the day and so late in the week. Most of the other faculty members had already put the finishing touches of their classrooms and janitors weren't needed yet.

"Rachel," he breathed huskily, moving closer to her.

"Yes?" she whispered as he backed her into her desk.

"Want to go out some time?"

Their faces were inches apart.


He closed the gap between them and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

"I'll pick you up tomorrow at seven."

And with that, they were finally getting somewhere.

That my friends was the end! I hope you had a good journey into the ever blooming relationship between Rachel and Will :D I know I did!