McGonagle Gets The Prophecy

Chapter One

Potter Meets Granger

"Da-ad!" cried an extremely unhappy Harry Potter, "I really want that book!"

"Harry," James Potter looked at his five-year-old son "I told you one book you chose spider man, you cannot get spider man and bat-"

"Mu-um! I want that book!" cried an angry girl from three isles down.

Right before the lights began to flicker James heard a woman say: "Sorry Honey, but you already chose your book-" and the earthquake started.

"Harry, stay here," James ran to the woman "Give her the book!"


"I'll pay for it, just give her the book!"

"OK?" the woman grabbed The Secret Garden off the shelf and gave it to the girl.

The lights stopped flickering. The earthquake discontinued its motion.

"What the-" the woman started.

James threw fifty pounds at the casher and grabbed harry, "We have to get out of here!" he yelled toward the woman as he scooped up her daughter. "If we don't get out of here now the three of us will be in sirius trouble"

"The three of us but there are four of us?"

"I'll explain when I get there." He ran into the ally "do you trust me?" he asked when he came to a stop.


"Well… Trust me for the next few seconds," he looked around, "Take my hand."

"I have a housba-"

"Just do it!"

With the way he was acting she was starting to get scared.

She took his hand.

When Jane next opened her eyes, she saw a mansion and the man setting her Hermione down next to his son.

"Where are we? ...On second thought how did we get here?"

"Lilly, Set the wards!" He looked around at Jane, "Show me your left arm."

"Why," She was scared.

"To tell if you are on my side or not."

"OK?" she rolled up her sleeve.

It was Blank.