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It started out like a normal summer in the boring, normal Twilight Town. There was only one thing different about this summer. Hayner was all alone, Olette and Pence were always with each other now that they were dating, and Roxas was always hanging with his redheaded pyro boyfriend Axel.

Hayner had pretty much wasted his whole summer, a few times fighting and struggling with the lone Seifer, who seemed to have the same dilemma. School would start the next day, marking this as the last day of their vacation. Hayner was wandering around, like usual. He ended up straying to the Sandlot, as he usually did.

He was surprised to see Seifer there. Laying on the risen platform for struggling which had yet to be removed even though the Struggle season ended a week or so ago. His arms tucked underneath his, surprisingly, beanie-less head. The beanie was on his chest. His eyes were closed peacefully; it was defiantly a nice day to be doing that, lounging around. It was warm enough, and the sun was hidden behind the clouds so you would not get to hot, and it wouldn't blind you.

Hayner hesitantly walked over and up onto the platform. Seifer didn't move at all.

"What are you doing here chickenwuss?" he asked slightly irritated. The dirty blonde only responded by lying down next to Seifer, sighing. Hayner watched as a blonde eyebrow rose. Seifer didn't bother open his eyes to look.

"How'd you know it was me?" he said, not really interested, sighing slightly as a cool breeze passed over them.

"S'cause only you're stupid enough to approach me when it's obvious I don't wanna be disturbed." he said sneering slightly. Hayner smiled a little, enjoying the fact that he annoyed the blonde so much that he stuck out from the rest. Wait… what?

"So how's your summer been?" Hayner said attempting to make small talk, and avoiding the odd thought that had invaded his mind. Seifer, surprisingly, answered.

"Sucked." Hayner nodded thoughtfully, even though he knew Seifer couldn't see.


"Why, all you're loser friends ditch ya?" Seifer snickered a little, but Hayner sighed, causing Seifer to stop.

"Ya, they're all to busy, Roxas's got his boyfriend and Pence an 'Lette have each other."

"Why not just find yourself a girlfriend? Or boyfriend if you roll that way." Seifer said, actually being thoughtful, even though Hayner could tell he was making fun of him a bit. Hayner sighed.

"Cause…" Seifer mentally rolled his eyes at the lame answer.

"What? Never have a girlfriend lamer?" Hayner sighed again, which surprised Seifer slightly. "Really? No boyfriend?" Hayner shuck his head. "Weird." Hayner turned his head slightly, raising an eyebrow.

"Weird?" Seifer made a small movement that suggested that he had shrugged.

"S'cause you're such a flirt." Hayner's eyes widened.

"F-flirt? Me??" he said blushing. Seifer snapped his eyes open, gave Hayner a sidelong glance before shaking his head.

"Wow, you don't even notice?? You do it all the time, with like everyone. I'm surprised no one else has said anything." Seifer said not really interested in their conversation. Hayner blushed more, his eyebrows scrunched together annoyed and mumbled something like 'm'not a flirt..' They sat there awhile longer before Seifer decided that the silence was a bit uncomfortable.

"So have you ever kissed someone before?" Well that totally didn't make things more awkward.

Hayner shot up, blushing furiously. He stared at the older blonde incredulously. Had he really just said that??? The other's eyes opened after a second and looked at Hayner as though he just announced his undying love for Setzer and that he wanted to grow up, sprout wings, and dance like a pixie.

"What? God don't be such a girl lamer! You're really blushing over a kiss?" said, slightly amazed that his rival was acting like a teenage girl.

"s-shut up Seifer" he said lamely blushing. Seifer sat up, one eyebrow raised at the smaller boy.

"It's just a kiss lamer, honestly," he said shaking his head. "You're more of a girl than that tomboy you hang out with!" he said mocking him. Hayner glared, but it lost its effect thanks to the blush that was still on his cheeks, luckily, it disappeared shortly after that.

"What's it like?" Hayner said after awhile, truly and honestly out of pure curiosity, Seifer's eyebrows both raised at this. Hayner was genuinely curious about it. Seifer's smirk soon returned and leaned closer to the other, wanting to annoy the blonde and make him blush again, he was cute when he was frustrated and blushing-wait… what!???

"Why don't you find out?" he said daring the younger, dangerously close to his face. Hayner instantly went red, personal space issues were apparently out of the question. Seifer waited for the expected reaction, but it never came.

"Fine" he said moving even closer, eyes of determination were on. Seifer's eyes held surprise for only a second before continuing the dare.

"Than do it." he said, etching for Hayner to just snap, waiting for it. Hayner growled.

"I will." he said before pressing his lips against the older blonde's.

Each boy had not been anticipating that, but it seemed as though all sense was thrown to the wind as Hayner's hand entangled in Seifer's silk, pale blonde hair. The older of the two holding his strong hand against the nap of Hayner's neck, holding him in place.

It started out as just lips against lips, but when Hayner's tongue swept across the seam of Seifer's his mouth opened automatically. Hayner's tongue found its way in, tasting the warm taste of which could only be described as Seifer. Hayner's tongue fought against Seifer's own, but even though it had been a struggle for dominance, it was more like some elaborate dance that only the two could do.

Seifer's tilted his head a little to the side, making it easier for them. The two threw away their need to breath by breathing threw their noses. Too absorbed in the amazing electricity coming from the kiss. Hayner's chocolate brown eyes fluttered up slightly, he vaguely wondered when they had closed. Seifer's eyes opened shortly after, feeling the gaze of the younger on him. Hayner was blushing but didn't really care, their eyes met.

It was intense, the kiss didn't stop as they stared, it was rather curious as to why Hayner was looking over the other threw those half-lidded eyes. Seifer couldn't help to think about how cute he could be--- wait! Stop right there!

In an instant, it seemed that Seifer was taken out of his strange high long enough to realize that he was kissing Hayner, his rival. The shock sent threw him like a lightning bolt, he jerked back away from Hayner, his hand supporting him up, on his ass, his legs slightly bent. Three feet away from him was his rival! Enemy!! And he had been kissing him! And worse, he had been enjoying it.

Hayner blinked, staring threw half-lidded eyes, still in a daze. His lips puckered slightly, in almost a pout from the sudden loss of contact. Want was clear in his chocolate brown eyes, but there was also confusion. Confused about why the older had moved away. Hayner didn't understand it, he didn't need to. All he needed to know was that it felt good, and he wanted more. The boy etched closer to the other blonde, who was currently staring wide eyed at the blonde.

The other blonde was to in shock to realize that the other had crawled over his body and pressed his lips against his own. Hayner had no problem with instantly prying the elder's slightly agape mouth with his own, tongue pressing against the other's, trying to get it to respond the way it did only moments before. Seifer instantly pushed the boy away, backing up more before getting onto his feet.

Hayner was looking up at him, that pure look of want still on his dazed expression. The way his lips were parted, his half-lidded eyes, the way he was still in that position on his knees. Seifer shivered with excitement as Hayner slowly started to crawl over to him again. All Hayner could think of was how much he wanted to kiss Seifer again, how good it had felt.

Seifer's mind was clouded with confusion, what was with Hayner? What was with himself? The chickenwuss had just kissed him, twice! And he liked it! Ignoring the strong urge to hold Hayner and ravishing him senseless, Seifer just stared stuttered something, that he wasn't even sure what was suppose to mean, and left. The dirty blonde blinked a few times, his want gone, only confusion left. His heart throbbed a bit. He felt himself lowering until he was sitting on the concrete. He looked down at his hands. What… What just happened? He thought.

A few blocks away, Seifer was thinking the same thing.

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