School Begins

Seifer, leaving in such haste the other day, complete forgot about how his beanie wasn't on his head that it was indeed laying on his chest until he moved when Hayner had… done what he did. Seifer instantly cursed himself when he went back later to get it, to see that it was no where to be found.

Hayner was currently in his bedroom staring at the beanie his rival had left behind. He rubbed the soft fabric between his fingers, then held it up to his face and sighed, smelling something musky, but relaxing, which he honestly couldn't name except that he smelt like Seifer.

Do I like Seifer? Hayner's mind asked himself, confused. Well he is really good looking-but he's a guy! And he's my rival!… Hayner sighed at his minds pathetic attempts to cover up the fact that he did indeed like Seifer, and he especially liked what they had been doing before.

Both Hayner and Seifer where stuck thinking about what had happened with the other that night. Seifer ending up being so frustrated that he just gave up and went to bed, Hayner ending up only half sleeping, while keeping Seifer's beanie close to him.

In them morning neither of them where really that rested, although Hayner had it worse, every hour or so he'd wake up from some… uh… interesting dreams about Seifer.

When they headed off for school, Seifer was for once beanie less, and Hayner had stuck the beanie into his back pocket, just in-case Seifer was ready to kill him for it, he could give it back before anything bloody happened at school.

Roxas was the one asking the most questions when Hayner's friends asked why he was so tired. Hayner just answered "couldn't sleep" ignoring Roxas's stubbornness of wondering what the real reason was. Roxas always knew when Hayner was lying to him, and Hayner internally cursed the boy for it.

By lunch time Hayner was half dead, and Seifer was pissed. Seifer had been getting endless looks of astonishment at his paper blonde hair that was for once not concealed by his beanie. Hayner was just too tired to even notice, his head lying on the table, and the beanie in his back pocket was half sticking out. None of his friends seemed to notice the out of place fabric, but Seifer did.

"Hey chickenwuss!" he yelled walking over with Rai and Fuu. "Is that my beanie?" he said, raising an eyebrow, a small glare in his eyes. Roxas was instantly on the defense mode, ready for a fight.

"Oh… yeah you left it on the struggle platform." Hayner said pulling it out of his back pocket and handing it to Seifer. Seifer snatched it out of his hands and put it on his head. Hayner flinched slightly at the sudden movement. Seifer gave him a look, everyone watching the two.

"Uh… thanks…" Seifer said unsure of himself and walked away, Fuu and Rai in tow.

"What the hell?" Roxas asked twitching. Just before his friends slaughtered him with questions, the bell rang. Hayner internally thanked the cliché "saved by the bell" saying and quickly ran off to his next class, which, luckily for him, he did not share with any of his friends.

The rest of the day Hayner had somehow managed to avoid all three of his friends, Seifer, and Roxas's strange boyfriend, who would have more than likely tied him up and dragged him back to Roxas.

When school was over Hayner instantly went to his house, dropping off his shit, and laying on his bed, looking up at the ceiling. He was almost asleep when he heard his window open. He groaned.

"Roxas I don't want to talk…"

"It's not Roxas." a voice said that Hayner knew way to well. Hayner's eyes instantly snapped open and looked at the older teen who had just got in through is window and was walking over to his bed.

"What do you want Seifer…" Hayner said cautiously. Seifer merely walked over to where Hayner was, crawling over top of him, and trapping his body between his arms and legs, staring down at him. Hayner's breath caught in his throat. "S…Seifer?" he asked as a blush rose to his cheeks.

"Do you like me chickenwuss?" Hayner glared at the nickname, but said nothing, only turning his head to the side. Seifer smirked and leaned down. His lips only centimeters from Hayner's face. "Because I kept thinking about yesterday, and it wont get out of my head." Seifer whispered. Hayner's face only made a darker shade of red at the feeling of Seifer's warm breath run over his cheek. Hayner turned to face Seifer, but Seifer was so close that when he did their lips brushed against each other.

As if it was something completely natural both boys instantly reacted to the feeling, grabbing onto the other, pulling them closer together. Hayner's hand went up and pulled the beanie from Seifer's head, digging his fingers back into the hair that he now loved. Seifer growled slightly into the kiss, yanking Hayner's body up against his, causing Hayner to cease breathing for a second.

Seifer instantly attached himself against Hayner's slightly tanned neck, sucking softly at it while rubbing them together. Hayner just clung himself closer to the heat coming off from Seifer's warm, muscular body.

After awhile of making out they stopped, just holding onto each other, wondering what exactly was suppose to happen next.

"Seifer…" Hayner said after awhile, hiding his face into the elder's neck. "I… think I love you…" he slowly, waiting for this dream to end, and the old Seifer to come back, beating him until he was a fraction of a second away from dying. But Seifer stayed silent, only squeezing Hayner slightly.

"Seifer?" Hayner asked quietly after awhile "Does this mean… like… that we're going out?" Seifer shrugged, but gave it a thought for a few seconds.

"If you want." Seifer said quietly thinking to himself. Hayner smiled to himself.

"Well I do." Seifer smirked slightly and kissed Hayner's messy dirty blonde hair.

They kept like this for awhile, for once, enjoying the other's company. After awhile Seifer had to go, Hayner's mom would find out that he was there if he stayed to long, and Hayner was exactly keen on telling his mom that he just made out with his male rival.

Seifer once again left his beanie behind, but this time Hayner was sure that it was on purpose. He quietly hugged the soft fabric to his chest and fell asleep, silently thanking whatever god had made Seifer want to kiss him as much as he wanted to kiss Seifer.

Both of them slept better that night.

The next day at school was a bit odd. For one, Hayner didn't even realize that Seifer had left a mark on the side of his neck, which didn't go well when he got to school and his friends hounded him with questions. Every few seconds when his friends weren't looking, he'd reach to his back pocket and felt Seifer's beanie, making sure it was still there.

Seifer went through the day easily, even though he still got strange looks about his beanie-less head, but he didn't care. He was way to busy smirking at the idea he head to shake up lam-Hayner's friends. It'd be hilarious, especially since he loved to piss Roxas off, it was just way to fun to pass up.

When lunch rolled around it wasn't like normal, for some reason the cafeteria was rather calm. (If you ignored Axel and his friends who where always loud) When Hayner was quietly listening to Roxas talk about how annoying Axel could be, even though he was dating him, Seifer coming walking over, with Fuu and Rai right behind him.

Roxas instantly stood up and glared at the tall blonde, causing the rest of the group to stand up and look. Hayner's chocolate brown eyes instantly making contact with Seifer's ice blue ones. Seifer smirked slightly as Hayner looked averted his eyes while he walked over. No one noticed that the whole cafeteria was watching in interest.

"Uh Seifer, you I have your beanie-" before he could finish Seifer was about four inches away from him, using long arm to reach around Hayner and into his back pocket, pulling out his beanie. Hayner turned bright red when he felt Seifer's hand accidentally (or not) brush against his ass. Seifer smirked, his lips close to Hayner's ear.

"Thanks." he said kissing Hayner on the cheek, causing everyone to freeze in shock. As soon as he did he turned around, pulling his beanie over his blonde hair and walked away, with a not so shocked Rai and Fuu. Once they exited the cafeteria, everything was complete silence. Hayner was a cherry red, and Roxas was so confused he wasn't even ready to hate Seifer for what just happened.

The silence was completely and utterly awkward, all eyes staring at Hayner, who was staring at where Seifer left.

What just happened? Hayner thought blushing.

"YOU OWE ME 50 BUCKS!" Axel exclaimed to his friend Demyx, who sadly handed over the money. That's when the silence was over and hell went loose.

"YOU BET ON THAT HAPPENING!?" Hayner screamed, still bright red.

"YOU KNEW THAT WOULD HAPPEN!?" Roxas yelled, even more in shock. Axel looked.

"Well yeah… it was obvious" he stated looking at Roxas scared, and he should be.

".Didn'.Me?" Roxas ground out with a strange smile on his face, it was terrifying. Axel sighed, putting the money in his pocket and looked at Roxas.

"Bye!" he said running away, Roxas growled and chased after him. Everyone in the cafeteria thought in unison, whether they knew it or not.

Poor guy.