Falling Flat on You're Arse

A one-shot that just randomly popped into my head today well contemplating my own ridiculous love life. Enjoy.

Jubilee laughed as she glided smoothly in a circle around her friends. They scowled as she spun and continued her circle backwards, still laughing as they struggled to get on their feet. She completed another circle and broke away flying down the length of the concrete rink on her roller blades. It had been a long time since she had skated and she relished the feeling of the wind on her face and the sun on her body. She breathed in the scent of hot concrete and summer air laughing again, just for the hell of it. Reaching the edge of the concrete she pulled into a sharp turn and raced back the other way in an effortless motion. She slid to a stop in front of her seated friends and grinned down at them.

"Ready?" She chirped at them.

"Sure" Kitty Pride reached up with her hands. "Help me up?"

Jubilee laughed again and grabbed Kitty's hands, dragging her to her feet. Kitty smiled her thanks and started at a wobbly pace down the middle of the concrete space. Bobby Drake pushed himself to his feet and started off after her, still slow but not wobbly like his girlfriend. Jubilee grinned down at her nearest friend, and he scowled back.

"I don't know how you talked me into this, kid" Wolverine growled as he struggled to his feet with some help.

"I didn't", Jubilee chirped "You did it 'cos ya love me."

Wolverine snorted at that.

"Right" He muttered, "well if I break something, I won't love ya quiet as much, darlin'."

"Come on Wolvie, you know that's impossible"

"Which bit?"Wolverine questioned as he started to move slowly, "Me breakin' something or me not loving you?"

"Both!" Jubilee giggled giving him a gentle push that sent him rolling slowly across the ground.

She ignored his yelled curses as she turned to her last two victims.

"You two ready?" she asked holding out both hands.

Each of the two women grabbed a hand and aloud Jubilee to pull them to their feet.

"Remind me again why I'm doing this child," Psylocke murmured as she found her feet.

"It's good for you," Jubilee insisted, "It'll help your balance and your muscle tone."

"Plus its fun," she added as she grabbed Jean to stop her from falling.

"Right." Psylocke replied scathingly, "I can see the fun in falling on my arse."

"Well if you have good balance you wouldn't fall." Jubilee informed the ex assassin.

The purple haired women sent her a glare before pushing off and gliding at a controlled speed away after Wolverine. Jubilee raised an amused eyebrow before turning back to Jean.

"You ok Red?" she asked.

"Of course, dear," Jean assured her, "If I fall my telepathy will catch me."

"Right" Jubilee let the woman go and pushed of smoothly.

She passed Psylocke easily and caught up to Wolverine. Turning to face him she grabbed his hands and pulled him round the ring slowly but smoothly, easily skating backwards.

"See Wolvie, this isn't so bad."

"Tell that to my legs, kid, their shaking like leaves."

Jubilee giggled at him and picked up the speed pulling him faster, "But don't ya just love the feelin' Wolvie?"

"Oh yeah, kid, I'm feelin' it." He deadpanned.

He had expected her to smile, but she frowned instead.

"I'm serious, Logan." The young woman sighed. "Can't you just imagine it, flying across the ground on skates? No one to stop you, nothing to worry about. Just the open air, the wind in your hair, the solid ground beneath you and the knowledge that you can just keep going."

She turned so she was side-by-side with him, one hand wrapped in his.

"I use to skate for that reason, Wolvie. I was nothing, just a scrap of a mall-rat, with no one who liked me and no family to love me. But when I was skating I was free, free to move and be myself, free to just let go."

With that she released his hand and pushed off, performing a dance of complicated twists and turns, a swirling pattern that drew everyone's eyes to her. But she was in her own world, not thinking of them anymore, knew only the movement of her blades. She started to glow softly, her "paff's" rippling over her skin. Her show ended with a flourish of wheels and she glided off slowly, smiling contentedly. A slow clapping made her head jerk up.

"Tres belle, p'itite. You are a dream to watch."

Jubilee's head whipped around to see the newcomer and she locked eyes with Gambit. Her heart fluttered strangely and she got the odd sensation of her world narrowing until he was the only thing in it. She managed to suck in a breath to reply, only to have her world uprooted a second time when her legs shot out from under her and she land flat on her back cracking her head on the ground.

"Ouch" she muttered.

"Jubilee!" Came the cry from different places around the ring.

Wolverine got to her just as she sat up and he rolled his eyes as she got to her feet.

"You ok kid?" He asked trying to hide his concern.

"Oh sure," Jubilee growled out, "I do it all the time, don't worry, I'm use to it. No harm done."

She grinned to reassure them, keeping her eyes off Remy as he came up on her other side.

"Jubilee?" Gambit questioned softly as he reached her. "You ok P'itite?"

"I'm fine Gumbo" Jubilee assured, turning to grin at him.

"You sure?" Gambit's eyes searched hers and it took all her will power not to look away. "I'm so sorry for surprising you."

"It's all good, Remy. Don't worry about it. No harm done," She repeated.

Jubilee looked down at her scarped arm and shrugged, just a little cut. She pushed off again after that, continuing to skate, though the others sensed she now wanted to be alone and they all retreated with excuses of stuff to do. All except one. Kitty waited until the others were out of hearing distance before she approached Jubilee, her skates over one shoulder.


The small Asian girl glided to a stop beside her. "What's up Pride?"

"I'm sorry."

Jubilee just looked at her, her face blank.

"I know you're hurting," Kitty continued hesitantly. "And I know it can't be easy to be in love with him."

Something flashed in Jubilee's eyes, and then she sank to the ground, pulling her knees to her chest.

"I'm not in love with him," Jubilee replied forcefully. "I'm not in love, it's just a crush, that's all, just a crush."

"Jubilee. . . " Kitty placed a hand on her shoulder as she sat next to her. " We both know it's not just a crush. It's been going on for a while now. . . . Have you thought about talking to him about it?"

Jubilee let out a harsh laugh, "Get real, Pride. You know I'm just a kid in his eyes. I always will be."

Kitty remained silent. Jubilee turned to look at her, pain sparkling in the sapphire depths of her eyes.

"It's just. . ." Jubilee's breath hitched and she started again. "It's just when he walks into a room, I lose concentration, he's the only one there, the only thing I see. He makes my heart beat fast and slow at the same time, makes me feel hot and cold, strong but faint. And I'd do anything to make him smile ya know. Anything to make him happy and when he's happy I'm happy. And it makes no sense 'cos it should make me sad to see him smile and hug Rogue, but I'm just happy to see him happy. Until he leaves the room, then I'm in more pain than you can imagine. But I'm getting sick of sitting back and watching Rogue hurt him, and I just can't stand it anymore, Kitty."

Kitty sighed and gathered the younger girl into her arms, "I know honey. I know. But the only thing you can do is talk to him about it. He'll understand and I know he loves you."

Jubilee sighed and allowed herself a few more moments of comfort before pulling away. "Thanks Kit-Kat. But I can't tell him. It would ruin everything. He can never find out."

She pulled herself to her feet and high-tailed it back to the mansion leaving Kitty sitting and watching the girl retreat. Kitty sighed and pushed her hand through her hair glancing up in time to see Gambit watch Jubilee run inside from an upstairs window.

Well that's it guys, hope you enjoyed it.

Thanks and TTFN

Jade Wildcat