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Chapter 14: Endless spiral downwards

Jubilee clung tightly to Gambit as the bike flew down the road. They had left the mansion an hour ago, hurtling at breakneck speed and he had yet to let up. For once she didn't mind that she had no idea where they were going, or what was going to happen when they got there. She was with Gambit, with the wind and the world streaming past them. They were untouchable.

Now however, she realized that they were slowing down, the bike seeming to sigh in relief as Remy brought it down from its thrill pace to something far more sedate. Suddenly he veered off the road, onto a side track which entered the trees on one side. They made much slower pace as he carefully guided the bike around roots and rocks on the path before pulling to a stop beside a large tree. Jubilee swung one leg over the bike, standing as Remy propped it up on its stand. They both removed their helmets and stretched their legs, cramped from the time on the bike. Jubilee took a moment to look around, seeing a nice shady clearing in the trees, dappled by the occasional patch of sun light. A small brooke ran by, making it picture perfect.

She shrugged off her jacket, her stomach tightening in dread at the thought if being alone with Remy so soon. Draping the garment over a branch she stepped away towards the brooke, not looking at the man, while trying to gather her courage again. She had to say something, and soon, before Gambit managed to distract her with some other topic. Staring down at the bubbling water, she listened as he stripped off his own jacket, two thumps sounded as his boots followed. Lowering her self gracefully, the young woman sat and removed her own boots sitting them next to her before letting her feet dangle in the cool water. Silence followed. So deep and still that Jubilee froze, not wanting a single move to break the calm. Her heart leaped it her throat as Remy's feet made soft sounds on the grass and she took slow breaths to calm herself as her old friend lowered himself to sit next to her.

"I owe you an apology, Chere." Remy's voice was low and husky, she tried to ignore the shiver that ran over her skin. "What I did yesterday was wrong."

"No." Her own voice sound soft against his. "It wasn't wrong, you were doing what you thought would help given the situation. It shook me a bit, I'll admit, but that's all."

There was a pause, his hand rose to brush her shoulder, asking, begging. She took a breath and turned her head to look at him. His face was pinched with worry, his eyes dark and brooding. With his lips turned down and head lowered slightly he was the picture of remorse. Even as her heart reacted to his pain her brain couldn't help noticing how handsome he looked, sitting there in the dappled light.

"I need to tell you something."

Their combined voices rang out and there was a slight pause. Jubilee giggled slightly and Remy's lips twitched in a grin at the sound.

"You first, mon Chere." He told her graciously, making an awkward half bow from his seated position.

Her grin widened slightly and hope filled her chest. This was Remy, her Remy, sure he might not feel the same, but he would never abandon her. It might be awkward for a while but she could deal with that. It was now or never.

"Remy, I haven't been very truthful over the last few months." She confessed honestly, bitting her lip slightly. "In fact some times I have out right lied to you."

His eyes widened in surprise but he nodded all the same, his hand reaching to squeeze her's in support. She took another breath and continued.

"You've asked me a lot if Im ok, asked me what was wrong. I told you I was fine, nothing was wrong." She ducked her head and sighed. "But I lied, something was wrong. It might surprise you but lately I've developed..."

She frowned and shock her head, how did one explain that they had fallen for their best friend? How do you tell them that? He squeezed her hand again, this was not how he saw things going, not what he had wanted. But he was her friend, hell he loved her, he would help her no mater what the problem.

"You can tell me, chere. You know you can tell me anything." His voice was soft and his other hand reached to lift her chin again so their eyes met. "Tell dis ol' thief whats wrong."

"I like someone." She blurted, wincing as it came out in a rush. "Romantically I mean. That's why I've been weird, its been bugging me, every time they walk in the room I get distracted. I was so annoyed."

Gambits heart plummeted. She liked someone else. His heart tightened, he wanted to turn away. To go find Storm to talk to. Or Logan, to drink himself stupid and laugh at himself for falling for his best friend. But she needed him.

"Why so angry, chere?" He question tightly. "It's good to like someone."

"Not this person." She shook her head, eyes pained. "This person is off limits. They're older you see. And they have someone else, who's been with them a long time, sure they aren't together at the moment but still. And he's. . . Well he's out of my league, he wouldn't like someone like me when he could have anyone he wanted. Whats worse is he's my friend, were really close, I don't want to lose him by telling him."

"I see." Gambit struggled to remain calm, was she in love with Logan? Or Scott. The idea killed him. "Why don't you just talk to him chere, if he be your friend for really den he will understand. Maybe he feel de same."

She quirked a tight smile, slipping her hand from his to grip her arms. "I know. Thats what I finally decided to do. To tell him how I feel." She took a deep breath. "That's why I'm here, telling you."

His heart stopped. Telling people latter about this day, thats the one thing he can remember for sure. His heart stopped, skipping two maybe three beats before it raced to catch up with its self. His eyes widened and he took a deep breath then another. Words failed him. He knew he needed to say something, but he had just spent the last few minutes believing he had no hope. Jubilees worried eyes stared at him and he struggled to form words. Her eyes dropped.

"It's ok Rem'." She assured him quietly. "You don't have to feel the same, you don't have to say anything. We don't have to talk about it. Just forget I said anything, I have no expectations I just needed you to. . ."

Her words cut off as he reached over to grab her chin, dragging her face up so their eyes met. Something blazed in the depths of his black eyes. Fire burned.

"Jubilee." His voice was husky.

His mouth descended on hers, the kiss soft but heated. Fire ripped through them and Jubilee rose to deepen the kiss, her hands working their way into his hair. One of his hands cupped her face, the other arm wrapped around her waist, lifting her from the ground as he stood. Her arms wrapped around him, as their kiss continued. Heat raced through Jubilee consuming her even as it made her tingle. She bushed herself closer to Remy, wanting more. His balance wobbled at her sudden movement and the kiss broke as they both struggled to maintain balance at the edge of the brooke. Remy cursed and Jubilee shrieked as they toppled over into the water with a splash.

They sat their a moment, dripping wet and faces shocked as they stared at each other. Then Jubilee's laugh rang out and Gambits deep chuckle followed. He stood, helping the young woman up and lifting her back onto dry land. Still giggling she helped pull him up after her, her eyes shinning and her lips looking red and full from the kiss.

"Not exactly de romantic ending I had in mind." Remy confessed with a grin. "But I have no complaints."

Jubilee smiled softly before looking up at him. "You mean that Rem'?" she questioned.

His eyes found hers again and he moved closer. "Jubilee, you have no idea how long I've been wanting to kiss you. I like you, a lot, and if your willing to give dis a shot den it's a done deal. It's up to you ma Chere."

She drew closer, her arms snaking around his waist. "I want to give this a shot."

"Your wish is my command." His lips met hers again and she let him take her mind away.


It was late in the day when they finally returned. They had spent a long time, talking about the last few months, discussing problems, wants needs. They had also discussed how they would proceed. There was more than a few people who would have a problem with their relationship, that much was for sure. However they knew many more who would be happy for them.

They had decided that they would keep it a secret for now though. Until Remy's birthday in two day. Then they would let everyone know. Jubilee spent the rest of the day with Jean, Storm and Psylocke, they swam, played pool, chatted and made a great dinner for the team. The whole time not one of the telepaths commented on her new relationship with Remy. They simply accepted the fact that two of their friends were happier now.

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