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Emerald eyes watch from a distance, drinking in the image in front of him. His "prey" reads from a distance, absorbed in his book (A lexicon by the title) and probably wouldn't notice if the entire library collapsed on his petite form, curled up in the oversized chair.

That damn book.

Demyx would give anything to be that book. He would even sell his prized possession, his sitar, to be the item the periwinkle-haired boy's precious eyes were glued to. Demyx yearned to be gazed at by those delectable dark purple eyes. Not to mention he would be sitting in the boy's lap. A wonder in itself, Demyx blushed at the thought, which brought him back to Earth.

He glanced up to see the person of his affection staring up at him with a weird look on his face. Demyx's blush grew to a surprising red to make even Axel's hair envious.


Demyx gasped. He forgot he needed to meet his best friend today. About an hour ago, judging by the clock on the wall. Demyx grabbed his bag, slightly angry by being so distracted, but it couldn't be helped. Demyx forgot all of his problems soon after, though never forgetting the weird face on his crush….

Zexion watched as the blond left. He lifted up his book, only to find he couldn't read. A blushing blonde boy filled his thoughts.

What was he thinking about? Why was he blushing? What made him run off? How did he get his hair like that?

Zexion left the last one unanswered. A good conversation piece, but not what he was looking for. One question though, filled his thoughts, and was the main reason for his lack of concentration.

Why was he staring at.... me?

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