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Demyx was done crying, and at the moment, he felt rather hungry. Due to being the only person in the room, the blond decided to be the one to calm his restless stomach and mind.

Demyx didn't want to ruin his best friend's apartment again, so he chose to cook his definition of "toast". As though they were connected, when the door opened, the toast finished. '"Toast" was a slight exaggeration; this was more like warm bread. Either way, it was perfectly to Demyx's liking.

""Hey Axel, how's Roxas doing?" Demyx questioned to the air, his back facing the door.

"Well," a familiar, yet unfamiliar voice started, "Roxas is probably perfectly fine, being alone in a hallway with his lover."

The toast fell out of Demyx's open mouth, and he turned around so quickly, that any faster, he would've reversed time a couple seconds.

Zexion stood in the living room beside the couch Demyx occupied only minutes before. The shorter male's face was covered in bruises, the most prominent one right against his left cheek. Zexion's usual quiet disposition was gone to the wind, being replaced by something completely different. Even his normally calm voice was commanding, and though it frightened Demyx, he couldn't deny that it was actually quite attractive.

To his defense, Demyx tried to glare at the person who hurt him, but with his tear-stained face, and still too-wet eyes, it looked more like a silent plea. This broke Zexion a little, and he almost grabbed the blond into a hug. Almost. Which is why he was so confused to find the taller male in his arms. Demyx also seemed confused, and tensed up immediately. That is, until he pushed Zexion back, hard.

The smaller male stumbled, and fell back, collapsing to the ground. He almost screamed. The pain was too much, and everywhere. Zexion didn't realize how hurt he was until he hit the ground. The periwinkle-haired boy slumped forward like a puppet with its strings cut. Demyx started pacing; a boy was in Roxas and Axel's apartment. He hurt that boy... But it was in self-defense! Zexion hugged him?

Demyx took a glance at the motionless male. How did he even get in? Axel and Roxas left… Did they let him in? Traitors! Demyx's eye's blazed with fury as his hands involuntarily made fists. Axel better watch his back.

A movement came from the foot of the couch. Demyx snapped out of his anger to look at the boy groaning there. His gaze softened as he looked upon the periwinkle-haired boy. Should people look that limp? That defeated? When Demyx stepped closer to the boy, he heard gasps of air. Was Zexion…? Crying? No, Zexion wouldn't cry, from what he knew of the shorter male, Zexion was quiet, cute, an ass, and frightening when needed. Not someone who sobbed!

All questions were answered when Demyx saw the droplets fall onto the hands in Zexion's lap.

A mumble came from the boy.

"What?" Demyx's concerned voice wavered.

"I said," Zexion said, voice firm but faltering, "I-I'm sorry."

Demyx's eyes widened, did he really?

"What?" he said again, disbelief filling his tone.

"I'm sorry! I should have run when he came!" Zexion started, nothing would stop him now, "I should have pulled away sooner when he grabbed me! I was so shocked though! When you hit the window… I just froze. I couldn't believe I ruined something before it even started. So I'm just here to say sorry, I know I'm past forgiveness. I just wanted to let you know how truly apologetic I am."

For the second time that day, Zexion spoke more than needed. He sighed, and stood, faced the door, and the only thought in his head was to get away, and go read something. Anything to get his mind off the worst day in his life.

Demyx froze, his mind whirring. Zexion didn't mean to kiss him? He's sorry?

Wait, no! Zexion can't leave! After a short battle, the blond's body started to respond to him again.

"Wait!" Demyx called, arm outstretched to the shorter male who was getting closer and closer to the door.

Zexion stopped.

"Yes?" He asked, sounding defeated.

"I…" The blond started heart in his throat, "I forgive you."

"Really?" Zexion's head snapped up. He turned to face the taller male, who was fiddling with his hands.

"Yeah. Actually, I was wondering… Would you… I don't know… Maybe want to… Go to a movie or something with me?"

Zexion's eyes widened.

"Only if you want to… I mean, you don't have to…" Demyx continued, oblivious to the world.

The shorter male's face broke into a soft smile as he grabbed Demyx's hands.

"I'd love to."

Demyx gasped, and his mouth formed into a perfect "O" as he looked at Zexion and without words, they both broke into shy grins. The silence wasn't broken when they both leaned in, lips barely brushing.

Demyx pulled away, and he grinned from ear-to-ear. "Let's go!" He yelled as he intertwined their fingers and ran off, dragging a flushed Zexion behind him.

He sighed at the sudden energy, but he couldn't stop a small smile from forming on his face as he was dragged out the door.

Oh lord, what did he get himself into?

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