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A young boy about thirteen years old stood silently in the middle of a peaceful clearing as he tired to figure out what the hell just happened.

Directly under him a crystal clear lake rippled slightly in the gentle mid afternoon breeze, serving to depict a complete contrast of the boy's current mental state.

Allowing his eyes to drift downwards that same lake the first thing the boy saw was his eyes… go figure.

His eyes were a distinct sky blue color that seemed to be bursting with the unbridled excitement and vivacity that he had long since learned to suppress.

The boy's brilliant golden hair was spiky at the top and flatted out to at the top of his neck falling down to about the end of his neck. Two locks of hair fell down next to his face on both sides and came just short of his shoulder.

The boy looked to be about five feet in height and wore black shinobi sandals; long, onyx colored shinobi socks; jet black ANBU-style pants; and a raven black skin tight long sleeve shirt; all hidden under an ebony cloak that covered his entire body from the neck down. To finish off the look, he wore a black mask that covered the bottom of his face to his nose.

Stored and hidden throughout the boy's clothes was a multitude of scrolls. Inside the scrolls were things like food, weapons, clothing, etc. Empty scrolls could also be found scattered throughout his person.

Each scroll had a similar design inside which allowed the sealing of various items.

The boy also had two swords strapped to his back in an X shape. Both swords were identical katanas that measured about four feet in length. They were each masterfully crafted from an exceptional grade of steel that had an appearance of a shiny grey or dark silver. The two swords also contained a very slight, subtle arc that simply added to their apparent elegance.

Like the boys cloths, they were each held in unreflective sheathes that seemed to absorb any light that dare try to get away.

Now we come to one of the less important features about the boy, his name. The boy thought the concept of naming something had no true impact or purpose. To him they were just random letters that formed a word without meaning.

Naruto Uzumaki. To him this truly meant nothing.

But most would think he was wrong, seeing as other people's view of him changes the instant they learn the formation of those letters.

It is amazing how much a name can affect someone. But that was back then, this is now.


Naruto studied his surroundings with a calculating gaze as his mind tried to sort out all of his questions.

The first thing that he was trying desperately to figure out was where the hell he was.

The second thing was why he was surrounded by strange animal-like creatures.

The third thing was whether or not he should be worried about the fact that he was surrounded by strange animal-like creatures.

Naruto was also trying discover why the creatures seemed to be able to use a number of elementally based jutsu.

These were all questions that hadn't remotely entered his mind this morning.

Naruto's day started out so pleasant too. But, like everything in Naruto's life, it spiraled into chaos.

Flashback Start

When he had got up that morning...

Flashback End?

'This is not the time or place to be reminiscing about my past.' Naruto thought to himself. 'My current priority is to discover where I am, who I'm with is, how I got here, and how the hell I get back.'

With those thoughts in mind Naruto launched himself off the water and into the trees in a split second without even so much as creating an extra ripple in the water's already disturbed surface.

Naruto flew threw the trees as he eyed the strange creatures cautiously, making sure they weren't making any hostile movements or trailing him.

Naruto quickly realized that, though they saw him as he passed by, they either didn't care enough to look up, or they took a quick glance in his direction then went back to their business.

"I assume that these creatures are peaceful. Then again appearances are generally used as a tactic to deceive." Naruto mused as he continued to search for any type of hint to his whereabouts.

Suddenly Naruto heard a loud cry to his left. He reacted quickly by planting his feet on the nearest tree trunk and gracefully back flipping into a nearby bush, without making more than a small unnoticeable rustle.

Naruto peered through the bushes to see two creatures circling each other in the middle of a small clearing.

The clearing was nothing more then fresh grass surrounded by thick oak trees and a few small bushes. It also had a few rocks scattered randomly across the ground.

One of the creatures resembled something of a yellow mouse. The creature had red cheeks, a long, flat lightning bolt-like tail, and black tips on the end of its ears. It radiated with a courageous... chakra?

"The power feels similar to chakra, but it also feels like it has been altered somehow." Naruto pondered.

The other creature looked like a small rhino, but it was made completely out of rock. It looked like the creature didn't even belong in the forest. It might have gotten lost or it could have or been searching for food, maybe territory.

Either way, the fact that the mouse hadn't run on sight didn't escape Naruto's attention. He felt tempted to laugh outright at the mouse's bold, seemingly suicidal, display of courage. But, the fact that he was trying to remain undetected quickly suppressed the notion.

Crying in rage, the rhino charged at the mouse creature, which responded by charging also.

But, right before the two collided, the mouse sidestepped the rhino and tackled its legs. The rhino didn't so much as flinch at the mouse's attack; instead it kicked the mouse into a nearby tree.

The mouse flipped in midair and planted its feet on the tree. Using its momentum, the mouse launched itself off the tree and straight at the rhino. The rhino, in turn, charged the flying mouse with its horn posed to strike.

But, just before collision, the mouse pushed its tail against the ground, shooting itself about twenty feet into the air. The rhino skidded to a halt only a few moments after. It looked up to see the mouse diving straight down at its position.

The mouse's tail began to glow a dim white as it descended on the rhino. Once the mouse got within three feet of the rhino, the rhino sidestepped the attack and followed up by ramming its horn into the mouse's side.

And, before the disoriented mouse could regain control of its body, the rhino slammed its foot on the ground. This in turn kicked up a variety of rocks and clumps of earth. The rhino then launched the various objects at the flying mouse, who had by now regained its bearings.

The mouse desperately tried to defend against the projectiles with every ounce of skill it had. It was painfully obvious that the mouse was horrible at it, but it was also apparent that it had trained itself to defend against the attack.

The mouse batted the projectiles away with its tail, but was occasionally forced to use its small arms and legs as well. It also sent small electric bolts to break up some of the bigger objects, into smaller pieces.

And, after a small while, the mouse reached the edge of the small clearing where it jumped off a nearby tree, propelling itself towards the ground. Once it made contact with the ground, it began to roll towards the rhino at impressive speeds.

The rhino, in turn, charged the mouse with its horn positioned to strike. But, right before they made contact, the mouse rolled out of its ball and jumped straight at the rhino's face.

The rhino recoiled just enough for the mouse to grab onto its horn. The mouse gripped the rhino's horn tightly and began to charge electricity in its fur.

The rhino went crazy. It slammed its horn it everything that was in range: trees, rocks, thorn bushes, shrubs, etc.

The mouse was obviously very beaten up, but it continued to hold on to the rhino's horn until it finally got enough electricity. Realizing the inevitable, the rhino simply shut its eyes to brace itself for the impending attack.

The mouse discharged the electricity, resulting in a massive column of light that covered the entire clearing, followed by a powerful shockwave. The column of light dissipated almost as soon as it came, leaving behind a cloud of dust that obscured the battlefield.

Naruto watched intently as the dust cleared to reveal both the mouse and the rhino standing in the middle of a crater that nearly filled up the entire clearing.

The mouse was breathing very heavily and had a multitude of scrapes and bruises, while the rhino looked like it had taken no damage what so ever.

The mouse looked at the rhino with both shock and disappointment. But before the mouse could sulk any longer, the rhino was upon it using every close up attack it could. The mouse defended against the attacks as best it could.

It sidestepped the rhino's horn and immediately had to roll under the rhino's body to avoid a kick. The mouse then had to continue dodging the rhino's feet as it proceeded to stampede in place.

And, once the mouse slid out from under the rhino it had to back flip away from the incoming horn. Right after that the mouse had to block the rhino's kick with its tail, causing its tail to go limp.

The onslaught continued for at least a minute with the mouse dodging or defending from the relentless rhino.

The mouse had just sidestepped another one of the rhino's kicks when it was blindsided by the rhino's horn. The horn sent the mouse the mouse spiraling high into the air where it proceeded to flail about in an attempt to regain its bearings.

But, before mouse could react any further, the rhino slammed its foot into the ground much like it had done previously. The rhino quickly began to launched the resulting debris at the mouse with deadly accuracy.

The mouse gave a slight cry of agony as most of the projectiles either glanced off its skin or hit it dead on. The mouse couldn't even control its body as it stayed suspended in midair by what looked like a mini asteroid field created by various Pokéarth based objects.

The rhino finally stopped its barrage and allowed the mouse to fall where it hit the ground with a resounding thud.

When the mouse showed no signs of movement the rhino promptly left.

'Well that was weird.' Naruto thought, preparing to do the same. But something stopped him.

The rhino hadn't gotten more than ten feet away when the same energy Naruto had felt earlier, pulsed from the mouse's body. The shockwave that was created by the pulse was clearly visible, as a dense light-blue mist spread outward from the mouse and engulfed the clearing.

The shockwave launched the rhino away from the mouse's body at an impressive pace, straight into an old oak tree. The rhino went straight through the thick tree, creating a huge hole through the trunk of the tree.

The rhino then hit a younger tree that was about twenty feet away from the previous tree. But, before the rhino could get out of the dent it created in the trunk, the old oak tree came crashing down onto the younger one, crushing the rhino in between the two trees.

Everything went silent as Naruto watched the pile of leafs, splinters, and bark rustle. The rhino slowly walked out of the rubble looking outraged with many scrapes and chips along its body.

The mouse was standing again, though a little shaky. All of the scrapes, bruises, and other battle scares still showed on the mouse's body.

'Strange.' Naruto thought. 'The creature didn't heal itself, but yet it is again standing. It must just be able to bear it the pain better than before.'

The rhino roared and charged at the mouse like a raging bull. The mouse responded by running to its left, straight towards the forest. The rhino continued to charge as it followed the fleeing mouse.

The mouse ran straight at one of the thicker trees, with the rhino only a few feet behind it. When the mouse was only a few feet away from the tree it jumped onto the tree and used it to backflip back over the rhino's body.

The rhino made an attempt to stop itself before it hit the tree by digging the heels of its back feet into the ground, but it was all in vain. The rhino hit the tree head first, but instead of going straight through the tree, its front horn got lodged deep into the tree.

While the rhino struggled to remove its horn from the tree, the mouse descended on the rhino's position with its tail glowing white.

As the mouse descended on the rhino, it rolled into a ball and began to spin vertically taking the appearance of a small yellow sphere outlined with a thick white line.

Upon collision with the rhino's back, a loud buzz saw-like noise echoed through the clearing.

The rhino cried in agony and jerked its head backwards, ripping its horn out of the tree. Once it was free, the rhino quickly jumped to the side away from the mouse.

But, when the rhino jumped, it caused the mouse to dig even deeper into the rhino's rock body and damage its tail. Once the rhino was out of the way of the mouse's attack, the mouse flew straight into the ground, causing the mouse to burrow deep into the earth.

The rhino looked horrible. A huge chunk of its back was gone and laying nearby on the ground and there was a deep slit in its body that went at least five inches in.

The rhino looked at the mouse with fury as it crawled out of the hole it had dug for itself.

The mouse's tail looked like it was the only thing that got damaged on the mouse's body, but the damage was nothing to scuff at. The backside of the mouse's tail was bent back and crinkled along each edge of its lightning bolt shape.

The rhino roared as it charged the mouse once more. The mouse also charged at the rhino with small sparks skipping across its fur.

When the two were about to collide the mouse jumped with all its strength and grabbed onto the rhino's horn. With the electricity already charged, the mouse wasted no time in releasing another massive blast of electricity onto the rhino.

The column of light shone in the sky once more as the cry of the rhino was carried through the air.

When the column disappeared, Naruto looked at the crater that was once a peaceful clearing full of life.

'These creatures are certainly powerful. They reduced the entire clearing into nothing more than a wasteland in the course of a hour.' Naruto thought as he looked at the setting sun.

Naruto once again focused his attention onto the crater where he saw the mouse laying on its side breathing very heavily with a look of triumph in its eyes.

Naruto looked to the left of the mouse to see the rhino unconscious with sparks escaping through all the holes in its body and its eyes steaming.

'That is truly amazing. The rhino just got a massive amount of electricity shot through its eyes and it is merely unconscious. Its eyes are also still intact and appear to have taken no damage.' Naruto thought.

Naruto continued to watch as the mouse slowly picked itself off the ground and walked into the forest, its form disappearing behind the thick trees.

Once Naruto deemed it safe enough, he slunk away from the battlefield and took to the trees once more.

'That was interesting.' Naruto thought as he continued to jump through the trees.

But, this time around, Naruto was way more careful around the creatures, staying as far away from them as possible.

No need to get into a confrontation and waste energy. After all, he still had no idea where he was.

When over half of the sun was hidden behind the mountains, a small speck appeared in the distance. Naruto strained his eyes to identify it as he began to dash towards the speck.

As he grew closer, Naruto could see the shadows of small structures in the distance accompanied by a medium-sized hill, with what looked to be a windmill on it.

Naruto looked to his left and found a thin dirt road leading towards a small village. He jumped out of the trees and landed soundlessly on the road. He looked down the road once more and then commenced his sprint towards the town.

After running for a good ten more minutes, Naruto slowed to a stop right in front of a gate entrance with a signpost by it. Naruto glanced at the sign and read the fancy words carved into the wooden surface. Pallet Town: Where Pokémon Masters are born.

'This looks like a civilian settlement no apparent defenses. I may be able to gather some information from here.' Naruto thought as he sealed his swords away in their respective scrolls and began to walk towards the gate.

'Pokémon Master?' Naruto thought, reading the sign once more. 'Sounds interesting.'

Without another thought, Naruto's body promptly disappeared as he took to the shadows.

No sense waltzing into an unknown settlement dressed as a fully armed and highly lethal ninja. That would just be silly.


"Sir we have another reading."

"How high?"

"It's off the charts."

"I see… Mobilize two squads from Omega and Delta. I want them in my office within the next hour."

"From which sector sir?"

"Sector 10."

"Sector 10 sir?"

"Did I stutter?"

"N-no sir."

"While I do appreciate irony, I don't think now is the time for it. Make sure you have those teams ready."

"As you wish sir."


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