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Last time on The Rise of Chaos: Upon their arrival at Fall City, Ash's two brigadier generals immediately departed. One was on their way to Wintown to the north and the other headed south towards Summerland.

Meanwhile, Ash, Denkou, and Naruto's clone went to go see the mayor about setting up recruiting stations in the city. After being swiftly denied a meeting by the attendant, Katsuo called Ash reporting Chaos presence outside of the city.

Ash ordered Katsuo to engage the Chaos forces to the east, while Naruto's clone ordered one of Ash's brigadier generals to begin the evacuation of the city. After his order had been given, Naruto's clone then told Ash to assist Michiko, his second brigadier general, in the north after she and her forces had been ambushed.

Easily dispatching their ambushers, Michiko and her forces now with the addition of Ash were faced with another wave of attackers, this one begin slightly more skillful than the last.

Denkou and his team were also having a similar experience. They began complaining about the distinct lack of challenge before a squad of Pokémon from Section 6 Zeta effectively drove Denkou away from his team.

Just before being forced to release three seal levels in the face of this new challenge, Denkou became aware of a the large gap between the number of allies on the battlefield and the number of opponents.


(Also, if you are not familiar with the layout of "Pokéarth," I will mostly be following the map they have on the website Serebii. I figured it might help some of you track the army's movements.)

Electricity sparked off of Denkou's body as he flipped into the air in a dramatic display of acrobatics before a thick pulse of aura shot out of his body, hitting the Grovyle in the chest with enough force to knock the wind out of his lungs.

Hitting the ground on four feet, Denkou launched himself towards the charging Luxio with dangerous speed. Sparks arched off of both combatants as they flew across the battlefield in a blur of color.

Locking eyes with his opponent, Denkou smirked before swerving to the right.

Digging his back paws deep into the ground, Denkou pushed himself into a bipedal position as he channeled all of his momentum into a spin. His tail was enveloped with electricity before it slammed into the approaching Linoone's face with concussive force. The poor pokémon blacked out for a moment as it was thrown across the ground in a series of barrel rolls and horizontal spins.

Redirecting his attention back onto the approaching Luxio, Denkou continued his spin while propelling himself upwards into a butterfly kick. Unable to alter its path, the Luxio passed under Denkou as he twisted though the air before bringing his tail down onto the top of the Luxio's head.

Dirt shot into the air as the Luxio lost its balance and impacted with the ground, digging a shallow trench into the ground with nothing more than his chin and forward momentum.

Having used his attack to get higher into his jump, Denkou spun a bit more before shooting of a large bolt of electricity.

"I summon thee!" He bellowed in as low a tone as he was capable, while releasing a blinding beacon of supercharged electricity straight into the crowded sky.

A boom of thunder soon followed the performance well as a moment of near complete silence.

"What the hell?" The Luxio asked as he picked himself up, baffled far beyond those three words.

"Damn it Denkou."

Pivoting on his heel to defend against any possible attack, the Luxio was forced to lower his head when his body was engulfed by a massive cloud of dust.

"Our first real battle and you pull that shit."

"No back talk from my noble steed." Denkou chastised, waving a finger at the newly arrived Pidgeot. "The time has come for us to mount up."

Before any protest could be made, Denkou launched himself into a series of flips. He flew in an elegant arc, planning his feet squarely on Pideot's back before applying some aura for extra traction.

"Onwards my noble mount." The Pikachu announced grandly, thrusting his finger forward into the wild blue yonder. "For tonight we ride!"

"The sun is still setting."

Receiving an uncomfortable amount of voltage for his statement, Pidgeot simply grumbled before taking to the air once more.

"Hey I'm not done with you." The Sneasel called as she watched the two make their rapid ascent.

"Nor am I with you." Denkou mumbled, channeling electricity into his open palms as Pidgeot began to arc into a swift decent.

"What are you up to?" The Luxio uttered, motioning for his team to regroup.

Deciding to "test the waters," he fired off a series of Thunderbolts at Pidgeot; only to watch as each and every one of them was gracefully avoided.

They were getting close fast that was for sure.

They had already closed half the distance when he saw a group of his ally Pidgeottos get shot down by yellow balls of what he could safely assume to be electricity.

"Such unorthodox tactics."

Twisting his head to the side to look at the Grovyle, sparks began to shoot off of the Luxio's fur.

"Take care of those balls of electricity, while Sneasel an I work on shooting them down." The Luxio ordered, gaining a nod from the two mentioned pokémon.

"Where the hell are the others?" The Linoone growled feeling all but useless as his teammates' beams of ice and electricity began to take to the sky.

"They are likely to arrive shortly." The Grovyle said, slicing two electricity balls clean in half with a Leaf Blade and tearing another to shreds with a Bulletseed before batting another way with his other Leaf Blade.

"Onwards my fiery mount! Arise your passionate flames to accompany my liquid justice!"

Snapping their heads to the side to face the noise, the two pokémon barely had enough time to dive out of the way before they were overtaken by a streak for red and blue. The Grovyle hissed as one of the leaves on his forearm caught fire, forcing him to roll around in the dirt to put it out.

"How did you drag me into this?" A distinctly feminine voice asked, before the unprepared Luxio was struck in the side by a surge of water.

"Luxio!" The Sneasel cried, cutting of her Ice Beam and moving to assist her teammate only to be blown away by a ball of electricity.

"Thou dare challenge the claim of my mighty mount?"

"Nay my fellow warrior, but rather I save thee buttocks for the ardent flames of defeat." Squirtle called out passionately, while directing his attention towards their disgruntled opponents.

"Certainly thou must mistrust thy own claim." Denkou said as Pidgeot settled into a controlled hover just off to their right. "After all, it was thee that hath done forced me to contemplate a rescue to save thee from a hexad of muscle-bound hooligans."

"While not as fast as the opponents of thee, they did indeed hold both strength and numbers over thy assailants." Squirtle countered, puffing his shell-incased chest out in a grandiose manner.

"A challenge indeed!" Denkou said leaning over the side of Pidgeot aggressively. "But only for thee as thou doth forget that he had to be defended from these speedy opponents by mine own paws."

Squirtle scowled as the Pikachu waved around his stubby arms in a mocking manner.

"They only surprised me." Squirtle growled.

"Oh, but me they did not." Pikachu said tilting his head to the side innocently. "One can only assume as to why."

Squirtle opened his mouth to responded before swiftly shutting it, choosing instead to slap his mount in the butt…


Bucking backwards at the sudden strike, Raphidash rose into an almost bipedal posture as she whinnied in what was likely to be rage.

"What the hell?" She roared.

But, before she could protest further, she felt one of her front legs impact with something solid. She dropped back down onto four legs before staring at the dazed Linoone quizzically.

"Pay more attention." Squirtle chided. "You shouldn't allow our enemies to sneak up on you like that, after all this is war."

"Says the guy who was having a childish feud with a Pikachu just moments ago." Raphisdash grumbled before attempting to stomp on the Linoone only for it to be taken by the Grovyle.

"Such a passionate discussion keeps the mind sharp." Denkou said, gaining a sage like nod from the blue turtle.

"We have company." Pidgeot said, his body shooting into motion just in time to doge a Fearow's drill peck.

His ears twitching in anticipation, Denkou's body once again lit up with electricity before a lighting bolt was launched from his body, deterring the approaching Staravia quite readily.

"Squirtle." The Pikachu called as his mount and teammate swerved sharply to avoid a combination of ice and electricity. "Think you and Raphidash can handle these guys? Pidgeot and I would be of much more use in the air."

"Of course." Squirtle said, firing of a quick Bubblebeam to force the Luxio to quit his attack, while Raphidash preformed a more fiery mirror of his attack on the Sneasel. "Besides we won't exactly be alone down here."

A sharp snap rang through the air as the Luxio was sent careening back towards the Sneasel by a distinct green vine. The Sneasel attempted to catch the Luxio only to feel an odd numbness overtake her body, effectively freezing her in place.

The Luxio was still saved from a painful impact, however, when the Grovyle snatched him out of the air before shooting a diversionary Bullet Seed at the approaching Butterfree.

"Well this isn't fair." Bulbasaur said, narrowly missing the Linoone as he scooped up the paralyzed Sneasel and retreated alongside his teammate. "How come I don't get a mount?"

His gaze drifted upwards only to be greeted by the hateful eyes of a Butterfree.

"You can try." She said.

Bulbasaur returned the glare, seriously contemplating whether or not to take the challenge before he was broken out of his musings.

"Oi, slap and tickle comes later." Denkou said, flinging an unconscious Machop in-between the two as Pidgeot began their ascent.

"Now is the time to fight."


Hugging his trench coat closer to his body, Tedric exited his squad's tent. He was instantly greeted with a bone chilling wind followed by a blast of sand to his face just above his nose. The only exposed portion of flesh on his entire body.

"Of course." Tedric mumbled, rubbing his eyes a bit before using one of his hands to cover them from any more assaults.

Trudging though the camp while drawing his coat tightly around his body, Tedric passed by a thin capsule of dirt just thick enough to stand up against the continuous onslaught of sand readily provided by the Orre region.

The capsule wasn't fully closed however, and had a open top allowing Tedric a clear view of a solider that had passed out just inches away from one of the, now buried, campfires.

'Must have been one heck of a party.' Tedric thought, panning his gaze upwards to get a more complete view of the area around the campfire.

And, sure enough, seven other capsules were scattered around at varying distances from the campfire's location. Two squads had apparently found some reason to celebrate a few hours previous.

'Maybe it was someone's birthday.' Tedric mused, continuing his journey to the top of the sand dune closest to the camp. 'Well whatever it was they are all going to need to stop by one of the medics tomorrow to cure their hangovers before we start travelling again. Wouldn't want them accidently killing themselves by tripping over their own feet.'

Completing his ascent of the dune, Tedric found another identical capsule. He sighed before carefully lowering himself onto the cold desert floor.

And, as soon as he had shifted himself into a relatively comfortable position, he too was provided with his own protective capsule.

"Thanks." Tedric said in his own cheerful yet lazy way.

"No problem."

"So what happened?" His eyes now drifting upwards towards the star-filled sky, Tedric patently waited for his response.

'It's a full moon.' Tedric thought fondly, staring at the well-known circle with half-lidded eyes. 'I should be sleeping right now.'

"Our forces have been ambushed in the east."

That certainly caused his eyes to widen a fraction.

"Damn." Tedric muttered. "When did this happen?"

"Just this last night for us, but for them it was around noon. I just got the information this morning. Apparently they were engaged by Chaos forces upon their arrival in Ring Town."

"I'm guessing they weren't all killed." Tedric said, it was more of a statement than a question. "After all, you wouldn't know about it otherwise."

"No, it is likely the are still engaged on the city's outskirts. I heard the evacuation was still underway an hour ago so they are likely still trying to keep the soldiers occupied until they are able to take up a more secure position inside the city."

"Well it is a city with a population of about 600,000 people. And with tourism the population count is likely to be around two and a half to three million. So I can imagine it might take some time to clear out."

"Naruto said they don't expect it to be finished until around midnight our early morning on the Fiore region clock."

"What exactly are they up against?" Tedric asked.

Tedric didn't like the length of the following pause.

"We think that Chaos has complete control over the Fiore region judging by how well entrenched they had been upon the arrival of Satoshi's corps."

"What about numbers?" Tedric asked. "How many are there?"


"Skill level?"


"Basic equipment?"


"Average number of Pokémon carried?"


"Most common type of Pokémon used?"


"The color of their pantyhose?"


"Give me something Takashi."

Brock simply sighed.


"Don't let yourselves die now." Katsuo yelled, forcing an attacker to disengage one of his squadmates to avoid being impaled. "Evacuations are nearly complete, this is the final stretch."

He launched a large bolt of electricity at an airborne Chaos member, only for it to be dispersed by a sudden surge of wind. Snapping his head to the right, he ducked under the attacker's slice before sending an unhealthily amount of voltage into the man's feet via an electrically charged sweeping kick.

Unable to respond properly due to the following muscle spasms, the man's vision soon went dark as Katsuo dove a kunai directly though his spine and lung.

Pushing on his entrenched kunai, Katsuo managed to push the man's body into the path of three incoming shuriken before letting go to sidestep the fourth. He swiftly withdrew another kunai to meet the vertical slash of another attacker, feeling his feet begin to slide on the loose dirt of the road.

Increasing his traction with a good deal of aura, Katsuo released a savage battle cry as he broke the power struggle with one mighty heave. The action having forced his attacker to stumble backwards, Katsuo capitalized on the opening with a horizontal slash aimed at the man's stomach.

The sudden appearance of a wall of mud in between his kunai and the man forced him to rethink his attack, however, as it also allowed the man enough time to regain his balance. Channeling some of his elemental aura into his kunai, the blade made short work of the mud wall before being halted by the wind enhanced kunai of its target.

Katsuo chuckled as he glanced at his fully intact kunai, "Not too proficient are you?"

The man bristled indignantly at the comment, putting a bit more pressure on Katsuo's kunai and managing to cut through about a centimeter of the metal. Katsuo merely chuckled once more before violently twisting his own kunai clockwise, effectively tearing the man's blade from his grip.

Spinning to the right, Katsuo griped the hilt of his new kunai with his left hand. Sparks flew off blades as he tugged the kunai out of the other before using his momentum to drive his left elbow into the man's stomach.

Doubling over in pain, the man felt molten lava flow through his veins as a kunai tore through his side. The feeling didn't last too long, however, as a second kunai found home in the top of his skull.

Letting out a breath before flipping backwards to dodge a pillar of earth, Katsuo felt a slight sting in his right leg.

Using his remaining kunai to distance an enemy from one of his squadmates, Katsuo removed the shuriken from his thigh. Tossing the metal objects away before sidestepping a vertical kunai slash, Katsuo punched the woman in the gut before he was forced to backflip away from a volley of kunai.

Spinning though the air in an arc, Katsuo felt the soles of his sandals scrape against the dirt before he began to unroll himself, kunai already in hand.

However, this suddenly proved to be a problem as a ball of condensed liquid slammed against his back causing him to lose what little footing he had and fall forward.

Twisting to the right, he hit the ground in a roll when he felt another pressure on his right foot. The second orb quickly dispersed just like the other, but not before twisting his foot in a direction it defiantly wasn't supposed to.

Sucking in air to deter any sound that represented pain and ignoring the cracking sound, Katsuo, rolled to the left of a couple shuriken. Using the momentum to drive himself into a standing position on his left leg, he began to channel aura into his right foot before awkwardly spinning to the left of a man's vertical slash.

Driving his right leg outwards midway through the spin to keep his balance, tears began to well up in his eyes as he achieved a 360 and effectively slammed his right foot into the man's stomach.

Katsuo lost his balance almost instantly, while his attacker momentarily doubled over in pain. Squinting through his own pain as he continued his decent, Katsuo attempted to capitalize on the opening by launching his kunai at the man's chest.

He missed quite badly.

Gasping as his back collided with the ground along with his right foot, Katsuo's gaze darkened a bit before he began to draw aura into his chest.

Speaking of his chest, a couple loud snaps shot through the air as the recovered man implanted his foot squarely on the center of Katsuo's ribcage before moving to impale him with his kunai.

A thick pulse of aura shot through the air as Katsuo gripped the man's leg before twisting it to the right and sending a massive amount of electricity through the appendage.

The man's mind shut down under the foreign assault, quickly losing contact with the rest of his body.

And thus the man's heart stopped beating.

Groaning as he worked his way back onto his feet and using his aura to reinforce his foot, Katsuo felt a very familiar aura signature pass over his body before a small smile worked its way over his face.

"Alright!" Katsuo announced, letting off a massive pulse of aura as he filled the area with dozens of large, blue sparks of electricity. "It's time to fall back, release all restraints and take up position inside the city!"


"Both armies are falling back into the city."

"I am well aware." Hisashi drawled, refusing to look away from the massive window overlooking the city that every proper office had to have. "And, it looks like Section 7 is still holding out just fine."

"Correct sir."

"Of course I'm correct." Hisashi said, a wicked smirk working its way over his face as two faint pulses of aura washed over the tower. "Tell Section 7 to maintain pressure on their army."

"Yes sir!"

Auburn eyes reflected off the window before drifting upwards across the star-filled sky and towards their heavenly spectator.

The moon shone with its full light, bathing the city in a soft celestial glow that was just oh so appropriate for the current situation.

"Also, make sure to send Tsukiko up here, I have a feeling she might want to hear this."



Naruto's voice flowed smoothly even through the less than perfect earpiece of the Pokégear.

'Probably just showing off again.' Ash mused. "The evacuation has been completed and both Katsuo's and Michiko's armies have taken refuge inside Ring Town. My second brigadier general, Shuichi, is currently overseeing the city's defense on both fronts as our soldiers take a much needed rest."

Naruto gave an unseen nod.

That adjective may have not been necessary to the report, but that didn't detract from its accuracy. One and a half days of continuous combat was certainly nothing to scoff at, shinobi or no.


"My army has suffered roughly 57 deaths and 375 wounded in varying degrees." Michiko said crisply.

"I see." Naruto said. "Katsuo?"

"I think there were about 100 deaths and 650 wounded." Katsuo said slowly, going over the numbers a couple times in his head before deciding they were adequate.

"Frankly, I'm surprised there weren't more." Shuichi said roughly, the grit in his voice rougher than sandpaper. "Cause I heard our armies were not only outnumbered two to one the entire time and also right at the beginning I was told Michiko's unit was effectively ambushed."

"You're forgetting the Battle of Viridian. Our three generals were placed against an entire division of Chaos soldiers and not a single one of them died, so on that note I'm surprised there weren't less casualties." Tedric said, his lazy drawl crackling to life over the Pokégear. "Still, the fact that their skill in battle did increase so much is cause for worry."

"Their skill didn't increase that much." Ash said. "Well on average it might have, but that is not the point. The point is that not all of Chaos is grouped into one big pool."

There was a pause as everyone waited for Ash to elaborate, but after about seven seconds of silence Misty took the initiative.

"What do you mean?"

Another pause followed.

"Well… you see… they seem to be separated into different groups." He paused once more. "Specialized groups."

"I agree." Katsuo interjected, pulling his commander out of the line of fire. "The enemies always came at us in separate waves. At first they all seemed to fight regularly just like at the Battle of Viridian until about midafternoon. At that point each wave seemed to favor a different method of fighting."

"So some of them fought differently the group at the Battle of Viridian." Tedric mused, mentally reviewing the news clips a couple times as he spoke. "What kind of different methods could they have used?"

"Quite a few actually." Katsuo said. "One group was really strong, one group focused on defense, and one group fought from a distance."

"We also encountered something similar in the north." Michiko said. "We never saw any long distance fighters, but there was one group that was particularly fast."

"Anything else?" Naruto asked.

"Not much." Ash said. "Aside from the fact that their pokémon seemed to match their fighting style, the only other thing I learned from the encounter was that Chaos has a lot of troops and that some sucked and some didn't."

There was a pause.

"The average skill level of each group increased as the battle progressed." Michiko clarified. "After we defeated one group the one that replaced it was always more skilled in battle."

"We experience the same in the east." Katsuo said. "We were able to massacre the first group within ten minutes despite the fact its size doubled that of our forces. But, the groups that engaged us in the afternoon were able to hold out against us for nearly an entire day before they ended up withdrawing."

"Withdrawing?" Brock asked skeptically. "You mean they retreated?"

"Yeah, we were just as surprised as you are." Katsuo said. "Before then we had fought four or five groups to the very last man before they were replaced, but not these guys. Not only did they hold out for an entire day, but they only ended up losing only about a tenth of their forces before they made their retreat."

"They retreated in the north as well." Ash chimed. "God knows how loudly my pokémon complained about losing their opponents."

"I thought about perusing them, but the next Chaos army was quick to engage us." Katsuo continued. "That and the fact that I decide to send a few squads into the forest to take out some of those damn long ranged units. The squads were able to wipe out half of them in an hour before they were forced to return to the main battle. Those units may not be able to punch for shit, but their water orbs can be a real pain in a fight."

"So I've heard." Ash said, a hint of mockery peeking though the static of the first generation Pokégear. "Judging by the medical reports I received you seemed to have had a particularly bad experience with them."

"It defiantly wasn't a good one." Katsuo said. "But, nothing I couldn't handle."

"Really?" Ash said. "I've heard your foot says otherwise."

"Right now it's saying it could kick your ass." Katsuo said. "But luckily I'm here to hold it back."

"I wouldn't call that luck." Ash said. "After all, just because the Pokéball is capable of hitting the pokémon it is the user that causes it to miss."

"True, but sometimes the user misses his target on purpose." Katsuo said. "He may be capable of hitting the target, but he might not always want to."

"If he spends his entire time missing then what's to say he can hit in the first place?" Ash shot back. "Sounds to me like this guy is in denial."

"If you're done," Naruto interjected, ignoring a couple snickers left over from the brief exchange. "I believe we have a meeting to return to."

"Of course." Ash said, cutting off any parting shot Katsuo might have had planned. "My thoughts exactly."

"Well seeing as you have given us all the information you have on their army, I would like to discuss the subject of how to proceed." Naruto said, leaving the floor open to suggestions.

"I think the obvious place to start would be with possible reinforcements." Brock said.

Naruto half expected him to continue, but a few seconds of silence proved otherwise.

"Agreed." Naruto said. "I fear to what extent Chaos will pressure Ash and his forces in Ring Town. They are likely to have used this first battle as an attempt to gauge the strength of our forces and we still have yet to find out just how skilled the best of their soldiers are."

"You think they're toying with us." Brock said.

Naruto didn't disagree.

"Either way, this was just their initial reaction to discovering our presence in the Fiore region and already they have proven to posses a level of skill that far exceeds that we witnessed previously." Tedric said. "There next reaction isn't likely to be something Satoshi's forces would like to handle alone."

"I agree completely." Ash chirped.

Naruto sighed, it seemed he would be forced to abandon his morals a bit sooner that he had hoped. His heart stung for a moment as his mind drifted towards the smiling face of a familiar old man.

'If only you had said no.'

"I currently have a division of one thousand men that I kept in reserve for such an occasion and my clones can handle all of my duties in the Kanto region." Naruto said slowly. "It seems it has come time for me to leave Kanto and begin my own operations in the field."

"I would like to accompany you as well." Misty said hastily. "I'm not doing anyone any good by sitting here in Johto."

"Actually Katsumi, I need you to oversee a project in my steed." Naruto said completely unaware of Misty's change in facial expression.

"A project?" Misty asked half-heartedly as her eyes darkened in disappointment.

In any personal interaction her tone of voice and darkening facial expression would have had no problem telling Naruto of Misty's current emotional conflictions. However, far out of the reach of eyesight and connected only though a static-filled pokégear, Naruto remained blissfully unaware of such conflictions.

"You will probably be able to handle it better than I am considering its nature." Naruto said. "I have a feeling you will enjoy taking part in it."

Naruto's words failed to consul her, however, as Misty bit her bottom lip, her mind slowly beginning to drift away from the closing conversation. Little did she know, Brock wasn't feeling much better than her at the moment.


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