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Last time on The Rise of Chaos: Naruto woke up in Viridian City's Pokemon Center after a strange dream. After being given the 'okay' from Nurse Joy, Naruto met Officer Jenny in the Pokemon Center's lobby. Officer Jenny then escorted Naruto to the library, where he met Alca the library's AI. After being guided to the history section of the library, Naruto began to study the kunai he got form his battle the day before. After a few hours of study Naruto and Officer Jenny went to the PokéMart, where Naruto got some supplies. Once he was finished Officer Jenny escorted Naruto to the city gates where Naruto said his goodbyes and left. Later that day Naruto set up camp in a small clearing, in Viridian Forest. Then Naruto placed a gravity seal on Pidgey and Pikachu. After having them run three laps around the clearing Naruto left them to rest while he went into the forest. In the forest Naruto launched a surprise attack against the Omega Team that he fought the previous day. After a brief battle with one of the Omega Team members and his pokémon, Naruto released all of the Omega Team's pokémon back into the wild. When Naruto got back to camp he got word from his shadow clone that Delta Team had been defeated and that their pokémon had also been released. Once the clone dispersed Naruto climbed into his sleeping bag and took a much-deserved rest.

Once again Naruto found himself in a endless void of pure darkness.

It didn't take long for the booming voice, he heard before, to break the eerie silence that hung in the void.

"Though you may not have realized it yet, you have already begun to fight against the dark power that threatens to overtake this peaceful world." The voice said. "The dark leader has grown wary of you and even as we speak he prepares his forces to fight the only one that can threaten his dreams of total domination...you."

"Then how do I counter him?" Naruto asked the voice.

"You must retaliate this evil leader, with forces of your own." The voice replied.

"But I don't have anybody that is willing to fight with me." Naruto stated. "Even my pokémon are to weak to pose any threat against a powerful enemy."

"THEN TRAIN THEM!" The voice boomed. "Train your pokémon so they can pose a threat against even Arceus itself, for it will take nothing less to combat your true enemy."

"I don't have the knowledge or ability to train a worthy ally." Naruto replied. "And even if I did two pokémon, no matter how strong, could stop an army."

"That is true." The voice agreed. "But, then that means you must expand your forces and create your own army. To do this you must recruit your troops just like you recruited your pokémon. And this army must not only contain pokémon, but also humans trained in the ways of the ninja so may rise against this world's impending doom."

"But that still leaves the problem of me being unable to train such an army." Naruto said.

"Then you must train yourself!" The voice yelled in what seemed to be annoyance. "You must train yourself, before you may train others."

"I see. So how long do I have to do all this?" Naruto asked.

"That even I do not know." The voice said as the void around Naruto began to consume him. "The leader's dark forces may strike at any time, so be wary kit."

'Kit?' That was the last thing that ran through Naruto's mind before the darkness of the void overtook him.


A gentle breeze blew through Naruto's tent, causing the tent flaps to flutter. Naruto opened his eyes and got out of his sleeping bag. Stepping onto the damp grass, Naruto preformed a small stretch before he started to walk towards the entrance of the tent. Only a few dim rays of the early morning sunshine flowed in from the small hole in the front of the tent, illuminating the nearby grass with a dull yellow light.

Naruto pushed the tent flaps aside and stepped outside into the Viridian Forest once more. Only a few thin rays of light were able to break through the dense canopy that covered the entire forest.

Naruto rekindled the dead fire from last night and began his morning rituals of bathing, brushing his teeth, and preparing breakfast.

Soon after Naruto's breakfast began to boil, Pikachu and Pidgey rushed out of the tent. Naruto wasted no time in getting two bowls out of one of his scrolls and filling it with some pokémon food he got at the PokéMart.

As soon as their bowls were on the grass, Pidgey and Pikachu began to stuff their faces. Naruto also poured himself a bowl of soup and began to eat.

Thirty minutes later Naruto, Pidgey, and Pikachu where inside a clearing a few meters south of their campsite.

The clearing was a little bit larger than the one their campsite was in, but other than that there was no big difference. The clearing was just as dark and damp as their campsite.

"Begin training with four laps around the training area." Naruto's voice broke through the eerie silence that hung in the forest.

With only the slightest bit of hesitation, Pidgey and Pikachu began to run laps around the clearing. Naruto monitored the two pokémon as they sprinted around the clearing's edge. The grass under rustled under Pikachu's feet as it ran and the grass leaned into the ground as Pidgey passed over it from above.

Naruto watched silently as the two pokémon did their laps. After a little while Naruto formed a familiar hand seal and began to concentrate his Aura. Soon after five clones 'poofed' into existence and immediately started to run to the edge of the clearing.

Pikachu and Pidgey looked curiously at the five new figures that resembled their trainer, but soon shrugged them off with indifference. After all, their trainer wasn't like most humans they encountered before.

Once the clones reached the very edge of the clearing they each stepped in front of their own separate oak tree and began to focus their chakra. Slowly each clone placed its foot on their tree and didn't move at all until the clone was sure it had a good foot hold before it then put its other foot on the and repeated the process. Slowly but surely, each clone began to make its way up the large oak trees with nothing but their feet.

"As long as they each are able to continue to keep their footing on the tree nothing else matters." Naruto thought as he watched his clones slowly ascend into the forest's dense canopy. "Soon this will become second nature to them and then speed will come with time."

As soon as his clones disappeared into the forest's canopy Naruto focused his attention on his two weary pokémon.

Because of their new gravity seals Pikachu and Pidgey were extremely tired after their four laps. The two pokémon stumbled up to Naruto and once again collapsed at his feet.

"We'll continue training in ten minutes, but for now rest." Naruto said to the two pokémon, who seemed more than happy to comply.

As his pokémon rested Naruto began his own training. After a few stretches Naruto prepared to run around the clearing.

But before he began his sprint, Naruto decided to check on something that had been bothering him for a while now. Slowly Naruto began to concentrate his Aura in hopes of trying to sense his target.

Naruto soon found what he was looking for and forced himself to hold back a few undignified words that treated to explode from his mouth.

'Just as I feared.' Naruto thought as he tried re-controlling his flaring emotions. 'The switch from Chakra to Aura upon my entrance into this world caused my gravity seal to be disrupted.'

'Now it's only at level five.' Naruto thought with much distaste. 'This is going to take much longer than I initially expected. But then again I should have known, after all nothing in my life has been easy so far, why would it start now?'

Naruto's body tensed as he manually increased the seals level to seven. Naruto stretched to get used to the sudden increase in weight. After a few stretches Naruto once again got in position to execute his stamina training.

'I better not hold back now.' Naruto thought as he took his hands out of his pockets and lowered them onto the grass as he took position. 'If I do then neither I nor this world will have a chance against this enemy.'

Naruto's fists began to grip the damp grass even tighter as he thought about the destruction his fight with the enemy had caused only a few days ago.

With no warning what so ever Naruto took off, uprooting the grass as soon as his foot left the ground. The all the trees in the forest soon became a blur to Naruto as he dashed around the edge of the clearing.

Naruto could feel the pressure of the gravity seal restricting his movements, but he knew that he would have to push himself beyond his limits. After all, if he didn't he couldn't call it training.

The wind attempted to catch up to Naruto as he cut through it, causing a continuous rush of wind to form on the outside of the clearing.

As for Naruto's pokémon, they were dumbfounded. Not only was their trainer able to duplicate himself, but he could also move faster then them. He was very special indeed, they could learn a lot from him.

Elsewhere in a peaceful field, a gentle breeze passed over the lush grass. As soon as the breeze passed two figures were standing amongst the field. The two figures seemed to have a regal look about them and they both carried themselves with pride.

One man had perfectly straight, grey hair that reached to the middle of his back. The man also wore a long-sleeved silver shirt with a black stripe running down the length of his sleeves. The mans pant design was very similar to his shirts except the pants had a pouch that was located in the middle of the man's thigh. But the most notable feature was the man's deep purple eyes.

The figure was a woman that donned grey silk shirt, which was covered by a lavender jacket. On the back of the shirt was a symbol of a red sword that was radiating a circle of blue flames, which covered the back of the jacket. The women's pants seemed to be lavender as well. On her waste the woman had a long katana sheath that only exposed the black handle and dark blue, spiral hand guard of her blade. The women had dark blue hair that reached down to her neck and allowed two thick strands of hair to fall down and from her face. The woman's eyes were almost completely white except for the slight lavender tint that shaded the inside of her eye, with no sign of a pupil.

The man was the first to break the silence of the serene field.

"Has the your Elite informed you of your mission?" The man questioned.

"He said that I was to shadow a possible threat, but he said to ask you for the details." The woman responded.

"Very well. You have been ordered to follow the new Neo that appeared on our scanners about five days ago. He is about five and a half feet with yellow hair and dark purple eyes. He is known to always wear a mask that covers the bottom half of his face and a black cloak. The cloak covers all of his other clothes so we have no description of any of his other attire. He is known to use two swords in battle and we also received a report saying that he is able to create a ball of pure Aura in his hand that can cause devastating area damage." The man explained.

"What is his name and where can I find him?" The woman asked.

"We haven't yet been able to find out his name. But as for his location, we just lost contact with the Delta and an Omega teams sent after him last night. Their last known location was about five miles into Viridian Forest from the Viridian City entrance, so I advise you look somewhere around there. That is assuming that he hasn't moved after his assault on the two teams of course." The man informed.

"Understood. I will depart immediately." The woman said.

"I expect a report on his actions every three to five days." The man said.

"Of course." The woman said.

With that the two seemed to faze out of existence with the passing breeze.


Naruto watched from his perch on a tree branch as his two pokémon trained for al they were worth.

After Naruto had all but collapsed, his pokémon looked at him eagerly awaiting their training. Naruto had told Pikachu to work on its control over electricity and Aura, as well as a new combo that it could work on. As for Pidgey, Naruto had told it to work on its speed, stamina, and Aura control. He also gave it a new technique to try.

Naruto's mind began to gradually drift from his pokémon, to a schedule that he and his pokémon could follow for the next few days.

The schedule was as follows.

6:00am to 7:00am-Breakfast

7:00am to 11:00am-Phisical conditioning

11:00am to 12:00-Lunch

12:00pm to 3:00pm-Aura manipulation training

3:00pmto 5:00pm-Element manipulation training

5:00pm to 9:00pm-Time to practice new techniques and master old ones

9:00pm to 10:00pm-Dinner

After confirming his mental schedule, Naruto flipped open his PokéDex to look at the time.

'Eleven twenty-three.' Naruto thought as he put his PokéDex away and jumped back to the forest floor. 'I suppose we could eat lunch now and start the new schedule after that.'

Naruto left his pokémon to their training a made his way back to the camp to prepare lunch.


After lunch Naruto, Pikachu, and Pidgey began training their Aura control. It had taken a while for Naruto to explain what Aura was to his pokémon, and it took even longer for them to be able to feel it, let alone control it.

'I suppose this is to be expected.' Naruto thought as he watched his two pokémon meditate. 'After all, it usually take the average ninja at least three months of training to have a minuscule amount of control. But, once they learn how to manipulate it the control increases at a much faster rate. I think it will be no different for pokémon, but since they seem to have a natural control, they will probably learn much quicker than a human.'

Naruto ended his musings when he noticed that his clones were at the base of their respective trees. Upon closer inspection Naruto realized that they had each used up almost all of the Aura he had given them, and they were beginning to dematerialize.

Naruto stood up from his seat on the grass and dispelled his clones one by one, with five minute intervals between each dispel.

Once he was done Naruto dropped to his knee and had sweat forming at his forehead.

'This is a bad sign.' He thought as he tried to gain control of his breathing again. 'I can still take the mental strain of gathering the clones' memories, but the feeling of using all their Aura fatigues my body much more than it did back in Konoha. Back then I had a resistance to the illusion of Chakra drain the clones provided with their memories. But here it seems I will have to build up a new resistance to the Aura.'

Naruto sighed as he finally gained control over his breathing. Naruto began to approach a nearby oak tree and stopped ten feet in front of it.

After taking a deep breath Naruto dashed at the tree. When Naruto ran out of grass he planted his foot on the trunk of the tree and continued his run with only a minimal amount of hesitation.

Once Naruto entered the canopy, his sprint turned into a jog as he began to dodge the multitude of branches that blocked his path.

After exiting the thick canopy, Naruto broke out in a renewed sprint, but soon ran out of tree and was launched high into the crimson afternoon sky. Naruto relished the feel of the cold air as it rushed passed his body, causing his cloak to shake violently as it stayed wrapped around his form.

At the peak of his jump, Naruto seemed to say suspended in the air as he stared at the setting sun. After what seemed like an eternity Naruto was sent plummeting back down into the forest.

Before Naruto re-entered the canopy he took as deep a breath as he could, and prepared himself for the second stage of his training.

As soon as Naruto re-entered the canopy, he had to twist his body to avoid a collision with a thick tree branch.

Right after that Naruto did a back flip and used his feet to push off of another branch mid spin. Naruto continued to launch himself off of the branches, speeding his decent toward the damp ground below.

Near the bottom of the canopy, Naruto had just dodged a rather thick branch and was about to jump off of another branch, but he used too much power and the branch snapped off the tree. This in turn caused Naruto to his footing and his control over his fall.

With no way to change his path of decent, Naruto watched as a thick branch closed in on him, fast. Thinking quickly, Naruto sent a large pulse of Aura towards the branch. The pulse tore leaves and branches from nearby trees as it made its way towards its target.

As soon as the pulse passed over the branch, the branch was immediately reduced to nothing more than splinters.

Once Naruto launched himself of one last branch he landed softly on the forest floor.

'My control has defiantly improved, but I have a long way to go. I have yet to even to master the tree walking excise.' Naruto mused as he went over his performance in his head.

'I hesitated when I transferred from the ground to the tree trunk. Also, I had to slow down when I was forced to dodge the branches while running on the tree. Furthermore, I allowed myself to loose control when the branch snapped. And to add to that, I used way to much Aura when I tried to evade the tree branch I was approaching.' Naruto listed, while he watched as his pokémon attempted to control their Aura, and it seemed that they were already able to move their Aura in a slow crude motion.

'I should have known this would take a while... for me.' Naruto thought as he interrupted his pokemons' meditation.

After a quick break Naruto and his pokémon began to train their control over their respective elements.

Naruto knew that his pokémon had way more control over their element then any ninja ever did. Because of that Naruto knew that the regular exercises that ninja did back in his world would be insignificant. So he decided to put them on their own elemental training regiments, to up their control.

After giving his pokémon their instructions, Naruto watched in fascination as Pikachu ejected a small amount of electricity from its body and made it form short, simple patterns in the air. As time went on Pikachu began to form more intricate and lengthy patterns.

Naruto focus soon drifted towards Pidgey, who was moving its body to guide the wind around it through a invisible obstacle course. Over time the speed and power of the wind increased, and more turns and dips were involved in their course.

'I better start training.' Naruto thought as his eyes drifted towards the ground.

Naruto and his five new clones bent over and picked up their own leaf off the forest floor, to begin their training.

Two hours and numerous half cut leaves later, Naruto dispersed all his clones and made one last attempt at cutting the leaf in his palm.

Naruto closed his eyes and concentrated on making a sharp blade out of his Aura, and sure enough the leaf split by a small invisible blade of wind.

Naruto gave a small sign of contentment as he watched the two pieces of the leaf float away in a small breeze that traveled through the silent forest.

Naruto wiped away a bit of sweat, that had formed on his forehead, and then he watched his pokémon for a few minutes as they made their elements perform unbelievably complicated maneuvers through the air.

Pidgey looked like it having problems simply staying airborne, while Pikachu was covered in sweat and was standing on shaky legs.

Just a few seconds later Pikachu's lightning bolt discharged, in front of its face, causing it to fly backwards three feet and skid along the ground another foot.

The sound of the discharge caused Pidgey to lose focus and the condensed wind current it was controlling disbanded, violently. This caused a small shockwave ripple through the air, knocking Pidgey out of the sky.


After the series of accidents Naruto treated his pokémon for their injuries and allowed them to rest for twenty minutes. For the next three and a half hours, Naruto gave his pokémon three techniques to practice each, while he began to relearn all of his previously known techniques.

Naruto found out long ago that hand signs were just used to assist in controlling the users Chakra so he figured they would do exactly the same for Aura.

As the training went on Naruto figured out that statement was spot on and in a hour with the help of a few clones Naruto was able to learn to do the three basic ninja techniques without the help of hand signs.

Naruto also found out that when he was trying to learn or create a new technique with the help of clones, he needed to 'update' his clones on the progress one of his clones made during their training. This was because the clones needed to communicate the results of their training on a regular basis with each other. And until Naruto figured out how to create a mental link that he could use like a radio, he settled with dispersing a clone every thirty minutes to transfer the information to him and his clones.

Naruto also discovered, back in Konoha, that there was no point in naming techniques, because if you yell out the name of the technique your about to use all it does is alert your opponent to your next attack.

Except, of course, if you're in a pokémon battle. Then you have to name your pokémon's attacks so they know what attack you want them to do. But other than that, everything he learned in Konoha is valid in this world.

And with those three thoughts firmly placed in his mind he continued his training.


"That is enough training for today." Naruto said to his pokémon as he began to walk back to the camp.

Pidgey and Pikachu took a quick glance at each other and raced after him. The unspoken message was quite clear.

First one there gets bragging rights.

Naruto gave a small, almost inaudible, chuckle when his two pokémon flew past him, on their way to camp. Pidgey was having some trouble dodging tree branches at the high speeds and Pikachu was jumping from tree branch to tree branch with an impressive show of agility.

'I suppose it's not that surprising.' Naruto thought as he continued to walk. 'Pikachu lived in forests for its whole life. It probably tree jumped as a form of transportation from time to time. And after it saw how to tree jump from me it was probably able to figure out a way to increase its speed.'

As Naruto approached the camp he saw a broken tree branch, and Pidgey lying in a small trench it probably carved with its face. Pikachu was sitting right by Pidgey, doing what Naruto assumed was a extremely high pitched laugh.

Naruto simply shook his head and began cooking their dinner.


After waking the passed out Pidgey with some smelling salts, Naruto and his two pokémon ate their dinner and turned in for the night.

For the next two days they continued their training schedule without incident, and they all continued to grow by leaps and bounds.

But, in the middle of the lunch break on the forth day of their training, Naruto sensed a presence in a nearby bush.

Taking a quick glace at his pokémon, Naruto felt a bit of pride well up in his chest when he saw that they too were able to notice the intruder.

Pidgey was the first to react, by taking off full speed at the bush. Pidgey was soon flanked by Pikachu, who was prepared to support Pidgey if need be.

Pidgey began to slow down and hover over the bush preparing to strike. But, before Pidgey could execute any kind of attack it had to fly higher to avoid a green blur that jumped out from the branch.

After the blur missed Pidgey it redirected itself by jumping of a tree and descending on Pikachu. Pikachu responded to the treat by performing a front flip mid-run and using the small bit of Aura control it had to strengthen its tail. Pikachu's tail took on a dim white glow as the Aura began to take effect, but the green blur was not detoured.

Pikachu's tail met the green blur in midair causing a loud 'chink' sound to reverberate though the previously peaceful forest. The power of the blow sent Pikachu plummeting back towards the ground.

The green blur was sent flying towards the forest canopy, until its movement was suddenly redirected towards the ground, curtsey of rush of wind created by Pidgey.

The green blur was sent careening towards the forest floor so fast, that it caught up with Pikachu before their impact.

Seeing the opportunity Pikachu concentrated as much Aura as it could into its tail and slammed it into the middle of the blur. Another shrill 'chink' rang through the forest, when Pikachu's tail met the object.

The two fought for dominance as they continued their decent. But, having height over the green blur, Pikachu used its weight to its advantage and shifted its weight backwards. This action caused the force of Pikachu's tail to change from going straight down to pushing down and forward.

The green blur was sent flying into the ground, where it bounced multiple times before it came to a sudden halt when it hit a tree.

Pikachu continued to lean backwards and preformed a neat back flip, landing on the ground with a loud thump. Once it landed Pikachu turned its attention to where it saw the green object land... or crash. Pikachu was soon joined by Pidgey in staring at strange object, that was currently laying, motionlessly against the tree it collided with.

It didn't take much observation on their part to realize what it was. After all the two long bladelike hands gave its identity away almost immediately.

It was a Scyther.

Pikachu cautiously approached the downed pokémon, while Pidgey once again took to the skies. As Pikachu slowly approached the Scyther it prepared its body for what it knew would come.


Meanwhile, just outside the clearing, Naruto watched the interaction between his pokémon and the Scyther from his perch on a tree branch.

'They seem to be taking this surprise quite well. Even under pressure they were able to counter the Scyther with a impressive combo.' Naruto mused as he began to lean against the thick trunk of the oak tree. 'I think I'll let them work this one out by themselves. I doubt they will need me to intervene, especially since it is two against one. Also we need to get to know each other much better than we do now, before they will be able to adequately follow orders.'


Pikachu was now only five feet away from the downed Scyther. Pikachu knew that the Scyther was only faking its unconscious state. So with the support of Pidgey, Pikachu took the offensive and sprinted full speed at Scyther.

Once it came within three feet from Scyther, Pikachu did two front flips and swung its tail at the Scyther. The Scyther rolled to the side of Pikachu's attack and was about to slice Pikachu's side, while Pikachu was in midair, but the Scyther was blindsided by a gust of wind.

As the Scyther was hit by Pidgey's attack, Pikachu took the time to land feet first on the trunk of the tree Scyther was once leaning on. Pikachu used its new foothold to launch itself toward the Scyther.

The Scyther saw Pikachu's approaching form, but it was unable to move with the force of Pidgey's wind pining it face first into the ground. Acting fast the Scyther began to beat its wings at an incredibly high speed, nullifying the effect of Pidgey's attack and lifting its body just above Pikachu's flying form.

When Pikachu came just under the Scyther, the Scyther proceeded to jump off of Pikachu's back to gain altitude. Pikachu was able to put its tail in-between its back and the Scyther's feet, but it was still propelled face first into the ground.

Pidgey saw the whole exchange and flung itself full speed at Scyther's midair form. Scyther reacted by twisting its body just enough, so that instead of getting hit by the brunt of the attack, Pidgey only skimmed its side.

The Scyther landed gracefully on its feet and immediately took off towards Pikachu's downed form. The Scyther swung its right blade toward Pikachu, but Pikachu was able to roll away from the attack before it connected.

Pikachu used the momentum from its roll to spin onto its feet and use its tail to sweep the Scyther's legs out from under it. The Scyther responded by sticking its left blade into the ground and bringing its body at a perfect right angle to its left blade. In this position the Scyther swung its body 180 degrees in a devastating kick.

Pikachu ducked under the kick, but it was hit on the side of the face by the flat part of the Scyther's right blade. Pikachu's body was sent skidding across the ground for about ten feet.

The Scyther pushed its body into the air with its left blade and was about to land on its feet, but it was hit in the side by Pidgey's beak. The Scyther stayed connected with Pidgey's beak as Pidgey flew parallel to the ground.

Pidgey came to a sudden halt, that propelled the Scyther at a even faster pace and disconnection it from Pidgey's beak. The Scyther began to lose altitude without Pidgey to keep it in the air and as a result its feet hit the ground, causing the Scyther to perform a multitude of barrel rolls.

The Scyther tried to use its wings to gain control of its body, but to no avail. Just as the Scyther began to slow down, Pikachu put itself in the Scyther's path.

Using its tail as a makeshift bat, Pikachu sent as much Aura as its horrible Aura control would allow and slammed its tail into the Scyther's spinning form. Pikachu's tail connected with the Scyther's side, causing the Scyther to stop spinning and go flying in the opposite direction as before, towards the forest canopy.

Once the Scyther regained its bearings it opened its wings and was about to use them to gain control of its body, but it never got the chance.

Pidgey jumped from its hiding place in the canopy and was right in root to intercept the flying Scyther. Pidgey channeled Aura into its wings and released a powerful gust of wind that hit the Scyther dead on sending it careening towards the ground. With its wings adding to its body's overall surface area, the Scyther flew even faster towards the ground below.

The resulting collision between the Scyther and the ground created a crater that had a radius of five feet and was two feet deep. The collision also produced a thick dust cloud that obscured visibility of the crater.

Suddenly a blast of power came from the center of the dust cloud.


The blast caused Naruto's eyes to widen, if just a little bit.

'As I thought pokémon do have a natural awareness of Aura.' Naruto mused as he continued to look into the dust-covered battlefield.


Pikachu and Pidgey both felt the power and steeled themselves for what ever was to come. But as soon as the dust cleared and they looked into the crater, they were meet with nothing.

They both only had enough time to blink before the Scyther appeared to the side of Pidgey.

The Scyther slammed its foot into the side of Pidgey's head, sending it flying into Pikachu's chest. This caused both pokémon to tumble in backwards. Capitalizing on the situation the Scyther appeared behind the two pokémon, who had yet to stop their backwards advance. The Scyther opened its wings and seemed to focus for a bit, as thin blue mist formed around its feet.

When Pikachu and Pidgey were only three feet away from the Scyther, the Scyther began to beat its wings at an extremely rapid pace. This resulted in a strong wind that shot Pikachu and Pidgey straight forward, leaving multiple shallow cuts along their bodies.


Naruto was quite surprised at the Scyther's display of Aura control.

'Not only does that Scyther have greater Aura and element control then me, but it also is able to incorporate the two together in one attack.' Naruto thought as he shifted his position on the tree branch. 'This only supports my assumption about pokemon's natural control of elements and Aura.'


Back on the battlefield Pikachu and Pidgey finally came to a halt when they both collided with a unsuspecting oak tree.

Shifting slowly, Pikachu was the first to remove itself from the unconsciousness that over took its body sometime while it was flying. Pikachu looked to its side and saw Pidgey was just now beginning to regain consciousness. Pikachu shifted its gaze forward and it saw the Scyther staring at them unmoving, seemingly to honorable to attack a downed opponent.

Pikachu and Pidgey slowly climbed to their feet. Once they were back on their feet Pikachu and Pidgey glanced at each other and made a series of noises that Naruto assumed was their language.

As soon as they stopped making the foreign noises, electricity began to explode from Pikachu's cheeks and wrap around its body. Once this happened Pikachu shot forward toward Scyther, while Pidgey took to the skies once more.

The Scyther took Pikachu's assault with a minimal amount of surprise and it dashed towards Pikachu.

The gap between the two pokémon closed rapidly, as the two pokémon dashed towards each other. When the two pokémon meet each other, Pikachu's tail turned a dim white color as it clashed with the Scyther's right blade. The Aura around Pikachu's tail prevented it from getting cut by the Scyther's blade, as the two pokémon fought for dominance.

Pikachu seemed to have the advantage, but suddenly the Scyther's, Aura infused, left blade shot towards Pikachu's tail. Pikachu reacted quickly by pushing its tail off of the Scyther's tail. This in turn, propelled Pikachu into the air away from Scyther. But before Pikachu could get completely out of the Scyther's range, the Aura in the Scyther's left blade cancelled out the Aura Pikachu used in its tail. Because of this the Scyther's left blade was able to leave a shallow cut along the side of Pikachu's tail.

Unfazed by the cut, Pikachu landed on all fours and took off towards the Scyther that was stumbling from the lose of force against its blade. Pikachu's tail crackled with electricity as it shoved it into the Scyther's gut.

The Scyther bent forward from the force of the blow and Pikachu capitalized on its position by removing its tail from the Scyther's gut and instead slamming it in the back of the Scyther's head.

Pikachu's attack propelled the Scyther's face toward the ground. The Scyther took the attack in stride and used the momentum to perform a forward somersault towards Pikachu.

Jumping out of the somersault, the Scyther thrust its foot towards Pikachu, who ducked under it. The Scyther with is back to Pikachu and performed a roundhouse kick aimed at Pikachu's head.

Pikachu back flipped away from the kick, but not before it released a large amount of electricity from its body. The electricity jumped across the Scyther's skin and momentarily blinded it.

Before it could regain its vision, the Scyther felt a sharp pain in its side. Soon after the Scyther felt a similar pain appear along its back. Squinting its eyes, the Scyther was able to make out a blurry brown form that had dim white thing protruding from its sides. The Scyther tried to dodge the form, but one of the dim white forms were able to skim its side producing the same pain as before. After getting hit once more, the Scyther was able to regain most of its vision.

The Scyther looked down towards where it had gotten hit by the brown figure and to its surprise it found a multitude of cuts along its body where the white forms connected. The Scyther looked back towards the brown form and saw that it was actually just Pidgey with glowing white wings.

Realizing that Pidgey was using the same technique as Pikachu, the Scyther channeled as much Aura as it could into its blades, causing them to glow a slightly brighter white than Pidgey's wings.

When Pidgey came towards the Scyther for another attack, the Scyther beat its wings and lifted its self above Pidgey. As Pidgey flew under it, the Scyther dragged it blades along both of Pidgey's wings, causing the wings to lose their white glow and cuts to form along Pidgey's wings.

Pidgey gave what looked like the equivalent of a grimace as its own blood trailed down it wings and onto the ground below. Pidgey gave a cry of exertion as it forced itself to fly higher, knowing it needed to finish its job.

At the peak of its flight Pidgey looked down towards the Scyther and saw that it was back on the ground and it was looking for Pikachu. Pidgey channeled Aura towards its wings and began to flap them vigorously kicking up a strong wind that was sent straight towards the Scyther.

Sensing the use of Aura, the Scyther looked up towards Pidgey and felt the strong winds produced by its attack begin to lick its skin. The Scyther was about to jump, but then it heard a strange sound form from under its feet. Taking a quick glance down, the Scyther saw that a hole had formed under its feet.

The Scyther opened it wings and beat them rapidly trying to stop Pidgey's strong winds from pushing it down into the hole, but it was all in vain.

The Scyther was losing altitude fast and it knew its wings wouldn't fit into the small hole underneath it. To prevent from losing its wings the Scyther closed its wings and was pushed into the hole by the winds.

Looking down towards the bottom of the tunnel the Scyther saw a bright yellow light begin to come towards it.


Above the hole the Scyther fell in just moments before Pidgey had landed back on the ground and it was struggling to stay conscious. Naruto jumped from his perch in the trees and rushed to Pidgey's aid.

As soon as Naruto removed a potion and a bandage from one of his scrolls, a bright yellow column of electricity exploded up from the hole in front of him and Pidgey. The column of electricity lasted for about ten seconds before it dissipated, depositing a unconscious Scyther on the rim of the hole, with small sparks of electricity occasionally jumping across its skin.

Naruto treated Pidgey's wounds and sprinted toward the hole. When Naruto got there he looked down into the hole and he saw Pikachu struggling to clime up the vertical wall of the tunnel. After helping Pikachu out of the hole Pikachu instantly fell unconscious once Naruto picked it up.

Naruto treated Pikachu's wounds and then did the same to the Scyther.

'This Scyther was able to mold and channel its Aura, as good, or maybe even better then me. It might be able to speed up Pikachu and Pidgey's training in Aura control if they are ever able to get acquainted with one another and I'm sure it will flourish under my training regime.' Naruto thought as he removed a poké ball from somewhere inside his cloak.

Naruto threw his poké ball at the Scyther and watched as its form broke down into small red particles of energy that were absorbed into the ball. The poké ball wobbled once, but then it made a noise and the center of the poké ball changed from red to white.

"Welcome to the team." Naruto muttered to the poké ball as he put it back in his cloak and carried Pidgey and Pikachu back to the camp.


The next four days of training went smoothly for Naruto and his pokémon. Naruto's theories about adding Scyther to his team were also proven correct.

It only took the first day of training for Scyther to become friends with Pidgey and Pikachu; Naruto just figured that most pokémon were friendly by nature after seeing how quickly became friend with Pikachu. Well that or Pikachu was just good at making friends. Either way, Scyther began to give Pikachu and Pidgey pointers on their Aura control and Scyther even went as far as to begin to teach Pidgey how to create blades with wind.

Scyther was also improving by leaps and bounds under their training schedule. Scyther picked up on the concepts and exercise Naruto taught with relative ease.


The next day Naruto packed up his camp and called Pidgey and Scyther back to their poké balls. Naruto would have called back Pikachu, but it insisted on walking with him. Seeing no harm in leaving Pikachu out of its poke ball, Naruto began to walk towards the exit of the Viridian Forest, with Pikachu right at his side.


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