It was a few weeks before the battle and everyone was called back to Camp Half-Blood for some intense training.

Camp Half-Blood...

Annabeth Chase was walking through the camp, with only one person on her mind. As smart as she was (she was Athena's daughter), she couldn't find a logical reason to why she constantly thought about him. She was reaching the cabins when she saw him, talking to Silena, the head of the Aphrodite cabin. She didn't know or want to know what they were talking about, since all her attention was on him. His hair was a little shaggier than when she last saw him, but it was still the same old raven black. He looked to be a little taller then her, and he was as tan as ever. He turned for a minute and she saw the one thing that always made her heart thump irregularly: his eyes. They were as green as the ocean, matching his father's. They were so unique, she had never seen anything like it. He was "Whoa! Where did 'hot' come from? He is your best friend and you shouldn't be thinking those thoughts." she told herself. Although she knew she shouldn't be, she knew it had been going on for awhile now. She had to face the facts: she fell for that no-good, seaweed brained, demigod son of Poseidon, Percy Jackson.

When Annabeth finally admitted it to herself, she ran away from him and into the forest. She sat down at a tree and put her head in her hands. Just then a light flashed before her and there stood Aphrodite, goddess of love.

"Dear Annabeth, why do you look so troubled?" Aphrodite asked, already knowing why.

"I'm sure you already know, Lady Aphrodite." Annabeth told her, still trying to be polite.

Aphrodite laughed. "Of course I do child! I am the goddess of love, but I asked why are you troubled?"

"What? Me falling for my best friend not a cause to be troubled?" Annabeth asked.

"Annabeth, why is that a bad thing?" Aphrodite asked, completely confused by this child.

"I can name two things that are bad with this. First, he is my best friend! And second, he's the son of Poseidon and I am a child of Athena." Annabeth said, looking more upset than before.

Aphrodite felt the child's pain for a moment. She smiled and looked down at her, "Annabeth, forget that."

"Lady Aphrodite, I can find no logical explanation to why I like him. None at all." Annabeth said, shaking her head.

Aphrodite put out her hands and looked down at Annabeth. Annabeth took the goddess's hands and Aphrodite pulled her up. "Oh dear, sweet Annabeth, you are to much like your mother. Love is not logical, it is emotional. Love doesn't come from up here," Aphrodite pointed to Annabeth's head, "it comes from here." She moved her hand to Annabeth's heart. "Stop analyzing it. I must go now. Your choice is your own." Aphrodite patted Annabeth's head.

Annabeth averted her eyes as the goddess started to glow and flashed. She heard people starting to enter the forests, so she ran all the way back to her cabin and felt relief when no one was there. She sat down on her bed and thought about what Aphrodite was saying. Then Annabeth saw, for the second time, a flash and there stood her mother.

"Hello my sweet daughter. I sensed your trouble all the way from Olympus." Athena said, shrinking down to normal size and sitting down on Annabeth's bed.

"Hello mother. I ha-ave no trouble." Annabeth said, stuttering a bit.

"Child, you cannot fool the wisdom goddess. I saw Aphrodite return, looking right at me with that look she only get when she was meddling in people's love lifes. So, your trouble is love related. It doesn't have to do with that...that son of Poseidon, does it?" Athena said, raising her eyebrow.

"N-no." Annabeth said, her cheeks growing warmer.

"I knew it. I thought I raised my children to be wiser. But here is one of my smartest daughters falling for that despicable son of the sea god." Athena said, standing up, "Where did I go wrong?" She started to pace.

Annabeth was looking at the floor the whole time. She silently agreed with her mother: why did she fall for him? She starting doing her analyzing thing when she remembered what Lady Aphrodite said, "Love is not logical, it is emotional."

"Mo-mother?" Annabeth said, getting the wisdom goddess's attention. "I don't understand why I did fall for him, but all I know is I did and I fell hard. I'm sorry I disappointed you, I know Poseidon is not your favorite god; his son is no different."

Athena sighed. "Annabeth, you did not disappoint me. Just promise me this: think about this before you rush in. I don't want you to get hurt." Annabeth nodded.

Athena bent over and placed a kiss on her daughter's cheek. Annabeth averted her gaze as Athena left. She was now more confused than ever. She laid back onto her bed and looked up at the ceiling. "What am I going to do?"

Mount Olympus...

Aphrodite saw her half-sister, Athena, return and throw a smirk at her. She smiled and looked into her magical looking glass. There was Annabeth laying in her room and Percy playing some game with the Hermes cabin. She looked at the strong pink string that connected those two and smiled even bigger. She knew it! They were meant to be. She now decided to go give Uncle Poseidon a visit.

Under the sea (Poseidon's palace)...

Triton was hiding behind a wall, watching his father, Poseidon. He had that grin on his face as he watched his looking glass. It didn't take a genius to know he was looking at his demigod son, Perseus Jackson. That smile on his father's face only was there when he was either talking, thinking or someone mentioned either Jackson: Percy or Sally. It was a smile that said a hundred things and nothing at all. Triton had taken a look at Percy once. He looked like Poseidon, he'd give him that. But there was two things that shocked Triton: 1. he could control water and 2. he had eyes as green as the sea, the same as Poseidon's. No one ever had Poseidon's eye color. This demigod must be special.

Poseidon was watching his demigod son play capture-the-flag with some people from the Hermes cabin. It was amusing to watch, since Percy was always stationed near the creek, since he could control the water. As he was watching him, a flash of light appeared and there stood his niece, Aphrodite.

"Hello Lord Poseidon." Aphrodite said.

"Hello Aphrodite. Can I ask why you have come to my palace?" Poseidon asked, a little annoyed that she interrupted his viewing.

"It's about Percy." Aphrodite said, knowing she would get the god's attention that way.

It wasn't that much of a secret on Olympus that Percy was more or less Poseidon's favorite child.

Poseidon's eyes lit up, but just as quickly became worried. "What about Percy, is he-" He was cut off by Aphrodite.

"No! Percy is perfectly fine," Poseidon visibly sighed. "It is actually more concerning, well, love."

"Okay. Love." Poseidon said.

"Yes, well, this concerns Percy and, um, Annabeth Chase." Aphrodite cringed at the last part. It also wasn't that much of a secret that Poseidon hated Athena and vise versa.

"You mean the Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena?" Poseidon asked, trying to stay calm. Aphrodite just nodded. "What about those two?"

"Well, um, two things: 1. Annabeth just discovered she is falling for your son and 2. look." Aphrodite said, showing her magical looking glass to Poseidon.

Poseidon saw both of the demigods and the strong, pink line connecting the two. That means only one thing: they are meant to be. His son, a son of the sea god, is meant to be with a daughter of Athena.

"Has Percy discovered his feelings?" Poseidon asked.

"No. He is a 15-year-old teenager, so he is still living in a bubble of ignorance." Aphrodite said, clearly disapproving.

"Why did you come down here to talk to me then?" Poseidon asked.

"Well, I am 100% sure Percy is falling for Annabeth. Annabeth is just a little shy about this all. She is a child of logic; she doesn't understand matters of the heart. She is using the Athena-Poseidon excuse to try to bury her feelings. I need you to talk to her. Tell her you approve or something along the lines of that. Athena, more or less, already has done that." Aphrodite said.

Poseidon sighed and thought. He looked into his own looking glass, down at his son. He was such a happy boy, and handsome, like his father. He didn't know why, but he wanted to give Percy his eyes, though he had never done it before. They made him look like him. He wanted nothing more than for Percy to be happy, which surprised him. He never before cared this much toward a demigod son of his. Percy was special, he knew that. He also knew that Percy would be strong and loyal, that is why he gave Percy power over water and the ability to understand horses. He knew he had to do this. Somehow, he knew his son had feelings for that daughter of Athena. He made his choice.

"Fine, Aphrodite. I'll do it." Poseidon said.

Aphrodite just smiled and nodded. She waved her hand, said good luck and left. Well, here goes nothing.

Camp Half-Blood...

Annabeth knew she had to clear her head. She got up and went to the water, one place she loved. For one, the color reminded her of Percy's eyes and for two, she loved water. She was staring out over the horizon when, for the third time today, a light shimmered in front of her. But this one unnerved her, for it was Percy's father, Poseidon, one of the Big Three, the god of the seas.

She quickly bowed to him. "Lord Poseidon."

Poseidon smirked at the child of Athena. She looked so nervous, so flustered. His smirk faded into a small smile. "Look at me child."

Annabeth did and didn't know what she saw. She saw Percy in his face, well rather, it would be Poseidon in Percy's. The emotions flickering through the god's eyes were kind of unsettling. She couldn't quite tell what they were thinking. She just sat there quietly before the sea god sat near her, making the ocean spread in a circle around them.

"A little dove told me about your, uh, crush on my boy." Poseidon said.

"Aphrodite..." she muttered. "Um, yes, sir."

The god smiled at the girl's manners. "It is quite alright child. Don't get worried. I am here to ask you to...well, tell your feelings to him."

Annabeth's eyes felt like they were about to pop out. Here was Poseidon, Percy's father and sworn enemy of Athena, telling her to go for it.

"Annabeth," she turned towards Poseidon. "Just don't hurt him. He is a fragile, kind soul. He cares for you, that much I know." Annabeth nodded. "Goodbye child. Care for my Perseus. I do love him, no matter what people say, he is my son. He is powerful, and so much like me." With that, Poseidon returned to the sea.

Annabeth was completely stunned. Three different gods visited her, and all three told her to tell Percy how she felt. She didn't want to dishonor the gods, did she? She got up and ran back to camp. She had a Seaweed Brain to find.