We do not see the reason,

We do not understand.

How those before could disappear,

A race that was so grand.


Wonders in every corner,

Towers of the sky.

And monolithic mausoleums,

Where they went to die.


While we are astonished,

We also feel fear.

Could such a fate befall us,

Losing all that we hold dear?


Will we all be lost to time,

Scattered to the stars?

Is there a pinnacle to sapience,

Not to be surpassed?


Or did they fall to monsters,

Mightier than they?

Casting them down to the dark,

Not to see the day?


Of what point is our conflict,

With the Terran race?

When we have this evidence,

Of a much older race?


We do not know the answers,

To what happened long ago.

But until we know the truth,

We'll reside in glory's glow.


Am I a bleeding heart that I sympathize for the Ancients over their destruction by the Shivans rather than despise them for their arrogance in their conquests? Oh well. Can't help but feel a bit sorry for them.