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Ziva sat at her table, working on her citizenship applications. It was late at night, but she really wanted to finish them so she could finally start to forget her life with Mossad. She doubted she ever would, but at least she might stop remembering it.

The doorbell rang. Now who on earth would do that at -she took a quick look at a nearby clock- 3 in the morning?

Remembering some of Tony's stories, she proceeded cautiously, gun in hand. She opened the door a crack, revealing a young girl, about three or four years old, sitting on the doorstep. No one else was in sight. Ziva opened the door farther, and the girl started, a terrified look in her eyes.

"Who are you?" Ziva asked. The girl made no response, but held out a piece of folded paper. Putting her gun away, Ziva accepted the note from the girl. She didn't look at it yet, but asked the girl to come in. She did so warily, staring at Ziva all the time, then abruptly sat down on the couch, wrapping a blanket around herself.

Ziva unfolded the note she held. She gasped, staring at the little girl.


Author's note: This is my first NCIS fic. Also, I have never written a chapter story before, so bear with me on any technical difficulties.