Author's note: I can't believe this is the last chapter. So much has happened since I started writing this, and so many people have reviewed and been following this, it's really amazing. Thank you, everyone.


A few weeks later…

Their latest case was finally closed. An hour late, Ziva finally got into her car and started driving.

Turning into the daycare she'd chosen for her kids, she couldn't help but marvel at how much had happened lately. In one month, she had become mother to three children, her father had died, and she'd had to seriously retrain her mind. From assassin to honorary mother. That's crazy.

Careening up the drive, she abruptly parked her car across three different parking places. Shutting off the engine, she walked in.


Rafi and Tali hugged her legs, and their little sister- Katie, we decided, remember?- held up her arms pleadingly. Ziva, as usual, couldn't resist. She scooped up the tiny girl and cuddled her for a bit.

"Hey, Katie." Ziva smiled down at the other two. "I missed you guys, too, but I kind of need to move my legs to get you home." She set Katie down, handing her to Rafi, and picked up Tali. "Hey, Tali; time for a kitty-back ride. Wait a minute-" She paused for a moment. "That can't be right… Ah, whatever. Maybe I'll call it a Ziva-back ride…"

She packed her kids up and took them home.

In the distance, silhouetted against the setting sun, two figures stood, arms around each other. They could finally be at peace. Their sister was happy.


Author's note: *sniffs a couple of times before breaking down crying* I might write a oneshot or two as a sequel to this, but otherwise it's finished. I do have a few ideas for more stories, though, so stay tuned…



Nobody really noticed the black car driving down the street. They didn't really notice when it was parked alongside the curb.

They certainly didn't notice the man who got out and put something in the back seat. He was used to flying below everyone's radar. Anyone who saw him soon forgot him. They were typically preoccupied with what he left behind. Usually, there were a few dead bodies.

This time, as he walked away, he left behind a car. An unconscious woman in the back seat. A black leather jacket wrapped around her. Four letters written in blood.