Ok, this is my first official Bully story!! Woo hoo! I got into the fandom MONTHS ago and typed this at about the same time.

Anyhoo, it's based off the movie Push, an awesome movie about psychics. Hope you all like it!

WARNING: Will contain yaoi, boy love, shonenai, etc. Don't like, don't read.

Push: Bully Edition

XXX Prologue XXX

I own this school. I own every clique; the Nerds, the Preps, the Greasers, the Jocks, hell, even the Townies. I even own the Teachers and the Prefects, to some extent.

I can have any girl, or guy, that I want with a snap of my fingers. The world's at my fingertips, the school is my throne.

I am the king of Bullworth. Everyone respects and obeys me.

Then why the hell does it feel like something's being kept from me!?


Jimmy Hopkins was growing quite impatient with everyone and everything.

Things had taken quite a turn for him once Gary's sociopathic ass was dragged off to the Happy Volts Asylum. The entire student body had immediately labeled him Top Dog and the benefits had been great; Nerds 'helped' him with homework, Preps invited him to all the big parties, Bullies offered their services for a nominal fee. Life was finally going well.

And then Peter Kowalski, the closest thing he had to a friend, went missing.

No one seemed to know why. Petey's life had improved greatly alongside Jimmy's, if not more. The shy boy had become less of a punching bag and more of a respected figure. Indeed, he'd even become Head Boy with Jimmy's recommendation. His disappearance made no sense.

Even the teachers had no clue as to where he was or why he'd vanished. But the strange thing was, everyone in the faculty was ignoring it. Whenever Jimmy asked them if they'd heard more on Petey's whereabouts, they'd say no in the same way a parent said yes to the Santa Question. Jimmy was starting to wonder if Dr. Crabblesnitch had even contacted the police.

Worse, none of his so called loyal 'minions' wanted to talk about it. The name Peter Kowalski was becoming a Bullworth taboo. True, he'd been gaining popularity on campus, but the missing teen was a nobody to begin with and was only respected because he was a friend of Jimmy.

So it was no surprise when, a week after Petey's disappearance, Ms. Phillips 'kindly' informed him that no, there was no news about his little friend and could he please sit down, class was about to start.

The stocky teen swore under his breath before taking the only available seat next to Constatinos Brakus, who was scribbling something in a black sketchbook. Seriously, this was really starting to piss him off. Petey had been missing for a full week, yet no one seemed to be looking for him. Something was up and Jimmy wanted to know what was going on now.

Jimmy slouched in his stool and rested his chin on his arms as Ms. Phillips started lecturing the class on today's lesson. Not in the mood to listen, he glanced at Constantinos' book in boredom...

Petey. The pessimistic teen was drawing Petey. Petey and-

Jimmy's eyes grew wide. Before he knew it, he'd snatched the sketchbook from the emo kid and was staring at the picture in confusion and shock.

It was a picture of some sort of cell, with a cot being the only furniture in the room. The picture was shitty and looked like a five year old had drawn it, but there was no mistaking who the two figures standing in the room were; Petey and an all too familiar face.

Gary Smith. There was no mistaking it. It was Gary, right down to the scar over his right eye.

Before Jimmy could fully comprehend what this meant, Constantinos tore the book from his hands, hugging it to his chest. "What the hell-"

"Why did you draw that!?" Jimmy snarled, causing the weaker boy to wince. "What the hell is it!?"

"None of your business!" the pessimist snapped back, fixing the bigger and tougher teen with a bold glare.

The stress of the week finally came crashing down on Jimmy's head. He'd had enough of all the secrets and bullshit excuses that everyone had been giving him lately and this little doodle in Constintinos' little black book was the last straw. Once again he tore the book away from the emo, flipping through the pages to see what the big fucking deal was.

All that dominated the pages were shitty drawings. But it was what was in the drawings that caught Jimmy's attention. Students, teachers, towns folk, townies, all in different situations. There wasn't any connection he could see; all the pictures were of different people in different situations…


He flipped through the book again. Now that he looked at it, some of these drawings depicted some of the errands and deeds he'd had to achieve to win the school over. Errands and deeds that Constantinos shouldn't have known about.

The troubled teen's dying rage flared up again. "Are you stalking me!?" he exclaimed, waving the sketchbook in Constantinos' face.


"Then how do you explain this!?" Jimmy interrupted, pointing at one of the pages. "I know for a fact that you weren't anywhere near Old Bullworth Vale when I helped Pinky get rid of the people ahead of her in the ticket line! And this!"

Jimmy flipped to the next page, where he and Petey were sitting on the dock next to his beach house, discussing how best to beat the Preps. Constintinos was still glaring at him defiantly, mouth clamped shut in a scowl. Enraged by the pessimistic kleptomaniac's silence, the ginger grabbed him by the shirt-

Blaring alarms filled the air, differing from the usual fire alarms by their pitch and volume. "We have a lock down situation! We have a lock down situation!"

Students screamed in panic, rushing to their designated spots and pushing younger and weaker kids down in their haste. Constintinos took this moment to twist out of Jimmy's grip and reclaim his book, vanishing among the frenzied students before the stocky teen could realize what was going on. Jimmy growled darkly, scanning the room for his target when something else caught his eye.

A painting just out of view, most likely one of Ms. Phillips' leisurely artworks. Any other day, Jimmy wouldn't have given a damn, but today was different.

The picture, though more highly detailed, was exactly the same as the one Constantinos had drawn earlier. Petey and Gary, standing face to face in one of the cells in the Happy Volts Asylum.

There was no doubt in Jimmy's mind anymore. Something was definitely up and now there was no way he'd let this slide.

After all, he was the leader of this school. And as leader, he deserved to know everything.

XXX 5 Minutes Earlier XXX

Nurse McRae had said it has just going to be a harmless check up. Just an innocent poke and prod, maybe even a small vaccination against the small swine flu epidemic hitting the town. He'd be in and out in seconds.

It was now a full week since he'd been locked up in the school basement, bound, gagged, and blindfolded on the floor as the various faculty of Bullworth took turns watching him like a hawk.

He was cold, wet with god knows what, and starving. No one even seemed to care that he'd vanished, not even his best friend.

What had he done to deserve this? He'd never broken a school rule in his life! Well, except for when he was helping Jimmy or Gary with a scheme, but that was just typical teenage shenanigans! The most that deserved was an after school detention!

"Hello Peter."

The small teen shivered, shrinking away slightly. Dr. Crabblesnitch, headmaster of Bullworth and the one responsible for his current miserable. It was the first time in a week he'd heard the adult's voice, much less seen him.

Footsteps approached the bound teen, each step echoing slightly in the damp place. Eventually they stopped as Dr. Crabblesnitch most likely bent down to his level. "Let's make a deal here, Peter. We untie you if you promise to cooperate."

The teen nodded rapidly, eager to be released of his binds. True to his word, the adult undid the ropes around his wrists and ankles, as well as remove the gag. The blindfold, however, stayed where it was.

"I suppose you're wondering why you're here," the headmaster stated, walking away slightly. "It's only natural, so I will tell you. You, Peter, will be the first in a long line of successes. You will be the first step in cleaning up this school and, once that is accomplished, the town and possibly the world!"

The leader of the faculty walked back over and only now removed the blindfold. Even in the dim lighting the teen winced, covering his sore eyes in an attempt to shield them from the light.

"Dr. Watts. Is the drug ready?"

"What? Oh, yes! Yes it is. I must warn you though, it's still highly unstable. In fact, I had to make a stabilizer to inject immediately afterwards. Otherwise he'll just die like the other ones."

The teen paled once the words had left the old man's mouth. Drug? Unstable? … Die!?

"Good," Dr. Crabblesnitch replied, grabbing the captive teen's arm and rolling up the pink sleeve of his shirt. "Hold still now, Peter. This'll only hurt for a moment."

The boy struggled, desperate to free himself from the deranged man. This was insane! Why the hell was the headmaster of Bullworth doing this!?


He knew about his little 'secret'. A secret that not even Jimmy, his closest friend knew.

A sharp pain in his arm stopped that train of thought, causing the teen to yelp in surprise and shock. Brown eyes fell on the stabbed limb, watching as a black liquid of sorts was injected into his system.

Pain. A pins and needles feeling engulfing his body and blinding him with its intensity. His heart raced as his breathing quickened, his senses going into overload.

And, for a brief moment, clarity struck him. He was no longer tied up and blindfolded. He could escape this place and find help. Hell, he could reveal Dr. Crabblesnitch's vile plot to the world and have him stopped before others suffered.

Gritting his teeth, he forced himself to focus on seeing what was around him. There, on a fold up table! Three vials, one empty, two filled with the same black sludge burning through his veins. Urging his body to ignore the pain, the teen woozily got on his feet and ran at the table, grabbing a vial and pushing past a surprised prefect.

"Shit! He's getting away! After him!"

Footsteps now stormed after the fleeing boy, who was currently running through the school's basement like a rat. Damnit, why couldn't he find the exit!? He'd been here before; Gary had tricked Jimmy and Russel into fighting in the pit-

A prefect grabbed his arm, forcing him to a stop. The teen clawed and scratched at his huge hand, trying to escape and failing epically, much to the prefect's amusement. The massive man laughed. "That all you got?"

He'd have to result to drastic measures. He hated doing it, but there was no other choice.

Swallowing his fear, he made eye contact, staring intently at the prefect. "Release me now," he instructed, focusing on the adult's mind with all his strength, forcing the thought into his thick skull. "You have the wrong person."

The prefect blinked, a look of slight confusion crossing his face. "I have?"

"Yes," the teen assured, pushing the thought harder. "You're looking for someone else. I'm just an innocent bystander."

The prefect slowly released his grip, eyes glazed over in a dazed expression. "So sorry. Run along to class now."

"Yes sir," the small boy muttered guiltily, stumbling off. Sirens were now filling the air, a woman's voice barking something over the school's speakers. The adrenaline rush from earlier was gone, the pain now becoming a deep throb with each heart beat. Luckily for him, he could see the exit in sight, the door leading to freedom and hope.

Pocketing the vial, Peter Kowalski threw the door open and forced his aching legs to resume their desperate running.