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Burton Fallin sat drumming his fingers on the table and puffing on a cigarette as he waited for his son to come and pick him up, Nick had volunteered to drop him off at the auto repair shop where his car was being serviced and he was late. He scowled darkly at the door awaiting his son trying not to feel irritated by his lateness.

Finally the door opened and the disheveled blond arrived.

"About time," Burton snapped.

"Sorry," Nick apologized sounding sincere, "Anne was being fussy and then AJ threw up on me so I was late dropping them off at Lulu's, I'm sorry okay?"

Burton grunted in reply as he put out his cigarette and went to grab his coat. AJ, which was short for Alvin James was the result of a one night stand between Nick and Lulu. He didn't know which bothered him more, that Nick had had a one night stand with her or that she had been the one to tell him she was pregnant and only when she was already 5 months gone. He still loved his grandchildren though.

"Shall we go?" Burton announced sharply and followed Nick out to the car and climbed in the passenger side.

Nick was his usual quiet self and Burton couldn't really think of anything to say to him anyway. He got slightly annoyed that Nick answered his cell phone however.

"Hey Laurie..." Nick greeted the caller and Burton stopped paying attention, Laurie had to be Laurie Solt which meant LSP which meant nothing to do with him, "we have to drop by social services before I drop you off."

"What? Why?" Burton snapped sharper than he intended but couldn't repress his blaze of anger at more delay.

"New case. Need to pick up Laurie and some paperwork," Nick explained simply.

"Don't you run the place?" Burton practically yelled at him, "just get someone else to do it."

"Yes I run the place," Nick answered defensively, "we're still very short staffed, we haven't recovered our numbers since Alvin and James died, Lulu only works part time and someone else is away on maternity leave. What would you have me do okay? I can't drag lawyers to LSP and force them to work there and in the mean time we are still drowning in cases, especially with Kate Shaw's pregnancy we get some of her cases to. What exactly do you propose I do? You're just picking up your car, its not the end of the world."

Burton instantly regretted snapping at him, Nick did have a good point and the man had said o'clockish, not exactly on time. He'd just been feeling very irritated lately. At first being retired was great, plenty of time to relax and do whatever you wanted but after awhile it became boring and he missed working. The only exciting thing in his life was watching his grandchildren while Lulu worked and that never seemed to be often enough, it was hard to go from running his firm to doing nothing and he was aware he had had a short temper as of late but it wasn't like he could exactly go back to Straka &... whatever the hell it was called now.

He was considering apologizing when Nick abruptly pulled to a halt.

"What the..." Nick muttered and Burton was about to ask him what before he jumped out of the car. Burton quickly followed suit and stopped in his tracks to gape at social services.

The building was in flames, columns of smoke billowed out from the bright fire and a small plane was sticking out of the now unstable structure while people rushed out of entrance screaming in terror. Burton could only gape and stare dumbstruck at what he was seeing, he could barely believe his eyes.

"Hey Nick!" called a desperate looking pregnant woman as she made her way to them... Kate Shaw, Jake's wife.

"What happened?" Nick wondered.

"I don't know... The plane... the plane just crashed," she stuttered tearfully, "I've called 911 but... but I don't think paramedics are going to arrive in time. The building... it's... it's going to collapse!"

"Calm down, I'm sure it'll be okay," Burton offered comfortingly.

"No it won't," she wailed, "Nick, there are still kids inside and Jake... Jake was here... to visit me... for the I'm going to lose him."

"And they're still inside?" Nick said slowly and for once in his life Burton could tell what his son was thinking.

"Y... Yes... Jake... Some kids... Laurie..." Kate answered in tears, "they're trapped. They're going to die."

Nick stared at the building for a few seconds before appearing to make up his mind.

"Nick don't-" Burton pleaded but he was ignored as Nick raced bravely into the building leaving Burton to watch the shaky building fearfully, suddenly terrified for his son's life.

He was distracted by his cell phone ringing which he numbly answered still gazing after Nick. It was Lulu.

"Hey Burton," she greeted cheerfully, "so I was wondering-"

"Lulu, something's happened," he said as calmly as he could before taking a deep breath and explaining the situation...