My second attempt at a Saso/Dei romance, and this time, I promise I'll try to finish. I've lost my inspiration for my Shinobi High one, but if I get enough people to encourage me, I just might try again and rewrite it.


Sasori finally got into his high school after much delay and on his first day he meets a blonde that catches his interest. His problems pile up one after the other after he uncovers more of his interest and his life becomes potentially endangered! Even more than it already has. He learns more about himself and finds that there is a LOT more to a person that meets the eye. Rating may potentially become M in later chapters.


"My name is Shizune, nice to meet you," the woman said, smiling. "The Headmaster will see you now, Sasori-kun. Go ahead and go in."

"Thank you, Miss Shizune," Sasori said. "It's nice to meet you too."

The teenager nodded in her direction as he said this and entered the door behind her on the right with his backpack full of school supplies on one shoulder. Inside, a blonde woman looked up from her task of signing papers and smiled at him, just as Shizune had.

"Welcome to my office, as you know, I am Headmaster Tsunade," she greeted, gesturing for him to sit down in a chair. "Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you," Sasori replied in monotone. "I feel very welcome."

"That's good to hear," the headmaster said. "Now, school started a week ago and this happens to be your first day, can you explain yourself?"

"Yes," the red head answered. "An unexpected situation had arisen within my family. Three of my cousins' parents died at the most uncalled for time. They aren't old enough to take care of themselves, nor live by themselves. It was written in their parents' will that if they were to die before my cousins became of age to live alone, they were to live with a relative, not go to an orphanage."

All while Sasori explained himself, Tsunade was writing something on paper, shuffling through her desk, and doing things on her computer.

"And?" she inquired, looking up at him. She seemed to be finished with her other activities and gave him her full attention.

"I am their last living relative," he continued, "and though I am a minor myself and living alone, I am able to and currently work, drive, and sustain myself. Apparently, they deemed that I was also capable of taking care of my cousins, so I was to go pick them up and settle them into my own home. Picking them up, driving back, and making arrangements for them took up a lot of time."

Tsunade nodded in understanding and assembled a few papers she handed to Sasori. He took them and looked them over, seeing his schedule, a map, and a planner. THe planner had the bell schedules on the back.

"Your absences are excused," she stated, giving him a small slip of paper. "It's almost about to be second period right now, so just go and stand outside your second period class."

"That's it? Shouldn't I go to my first period and be marked as late?"

"No. That would mean more paperwork.. and I hate paperwork. Just go do what I tell you and you'll do fine, okay?" Tsunade said, winking at him. "You're excused."

Nodding, he stood up and bade farewell to the headmaster before leaving. On his way out, he also did the same to Shizune, who smiled and waved at him. He examined his schedule, then the map he was given, quickly memorized them, and shoved the papers, folded, in the back pocket of his black jeans. It didn't take Sasori long to find the classroom. He stood outside it and looked at the slip of paper that the Headmaster had handed to him.

It simply said, "His absences for the past week have been excused. Please give him any work that he missed within that time," and at the end was signed a fancy signature.

Folding up the slip, he tucked it away in his other back pocket to take out later and check the watch he had on his left wrist. Comparing it to the bell schedule, he found that it was three minutes until second period started. He huffed and made a face of disdain. It wasn't a very long time, but he still was irritated.

"I hate waiting," he grumbled.

The few minutes passed, and very slowly in Sasori's impatient view, and the bell rang. Students flooded out of the classroom and other classrooms he could see down the corridor. When Sasori thought that no more students would exit, he entered the doorway of his classroom ...only to crash into another student, coming out a few seconds later than the other students, and fall down painfully.

What... the hell? He thought to himself.

When the shock of the impact with the floor wore off, he glared at the person who collided with him and prepared to mouth them off. It appeared to be a girl with golden blonde hair and baby blue eyes. She backed away from him about five feet and had her books held tightly against her chest. The obvious fear in her eyes made whatever curse that Sasori held on his tongue slipped away and he was left speechless for a reason he could not explain.

"S-sorry," the girl whispered. It was loud enough for him to hear, but it was still a whisper.

Words came back to the red-head right in time for him to say, "I'm fine. Don't worry."

She nodded frantically and dashed out the door before he even stood up. When he did get up, he just went straight to the teacher and gave him the slip of paper, however, the girl stuck at the back of his mind along with a thought he had.

What a weird girl.


And that's the end of the first chapter! (though not necessarily Sasori's first day.) Can anyone guess who that blonde is? Well, anyways, watch the way I word things, how I say things and how I don't say things. ^_^ I'll explain later on. Reviews are loved.