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Sasori's POV

"You can trust me, Deidara," I whispered. "I won't hurt you."


I was vaguely aware that she was still crying, but my mind only registered that she was when I heard her sniffle and my shirt became damp where she rested her cheek.

"Deidara... Deidara..." I said, slowly, reassuringly, "I'm sorry. I was just worried..."

She didn't reply, but instead she wrapped her arms around my torso, squeezed and continued to cry. I tightened my embrace and chose to remain silent while I held her. All was quite for the while after, aside from Deidara's crying, and it was peaceful. When she had finally calmed down she tugged away and I let her go, though I let my hands gently rest on her shoulders as I examined her.

Deidara's eyes were slightly red with tears still threatening to spill, but her deep blue eyes gazed into mine with a deep intensity, searching. Her cheeks were flushed and tear-stained in contrast to her otherwise pale face. I realized after I met her searching gaze that... she was breathtakingly beautiful, and truly I could not breathe. I caressed her cheek with my breath hitched in my throat and Deidara held my hand in place, leaning in to the touch.

"Sasori," she said. "I-"


The two of us flinched at the sudden intrusion of their shared moment and we soon found that it was Ino that had been the invader of our private while. I sighed and pulled away from Deidara, helping her up as I stood, as Ino came to join us.

"Hi Sasori!" she said cheerfully, then she rounded up on Deidara with false anger. "Where were you Deidara? I was looking for you!"

"Sorry, Ino. I lost track of time with Sasori," Deidara replied, a light smile brightening her face once more.

Ino rolled her eyes and sighed before smiling along with Deidara.

"Well, now that I found you, I need to go to the library and I want you to come with me! Let's go," she insisted, tugging on Deidara's sleeve.

"Okay, okay," Deidara said. "Just start heading there first, I'll be right there."

Ino pouted, but let go and started walking in the direction of the library, leaving Deidara alone with me for just a little longer. Deidara took my hands and gave it a light squeeze with hers before leaning closer towards me. Again, I couldn't breathe and was still as she whispered to me.

"I trust you, Sasori."

She let go of my hands and waved good-bye to me as she ran to catch up with Ino. I was left watching her back retreat and disappear behind a corner, and filled with warmth from head to toe, despite my prosthetic limbs.

She trusted me?

She did.

But what does that mean? I wondered. Why do I feel so... alive? I'm full of warmth...

I was alive, warm, and overflowing with... some emotion that I could not explain, even if I knew what it was.

-The Next Day-

Author's POV

"Come on! Tell me!"

"No. Leave me alone."







"You're so mean," Hidan whined, faking a girly voice. "Come on. I saw her sign up for the time space before your audition! There has got to be some sign in that."

"No! There was no sign! There is no sign! It was just the most convenient time for her, it's just the most convenient time for me. Get over it," the red head replied.

He can't ever know what happened yesterday, Sasori thought to himself, or I'll never hear the end of it.

Hidan sighed and shook his head, but his face brightened when he saw Deidara walk into the room with Hinata. Deidara was chatting animatedly almost like nothing had happened yesterday, though that definitely wasn't the case. Ditching Sasori, the silver haired albino sat in the empty seat next to Deidara's and waited for the both of them to sit down before talking to them. Sasori could immediately tell that Hidan had begun interrogating them, though not as forwardly was with him, and had succeeded in bringing about a blush on Deidara's already flushed face. Apparently the albino brought up the question that he had failed in seeking an answer to with Sasori. Deidara just rolled her eyes and swatted Hidan's shoulder with a few words that looked like, "Shut up, Hidan."

Hidan badgered her a bit more and finally earned an answer that satisfied him enough for him to hug her, then leave her alone. He plopped down beside Sasori again with a clownish grin on his face.

"You sly dog, you!" he said, nudging Sasori.

The red head shook his head, having no idea what he was talking about.

"What did she say?"

Hidan pretended to look innocent as he smiled even wider and said, "Nothing!"

"Good enough for me," Sasori said. He didn't feel like he should know, if Hidan had said "nothing." He felt awkward enough as it was.

The red head tossed a glance at Deidara, and let a smile rest on his lips. He wondered just a little why she had signed up before he had, but it really didn't matter all that much. Just that he would be able to hear her sing, if he got there early enough. The thought made his chest tingle... Deidara had been looking away for a while, but she had caught him staring at her and they both turned away, blushing.

"No sign huh?" Hidan said, smirking.

"Shut up."

"You're blushing."

Sasori's face flushed further.

"You're not helping," Sasori said, whacking him with his music folder.

Hidan just laughed, adding to the noise in the already loud choir room. It seemed everybody was happily chatting about whatever they wanted and had no care in the world, normal for the class when Tayuya was in her sound-proof office. Sasori was going to hit Hidan again, but he froze when Hidan's smile slipped and his eyes became locked upon the entrance of the choir room. The whole room became silent, with the exception of footsteps, thunder following every footfall. Time froze as Sasori turned around to see who it was. His eyes narrowed as he saw the the person was...