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Rima sat by Nagihiko's house. She was waiting for him to get ready, since they had a date. It was New year's eve, and Rima was cold. Nagihiko had asked her out two days ago, and Rima said yes. She had nothing to do that day anyways.

"Ready!" Nagihiko ran out of the house, and bumped into Rima.

"Whoops! Sorry Rima-Chan!" He smiled. Rima blushed. Nagihiko held out his hand, and helped her up.

"Finally… I was freezing…" Rima mumbled. Nagihiko smiled at her, and took her hand.

"Let's go!!!" He grinned. Rima eyes went wide. She was holding Nagihiko's hand.

Nagihiko dragged Rima off to the town square where a giant Christmas tree was standing, a parade was happenieg, and lovers were making out, or hugging.

Once they got there, Rima kicked Nagihiko.

"OW!" He yelped.

"Don't…" Rima breathed. "Do that again…" She mumbled. Nagihiko shrugged and led her over to a takiyaki stand.

"You must be hungry. What kind do you want?" He asked. Rima looked at the different kinds, and pointed to the blue raspberry kind. Nagihiko looked at her.

"You like that kind? It's sounds disgusting…" He laughed, but bought one for her anyways. He also bought some, and it was just a refular one.

"There's no filling in that…" Rima said. Nagihiko smiled once again at her, and pointed to her.

"Yeah, but it's the same color as your hair. Like yours is the same color as mine." Rima thought for a moment, and realized it was.

"I want a new one!!" She yelled. Nagihiko laughed.

"I'm not buying you another!" Rima pouted, and walked to the parade. Nagihiko followed her.

"It's so pretty!!!" Rima smiled excitedly. The parade had ended, and they were now looking at the tree. It was decorated with all sorts of things, and it had fortunes on it. Nagihiko had already taken his, and Rima didn't notice they were on there.

"Rima-Chan. Want a fortune?" Nagihiko asked. Rima looked at him confuses. She looked back at the tree, and noticed the fortunes.

"Not really…" She was acting stubborn. Nagihiko saw through this, however. He grabbed another fortune, and put it in Rima's hands.

"Let's read them together." Rima looked at him, and turned her head.

"Fine…" She mumbled. They both opened their fortunes at the same time, and read it out loud.

"Your true love is right next to you." They both blinked, and looked at each other. The fortune was right. They were right next to each other.

"Um… It's getting late… Want to-

"Happy new year!!!" Rima and Nagihiko hadn't noticed, but the count down had started, and it was now 2010.

"Happy new year!" They said to each other. They laughed at each other, and went home.

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