AU/AR...NarutoVerse...SasuIta fic (UchihaCest)... ummnn.. unbeta-ed... some bad language, dramatic fluffness, a splash of some limey-lemon scent... A tribute to all SasuIta fans out there...

this one shot contains 3 chapters... first, the story revolves around sasuke, second is based on itachi and the last is a combination of both... Happy New Year! R&R please... :)

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...This End Is Just The Beginning...

PART 1 (Sasuke's Portion)

"Behind These Closed Doors... I Dream Of You, Aniki... And When I'm Outside, I Walk With A Mask... Concealing The Longingness I Have For You... So No One Will Ever Know These Forbidden Feelings I Have For You..." - Uchiha Sasuke

it was a day before new year... sasuke was walking around town watching people busying themselves with their year-end shopping. everyone was extremely glowing with happiness. the crowd still had some of the christmas hang-over sprinkled over them. the town was still covered with snow... the shops still had their festive decorations on. sasuke filled his eyes greedily with the wonderful festive feelings he was witnessing... he hated holidays... he had always celebrated holidays alone since he was young. literaly he celebrates it with his parents... but since his elder brother left home to study in England due to a scholarship, he started celebrating holidays glumly, as if he was alone in the world... not a single drop of happiness ever glowed from his handsome face since then.

sasuke was a handsome youth... he had perfect chiseled features... raven-black hair with midnight-blue tints, obsidian eyes that seemed to hold a million secrets if allowed to stare into its depths... fair, porcelain skin... a proud chin contoured with a roman-god nose and luscious pouting pink lips... that many wished to taste the sweetness it brings. he was also tall... standing around 6 feet and 3 inches... he was lithe and graceful, he also had a toned and muscled body... that can make models have a run for their money. he was perfect.

but the one thing that bothered the fangirls swooning over the handsome sasuke was that he never courted anyone... nor showed the slightest admiration over someone. he stayed cold but polite over the countless (decent and incdecent) offers he gets everyday...

he was now 17, an adult in a sense... but still a child at heart, he envied the families who celebrated christmases and birthdays together... he stopped believing in wishes... he stopped looking forward to holidays or special occasions. he continued walking, making his boot sink in the snow. a cold breeze passed by that made the raven shiver. he wrapped his neck snuggly with the scarf he was carrying. his hands were in his pockets. he passed by the bakery and saw familiar faces about to go out from the door..."hey teme!" blonde-haired naruto called out to him. beside naruto was opal-eyed hinata, blushing but with a ready smile on her lips "hello sasuke-kun..." the shy girl greeted. sasuke nodded his head to both of his friends... and smirked his usual smirk... yes he has friends, but it still gave him a longing feeling of belongingness... a feeling nostalgia still ran through his veins.

he turned around the corner and passed by the flowershop... ino, one of his classmates from the academy before waved frantically at him... he raised his hand, acknowledging her. he continued walking, passing a couple of more small stalls until he reached the mainroad intersection. he crossed the street and turned right... he was now headed home... to the uchiha compound... he had his yearly dose of 'see-they're-all-happy-but-im-not' walk done. for the past 10 years he had walks likes this. he didnt want his mom to catch him sulking with his age... he still didn't get over the given reason why his aniki had to leave until now... he himself turned down a couple of scholarships offered for his higher education, whay cant his aniki make the same decision.

uchiha itachi, was sasuke's elder brother... he was born 4 years ahead of sasuke. when sasuke was starting to talk, his first word was 'niki' followed by 'tachi'. the elder uchiha was sasuke's hero... he looked up to his aniki with pure adoration. itachi was a perfect elder brother. he got perfect grades and had the best attitude any parents could wish for. itachi was a very doting brother to sasuke as well, he always played with him if time would permit... he was the only one who can silence sasuke if he is throwing a tantrum. they had a very close relationship as brothers... and this realtionship was broken when itachi got that fucking scholarship.

since the day itachi left, sasuke became a loner... though he still communicated with his classmates... now his friends.. he still spent time alone, staring blankly into space. for many years he had been waiting for his aniki to surprise him, by coming home... but that thought never seem to occur in itachi's mind. when his parents went to england to visit itachi, he didn't go with them. he faked a field activity, and stayed home sulking. now, he was almost an adult... those antics won't work with his parents anymore. he grew slef-centered and stubborn and really ill-tempered.

its been 10 years since he last saw his aniki... itachi always writes to sasuke, sends him pictures and stuff... but sasuke never was contented with such trivial things... he never wrote back to itachi... but this didn't seem to stop itachi from writing back... telling sasuke by detail about his life in england. sasuke would never admit it, but he kept every single one of itachi's letters and re-read them everynight... when he was all alone and sober. he kept a small album under his bed filled with itachi's pictures... he would look at them everynight, tracing his fingers on itachi's facial contours. he was obsessed with his elder brother... and nobody knew that, not even their parents.

just recently, sasuke discovered something that bothered him. when he looked at one of his nii-san's pictures, he found him to be very attractive. he would even blush with just a thought of witnessing one of his aniki's adorable smiles. his adoration became admiration and it was even threathening to blossom into love. sasuke kept thinking...'am i gay?' he asked himself... he had always appreciated beautiful women, but when looks at itachi... a different tingling sensation fills his senses. and to make matters worse, he already made it a habit to spend at least an hour or so to stare at his aniki's perfect features daily. he even had a couple of embarrassing fantasies with his nii-san.

when he reached home, it was dark and cold. he was living alone... his parents were on a trip... a second honeymoon, as his mom called it. he spent christmas alone and now new year is just around the corner and he was alone... again... as usual. he threw his boots off... and opened the lights and went to the fireplace at the corner. he threw a couple of logs and started to make a fire... the house was chilly, he needed to warm up or else he'll catch a cold. as the warmth from the crackling fire in the living room filled the house, sasuke went up to his room to change. he put on a pair of baggy black woolen pants on and a gray pullover sweatshirt. he went back to the living room to watch tv.

he lounged himself unto the sofa and turned the tv on. as he scanned the tv for anything interesting, and he found none. he got bored and decided to get some shut-eye.. he left the tv on and closed his eyes. in a matter of minutes he was already sleeping soundly. he began dreaming... in his own dream world, everything happens according to his plans and desires.

he was dreaming of his aniki, half naked in his arms... he was kissing his aniki... grazing his lips over itachi's face... giving him butterfly kisses here and there. he could hear the elder raven moan... it sounded so deliciously erotic... in his dreams though...

"ungh...nii-san..." sasuke moaned as he placed his hands in his pants... his fantasy woke him up and he needed a release. he fondled the throbbing muscle, trying his best to release the delicious anxiety growing from the pit of his stomach. "...o-oohhh...tachi-kun..." sasuke murmured as he increased the pressure in his hands... giving him more pleasure in return. masturbation wasn't an issue for him, it was a guilty pleasure he had learned to love. it was the only way he was able to keep his dark secret and satisfy his superficial needs for his ever perfect brother... itachi.

his cock throbbed, making his pre-cum increase it's density... sasuke felt his hard, wet cock pulsating in his grasp. he increased his hands up and down motion's pace... and soon enough he released his concentrated love juice on his hands. sasuke laid motionless for a couple of seconds... he waited for his heartbeat to relax a bit... it was still racing from the power of his orgasm. he slowly got up, his knees wobbly from his release. he went to the kitchen sink to wash his hands. he suddenly heard the doorbell ring... 'who could that be? especially at this hour?' he asked himself as he glanced on the wall clock to his right... 8:30 pm.... "coming...!" he called out as the second ring was heard.

he quickly ran to the front door... he opened the door, still breathless "...yes..?" sasuke said as he looked up to see who was at the door... his eyes grew large and he gave out a loud gasp in awe... "...hello otouto..." a smooth velvety masculine voice said. sasuke blinked twice at the figure clad in a brown trench coat and was sporting the ever famous uchiha smirk before him.... "...aren't you going let me in? it's freezing out here, otouto..." itachi said at the dazed young raven.