Hey, this is my first real attempt at a piece of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure fan fiction so there might be some problems in presentation but I tried to make it read like the manga (which may be where the problems come in but, ah well). Disclaimer, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is property of Hirohiko Araki, Shueisha and Viz Media, this is merely a fan-inspired bit of writing. Also on that note, I don't think there are many fics using original characters or Stands around but to the best of my knowledge all the Stands and characters used here are original and any similarities to other fan-creations is entirely accidental.

The endless chatter and noise of the city filled the air of New York, endless lines of near stationary traffic honked a tuneless chorus on their horns that pervaded all the buildings even remotely close to the lines of cars. This may be why the young man standing in the middle of the Hotel Kalifa was so aggravated by having to wait while a doddering old man fumbled around inside his wallet trying to find his reservation slip. He glanced around the grand room irritably and checked himself out in the mirrors fastened onto most of the nearby pillars. He liked what he saw, rugged good looking surfer style bracelets and shark-tooth necklace, dark blue Hawaiian shirt. He seemed unaware this look didn't work with the black beanie he was sporting but he was too busy admiring himself to notice. It was only the very loud clearing of the clerk's throat that caught his attention again as he hastily hurried over to the front desk.

"Hey, I have a reservation under J. Stellagio"
"Mr Jonas Stellagio?" The clerk looked up, clearly bemused by this name. Jonas scowled at him, of course no-one called him Jonas but he wasn't about to tell this guy his nickname
"Yeah, that's right. Is my room ready?" Jonas asked, testily. The clerk looked at him with the dull-eyes a life of working the front desk in a hotel would give you before telling him no, the room was not ready. Would sir like to use the bar facilities in the mean-time? Jonas stormed over to the bar, already feeling for his wallet to make sure no-one had robbed him as he waited in the line. He climbed a small flight of stairs and walked down a brief corridor before entering the slightly grubby bar with his nose wrinkled at the smell.

The bar-tender was an enormous fat man, polishing a glass with effort and his chins wobbling as he looked up at Jonas' entrance. He grunted and put the glass down with effort, letting Jonas see the impressive sweat-stain spreading over his back. Thankfully he hid his horrified face before the barman looked up and he seemed none the wiser despite Jonas' incredibly stoic face
"What can I get you?" The bar-tender asked, his Brooklyn accent immediately confusing Jonas. After a second's thought, he guessed there were only a few things a bar-tender would be asking him in this situation and went for what he felt was most likely
"I'd… like a lemonade please, with three straws" The bar-tender shook his head as he prepared the drink and roughly thrust it out towards the boy. Jonas gingerly claimed it and began sipping at it as he looked around the bar. There weren't that many people in there but he noticed each of them with growing dislike. The first guy was just sitting there, in his suit and looking distastefully at Jonas as he sipped on all three of his straws at once. This annoyed Jonas who returned the favour, ignoring that this staring was most likely the reason he was getting such disproval to begin with. The next one was one of the bell-boys at the hotel who was just drinking a series of beers non-stop, he was beginning to stagger quite badly in the process but he still seemed able to drink quite easily. The last one was the worst of all, it was a guy sitting at the other end of the bar drinking a coke with three straws, he'd stolen Jonas' style! He was a blond guy wearing a long-sleeved red shirt and pale blue jeans, the jeans were covered in buttons around the pockets and one of the shins, each once showing a different smilie emoticon. This cool style of clothes wasn't the end of it though! He was talking on his phone, and LOUDLY at that! Jonas sort of recognised the accent, it was British. Damn, there was nothing like someone from another country to bring out the patriot in him. He wasn't even listening to the conversation, he was just annoyed it was happening.

Maybe, he thought, he should play a little trick in him. He sniggered to himself and slowly began to point a finger at the blond guy on the phone. This motion somehow caught his attention and the British guy whipped around to look at him. Jonas hastily turned the movement into him flicking a spare bit of paper around the bar. It took some time for the guy to forget him and resume his conversation, Jonas breathed a sigh of relief but he wasn't going to give up like that. He tried raising the finger again but once more, the British guy immediately turned to look at him, this time he saw Jonas playing with the rim of his hat folding it down over his eyes and up again.
'Shit,' Jonas thought to himself 'How does he keep doing this? Does he have eyes in the back of his head or something?'

Before he could go for attempt number 3, there was a loud bang that shook the entire bar. From the sound of it, it had come from the reception. Jonas got up, determined to check it out and was put out by the fact the rest of the bar had beaten him to it. He ran to catch up and nearly collided with the drunken bell-boy as they stopped to look into the main reception room. Two men stood in the middle of the room, the front doors had been barricaded by a thick mucus that had hardened to dampen the light and looked amazingly solid, the walls too were covered in the stuff making the formerly beautiful hall look like a cavern. Jonas was pretty shocked by this spectacle but the bell-boy was blown away and started drinking once again with renewed vigour. The two men looked an unlikely pair, both were wearing thick dark coats but the size difference was immense. One was a weedy little man with an obviously uneven bowl-cut and goofy looking teeth and the other was a powerfully built, 6ft tall man with curly auburn hair tied back into a pony-tail, he was removing his coat carefully and revealing the dark green suit beneath it in the process. A look was exchanged between Jonas, the bell-boy and the suit-wearing gentleman, it was fairly obvious which of these were in charge even in this bizarre situation.

With the tightly coiled stride of a hunting lion, the green suited gentleman approached the front desk and carefully spread his fingers over the table-top, looking down at the same desk-clerk Jonas himself had dealt with earlier. A small feeling of dread passed over Jonas as he watched the scene unfold, the big man leant on the desk and got as close as he could to the poor receptionist before asking
"Where is Havoc Vocal?"
"I'm sorry, sir" came the dull response "It is against hotel policy to reveal client details-" the revelation of the hotel's policy was cut short by the receptionists neck being snapped by a ferocious back-hand from the huge man. As the body slumped to the floor, the green suited man walked back towards his accomplice
"He wouldn't tell us, Mr Marlon"
"So you kill him, Duane?" The bowl-cut man's voice cut through the air like a razor blade, it was commanding to the extreme, Jonas was bewildered, the clerk looked like he might be seriously hurt but… was he really dead? Holy crap, was he in a lot of trouble. Mr Marlon seemed to be unimpressed and coughed loudly before shouting "Listen up! We know you're here! Come out, Havoc Vocal or we'll kill everyone in this hotel to get to you"
"Oh shit" Jonas muttered. Even if this Havoc guy was here, there was no guarantee he was in the hotel, and even if he was, he might not be on the ground floor, he could be in his room. It looked like they needed an escape route, but if they started to run what would happen? Would they go after them? Had they slimed shut the entire building or was it just the front entrance, how was he meant to get out of this one? He could try and leave the other bar-patrons here and escape but then they might get killed… should he fight? That would have to be it, he'd have to fight. Swallowing hard, Jonas got ready to speak up but was interrupted by a voice next to him, an annoyingly British voice
"Stop there! I'm the one you're after" The blond guy was claiming to be the guy they wanted? But that was crazy! He'd be killed for sure! What a hero, to pretend to be the one they wanted just so the others could escape, Jonas felt a lump in his throat as the blond guy stood to his full-height and began walking down the steps. He started walking towards the two of them but this was interrupted by the drunken bell-boy suddenly deciding to stand up for all of them and tumbling down the stairs
"You! We arrn't g'nna be inti-int-THREATENED by you… you two!" To punctuate this he tossed the bottle and watched as it was effortlessly caught by Mr Marlon.
"I see, so you want to fight to save Mr Vocal. Very well, tell me, do you see anything strange about my eyes?"
"Ehh? Your eyes, what's wrong with them? Oh? They're brown, issat cos you're fulla shit? Ehh? Heheh" The bell-boy giggled and, to Jonas' surprised, so did Mr Marlon but not for long. He looked up at the bell-boy and stared into his eyes
"Do you see anything else?" The bell-boy leant in and Jonas saw a flash of light suddenly, shutting his eyes and recoiling instinctively. He was still blinking away spots when he looked down to see the bell-boy writhing on the floor, screaming
"Ahhhh! They're everywhere! The snakes! Help me, Heeeelp me!" His pitiful cries fell on deaf ears as he burbled away to himself, froth forming around his mouth as he clutched at his chest in agony. The blond guy rushed to the poor man's side and shook him to try and wake him up
"Oi! Hang on, we'll get you help, Oi!" it was no good, it took a minute or two, but finally, his heart simply gave out, falling into a clenched pile. The British man seemed saddened by this and slowly closed the man's eyes with his palm "What did you do?" He asked, teeth clearly clenched
"I'd keep calm if I were you, Mr Vocal. We could always kill the rest of the hostages over there" Mr Marlon indicated Jonas and the others with his hand, Jonas swore as he hid himself further down the corridor with the other two. Creeping out again in time to hear Mr Marlon explaining matters to the British guy
"I used my Stand, Eye of the Tiger, it forces the victim to live through their greatest fear. I see you're already avoiding eye-contact but do not worry, we aren't here to kill you, you're far too important for that. After all, you have one of these marvellous Stands too, don't you?" There was a beeping sound from the British guy's pocket and quick as a flash, Duane grabbed his wrist and hauled him up into the air rummaging around in his pocket before pulling out the intruder. It was his cell-phone, flashing up that a call was coming in. Laughing, Duane cancelled the call, set the phone to silent and tossed it next to one of the pillars.

Mr Marlon pulled out a cell-phone of his own and sneered at his victim, still dangling from Duane's hand like a marionette.
"You reminded me, I have a call to make. Have to tell them we succeeded after all, it'll even let me get in good with my new boss" Turning his back to the opponent, Mr Marlon blissfully ignored Duane as he began to beat the unresisting prisoner despite the huge weight distance.
"Hello? Put me through to Master Poloi please… Sir? This is Mr Marlon, I was told to report to you. We have him." Mr Marlon was expecting praise but was stunned when the voice down the phone immediately shouted
"No time for that now! To your left, there's an invisible Stand User to your left, use your power on him, remember he's to your left" Mr Marlon, whipped around in horror and activated Eye of the Tiger. A few feet behind him, at the same time as he unleashed the attack, the British guy's phone began to ring. Glancing over, Duane immediately recoiled and screamed clutching at his eyes. Mr Marlon turned to see Duane on the floor and snarled in disbelief
"Wha-What happened? Duane was hit by my ability? But Master Poloi said…"
"Are you sure it was him?"
"What the-!?" Mr Marlon looked up at the staircase and saw Jonas standing at the top, a ghostly mechanical skeleton floating besides him. It looked like a child's drawing of a robot, it's arms resembling bolts and his fore-arms being two loops, it's main body resembled a highly old piece of computer equipment and it's head was a simple television monitor with three aerials of different sizes and style jutting out of it, two green dots illustrated it's eyes.
"You think you're the only one with a Stand?"
"Impossible! Then, Havoc Vocal-?"
"Oh, uhh, no. Actually, I'm not that Havoc guy, I'm Jonas Stellagio. And this is my Stand, Radiohead, I tricked you into firing your ability at such an angle that Duane was bound to see it in the mirror when he looked to check out the ringing phone." He grinned broadly at the heavily shaken man before him, "I bet you're dying to know Radiohead's ability, but sorry, I'm not in the habit of just yelling it out until I've won a fight" Jonas stuck his tongue out and flipped the bird. In his mind, he was the cool and collected type but whenever he did well in something he ended up gloating sub-consciously so he ended up looking as immature as he does here. With a quick point at his target, Jonas watched as Radiohead shot forward and struck out at Mr Marlon, the fist knocking out several teeth and slamming the bowl-cut man into one of the mirrors.

Exhaling in relief, Jonas slid down the banister to check on the blond British guy, the suited man and the bar-tender rushing past him to check on the door as he made sure he wasn't dead.
"Hey, you alright? British dude?"
"Huh," the blond man blinked at him, clearly clearing his head from the beating he'd just received, one hand clutching his temple "I'm… I'm fine. Did you say you had a Stand?"
"Oh, yeah, don't worry about that, I'm looking for some people but it's OK, no worry for you"
"Hey! This slime stuff's stupidly thick!" The suit shouted from across the lobby "We can't get through it, it feels like solid rock" Jonas swore and rushed over to help, out of the corner of his eye he looked in the mirror strapped to the pillar and saw something horrifying. The broken body of Mr Marlon was sliding to it's feet, it's blood flowing back in through it's cuts and healing it as it slowly looked at him
"What's wrong?" He asked, sneering as he opened his mouth to expose fangs "You never seen a Vampire before?" Jonas' blood ran cold as he saw Mr Marlon begin to walk towards him.
"R-Radiohead!" He shouted, his Stand rushing from inside of him and unleashing a series of blows on Mr Marlon. The beating clearly did damage but it healed mere moments after it had been inflicted, Mr Marlon held his fingers out and thick pink cables shot out of them and lunged for Jonas and the other two hostages.
"No! Marlon, don't do it! If you spare them I'll go quietly!"
"Shaddup!" Mr Marlon spat "I just need a top-up and I'll be able to take you anyway, I'm not even convinced you're the real one now!" as he said this one of the pink cables finally stabbed the man in the suit and his eyes widened in surprise and pain. There was a horrible slurping noise and the man slowly turned grey before finally falling to the ground as a withered husk. Jonas simply stared in horror, tears forming in his eyes. He couldn't believe this was happening, and he was powerless to stop it… he could maybe buy some more time, an hour or two, but what was the point? He was just going to die in the end, they couldn't win. And all he could hear was Mr Marlon's mocking laughter, ringing in his ears…

"Unforgivable" the British guy spat "To kill innocents when you don't need to… that kinda thing… really pisses me off!" with no warning, an aura of red lightning surrounded him, every hair on his head crackling on end as a ghostly figure emerged from inside of him. It looked like a tribal hunter, covered in blasts of spiky orange hair one its arms and head, two orbs sat on the back of it's hands and it's face was a simple carnival mask split down the middle, one side had a tear facing up and the other a tear facing down, the rest of the body was completely red covered in dark red lines. The crimson aura surrounding the British guy also surrounded the floating figure and waves of anger and hate seemed to radiate from the two of them
'No way' Jonas thought to himself 'Don't tell me this guy… is seriously Havoc Vocal!?'
"This is my Stand, Marlon… Rage against the Machine. I hope you said your prayers because I know where you're going…"
"Heh, big deal, if I can handle this kid's Stand hitting me I can handle yours! Get ready, I think I'm draining the fattie ne-" There was a powerful slam as a fist crashed into the back of Marlon's head, hitting the ground hard, the marble floor cracked as he tried to get up.
"You ought to know, Marlon. My Stand's power is to react to my emotional state, the angrier I am, the stronger it is, and you've made me plenty angry. You reckon your vampire regeneration is faster?"
"Uhhnn, so you got one good hi-" Another shattering blow rained down, then another, it's fists moving in a blur, Jonas watched in slack-jawed amazement at the speed, it was so much faster than Radiohead, and the force was so great he was slowly forcing Marlon into the floor. It was clear Rage against the Machine was saying something too, it sounded like
"Gogogogogogogogogogogogogo!" Jonas cocked his head to one side, was it just shouting random noises? His question was soon answered as Rage's barrage stopped, grabbing Marlon's slowly regenerating head and hurled him bodily at the slime sealed windows.
"TO HELL!!" Havoc finished for his Stand. The impact caused an enormous crack to run through the entire slime wall and solid sheets of the stuff to fall off and land in heaps. Jonas blinked through the afternoon sun, it was quite sunny outside… and the screaming from besides him brought him back to reality. Mr Marlon seemed to be melting in the sunlight, his voice bubbling away with the scream until only a small wisp of smoke remained. Jonas looked to the British guy and with complete honesty shouted
"Holy crap, that was AWESOME"


It took some explaining, but the bar-tender managed to convince the police that terrorists had broken in and were trying to destroy the hotel for a ransom. Jonas and Havoc moved themselves to a small bar down the street and sat in silence, slurping on their multiple straws each.
"Uhh, so…" Jonas started "I've been looking for you, or one of your guys at least"
"Mm? Really?" Havoc seemed curious to hear this, breaking his concentration off of his drink
"Yeah, I'm looking for someone and I think you guys could help me."
"I'm sure we could, but can you tell me why we would?" Havoc asked, clearly enjoying being clever. Jonas grimaced, that was exactly the kind of thing he liked to do.
"Yeah, I think she was taken by your enemies." Jonas responded
"The B.O.C?" Havoc was interested now, his previous response now sidelined "I think I see what you mean, you're going to join us and help to take down B.O.C but you're stating your motivation up front, right? That's refreshingly honest"
"Heh, well, don't get me wrong, my main goal is still to find her but two birds with one stone seems like a good idea to me."
"I agree," Havoc smiled, "Oh! We haven't really done the introductions properly, I'm Havoc Vocal. Nice to meet you"
"I'm Jonas Stellagio," Jonas grinned, shaking hands with Havoc "But my friends call me Jojo"

Stand Database

Stand Name: Slime
User: Duane Baron
Power: D
Speed: D
Range: C
Staying: A
Precision: D
Learning: E
Ability: Slime gives its user the power to create a thick mucus like layer of matter that can be given mental commands to form a shape. In battle, it can be used to smother and choke a victim or trap them due to its ability to rapidly replicate to form any shape Duane desires. It's created like sweat from his palms but comes in great quantities which is how it covered the door so quickly.

Stand Name: Eye of the Tiger
User: Mr Marlon
Power: E
Speed: B
Range: D
Staying: C
Precision: A
Learning: C
Ability: Mr Marlon's Stand allows him to unleash someone's innermost fears in a horrifically vivid hallucination. The form it takes is to attach to his iris but is almost impossible to detect until it is activated. As Jojo demonstrated, the attack can be ricocheted off of reflective surfaces. It is possible for Marlon to switch which eye uses the Stand but requires moving it like a contact lens which he dislikes.

Stand Name: Rage against the Machine
User: Havoc Vocal
Power: A to E
Speed: A to E
Range: E
Staying: D
Precision: A
Learning: B
Ability: Rage against the Machine is fuelled by the emotions of its user, if Havoc is feeling exceptionally angry then his Stand becomes immensely powerful, likewise if he is calm then it only has regular level strength and if he is scared it becomes incredibly weak. The orbs attached to the back of Rage against the Machine's hands are a good gauge of the strength it currently has as well as it's size, the angrier Havoc is the larger Rage is as well. It also has the ability to generate an aura making Havoc himself stronger as well as protecting him from other attacks, the aura is believed to be a manifestation of the Ripple and is the reason he is considered so valuable, even if he cannot channel it yet. The aura might also be his Stand in a more primal form but there is little evidence either way. The relation of Rage against the Machine to Havoc's emotional state means it is possible, potentially, for his Stand's strength to increase exponentially given the correct stimuli, even higher than the given A rank of power.