i do not own anything, sadly that includes Riku, but i do own the characters i make up.

I've always been the dreamer, but never have they come true. I've always been the follower, but never the leader. I've always been the one in the corner hoping no one notices, never the one who glows in the spotlight. You may think I'm some low life scum, but I don't care. I gave up caring a long time ago. With both my parents dead and all my friends who have betrayed me, I've given up caring a long time ago.

I'm fifteen and I can't wait until I'm out of here exploring other worlds. There are so many places to see. My private world sucks beyond no end. I listen to music you would never expect, ok maybe you would. Evanescence has always been there for me; in fact it may be the only music I do listen to.

I'm not a druggie and I am not suicidal. Just because my life is just a black hole waiting to consume everything I own, if it hasn't already, doesn't mean I'm eager for it to end. I don't make stupid mistakes like that. I see visions every now and then of things to come, and lately I've been having a lot about this group of kids on some island in a different world. I don't want your pity and I don't want your help. I just want you to hear me out.

I've lived in a place called Traverse Town for the past few years. My world was destroyed when I was about ten years old. My parents and everything I once knew vanished. That's when everything changed. I found myself having to fend for my life. I suddenly kept having these dreams featuring three friends from some island, but that explanation is for another time.

I only spoke to one person. He had spiky blonde hair, vivid blue eyes, dark clothing, and his Buster Sword. He was the only one who seemed to understand me. Always searching for the light, but never really finding it. Once or twice we may have found it, but then it would be snatched away from us. I gave up long ago trying to find it, but he never did give up. His name was Cloud Strife. I never really got along with the others, so I never tried to make myself known to them.

I worked part time jobs to get munny. Don't ask how I did it, but I did. I never stole and never lied. I somehow managed to earn my munny without any communication at all. No I didn't kill anyone, unless they did deserve it. I did other jobs; like fighting heartless scum; saving lost hearts in the process, etc. did I mention I had the power to beat them up? No one would tell me what it meant. I didn't have a key blade, which I've heard tons about. At first Cloud thought I was the key blade master, but he soon learned I was not. My light was barely lit, so it was not possible.

I've lived a very lonely life for as long as I can remember. I somehow was lucky to have the items I managed to grab. Before my world was destroyed thanks to some unknown force, just kidding I know who did it, but that is not what I wanted to say. The night my world was destroyed, I was planning on running away. I had some spare clothes packed in my size. I had my music player, it was a crappy one but I knew I would somehow manage to get a better one legally later. I was smart and knew how to take care of myself, actually that was all I ever did. I always sucked at making friends and my parents were never around after I went to second grade. So I've been taking care of myself.

I secretly lived in the Moogle's shop in the first district. None of them knew about it considering the fact that I was basically invisible to all. I made sure to always make it look like they never knew I was around. They never did mind me, but somehow I guess they knew since they always left a bundle of food behind for me to eat. I always made sure to clean up before I left for the day so it always ended up cleaner than when they left.

Times were getting rough. More and more people began to show up day by day. Time was running out. Cloud once told me that we needed the key blade master and soon. Only he or she could save the worlds. I knew all about the many different worlds. I figured that when Cloud disappeared, he moved on to another world. Lucky him I didn't hold a grudge so well and I was used to being a loner, so I shoved it off my shoulder and moved on.

Who am I? Guess I never did tell you. My name is Hikari, but only Cloud knows my name. I keep to myself so luckily as far as I know, nobody knows I exist.