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June 14th 1995

When Ginny came around her entire body was tingling. She found herself slumped in one corner of the room in the Shrieking Shack. Glancing around the room, she saw that Adam and the strange dirty man were gone, but her brother was still lying unmoving on the on the bed.

"Ohhh," Ginny groaned as she stood up slowly and slightly painfully. She was amazed to find that her wand was in her hand. Hadn't she been disarmed?

She went over to check on her brother; he was out cold. She shook him; he didn't respond. She needed to find a way to wake him up.

"Rennervate," she said suddenly, pointing her wand at her brother.

Ron's eyes opened and he immediately sat up.

"How's your arm?" Ginny asked.

Ron stretched and wiggled the arm that the dog had bitten.

"It seems fine," he said, sounding a little bit amazed. "What happened?"

"I don't know. I got Stunned somehow. I just woke up. Adam and the man that had you are gone."

"The man!" Ron exclaimed. "He's Sirius Black!"


Ron was now scrabbling frantically in his pockets. "Scabbers is gone!" he said.

"Don't worry about the rat! We need to get out of here! We need to see if we can find Adam or get some help!" Ginny suggested.

She jumped suddenly as she felt something rubbing against her leg. Whipping out her wand she looked down to see Crookshanks. The cat mewed at her and then proceeded to walk towards the door, before meowing again.

"You know, I think it wants us to follow it," Ron said incredulously.

"Let's go, then!"

"Wait!" Ron called. "I haven't got my wand!"

They spent several minutes scrabbling around looking for his wand. At length, Ginny said, "It's not here! Let's just go!"

"Okay!" Ron responded. "I bet Black took it!"

They followed Crookshanks down the stairs and back down the secret tunnel. Once they neared the entrance Crookshanks charged ahead.

"As soon as we get up there lie flat," Ginny instructed as she and Ron climbed back up towards the willow tree.

They reached the end of the tunnel and poked their heads out of the hole, conscious of the fact that they might have to duck lest an errant branch decide to take a swipe at them. The tree was completely still, so they took advantage of this and sprinted clear of the branches as quickly as they could.

"Where are they?" Ron questioned, looking around.

Ginny peered into the gloom. The school grounds seemed deserted; she wondered if the Third Task had finished yet. With a mewl, Crookshanks clawed at her jeans and then ran off across the grounds.

"Let's go!" Ginny called and they followed the cat across the grounds.

Seconds later, Ginny heard Adam's voice echo quietly in front of her. "Expecto Patronum!"

They kept running.

"What the..." Ron gasped in shock.

Down by the lake, Adam was standing over the prone body of Sirius Black. Dementors were closing in on him from all sides. Adam's, bright glowing, stag was charging between the Dementors, but it didn't seem as vibrant as it had in Professor Lupin's classroom.

"Ron! Go get help!" Ginny said frantically.

"I'm not leaving you!"

"Ron, I need to help Adam. You don't have a wand! Please, go and get help!"

"Ginny, no!" Ron protested.

"Ron, I swear to Merlin if you don't go and get help now I'll make you wish you'd never been born!" Ginny shouted as Adam fell to his knees.

"Expecto Patronum!" he called, flopped to the floor.

Ginny ran forward, not bothering to check if Ron had actually gone for help. She focused all her might on a happy memory, letting the memory fill her entire mind and crying out, "Expecto Patronum!"

A large shining white horse leapt out of the end of her wand. Ginny felt joy bubble up inside her as the shining white Patronus leapt to the aid of Adam's stag.

The presence of her horse seemed to strengthen the stag. It seemed to glow brighter than it had previously, she could see Adam beginning to get his energy back; he even managed to pull himself up onto his elbows.

Together the Stag and Horse managed to drive the Dementors back. The Patronuses only faded from view when the sky was free of the dark creatures.

Ginny ran forward towards Adam.

"Adam!" she cried as she reached him.

"Ginny..." he breathed weakly. "We did it."

Ginny wrapped her arms around his neck and planted a kiss on his lips.

"Ginny!" a shout echoed. "Ginny!"

"Over here!" she called back.

A few minutes later, Ron, Professor Dumbledore and Professor Snape charged down to the side of the lake.

Professor Dumbledore stood there for a second taking in the scene.

"Black!" Snape snarled. "Let's get him to the Dementors."

"Wait, Severus, I think there is more here than there seems," Dumbledore paused. "Can anyone tell me what happened?"

Ginny looked at Adam helplessly; she didn't really know what had happened. She helped him sit up. He looked as if he might collapse at any moment.

"Sirius is innocent," said Adam, looking pale and exhausted. "Scabbers, Ron's rat was really a man called Peter."

"What?" exclaimed Ron.

"Quiet, Weasley," snapped Snape.

"Professor Lupin and Sirius tried to capture him but he escaped," Adam continued.

"Headmaster!" exclaimed Snape. "I told you Lupin was in league with him!"

"Now, Severus, let us hear the full story," replied Professor Dumbledore.

"Sirius grabbed Ron, to get to Scabbers." Adam began to explain. "Sirius wanted to kill Scabbers, but Professor Lupin stopped him. They made Scabbers turn back into a man."

"What did the man look like?" questioned Professor Dumbledore.

"He was short, just a bit taller than me, he had very thin hair. He called Professor Lupin and Sirius his old friends."

"What was his name?"

"They called him Peter."

"Pettigrew," muttered Professor Dumbledore.

"Where is Professor Lupin?" questioned Snape with a gleam in his eye.

"He-he...," Adam paused. "He turned into a wolf."

Ginny gasped, Professor Lupin was a werewolf!

"Let's not waste time with these fabrications. Send for the Dementors," repeated Snape.

"Severus. The children's accounts warrant investigation, something the Ministry will not facilitate. I am going to remove Sirius Black to a secure location until I can investigate. Be assured that if he is guilty then he shall be handed over."

"Professor! He's innocent!" Adam exclaimed.

"However, if this evidence clears him, I will arrange for him to be kept in safety until it can be proven to the Ministry," Professor Dumbledore continued.

"Headmaster! You can't mean to..." Snape blurted.

"Severus! You will get these three students to the hospital wing. I need to secure Mr. Black and then return to the tournament before I am missed."

Professor Dumbledore withdrew a small object from his pocket and placed Black's limp hand on it. He touched his wand to it and he and Sirius Black vanished, leaving Ginny, Adam, Ron and Professor Snape alone.

"Hospital Wing, then," Snape sneered dryly.

June 15th 1995

The next morning, Remus, with the Marauders map in his hand, hobbled down the corridor towards the room where the dot representing Sirius was currently residing.

Albus had obviously secured him in a guest suite and, even though his entire body was screaming at him to lie down and rest, he just had to see him. He could look after his tormented body later, some things were far more important. He had to talk to Sirius.

Remus had decided that the fact Sirius was in a guest room and not the dungeons, meant that Albus had obviously decided he was innocent, but he still needed to talk to him.

Remus approached the door to the room and listened. He could vaguely hear movement on the other side. He knocked on the door. Immediately the noise on the other side ceased.

"It's Moony," he whispered through the door. "It's all clear."

Nothing happened for several seconds, then suddenly the door clicked open. Remus pushed open the door and stepped inside.

He glanced around the room. Then he saw him, Sirius was lurking in the shadows.

"Sirius!" Remus exclaimed desperately. "Thank Merlin! I haven't seen him, but is Harry alright? I didn't hurt him did I?"

"Remus," Sirius replied, slightly coldly. Then his voice softened. "Harry is fine. I got you away from him pretty quickly."

Remus felt some of the tension drain out of him, and his body sagged.

"Sit down, Remus," Sirius instructed and motioned him towards a nearby chair. "You need to rest."

Once he was seated, Remus looked Sirius up and down. He looked much better than he had last night; he had a set of clean clothes on and had obviously showered and washed his hair.

"Albus..." Remus began.

"Has decided to believe me," Sirius answered. "He examined my memories and then dashed away to try to track down Wormtail."

Remus felt a surge of guilt. How could he ever have believed that Sirius had betrayed James and Lily?

"Remus," Sirius continued, a touch of anger in his voice. "You have some explaining to do. I want to know why Harry, who everyone thinks is dead, is in Hogwarts, covered with glamour spells and with no idea who he is."

"It was Peter," Remus explained with a deep sigh. "We all thought he was dead, Peter took him from the house and hid him."

"So why is he still covered in disguises?"

Remus hesitated. "Peter put them on him. Albus thought it would be best if he were kept anonymous. He fears the remaining Death Eaters would try to target him."

"Albus thought!" Sirius ranted, raising his voice suddenly. "Why didn't you think? Is this what James would have wanted? His only son wandering looking nothing like him! Not knowing who his parents are!"

"Sirius..." Remus protested weekly.

"He has to be told." Sirius stated blankly. "He deserved to be told as soon as you knew," he hesitated, fixing Remus with a stare. "How long have you known?"

Remus was silent. Finally he said hesitantly, "I, I've know for a year, Albus for longer, I think."

"A YEAR!" Sirius exploded angrily, taking a step closer to Remus. Then his voice quietened and he continued. "And you thought I did this to him?"

Remus could only nod numbly. He felt like a traitor.

"And you didn't even tell him when you thought I was after him," Sirius mused. "Well, now he really is in danger if Pettigrew gets away."

"You think Peter will go to the Death Eaters?"

"Wormtail will run and hide like he always does," Sirius replied. "But the fact that he knows about Harry puts him in danger."

"Albus will take that as confirmation that his plan was correct."

"Then we will fight it!" Sirius exclaimed, starting to pace the room. "Harry deserves to know who is parents are! It will be hard for him, the two of you have seen to that, but he deserves to know." Sirius shook his head. "If he was a young child I could sort of understand it, but he's what?" Sirius paused for a split second. "Fourteen now? He'll be of age in three years and from what I saw in the shack he's pretty capable in a tight spot. He needs to know he's in danger so he can defend himself if trouble comes looking for him."

"I know," Remus replied. "It's been so hard this year to keep it from him."

"You should have taken that as a sign it was wrong!" Sirius replied hotly.

"I know," Remus said again. "But..."

"Albus convinced you."

Remus nodded.

"Well, then we'll just have to convince Albus. We both know, plus by now Harry must suspect something is up after what happened in the shack. Once he processes it, he'll begin to figure it out," Sirius paused. "We give Albus a choice, either he tells him or we will and he looses the control of the situation. The secret is out now and short of Obliviating everyone involved he can't keep it from Harry anymore," Sirius now stared at Remus. "I need your backing, Moony. We're the last of the Marauders. On my own I'm in a vulnerable position, but together we can give him no choice but to come clean."

Remus hesitated for a second, visions of him and Sirius confronting Albus playing through his mind.

"I'm in," Remus replied. "Albus may be misguided and controlling, but he's not a bad person. He'll do the right thing."

"Good," Sirius replied. "Now let's sit down. We need to plan and you need to fill me in on my godson's life."

June 15th 1995

Ginny was less than impressed when she woke up the next morning in the hospital wing. Mum's going to kill me for ending up in here again, she thought. She looked around the room, spotting Adam still asleep in the bed to her right. Ron was sitting up in the one to her left.

"Morning," he said brightly.

"How are you?" she asked grumpily. Ron was far too cheerful.

"I'm alright," Ron replied. Then a few seconds later he continued. "Do you believe Adam? That Scabbers was actually a man?"

"Yeah," said Ginny. "If he said that's what happened, then I believe him."

"I can't believe it," said Ron. "How did he manage to keep himself hidden for so many years?"

"I don't know. I guess we will have to wait for Professor Dumbledore to investigate, like he said he would."

"I saw it with my own eyes; he turned from a rat into a man and then back again," Adam stated suddenly from his bed.

"Did anything else happen when we were out of it?" Ginny asked after she bid him good-morning.

Adam shrugged. "Not really. Professor Lupin and Black had some crazy conversation which I didn't really follow."

The three of them were confined to the Hospital Wing for the entire morning. Once they dressed, Ginny grew restless very quickly. They rehashed the events of the previous evening many times between the three of them; what had happened once she had been Stunned was still somewhat of a mystery, as Adam was stubbornly refusing to talk about it in any detail.

It was mid-morning before the boredom was broken when Hermione and Neville entered the room.

"Hi, guys," Hermione and Neville said together.

"Hi," the three patients replied.

Ginny, who was sitting near her brother, nudged Ron violently and hissed, "Apologise to her."

"Hi, Hermione," said Ron, now looking down at the floor. "I'm sorry for what I said about Crookshanks. I know he had nothing to do with Scabbers going missing."

"Thanks, Ron," said Hermione looking a little confused. "What happened to you guys?" she asked. "Was it something to do with Professor Lupin?"

"What do you mean?" Ginny questioned.

"Professor Snape said at breakfast that he's a werewolf!"

"It wasn't Professor Lupin," said Ginny with a sigh. She couldn't believe that Snape had told everyone about Professor Lupin.

Ginny told Hermione and Neville the story of their adventure, with Adam and Ron adding bits when necessary. She noticed Adam still didn't say much about what had happened while she and Ron were unconscious. Something was definitely troubling him.

"So Professor Dumbledore has Sirius Black locked up? And the Ministry doesn't know?" asked Neville.

"Yes, but you mustn't tell anyone! He's definitely innocent! The Ministry will send him back to jail if the story gets out!" said Adam.

"Or worse," Ginny muttered. She remembered Professor Snape wanting to give him to the Dementors.

"Why are you so keen to save Mr. Black from jail?" Hermione asked.

"He's innocent and," Adam paused, looking down at the floor. "He sort of saved my life; Professor Lupin, as a wolf, would have attacked me if Sirius hadn't transformed into a dog, tackled him and dragged him off."

The five Gryffindors talked for some time. Hermione told them that the school was in uproar over the revelation about Professor Lupin. Also, all Defence Against the Dark Arts classes had been cancelled for the next few days.

What felt like hours later, the sound of the hospital wing doors opening caused their conversation to come to a halt as Professor Dumbledore strode in.

"Good morning," he said brightly.

"Morning, sir," replied Ginny.

"Professor, any news?" Adam asked intently.

"Not here, Adam," replied Professor Dumbledore. "Now unless Madam Pomfrey has any objections, you are all free to go."

Ginny looked behind her and saw Madam Pomfrey watching the group; she gave a small nod to Professor Dumbledore. Ginny and the others got to their feet and eagerly began to make their way out of the hospital wing.

"Mr. Winters, would you wait behind a moment," said Professor Dumbledore.

Ginny saw Adam stop. She went and stood by him.

"I need you to come to my office for a meeting," said Professor Dumbledore, suddenly looking tired. He then looked over at Ginny. "I'm afraid, Miss Weasley, that this meeting is for Adam and only Adam."

Ginny shoulders slumped. Adam shot her an apologetic look.

"I'll fill you in later," he said.

Ginny watched as Adam followed Professor Dumbledore to his office. Once they had gone out of sight, Ginny made her way back up to Gryffindor Tower.

June 15th 1995

Adam was apprehensive as he followed Professor Dumbledore in silence through the corridors of Hogwarts. He was still incredibly troubled by the conversation he had witnessed between Sirius Black and Professor Lupin. It was completely ludicrous and Adam knew that something else must be going on here, something he must have been caught in the middle of. Even so, he had a sinking feeling that something important was being kept from him.

Professor Dumbledore spoke a password to the gargoyle that guarded the entrance to his office.

"Let no one else in, regardless of whether they have the password or not, until I tell you otherwise," he instructed the statue.

When they entered the office, Adam was surprised to see Sirius Black and Professor Lupin sitting in chairs in front of Professor Dumbledore's desk. Professor Lupin looked incredibly tired, but Sirius Black looked far better than he had the previous evening; he was now clean and had clean clothes on. There was a third chair in the room, presumably for him. Professor Dumbledore, meanwhile, took a seat behind his desk. Adam was now feeling incredibly uneasy.

"Adam, do take a seat," said Professor Dumbledore.

Adam sat down in the chair.

"What's going on?" he asked.

"I want to first apologise for nearly attacking you last night," Professor Lupin began.

"Don't worry," Adam forced a laugh. "If I understand correctly, then it wasn't really you but the wolf."

Professor Lupin looked relieved. "Thank you! If only everyone else was so open-minded. Since Severus let slip about my problem, it looks like I will have to resign. Many parents won't let their children be taught by a werewolf."

"You shouldn't have to do that!" Adam exclaimed. "You're the best Defence professor we've ever had!"

"I know I shouldn't have to leave, but if I tried to stay–" he paused. "Well, the Ministry would never allow it."

"Remus..." said Professor Dumbledore.

"Don't, Albus. My decision is made," replied Professor Lupin. "Anyway, this isn't what we came here to discuss."

"No," said Professor Dumbledore. He sighed. "Adam, I understand you may have heard a conversation last night which included things that may need explaining."

"You think I'm this Harry guy," Adam said bluntly.

Professor Dumbledore sighed and the room was silent.

"Tell him, or I will," said Sirius, with a trace of anger in his voice.

"Adam, you are Harry Potter," said Professor Dumbledore softly.

Adam laughed. "You can't be serious?" He paused. "You really think I'm him?"

The room was silent.

"He's dead!" Adam exclaimed. "You said so yourself! Ginny told me there's even a monument in the Ministry with his name on it!"

"Adam you are him. We are quite certain," said Professor Dumbledore.

Adam was dumbfounded. How could he persuade these people when they were being so stupid?

"If I was him, surely someone would have recognised me!"

"Your appearance has been modified," Sirius interrupted. "Your eyes should be green and your hair black. But those of us who knew James, your dad, have recognised you. You have the same facial structure. It's not easy to see, but if you know what to look for..." Sirius trailed off.

"What? Changed my appearance?" Adam said. He felt sick.

"Adam," Professor Dumbledore said, "we are certain."

He withdrew a sheet of parchment from a pile on his desk, which he handed to Adam.

"Albus..." Sirius began.

Adam grabbed the parchment and examined it; at its head was a large logo for an organisation called Gringotts.

"That is from Gringotts the Wizarding bank," clarified Professor Dumbledore.

Adam began to read the letter.

Professor Dumbledore.

We reply in regard to your request to compare the provided blood sample to our extensive records. We have done so and are pleased to confirm that it matches to one: Harry James Potter

As we are sure you can appreciate, this information is of a highly sensitive nature and, as a friend of the Goblin nation, we are pleased to be able to guarantee the non-disclosure of this to any non-Goblin organisations or individuals.

Branch President

"W-W-What is this?" Adam stuttered.

"You remember the blood sample I took from you in your first year?"

Adam nodded, but felt a surge of anger within himself that he tried to squash down. If this was from the blood test then Dumbledore had known for nearly two years.

"I sent it to the Goblins. They can identify many individuals by blood because nearly all Wizarding families provide a blood sample from their children, allowing them future access to trust funds and family vaults. I did not believe it myself when I received it the summer after you pulled Ginny Weasley out of the Chamber of Secrets. Before that I truly believed that you were dead."

"Professor Dumbledore came to me last year and asked me to investigate further," continued Professor Lupin. "I did and uncovered some interesting information. How much do you know about your early past, Adam?"

"I know I was abandoned in a park or something," Adam said haltingly.

Professor Lupin nodded. "Do you know how you came to be known by your current name?"

Adam shook his head, unsure what Professor Lupin meant. At this Professor Dumbledore produced another piece of parchment and passed it to Adam.

Adam, with shaking hands, took the parchment and read it.

Name: Child N

Date of Birth: Unknown

Admitted: November 1st 1981
-Police contact: PC James Taylor (NO: 76751)

Discharged: November 20th 1981
- Into the care of St Mary's Children's Home, Bristol.

-Unidentified Child.
-Suffering from dehydration and hypothermia.
-Child seems traumatised. Believed to have suffered recent traumatic event.
-Child named by hospital staff, pending confirmation of identity: Adam Winters.

Adam let out a strangled cough, as he attempted to relieve some of the pressure that he felt building inside of him.

"I-I-I remember St Mary's," he spluttered, blinking rapidly to stop his eyes from stinging. "It was nice there."

"November the first was only one day after Voldemort attacked your parents. Somehow even though Lord Voldemort killed your parents, you lived!" said Professor Dumbledore. "I believe that Peter Pettigrew took you from your parents' house, changed your appearance and then left you. You were abandoned less than half a mile from where Sirius confronted him."

"Stop! Stop!" Adam shouted. His anger beginning to win through. "I believe you! You've convinced me! My whole life has been a lie!"

Professor Dumbledore smiled at him. "It is not that your life has been a lie. We just want you to be aware of your true identity as Harry Potter."

Something inside Adam snapped. "So being Harry Potter is more important than being Adam?"

"It is not that, we just wanted you to be aware..."

"THAT DIDN'T STOP YOU FOR HIDING THIS FROM ME FOR TWO YEARS!" Adam roared as he shot to his feet.

"Adam, I thought it would keep you safe," Professor Dumbledore said gently. "I thought it would help you. Harry Potter would be a celebrity, hounded by the press and the Ministry, so I decided–" He sighed. "This is not how I wanted you to find out."

"ITS MY LIFE. SURELY I HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW!" Adam raged. He stormed up to Professor Dumbledore's desk and placing his hands on it leaned forward. "IF THIS ISN'T HOW YOU WANTED ME TO FIND OUT WHEN WERE YOU GOING TO TELL ME?!" All the items on Professor Dumbledore's desk flew off and clattered to the floor as uncontrolled magic escaped from Adam in his fury.

"Adam," Professor Dumbledore tried to talk.

Adam took a step back from the desk and felt his shoulders slump in defeat. "GO ON THEN!" He shouted despairingly. "TURN ME BACK TO HOW I SHOULD BE! THEN YOU CAN HAVE YOUR HARRY POTTER!" .

"No. You need the anonymity that your identity as Adam Winters provides."

"SO THAT'S ALL I AM TO YOU? AN IDENTITY TO KEEP HARRY POTTER SAFE?" Adam shouted, fully aware he was making little sense now.

Finally, he'd had enough. Adam stormed over to the door and pulled on it. It didn't open.

"LET ME OUT!" Adam practically screamed, and things in the room vibrated.

"Adam, calm down!" Professor Dumbledore's voice echoed commandingly through the room. "You need to keep your true identity hidden," he urged. "If you don't, you will be a target!"

"Don't you worry. I'm not going to be telling anyone this," Adam spat through gritted teeth. "How would you like it if someone told you your entire life had been a lie? Now let me out."

Professor Dumbledore sighed and Adam heard the door click open.

"Don't you worry. I'll keep Harry Potter safe," he spat.

"Harry..." Professor Lupin said feebly rising from his seat.

"My. Name. Is. ADAM!" he shouted back. Then turning on the spot, he stomped down the staircase and into the corridor below.

Adam stormed like a thunder cloud back through the school towards the common room. His eyes were puffy and red, but blazing with anger.

Storming through the portrait hole, he entered the common room.

"What happened? What did Professor Dumbledore want?" Ginny questioned trotting towards him.

Adam stared at her for a second.

"Are you alright?"

"Leave me alone," Adam replied harshly and walked straight past her, up the stairs, into his room and slammed the door behind him. He jumped onto his bed, drew the curtains around it and pressed his face into his pillow. Feeling tears beginning to form in his eyes, he gave a cry of fury as he tried to scream away the feelings of anger and betrayal that burned within him.

June 15th 1995

"That went well," Sirius commented dryly. "Real smooth, gentlemen."

"It was always going to upset him," Remus commented.

"You guaranteed that, Albus, the moment you chose not to tell him once you knew for certain," said Sirius. "I can't believe you two! He's James and Lily's son! He deserved to know!"

"I was doing what was best for him," stated Albus defensively.

"The boy has just had his entire world turned upside down, in a very not-so-subtle manner. You basically told him the identity he has grown up with isn't worth as much as this new identity you have just tried to force upon him," Sirius sighed. "Is there anything else you are not telling him?" questioned Sirius.

Albus hesitated before replying. "No."

Sirius scowled, but didn't say anything for a moment. "Do you think he's in any danger? Where has he been living?" he finally questioned.

Albus stroked his beard briefly. "I do not think so, at least not yet. The only other person to be aware of Adam's identity is Peter. I doubt he will be able to rally any support from the former Death Eaters to come after him."

"And he is too much of a coward to come after him himself," finished Remus. "At least on his own."

Albus nodded in reply. "He is safe at the Weasleys for now. I've been strengthening the wards there since Harry took up residence."

"I don't think we need to worry about Adam telling anyone. He doesn't even want to believe it himself at this point," mused Sirius.

"I wouldn't be surprised if he tells Ginny," said Remus. "They're pretty much inseparable."

They sat in silence.

Albus broke the silence by saying. "We will need to work with him. There will be a time, I fear, when Harry Potter will need to make an appearance."

Sirius sighed. "That will be a long process. You two alienated him by not telling him sooner. When did you plan on telling him, Albus?"

"When I had more information about Voldemort," Albus sighed. "I thought..." he hesitated. "I honestly thought keeping him anonymous was his best defence. I thought you were the only person who knew, Sirius, and you were..."

"Safe in Azkaban and probably insane," Sirius replied. "Well, I'm his godfather and was not involved in hiding it from him. I may have more luck with him."

"Sirius, you can't be seen in public," stated Albus.

"I know, but maybe I can visit him... in secret."

"Hmm," mused Albus. "Arthur Weasley is a strong supporter of mine, but it would place him in a very awkward position. One of his sons, Percy, works for the Ministry and I am not convinced he can be trusted with such a secret."

"Well, once I'm set he can come and visit me," Sirius reasoned.

"That could work," Albus replied. "I'll see what I can arrange, but for now let's agree to give the boy some space."

June 18th 1995

Adam paced back and forward in front of Professor Lupin's office door. He didn't know why he had come. Well, truthfully, he did know why he was here; he needed answers. Ever since his meeting with Professor Dumbledore he had laid on his bed, his emotions swinging back and forward between confusion and anger.

If the name he had been born with was indeed Harry Potter then it raised so many questions in his mind. It wasn't as if he was unhappy about knowing about his past, in fact a part of him was thrilled, but being told he was someone who was dead, well, that was unexpected. What made him so angry was that Professor Dumbledore and Professor Lupin had not told him, despite having known for over two years. Professor Dumbledore had even lied to him when he had asked if there were any results from the blood test, all the way back in his first year. Professor Dumbledore had also had the cheek to imply that being Harry Potter was more important than being Adam.

He had spent a long time thinking about his identity. Who was he? If he had been named Harry Potter by his parents, did it mean that was who he was? He had been called Adam for as long as he could remember. Did it actually matter? Adam wasn't sure and thinking too hard about it had given him a headache.

Deciding he had wasted enough time pacing in front of Professor Lupin's door Adam let himself into the office. Professor Lupin was in the room crouched over an open trunk, with his back to Adam. He seemed to be packing his belongings into the trunk. He didn't appear to have heard Adam.

"Professor," Adam said quietly.

Professor Lupin jumped, leapt to his feet and spun around to face Adam. When he saw him he relaxed.

"Har– " he paused. "Sorry, Adam."

"I wanted to ask you some questions," said Adam coldly.

Professor Lupin sat himself down on the edge of his desk.

"Go ahead."

"Do you believe I'm Harry Potter?" Adam asked.

"Yes. I know it's been a shock to you, but I'm absolutely certain," replied Professor Lupin softly.

Adam nodded jerkily.

Professor Lupin smiled. "I'm sorry, you know. I should have told you."

"You should have," Adam replied.

"I know."

Adam stood there, trying to vocalise the thoughts swirling through his mind. "Everything is all so confusing," he finally admitted, raising his hands in frustration.

"Adam," Professor Lupin replied. "I can never apologise enough. If you need anything, I'm here."

Adam finally found his voice. "Did you... Did you know my parents?" he asked haltingly. "Can you tell me anything about then?"

"I did know them. They were wonderful people," replied Professor Lupin. "If you like I can talk to Sirius and see if we can get some photos together."

"Please!" Adam exclaimed. "I-I've never had anything of my parents'. I've no idea what my dad looks like and I've only ever seen my mum in that vision."

Professor Lupin jumped up, rummaged in his desk draw and withdrew a familiar piece of parchment.

"Here. You can have this back," he said, handing it to Adam.

"The map!" Adam exclaimed in surprise. "I never thought I'd get it back!"

"You, if anyone, deserves to have it," said Professor Lupin.

"What?" Adam asked, confused.

Professor Lupin grinned. "You know the map was made by four Hogwarts students. Their nicknames were Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs."

Adam nodded, he knew this.

"Prongs was your Dad, Padfoot is Sirius and I'm Moony."

Adam turned the map over in his hands, feeling a new sense of reverence for it. He felt awed that he was actually holding something that his dad had helped make.


"I think he would have wanted you to have it," said Professor Lupin.

"T-T-Thanks," said Adam shakily.

Suddenly, it was all too much for Adam. He had come to see Professor Lupin hoping it would settle his mind but it hadn't. What would his parents think of him? Would they feel let down that he wasn't using the name they had given him? Would they feel betrayed by the fact, that even though he now knew about his past, he couldn't stomach even thinking about going by a name that felt completely and utterly alien to him? It was the name of a dead boy, after all.

"I-I-I've got to go," Adam stammered and he dashed out of Professor Lupin's office. He needed to be alone.

June 19th 1995

Ginny was very surprised to find Adam waiting for her in the common room when she came down for breakfast. She had hardly seen him the previous two days because he had hidden in his room, only coming out for meals. Ginny was convinced he had also timed his meals to avoid her. She was worried about him, and what had caused this behaviour, but also very angry that he hadn't thought to share his problems or even talk to her. In short she was conflicted, feeling both worry and anger at the same time.

What worried Ginny even further was that she had a strong suspicion that she knew what was wrong with Adam. From the story Adam had told her, he had been the only one, other than Sirius, who was present when Professor Lupin had transformed. Had he been bitten? Adam might not have realised the significance if he had been, or he may have downplayed the injury. She hadn't seen any visible sign of a bite that night, but it had been dark. Ginny couldn't think of any other explanation. Oh please don't let it have happened to you, Adam!

Ginny realised she was staring at Adam; he was looking decidedly uncomfortable at this attention.

"Hi," he said lamely.

"Alright?" she questioned.


Adam stood there awkwardly as if he didn't know what to say. Ginny felt a surge of sympathy for him because he looked completely lost. She hadn't seen him like this since the very start of their first year.

"Shall we go and get breakfast?" she asked with a smile.

Adam smiled back. "Yeah."

They ate breakfast together in awkward silence. Conversation in the Great Hall, like it had been the past several days, was firmly settled on two subjects: Cedric winning the Triwizard Tournament and Professor Lupin being a werewolf. Cedric was practically being hailed as a school hero with members of all four houses, even some Slytherins, fawning over him. The one fortunate thing about all the attention that Cedric had been receiving, was that her, Adam and Ron's disappearance during the Third Task had practically gone unnoticed.

Once they finished their breakfast, as it was a Monday, they had classes to go to; Ginny deliberately tried not talk to Adam about anything beyond ordinary school subjects. Slowly and surely during the day Adam seemed to come back to himself; he talked more easily and even cracked a joke. Ginny was proud of the self control she showed. She badly wanted to know what was troubling Adam and wanted to help him if she could. But she could tell that Adam didn't want to talk about it and she didn't want to pry.

"Shall we go for a walk before dinner?" Ginny suggested, after their classes where finished.

Adam nodded and together they walked out into the grounds. When they reached a secluded spot Ginny sat down on the ground and gestured for Adam to join her. He sat down next to her, and they sat there in silence for several minutes. Ginny eventually took hold of Adam's hand and gave it a squeeze.

"Ginny... I," he said as he turned to look at her.

Ginny decided to simply stare at him, looking into his grey eyes.

"I'm sorry," he said, eventually breaking eye contact. "I've been a right arse to you these last few days; you didn't deserve that."

"We all have our bad times," she said encouragingly. "Do you want to tell me what's wrong?"

"I... ah... I," he replied, looking distressed.

"It's okay," she said gently.

Ginny saw his body tense. "Ginny I-I-I... can't talk about it right now," he said.

Ginny's frustration got the better of her. "Did Professor Lupin bite you?" she blurted.

Adam stared at her for a few seconds, before bursting out in laughter.

"Oi!" she exclaimed, swatting him on the head. "This is serious!"

"Oh, Ginny! No! I'm not a werewolf!" he answered.

Adam then put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. Ginny rested her head on Adam's shoulder and she sighed with happiness.

"It's not that I don't want to tell you," Adam said, and he turned his head and planted a kiss on the top of her hair.

"I wouldn't have minded if you were... you know..." Ginny blurted.

"It's just that..." Adam continued hesitantly. "Well, Professor Dumbledore told me some... things about my past and well... I need to sort it all out in my own head before I tell anyone," he sighed. "Do you understand?"

Ginny couldn't understand what Professor Dumbledore could have told him about his past that could be this major, but she could understand Adam wanting time to sort it out before he talked about it. She remembered the time after her first year, she hadn't wanted to talk to about the diary or the Chamber either.

"Of course," she replied and, turning her body so that she was facing Adam, she lent in and kissed him.

When they parted Adam was smiling. "I will tell you," he said emphatically. "Soon."

Ginny giggled. "We've got all summer together."

Adam grinned back. "That we have."

They sat there together for several minutes before Ginny spoke again. "Come on," she said. "If we're not careful we'll miss dinner."

July 1st 1995

Ginny and Adam were sitting in a compartment with Ron, Hermione and Neville for the journey back to Kings Cross. Much to her annoyance and Adam's amusement she'd had a nightmare getting everything packed to go home. So by the time they reached the Hogwarts Express, they were unable to find a compartment for themselves.

Well, Ginny thought. Now that Ron and Hermione are friends again sitting with them isn't too bad.

Over the last couple of weeks of school, Adam had still been quieter than normal. He made a very good attempt at acting normal and it had fooled most people, but not Ginny. She knew that something was still bothering him.

As the countryside rolled past the window, Ginny watched those in the compartment with her. Hermione was reading a book, Ron and Neville were playing chess and Adam... Adam was sitting at the window staring at his reflection. She'd caught him doing that several times over recent days.

She scooted across the seat towards him and whispered in his ear. "I know its lovely, but you don't have to stare at it all day."

Adam jumped and immediately turned around to face her.


"You keep looking at your reflection," she stated.

"You noticed?" Adam said in a quiet voice.

"Yeah," Ginny replied and then she winked. "If I don't keep an eye on you, you'll get in trouble."

Adam snorted. "From what I remember, every time I've been in trouble you've been there."

"True," Ginny giggled in response. "So why were you looking at yourself?"

Adam hesitated. "I..." he paused. "I was wondering what I'd look like with different colour hair."

Ginny didn't quite know what to say in response to that.

"I like your hair how it is, Adam!" Ginny exclaimed. She noticed a strange expression come across Adam's face as she said it. So deciding to lighten the mood she continued. "Anyway, we'll be home soon and I for one can't wait to get back on broom. I've really missed Quidditch this year."

Adam grinned. "Yeah, we'll need to practice if Gryffindor is going to win the cup next year!"

They spent the rest of the journey discussing Quidditch, and analysing Gryffindor's chances next season. When the countryside eventually gave way to buildings, Ginny knew that they were nearly back in London. She felt a surge of excitement, that she would see her mum and dad again soon.

Ginny loved Hogwarts, but right now, she couldn't wait to get home.