Memory Lane

Chapter 1

"Get out. I never want to see you again" Piper told Chris. He had just lost their trust for the last time. How could he do something like this. And then try to tell them that Wyatt would turn evil. That's gotta be the cruelest lie anyone's ever told.

No one noticed the pained look on Chris' face as he orbed away. No one except for Paige that is. She didn't want to believe that Wyatt turned evil. Couldn't believe it, but Chris must have an explanation. If his plans were foiled he would look annoyed, maybe frustrated, but not hurt and betrayed. She would have to go talk to him. Find out what is going on here. She had never trusted him totally, but she knew that he wouldn't hurt them at least.

Paige made an excuse and went to her room before she orbed away. She usually couldn't sense Chris anywhere, but apparently whatever shield he usually keeps up is down now for some reason. She was able to find him easily this time and orbed in behind him. What she saw made her stop in her tracks. Chris was kneeling on the cold ground in the rain. He had his arms wrapped around his stomach like he was trying to keep himself in one piece and he was muttering "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." over and over. There were tears streaming down his face and he looked like hell. She had never seen their slightly neurotic, stoic whitelighter show any emotion at all especially not something like this. She had to show her sisters and decide what to do from here.

She orbed back to the manor and grabbed her sisters after casting a silence bubble around them. She didn't want Chris to know they were there. This was probably an invasion of privacy, but they needed to know. As soon as they arrived and saw Chris Piper gasped and covered her hand over her mouth and Phoebe screamed and doubled over shaking with sobs before she passed out. Paige grabbed her sisters and orbed them back to the manor. They sat by Phoebe's side waiting for her to wake up for almost an hour.

When she finally woke up she began to cry again. "What's wrong?" Piper asked her.

"I just can't believe everything he was feeling. It's no wonder he keeps us shielded. It completely overloaded me."

"What was he feeling?"

"Intense pain. The kind I couldn't even imagine. Betrayal. Paralyzing fear. Self-loathing. Strong love for all of us including Wyatt. Bitterness towards Leo."

"Wow. That's a lot of different emotions." Piper said thoughtfully.

"It wasn't just the amount of emotions. It was the strength of them too. It made everything everyone else feels seem like a shadow."

"Well I don't know about you guys, but the love for us is enough to make me want to find some way to fix things with him." Paige said determined to force her sisters if she had to.

"I agree, but how will we be able to trust him." Piper asked.

"I say we summon him, lock him in, and not allow anyone to leave until we get things figured out. We can use crystals and an anti-orbing spell." Typical Phoebe plan, but it could work.

"We should get Leo down here. It involves Wyatt so he deserves to be involved."

When Leo arrived they set the crystals up to keep anyone from leaving then cast the anti-orb spell. Finally they were ready to summon Chris. They decided to just call for him first to see if he came. He did.

When he arrived he found them all waiting for him. He looked around confused. "What is this? Are you going to try to vanquish me or something?"

"Not at all Chris. We just want some answers and no one is leaving here until we get them." Piper told him.

"You know I can't give you the answers you want. Not without future consequences."

"Well see that's not going to work. Not anymore. First I need you to drop your shields so that Phoebe can sense if you are lying to us."

"I can't do that. My emotions would overwhelm her. Possibly even kill her."

"You can't expect us to believe that. Maybe if you lost control, but you're in control now and we need to be sure before we can ever trust you again. If you can handle them why wouldn't I be able to." Phoebe told him. She remembered all too well how overwhelming his emotions were earlier, but that was when he was out of control. He couldn't possibly feel anything that strong all the time. She could handle it.

"Trust me you wouldn't be able to. I have had my whole life to build up these emotions. They are a part of me. Even with everything you all have been through your lives have been paradise compared to mine. No one who hadn't lived through it could handle it."

"I find it hard to believe that your life was ever that bad." Piper scoffed knowing what all she and her sisters had been through and couldn't really imagine much worse.

"Oh you don't think so? Well how about I give you a little taste." Chris sneered really getting pissed now. "What you see here isn't how I really look. It's how I would look if things hadn't happened, but it's just a glamour. A clever illusion." Chris began to strip off his shirt and then waved his hand over his body. Everyone in the room gasped. Phoebe had to fight herself not to vomit. Chris' face was covered in burn scars and one side looked like it had been almost melted off. His entire body was covered with scars that looked like they came from everything from whips, chains, knives, energy balls, and other things they couldn't even identify. His right leg was twisted at an odd angle and looked like it had been broken and never healed properly. He was missing three fingers on his right hand and two on his left. His arms were even worse than his face.

Piper was the first to regain her powers of speech. "Who did this to you?"

Chris looked down like he was ashamed. He couldn't look at them and see the disgust on their faces. The only people who have seen his true self looked at him like that. He said quietly and almost in a whisper, "Wyatt"

"What? No. He couldn't. I don't...I just...I can't..." She trailed off. She couldn't find the words.

"How come you were never healed?"

"No one from the resistance was ever able to get healed. He controlled it all after he took over. Only those he approved could be healed."

Leo still didn't know whether to believe Chris or not about Wyatt, but he did deserve to be healed. "I can heal you now if you'd like."

"No." Chris said and ran his hand back over his body replacing the glamour. "These scars are my penance and my reminder of what is at stake here. If I succeed here then you can heal most of them, but if I fail they won't matter much anyway."

"Penance for what?" Paige asked

"For not seeing it sooner. What he was becoming. For failing to save so many of his victims. For caring about him too much to kill him. Take your pick."

"Why would you be the one to kill him? Why were you the one to come back? Why do you care so much?"

"Most of that I can't answer, but I have to be the one because I'm the only being in the world strong enough to do it."

"You can't keep avoiding our questions and expect us to trust you anymore. For all we know you came back to kill him as a baby before he gets too strong." Piper accused. She regreted it a moment later though when she saw tears come to his eyes.

"That's what most of my people wanted me to do, but I can't. I won't. I don't care what he's going to become I could never kill a baby. Especially not him. I'm here to save him. If I fail then I have no choice but to go back and finally deal with the final battle between us, but now he hasn't even done anything wrong."

Piper remembered what Phoebe said about him feeling a strong love for Wyatt and decided to believe him on that point. "That still doesn't change the fact that we need answers. And proof. Without that we will always doubt you."

"What more can I do to prove it?"

"We can cast a spell to see your memories." Paige suggested.

"No. Absolutely not. Never." Chris was adamant.

"Why? It would allow us to trust you and we could word the spell so that we only see the memories of Wyatt."

"No way. Hearing it and seeing it are two completely different things. It would destroy you all to see that and I won't let you do it. I'm not exactly fond of reliving all of that myself either."

"We could do it without your permission you know?" Piper said starting to get frustrated at the stalemate they kept reaching.

Chris started to get a bad feeling about this and tried to orb out. He was blocked. "No. Please. I'm begging you. Don't do this."

The girls looked at each other and chanted the spell. When they entered his memory they were startled to see Wyatt as a young child no more than eight. Chris had to think fast. He couldn't reverse the spell because he wasn't the one to cast it, but if these memories went where he thought they were going to go then he would never be able to keep his shield up with the emotional onslaught. Phoebe would be in big trouble if that happened. There was only one thing he could think of to do.

Powers of the witches rise

Course unseen across the skies

Come to me I call you near

Come to me and settle here

Phoebe turned around enraged and began to yell at him. "You took my powers! How dare you!"

"I told you what could happen if my emotions get out of control and you brought us here and unless you get us out of here they will get out of control and I won't be able to keep up my shield. I'll give them back when we're done. I promise." Chris started off yelling, but calmed down halfway through. He couldn't believe they would do this to him.

Phoebe deflated. "Fine but if you don't we will vanquish you."

"You can't vanquish me actually, but you could hurt me pretty badly."

"Why can't we vanquish you. We have the power of three." Paige asked curiously.

Chris refused to answer so they turned their attention to the memories.

Wyatt and a young Chris were playing with toys when Wyatt took the toy Chris was playing with. 'Shit' Chris thought. This would be the first one. Now his secret is definitely out. They will know exactly who he is. When Chris started to cry Piper came in. "Wyatt give your brother back his toy."

Everyone's heads snapped up and looked at Chris who was looking resolutely at the floor. "Brother?" Piper asked breathlessly. "You're my son?"

Chris wouldn't look up but only nodded. Piper walked over to him slowly and lifted his chin with her hand to force him to look at her. When he finally met her eyes she apparently saw what she was looking for and embraced him. A few tears fell from his eyes as he hugged her back. "That's why you can't kill him. You love him. He's your brother and you can't hurt family."

Chris nodded again. Leo went over to him but Chris shied away. "I'm your father right? You're half white lighter so I have to be."

"Yeah you are."

"Then why do you hate me so much."

"Just watch. You forced this little trip down memory lane on me so now you get to see everything. Unless of course you want to get us out of here before things get even harder."

"No. I have to see. More than ever now I have to see. Maybe we will be able to get some clues as to what happened to Wyatt even." Piper said.

"You won't. Whatever happened did so before I was born and it was a very gradual thing. There are no clues to find."

"Well we have to try."

Chris nodded. Hopefully they would give up before it got too bad. He could only hope. The next memory was one with Leo.

Chris and Wyatt were playing in their room when Wyatt decided he wanted the toy that Chris was playing with. "Chris you better give that toy to your brother right now." Leo said sternly.

Chris sighed but handed it over and found another one. The pattern repeated itself for a while until Piper came home and Leo left. Then she made Wyatt share.

Apparently the spell only showed memories that were important to Chris because it was skipping a lot. The next memory took place when Wyatt was twelve and Chris was ten.

The boys were downstairs watching television when a demon shimmered into the room and attacked. Both boys began throwing energy balls at the demon but found themselves separated. The demon went to throw a fireball at Chris and Wyatt ran across the room and jumped in front of his little brother not having enough time to throw up his shield. Chris was thrown backwards into the banister as a little girl about five ran downstairs, screamed, and blew up the demon."Dad" Wyatt called. His shoulder was burned pretty badly and his leg looked broken.

Chris ran to the girl. "Are you okay Melly?"

While Chris was fussing over Melly, Leo orbed down and seeing the scene healed Wyatt and grabbed him up in his arms. "Are you okay? What happened?" he asked.

"A demon attacked. I'm fine." Leo gushed over Wyatt for a few more moments then orbed out. Wyatt ran to Chris as soon as Leo left and began to heal his brother who had a few cuts and a broken arm. "I'm sorry."

"For what? You saved my life. Thanks for not making a big deal about Dad like last time. I don't want the fuss."

"Well last time you almost died and if I hadn't made a big deal out of it neither of us would have gotten to you in time. I know how you hate it, but I still think we should tell Mom again." Wyatt argued.

"No. We can't. You know what happened last time. I don't want to do that again."

Leo was standing there in shock watching the scene unfold. How could he do that to his son? Just ignore him when he was hurt like that. Piper looked like she felt the same way. She turned to Chris. "What happened when you told me?" she asked her younger son.

"You called Dad down and got into a big fight. You thought I was in bed but I got up for a glass of water and heard you. You told him that we were both his sons and he had to treat us equally and then he yelled back that we weren't equal. Wyatt was the twice-blessed. I was nothing. That's when I realized how little I mattered to Dad." Chris looked at his father then. "You were wrong though Dad." He sneered. "Wyatt may be the twice blessed and have a prophecy about him, but it turns out I'm the thrice blessed and there are three prophecies about me. None of them just reached you so you never knew."

"Thrice?" Phoebe asked

"Witch, Whitelighter, and Elder." Chris answered nonchalantly.

"I'm so sorry son. I don't know how I could have ever treated you that way. I can promise you now that I won't ever do that this time around." Leo told him.

Chris sneered at him again. "Don't make promises you can't keep. That's not even the worst thing you ever did."

Leo wisely shut up. It would take a lot more than an apology to fix things with his son, but he would. No matter what he had to do. They had argued through a few more memories. Until Chris saw one with he and his mother sitting in the attic going over the book. Chris was fourteen now. "Oh god. Not this one. We have to get out of here. Now. Please." No one answered. "Please." Chris started to cry. "At least skip this one. I can't do this again."

"We can't leave Chris. We worded the spell to where we couldn't leave until we found what we were looking for. You don't have to watch though." Piper soothed him.

Piper and Chris were going through the book trying to find a spell to figure out what went wrong with Wyatt when he orbed in. "There's nothing wrong with me mom. I just decided that I was sick of your kind of life. The whole good and evil drama is so exhausting. I plan to unite everyone under one rule. Mine. I didn't expect you to figure it out so quickly, but I can take care of that." Wyatt formed an energy ball and threw it at Piper. She dodged it. Chris started screaming at his brother to stop, but Wyatt kept throwing energy balls at his mother. Chris eventually started throwing them back, but they were weak. It was obvious he didn't want to hurt Wyatt but he had to protect his mom. Wyatt was shooting to kill. She wasn't even firing back. "I know you can't hurt me. You could never bring yourself to no matter what I do, but you could make things difficult for me so you're not leaving me any choice." After a few more energy balls one finally hit and Piper flew back into the cabinet at the same time as Chris' hit Wyatt. Wyatt orbed out and Chris ran to his mother in tears. "Dad!" he cried. "Dad please! We need you!" Chris held tightly to his mother and kept screaming for Leo through his sobs.

The present day Chris was collapsed in the corner sobbing and shaking and muttering. "You never came when I called. Not once. I wasn't strong enough. I'm sorry Mom."

Piper ran to him and wrapped him in her arms. "Shh it's okay. I'm here. I'm not going anywhere. I won't let that happen this time around. If I have to I'll even fight back. I won't let you lose me again. Shhh."

Chris held onto his mother even tighter. "I love you mom. I'm so sorry I couldn't save you. I could have fought harder. I could have went for help."

"It's not your fault Chris. It's okay. I love you too baby."

Piper was having trouble processing the fact that her eldest son killed her, but her second son needed her more at the moment. She could worry about the rest later. The memory continued.

Paige walked in to see Chris hugging his dead mother and sobbing. "Oh my god what happened?"

"Wyatt. We learned he was the one organizing the underworld. He killed her."

"No! I don't believe it! How could he?!"

"We need to get everyone here where it's safer I think." Chris offered since it was obvious Paige was still in shock.

She nodded dumbly and when she didn't move Chris went to the phone and called Phoebe and Henry and told them to get everyone there. They arrived quickly and Phoebe and Paige decided to go after Wyatt, capture him, and find some way to turn him back. Chris begged them to be careful and they left. Chris went to deal with the six children in the living room.

"Who are all those children?" Phoebe asked desperately hoping some of them were hers.

He pointed at each of the children in turn. There was no point keeping secrets anymore and he really wasn't in any shape to worry about it either. "That's Melinda. She's my little sister. Those three are Prudence, Penelope, and Patricia those are your girls Aunt Phoebe. The two over there are Paige's twins Sarah and Henry." They all looked to their children.

About that time two bodies appeared in orbs on the couch. It was Paige and Phoebe. It was a message from Wyatt. Chris wanted to go after him, but someone had to take care of the children. He was the oldest and the others ranged from eleven to six. He gathered the children up into a circle and they all held hands and he orbed them to a dark underground place. "Okay we are all going to stay here. We have to rely on each other now and most importantly we have to keep safe. We are the guardians of the Halliwell line now. No one leaves this place without me, but I'll need all of your help to cast the protective spells." The children all lined up, held hands, and began chanting the protective spells of their ancestors. What they failed to realize was that by using their ancestral spells Wyatt could get through the enchantments as well.

They realized it all right when he orbed in. "Just give me the kids Chris. You're too young to take care of them. No one needs to be hurt here."

"Not a chance" Chris said as he jumped in front of the children. Wyatt began shooting low power energy balls. He didn't want to hurt the kids, just turn them. Chris yelled for them all to hold hands and orbed them out, but Patricia didn't grab onto anyone. When they arrived at the next hiding place Chris realized he was missing a kid and immediately orbed back but Wyatt and six year old Patricia were already gone. Chris orbed back to the children. They were in what looked like an abandoned house and Chris told them all to find a room and go to bed while he set to work. He got out a pad and pencil and began writing his own protective spells and casting them as he finished. He made sure to word it so that Wyatt couldn't get in this time. He worked well into the night and fell asleep exhausted on the couch downstairs.

Chris was still curled up with Piper in the corner. "I'm so sorry baby. I'm so sorry we cast this spell. I'm so sorry you have to go through all this again."

"I go through it all again every night in my nightmares anyway. At least now I have you here."

"Where did you go with all the kids?"

"We stayed there. In fact we are still there. It's the headquarters of the resistance now. Those spells I put on it that night were improved and added to over the years and headquarters is now the most secure place on the planet with the exception of Wyatt's place."

"So you raised six children and ran the resistance all at fourteen?" Piper asked obviously impressed.

"Well I didn't really get the resistance running until I was sixteen, but yeah"

"Who's running things with you gone?" Paige asked.

"Melly. She's the only other one that has been up against Wyatt like I have."

"Like you have? You mean..." Piper trailed off gesturing to his body and Chris knew what she meant.

"She doesn't look quite as bad as me, but she has more emotional scars from his encounters."

"I don't think I want to know what that means, not now anyway. I have too much else to process at the moment. How old is she anyway? She can't be old enough to run the resistance."

"She's 17. She's older than I was when I started it and has been fighting for the cause since she was twelve. Wyatt wants her by his side more than anyone else except for me."

"What happened to Patricia?"

"She is now his right hand. She was too young not to be turned. I looked for her for years after that, but was never able to get her back."

"Did you lose any of the other children?"

"Not that way no. Henry works for Wyatt, but as a spy for me. Penelope and Sarah died in the attacks. The rest still work in the resistance."

By this time all of the adults had tears in their eyes. "Wait a minute." Leo said. "Didn't I help you with the children at all?"

"You never came when I called. I didn't see you again until a few years later." About that time the memory in question came up.

"How could you let this happen Chris. You were supposed to protect your brother. You let him go evil and didn't even try to save him. You're worthless." Leo yelled at Chris.

Chris started crying. "I had to take care of the rest of them. I couldn't risk getting killed and leaving them for him to turn evil too."

"You know he's the important one. You have to find a way to save him. No matter the cost." Leo orbed out.

Chris looked away from Leo who was completely pissed at himself for treating his family that way. Maybe he didn't deserve to be a father. "That's why you started the resistance?" Piper asked gently.

"Not exactly. It wasn't long after this that Wyatt went after the elders and slaughtered them all and took control of all of the whitelighters. Many of them were killed too rather than joining him, but whitelighters and elders aren't really known for their fighting skills. That's when I knew I had to do something. He was my brother. My responsibility. My problem. I began forming the resistance."

The next memory was the one where he got his scars.

Wyatt walked into the room where two demons were holding Chris in place. "Well well. The wayward brother finally at my feet. Are you ready to join me yet?"

"Never. I will never turn evil. You need to turn back to good. Work with me to fix the world. Please Wy"

Wyatt just laughed. "Put him on the wall." He told the demons. After he was shackled onto the wall Wyatt called for a healer. "Don't let him die. Don't heal him more than you have to to keep him alive." he told her.

Chris cringed. He knew this wasn't going to be good. "You can torture me all you want Wyatt. I still won't join you."

"We'll see. I've invented many new ways of pain that I have been dying to try out on someone strong enough. But lets start with the basics shall we?"

Wyatt pulled out a knife and walked over to his little brother. He began making shallow cuts all over Chris' body. Chris just glared at him defiantly. Wyatt smirked and pulled out a whip. "Just so you know, this whip is coated with salt." Chris set his jaw knowing that this was going to be painful as Wyatt began whipping him. Still Chris refused to scream. "Well well little brother. Seems like you are stronger than I thought."

"There is nothing you could do to me here that is worse than what you have already done to me."

Wyatt lauged again. "I suppose I could go ahead and move on to my grand finale. I can get to the rest later." Wyatt pulled out a potion and threw it at Chris' feet. Flames leapt up around Chris and began burning his flesh. It was obvious that Chris was struggling to not scream. Just as his skin began to melt off of his body Wyatt threw another potion and the flames went away. Wyatt waved the healer over to his brother. "Will he live?"

"Not through that potion again. Otherwise he'll live."

"Okay then. We will save the rest of that potion for later." Wyatt then began throwing energy balls at Chris. With each one that hit Chris flinched. He whimpered a few times when the energy balls hit his still burned flesh.

Everyone watching the memory with Chris had tears streaming down their faces. "That was the day I lost what little was left of my innocence" Piper had a death grip on her son and Phoebe and Paige were trying to keep Leo from losing it. Leo broke away from the girls and ran to Chris ripping him from his mothers arms. Leo held on to him and sobbed into his shoulder. Chris tensed up and didn't return the embrace. "Chris I don't care what I have to do. I will fix things between us. I swear. Please just give me a chance to."

Chris inwardly swore. He had to ask during such an emotional time. Chris would give him anything right now. He tentatively wrapped his arms around his father for the first time he could remember and agreed.

"Don't you see Chris. It is your destiny to join me. The prophecies say so."

"Bullshit" Chris croaked.

Wyatt punched him in the face and there was a crack as Chris' nose broke. "Not nice baby brother. I guess you aren't getting the lesson yet." Wyatt picked up his feet and began kicking his brother breaking one of his legs and then an arm in turn. Then he took out the chains and started swinging them at Chris. Chris was barely concious when suddenly everything in the room froze except for Chris.

"What's that? I thought you couldn't freeze witches?" Paige asked curiously.

"They aren't frozen. Melly has the ability to stop time completely. She really shouldn't though. It takes a lot out of her. After all this she was in bed for two weeks and it took almost a year for her to get back to normal."

"How can she do that? I've never heard of that power." Leo asked

"She is part of a being that you haven't encountered yet so I can't tell you much more except that all of those beings have the ability to stop time at will except that their powers are collective and she is the last one left so she doesn't have the others to draw power from."

"So I'm not her father?"

"You are. It's a long story and that's one I really really can't tell you or she could cease to exist." They luckily accepted that.

A girl walked in and took him down from the wall. "Can you walk Chris?"

"Melly. What are you doing here?"

"Getting you out. Now lets go. I can't hold it much longer."

"Fine but we will discuss this later." He leaned heavily on his little sister as she led him out.

"Can you orb?" She asked as they got outside.

"I think so." They disappeared in the swirling orbs and reappeared in headquarters. Melly sat Chris down on the couch and screamed for Sarah. "You know Sarah can't heal and if you ask her to try and she can't she'll feel guilty. I'll be okay. Wyatt's healer said that I would live so don't worry. Just get me a pain potion, set the bones, and make me up an alcohol bath."

After all that was done Chris turned to Melly. "Now would you care to explain to me just what the hell you were thinking? You know it's been too soon since you stopped time last time. You could have died!"

"How many times have you said that death is always a risk? I had someone to take over getting you out if the strain was too much for me. Besides we had to get you back. We found the prophecies you had us looking for. There are three of them. You are our only hope. If you die we all do."

"I don't care. I don't want you risking something like that again. Do you hear me? Now go get some rest. You must be beat."

"Don't you want to know about the prophecies?"

"I'll ask someone else. Go to bed." Melly sulked but stomped off and did as she was told. "Oh and Melly?" She turned to look at him. "Thanks for saving my life." She smiled and continued on to bed.

By this time Piper had regained control of herself. "I'm so proud of you Chris. You've been through so much and still hold fast to your values and your family. I couldn't ask for a better son."

"Thank you mom. That means so much to me."

Once she was gone Chris stood up and grabbed a crutch that Mel brought him and began to hobble through the house in search of someone. He found a crowd in the kitchen. "Chris!" They called. "We knew she would get you back. Shouldn't you be resting?" Prue asked him.

"There's work to do. Who can update me on what has happened since I was captured last week?"

"Sarah's gone. She went missing this morning and we tried everything to find her. Scrying, summoning, tracking her with all of our powers, but she couldn't be found. We checked the book and she is listed as dead."

Chris hung his head and took a deep breath. "Has Henry been notified?"

"He's too deep in. We can't contact him. He has to contact us."

"When he contacts us find me. I should be the one to tell him. Anything else important?"

"There was an attack last night. We have the wounded upstairs."

"I'll go see them when we are done here."

"No you need to go rest!" Prue told him angrily.

"Just like her namesake" Phoebe chuckled.

"No I need to keep the morale up as much as I can. Showing them that I'm back and alive will give them hope again. That is more important. I'll rest afterward. I promise, Prue." Chris tried to placate her, but she just glared at him. "Anything else?"

"Just the prophecies. I assume Mel told you about them."

"Just that they were found. What do they say?"

"The first one says 'The twice blessed and thrice blessed united will change the world, but divided will destroy it' the second says 'the thrice blessed, lost in time, will right the wrongs' the final one says 'the twice blessed and the thrice blessed are unmatched but for each other'"

"Okay the first one is pretty self explanatory. I don't like this thought that we will destroy the world if we work against each other. I refuse to join him and save the world just so that we can make it worse. The last one is pretty easy too. Only I can kill him and vice versa. It's the second one that has me confused. Lost in time? Right the wrongs? I don't understand. Get the researchers on that one. Anything else you can find about the other two is great, but the second should be the priority." A few people left the room apparently to carry out their orders and Chris headed upstairs to their makeshift infirmary. After a short greeting to those that were awake he went to his own room and fell asleep.

"I take it you figured out what the second one meant." Paige said.

"Yeah. It took another two years and countless deaths, but I finally figured it out. Well mostly. There were two things that it could have meant. Either I come back and kill him or I come back and save him. I chose to save him for obvious reasons. It wasn't exactly easy to do either. The only way to get enough power for the spell was to complete it in proximity to the nexus and since Wyatt was using the manor it involved getting in and completing the ritual unseen. I narrowly escaped him to make it here, hence the reason I didn't make it in time to keep Aunt Paige from being turned to stone."

Then they were thrown from Chris' mind back into the attic. Chris collapsed on the couch exhausted from all the emotion. "Looks like we have a lot to talk about" Piper said.

"Can we do it tomorrow? I'm beat and I need time to recover from all this."

"I think we all need time to process. Can I at least have my powers back?"

"How are we going to get you your powers back. If we cast the spell to call a witch's power you'll take Chris' powers too." Paige asked starting to get worried.

"Don't worry. I wrote a spell for that reason."

Powers of the witches rise

Course unseen across the skies

Return to where you truly belong

And for heaven's sake don't go wrong

Everyone laughed at that. Chris shrugged and looked a little sheepish. "When I was a kid I had problems with my spells messing up. I wrote that when I was nine and took Melly's powers."

"I grounded you for that right?" Piper raised her eyebrow at him.

Chris laughed. "Oh yeah. Big time." Chris yawned. Well I'm gonna head back to P3, assuming it's okay if I still stay there?"

"No it's not okay." Piper said. "You will stay here. This was your home and you are my son. You belong here with us."

"Okay do you want me to cast the spell we wrote in the future to expand the house so we have more room?"

"You can do that? That is so cool!" Paige exclaimed as Piper nodded. Chris chanted the spell and added another room to the house. Then he grabbed one of the old matresses from the attic and went to his new room and passed out.

As soon as he was gone Piper turned to Leo. "If you ever treat our children like that I will find a way to kill you myself."

"If I ever treat my children like that I will help you." Leo said sadly. "I don't know how I'm going to fix things with him." He sighed.

"Just be there. Show him that you will be. Show him you care. He doesn't hate you. He is bitter about a lot of things, feels abandoned and betrayed, but you saw how important family is to him. If he can't bring himself to hate Wyatt after everything he's done I don't think he is capable of hating you. It won't be easy, but it can be done." Phoebe assured him.

"We should all get some rest. This has been a very emotional day." Piper said mind still reeling from everything she had seen.

Next time: Some hard discussions and maybe even some surprise visitors.