Memory Lane

Chapter 4:

Just as the group of people were getting ready to go to bed a woman appeared in the attic. Everyone took defensive stances at the same time. "Who are you?" Piper asked coldly.

"That's Destiny" Chris said. Everyone looked at him strangely. "What? Who do you think told me that my future wasn't supposed to happen?"

"I interfered? I would never" Destiny said haughtily.

"Yeah well the end of the world tends to make us do things we wouldn't normally do. You realize you never lose that attitude though right?" Chris said with a smirk.

"Anyway, why are you here?" Piper asked curiously. "Aren't you interfering now?"

"Not interfering, just venting. You know I've heard from death, fate, elders, pretty much every higher power in the universe how infuriating you Halliwells are but I never imagined for a moment that you could ever bother me. Now I know how wrong I was. Do you realize that because of you people I now have to rewrite every single destiny in the world? I mean honestly, having three charmed offspring stuck in a different time did you really think that wouldn't make much of a difference?"

"So what? You came here just to yell at us?" Wyatt asked incredulously.

"Exactly. Death said it might help and you know what? He was right. I do feel better." She said as she disappeared.

Chris snorted. "She can say what she wants about not interfering but that was an interference if ever I've seen one."

"How was that an interference? She didn't even tell us anything." Piper asked confused.

"She told us everything. Apparently we are going to do something big that changes the destiny of the entire world, and we are going to do it fairly soon or it wouldn't matter that we were in the wrong time or our younger selves could do it. Also it was apparently a good thing because she was smiling slightly when she said it. As someone who has met her before I can tell you she never smiles." Chris said smugly.

"How do you do that?" Paige asked.

Wyatt smiled. "That's my little brother. Mr super everything genius." He said as he put Chris into a headlock. Chris froze for a moment and fought his instinct to attack and Wyatt let go and stepped back. "Sorry Chris. I forgot for a minute that you came from a future where I was evil and tortured you. You sounded just like my little brother there." He looked a little sheepish.

Chris looked at him and suddenly let out a very malicious looking smirk and tackled Wyatt laughing. They wrestled on the floor for a few minutes while Piper looked on with tears in her eyes, happy that Wyatt was good and Chris was finally at peace. Then suddenly Chris doubled over in pain. Wyatt jumped back. "What happened? You okay?"

"Fine. Fine. Not your fault. Just happened to hit one of my not so healed wounds."

"I'm so sorry. You want me to try and heal it for you?" Wyatt asked

Chris debated with himself for a moment. On one hand having all of his scars healed by Wyatt would be the best possible way to get rid of them. As much a reminder of the success of his mission as the scars themselves were a reminder of the need for it. On the other hand what if Wyatt felt guilty for everything his alter ego did. He looked back at Wyatt and saw that he already felt guilty for everything but would seeing it make him feel more guilty or healing it make him feel better? He looked to his mom for guidance and she could see his dilemma. She could tell how much both of her sons needed this and nodded at Chris. Chris turned back to Wyatt. "You can heal me, but first I have to tell you that none of this is your fault. You are not the Wyatt that I knew and I know that you would never consider doing something like this okay? So don't you dare feel guilty."

Wyatt looked at his brother strangely. How could he not blame him? If just one thing in his life had gone differently it would have been him that did all those things. That was something that weighed on him his entire life. He had never told his family, but from the first story they told of 'the other Chris' he always felt like he had to be extra careful and work extra hard to be good. Oh sure they left plenty of things out. In fact they never told him anything beyond that his brother had come back in time to save him from becoming evil. That was enough. He couldn't imagine what he could possibly have done to his brother to make him so nervous about showing him. "It could have been me though. If you hadn't come back here."

"But it's not. You're a completely different person. I know I just met you, but I can tell already just by your eyes." Chris assured him.

"By my eyes?" Wyatt asked.

"My Wyatt's eyes were always so cold and unfeeling. They stayed that dark blue that they used to only get when he was angry all the time. You could never see any emotion there." Chris smirked lightly. "You, I can read like a book." Wyatt stuck his tongue out at his brother. "Seriously though Wy. That can't be you anymore. The only reason it was before is because you were young enough to be susceptible. Your morality wasn't fully set in yet. There is no chance of you becoming him anymore."

Wyatt sighed in relief at Chris' explanation. "Okay okay I get it. Now lets get on with the healing." Chris gulped audibly as he reached up to remove the glamor. As soon as it dropped Wyatt gasped. He reached his hands out shakily and healed his brother as the tears fell from his eyes. As soon as the healing glow was gone, Chris looked normal again and Wyatt crushed him in a hug. "I can't imagine ever going through something like that. You are so strong. After everything I did to you, you still risked everything even your life to come back and save me. Thank you Chris. I don't think I ever realized the depth of your sacrifice until this moment." He said still in tears.

Chris got tears in his eyes as well. "You're my brother Wy. I'd risk anything for you. It wasn't totally selfless though. I just wanted my brother back."

"Well you've got me now and I'm not going anywhere. I love you so much Chris."

"I love you too Wy. I've been waiting for this moment for eight years. Thank you for being the one to come back after us."

Wyatt reached up his arm and wiped his face as he finally stepped back from Chris. "Okay enough of the mushy stuff" he said with a slight laugh. He looked to the other three people from the other future. "Anyone else need healing from what the bastard alternate me did?"

All three of them looked to Chris who nodded. He could tell how much better it made Wyatt feel to undo some of the damage his other self created. Mel went first. She looked to Chris hesitantly and he dropped her glamor. "My baby sister too? How could he do this?" Wyatt asked shakily as he healed her. "Thank you." He whispered. "You risked everything to save me too. I can never repay you for that. Any of you." He said as he looked around to the others from that future.

"Don't look at me. I was perfectly willing to come back here and kill you before you could do it." Jason shrugged.

"Jason!" Chris cried.

"It's okay Chris." Wyatt laughed. "I don't blame them a bit. I wouldn't even have blamed you. Hell if anything else happens to mini-me and I'm headed down the same path I'll kill me myself." Wyatt paused a moment. "Wait. I think I confused myself. Did that make sense?"

Everyone burst out laughing. Chris almost rolling on the floor. "Yep that's my big brother alright."

Wyatt threw a pillow at him and Chris stuck his tongue out. Wyatt rolled his eyes. "Real mature" He said laughing.

At some point during all this, unnoticed by everyone else, the charmed ones and Leo slipped out giving the war torn survivors and the one who was almost responsible some time to bond and heal. They could talk to their children tomorrow.

The next morning Piper woke up early and found all of the resistance members in the kitchen making coffee except for Chris. "You want me to start some breakfast?" She asked them.

"Well we were waiting for Chris, but you'll do" Mel laughed.

"Where is Chris?" she asked.

"He's still sleeping." She smiled wide. Piper couldn't help but smile at that too. She remembered that he hadn't slept more than a few hours since 'the event' as he called it. She was glad he was really healing.

Wyatt came down a bit later yawning. "I checked your room this morning and you weren't there. Where'd you go?" Piper asked her oldest son.

He smiled kinda sheepishly. "I heard Chris having nightmares so I went in to help. Me being there settled him down so I just slept there. Sorry if I worried you."

Piper went to him and wrapped him in a big hug. "You're not still feeling guilty about everything the other Wyatt did are you?"

"Not really. It's more that I owe Chris for saving me. That and I miss my little brother. He's been dead for years in my future and I could barely go on afterwards. It was only the thought of coming back here to save him that kept me going most days."

Piper thought to herself for a moment. "Maybe you boys would like to share a room for a little while?"

"I'd love that if Chris is up for it. Just for a while though. We'd drive each other crazy after too long." he laughed.

Chris woke up late and a little disoriented. He walked into the kitchen to find it full and his mother cooking enough food for an army. "You should have woken me up. I would have helped cook." He told her.

"You can cook?" She asked incredulously.

"Yeah. I would say of course I could with you for a mom, but I'm the only one of your kids that inherited your cooking skills. The rest can't do much more than burn toast so I guess it's not so much of a given. I love to cook though. It's so relaxing." He told her.

She smiled brightly at him. "I'll have to take you up on that in the future. With so many people living here we might just have to open a restaurant in the kitchen." She joked.

"Don't worry Jason and I will be out of here soon and then you won't have quite so many." Ethan laughed.

"Nonsense" Piper said. "You two helped to save Wyatt also and are very close to Chris. As far as I'm concerned you're family too. Now that we can expand the manor we have more than enough room for everyone."

"So Mom. How are you planning to explain suddenly having five more adults in the house three of which call you mom?" Chris asked.

"Well we learned in my future that half whitelighters don't age past twenty so we could probably pass for adopted teenagers or something" Wyatt suggested.

"Wait halfwhitelighters don't age?" Paige asked suddenly waking up completely. "No wonder I still look so young and beautiful." She said lightly.

"Oh that is totally not fair" Phoebe groused.

"Don't worry Aunt Phoebes. You age pretty well yourself." Chris said smiling at her.

"Gee that makes me feel so much better." She said sullenly. "Why didn't you ever tell us that?" She asked Chris.

"We never figured it out. This family had the only half whitelighters and you all died so young that we still just figured on Aunt Paige just aging well. We didn't have any other half whitelighters to compare it to." Chris shrugged.

Just about then Leo orbed in. "Where were you?" Piper asked. "I woke up this morning and you were gone." Everyone turned to look at Piper and Leo with shocked looks on their faces. "What? We obviously get back together sometime soon. Why wait?" She turned back to the stove embarrased.

"I was with the elders. I may be going back to being a whitelighter soon, but while I'm an elder I still have to put in a bit of work from time to time. We were working out some of the details of my deal and the new rules for whitelighters. Speaking of you should have a surprise here shortly."

"What kind of surprise?" Paige asked.

"You'll see in a minute." Leo said smiling. Then he looked up. "Any time now is good" He said impatiently. Suddenly Prue orbed in and found herself buried underneath Piper and Phoebe. Chris, Wyatt, and Mel just smiled.

Piper turned to her children. "You knew she was a whitelighter?" She asked accusingly.

"She helped us for a little while in the resistance." Chris told her. "I didn't want to say anything in case she couldn't come yet."

"I missed you guys so much." Prue told her sisters. Then she turned to Paige. "What no hug for your big sister?" Paige smiled and stepped hesitantly into a hug. "I couldn't have picked a better witch to take my place in the power of three."

"I always felt like I had to live up to you." Paige said sheepishly.

"You may have replaced me as far as the power of three is concerned, but you're not me and you didn't need to take my place as far as the family goes. You have a place all your own there and it's no better or worse than mine." Prue told her.

"So are you our whitelighter now too or are you just here for a visit?" Phoebe asked excitedly.

"Technically my charges are Jason and Ethan, since Leo is your whitelighter, but since they are staying here I get to also. Provided of course you don't mind making me a room?" She informed her family.

The three sisters squealed in excitement.

Leo answered. "We still need to figure out what big thing we do that changes destiny so completely and do it."

Chris looked at the ground sheepishly. "I think I know what it is." Everyone looked at him expectantly so he continued. "I did a lot of thinking last night about just what we could possibly change to make things better enough for Destiny herself to smile and there is only one thing I could come up with. See Wyatt and I are the ultimate powers of the universe. The prophecy said that together we could remake the world. Between the two of us, the power of three, Leo's elder powers and Mel's pretty awesome power we could probably take out every demon in the underworld in one strike. Halliwells are strongest together after all."

"We could do that?" Piper asked amazed.

"Oh yeah. Very easily. Wyatt and I could probably do it ourselves, but it might take more than one strike and take a lot more out of us. With the extra boost it should be cake."

"Well lets go then!" Paige said suddenly excited. "Can you imagine? No more demons!"

"Well there would still be the demons that live on the surface, witches that go evil, and so on, but you're right. There wouldn't really be many more problems. We could almost retire. And I'm sure after wiping out the underworld they will stay in hiding. It's not likely that evil will ever get enough of a foothold to cause trouble again." Wyatt said.


After wiping out the underworld the Halliwell family didn't have any problems with demons again. Piper and Leo had twin girls after Melinda; Helena and Grace. Chris was the only one part elder though since Leo took the deal from the elders and became a whitelighter again. He watched over his descendants forever. The Halliwells were ever after seen as the leaders of the magical world and their descendants numbered in the hundreds in just a few generations and continued to expand after that.

Before he gave up being an elder Leo convinced them to bring Cole back to life as a witch. That way he could never be possessed or taken over by evil. He could only turn evil of his own volition, which he knew Cole would never do. He knew that Phoebe had never gotten over Cole and just needed assurance that he could be trusted. Phoebe and Cole were married soon after that and had their three daughters Prudence, Penelope, and Patricia.

Paige met an FBI agent attempting to stop the avatars which they did successfully since the world was already as perfect as they wanted it. The FBI agent Kyle was killed in the process though, but became a whitelighter. With the new rule saying that they could have families he was able to return to Paige and they were married and had the twins Henry and Susan as well as another daughter, Hannah.

All of the children in the house except for the three time travelers grew up calling Jason and Ethan their uncles and they were truly part of the family.

Prue never ended up marrying and helped Leo to watch over the whole family as they kept expanding. The entire family remained in the manor which was now the size of a small town. Once the grandchildren started being born though they moved to the underworld, renovated it to make it more bright and cheery and turned it into a whole city. Of course they still spent a lot of time in the human world since they created an enchanted doorway into the underworld through the basement of the manor. While most of the people marrying into the family were magical creatures of some sort, there were a few mortals. Wyatt married a wood nymph, Chris married Bianca, a phoenix, Melinda ended up marrying Ethan. One of Melinda and Ethan's daughters married a leprechaun. Within a few generations almost every type of magical creature had married into the Halliwell line; even one of the larger races of fairies, an ogre, a Valkyrie, and believe it or not one of the remaining demons that lived in the human world. There is the occasional good demon after all.

They still had their battles. Every so often one of the remaining demons would try their luck against the charmed ones, and of course there were some demons who couldn't stand living in this new world thus committed suicide purposely by going against them. With the next generation by their side there wasn't a demon that exists that was a threat to them.

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