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Professor Minerva McGonagall gave a slight smile to the muggle mother of her 2nd year student Dean Thomas as she waved goodbye, and made her way up to the lane. She pulled out her list of students, and was glad to be coming to an end in her mission to visit all the muggle-born students and their parents. With the Chamber of Secrets being open again, Professor Dumbledore asked all the heads of the houses to go talk to all the parents of the muggle-born students. Especially he said considering who has been targeted in the attacks. The witch had never before envied Professor Snape, as she just finished her 16th house.

The stern witch walked down the street till she got to the appration safe point. She glanced at who was next on the list and she felt herself smile. She turned on the spot and she was gone.

Her feet hit snow and she shivered before casting a warming charm over her body. It was only 3 days before Christmas, and she was starting to regret waiting this long to come see the parents. She walked down the street and stopped in front of a house with a very small snowman outside. She had to chuckle when she say the snowman appeared to be holding a book. She walked up to the front door and knocked. It was open a few seconds later by a small bushy haired 12 year old.

"Hello Professor McGonagall" Hermione beamed at her teacher.

"Hello, Miss Granger. May I come in?"

"Oh, yes, I'm sorry." The girl beckoned her teacher to follow her into the living room. Professor McGonagall took the offered seat, and looked around the living room.

"Would you like some tea Professor?"

"Yes Miss Granger that would be lovely." She told her favorite student. When the girl ran to the kitchen, she took the time to look around the room, and was shocked with what she saw. All of the other homes she had been to had big Christmas trees, this one had a small 2 foot tall one. Further inspection showed no stockings on the mantle, no Christmas decorations other then the little tree, and she had yet to see Miss Granger's parents. She shook away these thoughts. Come, now Minerva, maybe the Granger's just are not big holiday people.

"Here's the tea, Professor. We don't have any sugar or cream though." The young Gryffindor told her teacher putting the tray down on the coffee table.

"That's fine Miss Granger." And with a wave of her wand a cup of sugar appeared next to the tray. Hermione sat down opposite her professor.

"Alright onto business Miss Granger, where are your parents?"

"They're not here Professor." The girl looked down at her shoes.

"Didn't you get the owl that I would be visiting today to talk about what has been going on at school?" This wasn't like Miss Granger to be unprepared; Professor McGonagall had expected that she would be in and out if Mr. and Mrs. Granger were any thing like their daughter.

"Yes I did, Professor but you just missed my parents they just got called down to their office. Their dentists, thats a person who..."

"I know what dentist's are Miss Granger." She gave a small sad smile. Miss Granger was lying to her. If her parents had just left there would have been tire marks in the drive way that was still covered in snow.

"Will you parents be back later?"

"Yes." Hermione looked uncomfortable. "Yes they should be back in a couple of hours ." With this Professor McGonagall nodded and stood up. "Couldn't you just tell me what to tell them, so you don't have to come all the way back here." Professor McGonagall couldn't tell if Miss Granger was worried about her health or she just didn't want her teacher to come back.

"No Miss Granger, I need to speak to your parents. I'll be back later, thank you for the tea." With that being said she took one last look at Hermione and walked out to the appration point.

After visiting two more houses, Professor McGonagall apparated back to her Victorian mansion. She sighed and took the warming spell off of her as she walked though the front door of her house.

"Hello my dear." Said Albus Dumbledore as she walked into the living room where a huge tree was being put placed in a corner. "How did it go?"

"It went fine most of the students had told their parents about what was going on. How did searching the school go? Any luck?" She asked her secret husband of 35 years, as she lowered her self onto a couch.

"I'm afraid not, we continue to look tomorrow." He got the tree to stay upright before casting a sticking charm on it. "Want some tea?" He asked sitting next to her.

"No! Albus I think I have had too much tea today." She told him leaning back against couch. He chuckled.

"Lots of muggle-borns in Gryffindor huh?" He asked his eyes twinkling.

"Like you don't know, and that's not counting poor Mr. Crevley( I am sorry for my spelling)." She sighed. And there's still the problem with Hermione she thought.

"I see, and are you going to tell me what's wrong." He asked and she looked sharply at him. "I have known you for a long time Minerva I know when something's bothering you." She sighed.

"It's Hermione Granger, when I showed up for her meeting her parents weren't there." She told him.

"Ok and that made you upset?" He sounded confused.

"It's not that really, but the fact that Miss Granger told me that her parents just got called into work, however their drive way had no marks on it. I just don't understand what would make Miss Granger lie to me."

"I don't know my dear, you know the girl much better than I do. Are you going back later?"

"Yes, do you mind? I just need to pop in there; I'll be back for dinner." She gave him a sad look. "I didn't want to cut any more of our vacation out."

"No Minerva I don't mind. I know how much you care for the girl." She leaned against her husband.

"Thank you Albus."

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