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Classes flew by for Hermione the rest of the day, between her excitement about trying new classes, and her careful measures to use the time-turner without fail, it seemed as if only a class period had passed rather then a whole school day. After dinner she bolted up to her mother's office, asking the boys to tell everyone she was in the library, not that she thought anyone would ask.

Minerva was sitting on the couch in her quarters when Hermione entered leaping next to mother.

"Hello sweetie!" Minerva said pulling Hermione into a big hug. "How was the first day back?"

"Oh wonderful Mum! I really enjoy Arthimancy and Muggle Studies wasn't that bad, and Hagrid did a very good job for his first class."

"Did he now? Good I was very worried that something was going to happen."

"Malfoy tried to make something happen." Hermione frowned looking up at her mother. "Hagrid showed us Hippogriffs, and although he told us at least two times Malfoy still insulted Buckbeak. Thankfully Hagrid had everything under control so nothing bad happened." Minerva did not look happy.

"He showed you Hippogriffs on the first day?" She exclaimed, "That's very dangerous without proper instruction."

"He said he wanted to make the first day interesting." Hermione defended, "plus we have to read up all about the proper technique when approaching Hippogriffs for homework." Minerva sighed and drew Hermione closer to her.

"Alright, I know when I've been defeated. Anything else happen today?"

"Well yes actually." Hermione mumbled pulling herself up to look Minerva in the eye. "When we were in Care for Magical Creatures Malfoy was insulting Hagrid so Harry and I defended him. But then Malfoy said 'what are you going to do? Go cry to your favorite professor?' Do you think he knows?" Minerva was silent for a couple of minutes.

"I think he does know Hermione." And seeing Hermione was about to interrupt her she continued. " Mr. Malfoy's father was a school governor until this year, there is a very good chance that himself and the other governors were informed that I gained custody of you last Christmas. Mr. Malfoy has also has certain sway at the Ministry that would allow him to access such information."

"Do you think he's going to tell anyone? I don't want people to believe I get good grades just because you're my Mum."

"I don't believe Draco will tell anyone, if he knows then he also most likely knows the whole story…"

"I don't want him to know what happened!" Hermione interrupted "I haven't even told Harry & Ron everything that happened yet."

"It's alright dear, as I was saying I don't think Draco will tell anyone. He seems like the type of boy… well whose bark is worse then his bite." Minerva said.

"That's partially true, I've never seen him take any action against anyone unless he has Crabbe and Goyle there to back him up."

"There you go, just make sure he can see that his words aren't bothering you and he'll move on."

"I hope you're right." Hermione said leaning into her mother's embrace.

"Of course I'm right! I'm Professor McGonagall I'm always right!" Hermione giggled.

"You are not always right dear, remember that bet we had back in '85. I was right that Ravenclaw would win the house cup that year." Minerva rolled her eyes at her husband's foolishness as he joined them on the couch.

"My apologizes I'm right 99% of the time." She corrected letting go of Hermione who crawled over to give Albus a hug.

"And I overheard that Hagrid did a good job so that's two things you were wrong about." Albus continued.

"That's two things you were wrong about." Minerva said mockingly taking Hermione back from Albus. "You shouldn't eavesdrop Albus it's rude." Hermione nodded primly next to her.

"It's just bad manners!" she perfectly copied her mother's tone of voice.

"Hermione! This is very important!" Albus shouted suddenly making her face him. "Do not become your mother I don't think I could stand it!" He had to jump off the couch because Minerva tried to hit him.

"There is nothing wrong with me." Minerva said, and Hermione was surprised to see that she was slightly pouting.

"There's nothing wrong with one of you, two however, I don't think I could stand it." He chuckled greatly amused by his little joke. Hermione grinned impishly and held onto Minerva.

"I like Professor McGonagall, she's the best teacher Hogwarts ever had! She's much better then that old headmaster!" Minerva roared with laughter and Albus grabbed hold of Hermione and lifted her up in the air, wandlessly casting a feather-light charm on her.

"Take that back missy, I am not old… Well…" He kissed Hermione on the cheek and held her by her stomach. "I don't feel that old anyway."

"How old are you Dad?" Hermione asked curiously, she knew roughly how old Minerva was but she had no idea about her father, he looked around 60 but she knew wizards aged much more slowly once reached about 20 years old.

"I am not going to tell you little one." Then he turned his voice into a whisper. "You know though that your mother will be 58 next month."

"No!" Hermione whispered back.

"I know she's very old!" Albus whispered back only to be hit on the head by his wife.

"I am not that old, especially not by wizard standards." She said hitting him on the arm. "Besides, you are much older then I am!"

"How old?" Hermione asked again. She was ignored by both her parents, who were continuously bickering back and forth at this point. "Well when's your birthday Dad?" He paused in his bickering

"July 3rd." Hermione gaped at him in shock.

"Why didn't I know?" She said sadly. Minerva glared at Albus and pulled Hermione into her embrace. "I missed your birthday."

"I'm sorry Owlet." Albus said kneeling in front of Hermione. "Its just when you get to be my age you don't think much of birthdays anymore. I've even convinced Minerva not to get me anything for my birthday, we just always have a nice dinner and don't pay much mind to it. I'm sorry." He gave her a hug, which she returned half-heartedly.

"Okay… but I'm getting you a late present." Albus chuckled.

"I would love a present from you Owlet." She beamed fully hugged him before turning to look at Minerva who looked puzzled.


"When's your birthday?" Hermione was sudden very scared she'd miss Minerva's birthday if she didn't know the date.

"October 4th, over a month away so please do not worry about it." Minerva said grabbing Hermione's hands. "Besides, I believe that someone has a birthday coming up much sooner then I do." Hermione frowned slightly.

"My birthday isn't that important" this time Minerva frowned.

"Well if your birthday isn't that important then mine certainly isn't, shall we just ignore both of them?" Albus smirked slightly at Minerva's words and chuckled as Hermione's face just dropped.

"But I want to give you something on your birthday." She mumbled. Minerva smiled and kissed Hermione on her head.

"And I want to get you something on your birthday, and because I'm your mother and you have to listen to me this argument is over." She chuckled again at Hermione's pouting face, "Oh, stop pouting you stubborn girl."

"I wouldn't talk Minerva."

"I am not that bad." She countered back.

"Oh no dear… you're much worse." He dodged another blow to the head. "Why do you keep trying to hit me!"

"Because you're being foolish!"

"Don't lie Minnie, you know that my foolishness is part of the reason why you married me." He kissed her on the cheek causing her to blush deeply and give a little giggle. Hermione made a horrified disgusted face.

"Ugh, I'm leaving before things get all lovey dovey in here."

"Give it a few years, young lady and you won't think it's so gross!" Albus called after her as Hermione fled the room. "Well now that's she gone…" Albus whispered and Minerva laughed loudly as he pulled her down on the couch.

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