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After that interesting first day of classes, term began moving very quickly for the Golden Trio and the two heads of Hogwarts. Before Minerva knew it, it was Hermione's birthday and she had nothing to get her.

"What am I going to do Albus!" She complained pacing around his office. "I can't think of a thing to get her and her birthday is tomorrow!"

"I'm sorry did you say something dear?" He looked up from papers on his desk. She glared at him.

"Pay attention, what are we going to get our daughter?" Minerva asked him impatiently. "It's her first birthday with us and I want it to be special. No matter what she thinks on the matter."

"Excuse me 'what are we getting for our daughter?' I've already gotten her a present."

"What did you get her? And why didn't you tell me you got her something?"

"Because dear, I assumed you had already gotten her something." He stood up and stopped her pacing. "Sit down Minerva between the two of us this floor is going to have a giant hole in it." She sat down with a giant sigh.

"I just want to get her something special." Albus knelt in front of her and took her hands.

"Trust me dear, whatever you get her she will love it just because it's from you." She smiled at him.

"Thank you Albus, I needed that."

"Glad you're feeling better, because I need a report sent back to the ministry by Monday."

"And you just ruined it with your teasing old man!" She walked over to his desk and grabbed a smaller piece of parchment off it. "How about I talk to the Governors and you talk to Fudge?" She said waving goodbye and walking out of his office before he could spoon any more paperwork on her.

Hermione smiled as she added the last bit of Wolfsbane to her potion.

"Just three more stirs…and done!" She exclaimed softly. She slowly started bottling her awakening potion. The time turner was already beginning to take its toll on her body. And September wasn't even over yet. The potion was a precaution after she had felt herself slowly dozing in History of Magic Friday afternoon. Just because everyone else slept during that class didn't mean she was going to start. Hermione fought back a yawn as she sleepily checked the small clock in her dorm. 3 AM, she groaned but it had been worth it. If her mother had known she was brewing an awakening potion before the first month was even over she wouldn't be able to continue to use the time-turner and she couldn't do that! Hermione slowly cleaned up her potion supplies and crawled back into her bed. She had about six more hours until she had to meet her mother for her birthday surprise. Hermione had never really enjoyed her birthdays, at least not since she was very little, but she was very excited to she what her Mum had planned.

Minerva glanced up at the clock briefly as she went around and put the last plate down on the small table in her quarters. Hermione would be there any minute and she wanted it to be perfect. The table had all of Hermione's favorite breakfast foods and that was only the beginning of the day she had planned.

"Mum?" Hermione's voice rang into the kitchen. Minerva beamed and ran to meet her. "Hi Mum!" Hermione said attacking Minerva with a hug.

"Hello my big girl!" Minerva lifted Hermione up and kissed her forehead. "My, you have certainly gotten heavy." She dropped Hermione back on the floor. Hermione was smiling.

"I'm only heavy because you didn't cast that featherlight charm on me like you normally do!"

"Aw, you know I cast the charm on you?"

"Was it supposed to be a secret?"

"Well no…come in here and lets eat some breakfast." Minerva pushed Hermione into the kitchen. Hermione hugged Minerva happily when she saw all her favorite food. They had finished eating and had moved on to cuddling on the couch with hot chocolate when Albus flooed in.

"There's my birthday girl!" Albus said giving Hermione a big sweeping hug. "How's it feel to be a 13 year old?"

"About the same as being 12." She said pushing his beard away from her face. He chuckled and sat her down before turning to Minerva.

"Well have you told her?" Minerva raised an eyebrow at him.

"Told her what?"

"You know"

"No I don't know what?"

"The special thing."

"Oh… the super special thing?"

"Yes the super special thing?"

"No I haven't told her about the super special thing." Hermione slowly began to frown during their banter. She hated it when people tried to hide things from her.

"What super special thing?" she asked pouting slightly at being left out. Her parents just exchanged amused stares.

"Well Hermione do you want to spend the day with your Dad?" Albus said finally beaming at her.

"Sure dad." She said smiling. "What did you have planned?"

"That's another part of the surprise!"

"I hate surprises." Hermione mumbled glaring at him.

"So does your mother, but that doesn't stop me from surprising her!" Minerva nodded in exasperated agreement.

"Now both of you go I have work to do." Minerva said dismissing them quickly. "I'll see you both later." Hermione gave her mother another hug before following her father to the fireplace where they disappeared in a flash.

Minerva quickly waved her wand and as party supplies flew out from her bedroom she cleared up the breakfast plates quickly. The teacher knew that it had been quite a few years since Hermione had received a proper birthday party, so she was determined to make it the best birthday possible. After all thirteen was a big year for most children in the muggle realm and the party was only phase one of her plan, phase two should be arriving any moment now. She had just finished spelling streamers around room when a voice rang out:

"Professor? Are you in here?" Minerva smiled, right on schedule boys.

"In here Mr. Potter." She called and smiled at the two boys holding presents under their arms. "Just place those on the table boys, I have a job for you two." They dropped Hermione's presents on the table came to stand in front of her. "Now Mr. Weasley I assume you have permission to enter Hogsmeade?"

"Yes, my mom signed my slip. Do you need it?" He asked.

"No that won't be necessary, now I need you two to pick up a package for me in Hogsmeade."

"Really! We'll get to go before everyone else?" Ron asked eagerly.

"Yes but do not tell them that. You two will floo from here into Three Broomsticks go to the bar and ask the woman, her name is Madam Roseamersa, for Professor McGonagall's package. Then just floo back here by saying, Professor McGonagall's office. Understand?" They nodded and ran over to fireplace and disappeared just like Hermione and Albus had before them. Minerva looked at around her quarters and sighed, even with magic this was going to take a while to set up.

Albus, to Hermione's delight, took them both ten pin bowling for the day. Of course only after explaining to Hermione that her mother refused to come with him anymore because she was a sore loser. Hermione wasn't quite sure how much of that was true, because her father was not very good, but she did have a fun time playing with her dad and introducing him to more muggle food and sweets she had grown up with. Though she was not looking forward to explaining to her mother that she had now gotten her father addicted to m&m's, mars bars and crunchie bars. When Albus announced they should probably return back to Hogwarts, Hermione became very excited. She wasn't stupid after all, she figured her mother wanted her father to distract her so she could prepare a cake, and she hoped to get a couple presents out of the day. She was not expecting to walk back to her mother's quarters to find it decorated from top to bottom with five people screaming "Surprise!" when she walked into the room. She had just regained her wits enough to glare at the grinning Harry and Ron when her mother wrapped her up in a hug.

"Well do you like the surprise?" Minerva asked somewhat cautiously. Hermione looked around her smile beginning to grow the more she looked around the room. Decorations covered the entire room in red and white (which Minerva explained to Hermione later represented happiness and celebration in the wizarding world) with gold accents' to make it a bit more festive. A large cake sat on a table with a couple other snacks and drinks around it. And to her great surprise a stack of presents sat on another table near it. Hermione turned her mother and grinned.

"I love it! Thank you Mum!" Hermione said throwing her arms around her mother who held her tightly before placing her back on the ground so she could be tackled by the two boys.

"Happy Birthday Mione!" Harry said hugging her.

"Thank you Harry!" She said returning the hug. And she repeated the exchange with Ron who looked like he couldn't believe he was celebrating his friend's birthday in a professors quarter's. Then Hermione turned her attention to the rooms other two occupants.

"Hi Grandma! Hi Uncle Mike!" Hermione said running to give them both hugs. "I didn't expect to see both of you!"

"Well I wasn't going miss the birthday of my one niece who I actually like" Michael had said as he gave her a hug. "Besides Harry and I have a discussion to finish," He said winking in Harry's direction. Why Harry blushed bright red Hermione had no idea.

"And," her grandmother continued after glaring at her son, "I wasn't going to miss my granddaughters birthday! Even if it is in this drafty old castle" Hermione glanced at her mother at these words but Minerva had ignored her mother and brought some games out for the kids to play.

The games were a mix of wizarding games and muggle games that Minerva had found because she didn't think the kids, although they were now teenagers, would want to make conversation with the adults the entire time. So Minerva limited herself to having Albus subtly take pictures of the three as they ran around. After a rather heated discussion about the dementors placed around the ground Michael spoke up to ask Minerva a question.

"Hey, sis aren't some of those games a little… juvenile for Hermione and her friends?" He asked a bit cautiously knowing his sisters temper.

"Yes but someone thought it'd be a good idea to include them" She sending Albus a significant look.

"Hey don't judge me," Albus said chuckling. "Besides Harry and Hermione didn't get much opportunity to play such games as children, and they seem to be enjoying themselves." They all looked over to see they were playing wizarding Conkers, basically the same as regular muggle Conkers except when you hit your opponent sparks and flashes appeared depending on how hard you hit it. So they left the children to their own devices until a game of blind man's buff almost made Ron slam head first into the cake.

The cake was chocolate sponge Hermione's favorite decorated with mini sparklers and candles that changed colors.

"Ready to make a wish?" Minerva asked Hermione when she had lit all the candles.

"I don't really have anything to wish for." Hermione admitted to her mother.

"Surely there must be something… think about it" Minerva said softly. Hermione looked curiously up at her mother before grinning suddenly. She nodded and blew out all the candles after being subjected to the Happy Birthday song.

"What'd you wish for?" Ron asked when they had all received a piece of cake. Hermione just shook her head.

"I can't tell you Ron! Then it won't come true!"

"It's true Ronald, that's part of the magic of birthday wishes." Albus said so seriously, that the kids had no idea whether or not he was joking. Once the cake had been properly demolished, Ron and Michael contributing strongly, and after the boys had attempted to give Hermione her birthday bumps, which resulted in the three of them tangled up on the floor laughing hysterically, Minerva decided they had better get presents out of the way before something was broken.

The first three presents Hermione opened were books to her delight. A book on the Egyptian gods and magic from Ron, a book on American magical history from Harry, who had hid it from her since July, and one on Arithmancy from Michael who had apparently been informed by Minerva that it was her new favorite class. Her first surprise present came from Aurora who gave Hermione a hat, scarf, gloves and nightgown in the McGonagall family tartan.

"As long as you promise not to wear the colors as much as your mother seems to like wearing it." Aurora had said after returning Hermione's joyous hug.

"I like our families tartan." Minerva mumbled frowning while Albus reassuringly patted her back.

Albus gave Hermione a self-inking quill that changed color at her preference and he handed her a small key, which she looked at confusingly. Thankfully Albus explained.

"That key has two purposes" Albus explained. "The first is that it'll allow you access to all the floo powder we have both here and at home. The second is that it'll let you have complete access to both Minerva and I's vaults at Gringotts." Hermione gaped at him.

"Seriously dad?" Albus nodded and Minerva continued.

"Now this does not mean you can spend as much of our money as you wish." Minerva said chuckling. "But if you want some spending money for presents or emergency's you are welcome to it. We trust you but keep in mind we will be watching how much you take and we expect you to be responsible about it or we will take it away. Understand?"

"Perfectly!" She said beaming giving both of them hugs. "Thanks for trusting me," she whispered so only they could hear.

"Just keep in mind not to act like your Uncle did when he had access to the McGonagall family vaults." Aurora said crossly after Hermione had sat back down. "Spending about 10 gallons a week just to impress a girl" She finished glaring at her youngest son.

"One time Mum! And Dad approved once I explained my reasoning!" Michael defended himself.

"That she had pretty eyes was not good enough reasoning." Aurora stated openly glaring at her son.

"As much as I enjoy seeing Michael get in trouble," Minerva started, "Hermione still has one more present to open."

"Where?" Hermione said looking around and seeing no more boxes. Minerva grinned secretly.

"I have to go get it, but you have to close your eyes, and if you peek I'm sure Harry and Ron will be happy to help you." As she stood up and left the room, Minerva saw Harry and Ron both try to cover up her eyes. Hermione huffed, she was getting quite sick of all the surprises but she allowed the boys to cover her eyes so she couldn't see. Then she heard her mothers voice:

"Okay you can open your eyes now." The boys removed their hands and Hermione gasped in shook. Minerva was directly in front of her holding a fluffy orange cat with a squashed nose and a large red bow on his neck. Hermione squealed and took the cat from her Mum and held him tightly.

"I see you remember Crookshanks." Minerva said chuckling at her daughters face as she pet the cat and smoothed out his hair before passing him onto Harry to throw herself at her mother.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She squealed and Minerva barely had time to kiss her forehead before Hermione was back on the floor with her new friend.

"Well I'd say that was a success." Albus told Minerva as they watched the everyone except Ronald gush over the cat, the boy must remember the cat had attacked his rat. Minerva smiled as she saw Hermione's beaming face as she played with Crookshanks.

"Yes I do believe it was." Minerva said leaning on his arm as they watched their daughter.

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